Friday, February 27, 2009


O HAI!!! (What this mean?) Here is fun feature before I have to go pick up droppings from chickens and then drink potato juice and forget where I was in first place.

They say:
What do you think is the most difficult adult relationship to maintain?

I say:
Remember when Happy, Boozy and the other one started deleting comments on their web site and started this whole shit storm that we are in now? Remember that???

Talk amongst yourselves.*

*This is reference to 1992 movie and to even earlier sketch on American comedy show that even my PIGLETS were sick of by winter 1993. And yet Poofy go there.


  1. Jackles is incapable of maintaining ANY kind of (positive) adult relationship, so this question must be hard for her to answer.

    Good thing she doesn't go on QOD and ever try!

    # @rachelsklar - ACKK! Don't book SXSW without talking to me first - we'll fly out together, bunny! We're leaving on 12, coming back 16th.

    ... Now I wonder why Rachel Sklar didn't write back....

  2. I don't know why some commenters here are so soft on Mary. She's VILE. Her levels of unjustified haughtiness are way beyond JAB.

    Mary should be the first up against the wall.

  3. Dear Julia,
    As an adult none of my relationships are "difficult" to "maintain".

    Possibly that's because I don't struggle under the weight of constructing a massive facade and suffering the delusion such behavior will "make" people "like" me.

    No wonder you find relationships "difficult". It must be exhausting for you trying to keep the whole charade going.

    I wonder what would happen if you stopped pretending to be what you think people will "like"?

    Ultimately your falsity is insulting to the people you're pretending to construct your "self" for.

    No wonder all your photographs of people are of them looking annoyed at you.

  4. Paul has been identified...

    JA is sending her programmer to this site to defend her :)

  5. anon 6:30

    tell us more?!

  6. Sorry cannot fully disclose how info about Paul got to me..

  7. No self-respecting mathematician would spell "angle" as A-N-G-E-L (or think that quaternions were a new concept). Go back to linking rabbit shock, Paulie Snore.

  8. For those in the SF area, check out JA's most recent twitter:

    Sarah Lacy's making a coherent argument for me to move to SF for six months. "It'll be good for you."
    about 5 hours ago from txt


    Finally heading back to Los Altos - yet another late night SF drive. More time to think
    about 2 hours ago from txt birthday party, cue the "introspective" discussion of whether she'll leave her life in New York and head to San Francisco.

  9. Johnny, think how empty your comment would be without quotation marks. I think every reference to Jankles should look like this: "Julia Allison"

  10. I hear all NS contracts are up in April

  11. ^I meant that in a good way! You cracked me up, Johnny Optional (love your name.)

    Anon 8:01

  12. I hope you're right, 8:02, because I'll be spending most of my free time in my garden by then. Hold the course, fellow RBNSers, victory may be close at hand.


    Jackles is down from nearly a 3 out of 5, to a sad little 1.81. Has everyone done their part? (One vote per IP. cough TOR cough)

  14. @ Anon 7:00

    So, Paul == Patrick Moberg of fame?

  15. I was wondering why we have not heard from Patrick Moberg for a while. I think this dude is NOT Paul -- because i see PM as more of a Lodwick boy. It would be interesting to find out.

    Lodwick seems kind of committed to bigger ideas than Jackles is these days, and Patrick Moberg actually has talent (to what ever limited extent that may be -- it is more than Jackles has going for her). I see him as having run away screaming from the beast of NS at the earliest chance he got.

    So Paul is obviously the web genius responsible for the truly shitty programming of the NS website.

  16. Ah Jacob needs to beocme this sites honored guest writer:


    Nature produced one form of evolution (biological life) which produced a species (Homo sapiens) whose organisms possess the ability to evolve within their own lifetimes (!).

    A human which never subtracts anything — which never lets go of certain convictions or ceases certain behaviors — cannot evolve. It gets ‘clogged up’ and stuck, unable to adapt. As its environment changes, it remains the same, executing the same directives and steadily losing the ability to be happy, like a toy robot trying to walk through a wall.

    When the human finds itself deeply unhappy, a good strategy is to remove as many elements from its life as possible — to ‘take it easy for a while’. This reduction of activity lowers the overall noise levels of the nervous system, so it’s easier to ‘hear oneself think’. The calm brain can now spend its precious calories on analysis of its own operation, instead of on outward-facing behavior and the feedback it produces. A near-silent nervous system will eventually discover forgotten truths and strangled emotions which had been buried under the chaos.

    If the mind welcomes these elements into its awareness — if it chooses to allow them into consciousness — the resulting integration will produce a more complete and correct model of itself. The organism’s understanding of the organism will have evolved, at the cost of a little temporary discomfort. Its range of potential behavior will have expanded, because it can now choose to do (or not do) the things it was previously doing automatically. In terms of self, consciousness is freedom. A human which never accepts its own fears, will never face them.

    The organism writing these words spent a stretch of many months taking naps and baths, writing, and quietly working, watching movies, and traveling. It embraced every frightening truth about itself, shedding reams of psychic debris. It spend hours crying and unwinding, collapsing into pillows, talking to itself. It is now ready for another phase of existence, one with a renewed clarity and purpose, standing somewhere inside a universe, feeling not fear but love.

    Jakob Lodwick stopped blogging; Jake Lodwick just started.

  17. Or, you could just get a colonic.

  18. Oh h MR is learning some new tricks, she is responding to a reblogger:

    -No Link to the reblog post
    -Yet asks reasonable questions

    Well played Team Rambo

  19. Good for Lodwick. I can relate to him in many ways, including being bipolar. It was very brave of him to step away from everything and look inward with an unflinching eye.

    I know everybody gave him grief for the photograph of him with the balloon and the crocs, but I honestly loved it. It is exactly the sort of thing my own son would do.

    Welcome back, Jake!

  20. Can you IMAGINE how many frenemies of Julia's are reading this and experiencing extreme schaudenfreude? (Rachel Sklar, here's looking at you.)

    It wouldn't surprise me if almost every mid-profile person in NYC's young media set has at least visited a JAB reblogging site a few times, or regularly. She MUST be the laughing stock -- the fact that she can even show her face at parties is testament to her inhuman lack of shame.

  21. Julia's twitter: "Life doesn't have to be a series of high level meetings and private jets ..." - more mom wisdom

    OH DEAR LORD -- even her MOTHER is telling her to tone it down! TAKE A HINT JULES

  22. Oh la. I am loving the new Lodwick so far. He has just described a process that Julia Allison Baugher definitely needs to embark upon.

    One of the things i think RBNS is about is a plea for her to do so -- by all means necessary.

    Mostly because what she is peddling is harmful to others as well as herself.

    Jakob Lodwick just got caught up in it and maybe did not win many friends in that fame experiment he tried. It sounds like he has learned from this. Good for him.

  23. @ Squirrel Nutkin: I agree, that was a beautiful photo.

    I was still reading Gawker when JL left the internet and the reaction to that was super weird. Leaving the internet at the time was the best think JL could have done -- yet the howls over it was kind of weird.

    Jackles also really needs to leave the internet. I don't think she has the depth of character JL has to realise this.

    Anyhow. I still stand by my good for him. I hope this is lasting change.

  24. I was just reading Brian Van's diatribe on reblogging and libel and I wonder if he's ever thought what JABA's outing of Jakob's mental illness on a widely-read public blog did to HIS reputation? And, yes, I know that truth (if it is, in this case) is a legal defense,, still completely inexcusable. Take the blinders off BV.

  25. 8:55AM MR has a much more well-rounded personality than JA, due in no small part to a healthy lifestyle that includes quality friendships. She handled this reblogger masterfully. Does anyone know Sarah the reblogger's site?

  26. anon 9:35 truth is not an excuse for slander and certainly JA's post was design to do just that..

  27. Slander is spoken, libel is written, no?

  28. Sara is here:

  29. Off topic: I am SO sick of Brian Van's self righteous ranting. IIRC, he is also an internet asshole, no? Why is he sucking up to Karp so much. It's gross.

    His final comment on this:

    Is the height of douche:

    is the height of douche. Trainwrecks is right. STFU Brian Van.

    Criticism is not the equivalent of mean/libel/slander. Get a brain.

  30. I ragged on Brian Van because he is in fact a huge self serving ass. Obviously I got to him, because his level of blog tripe has increased dramatically.

    Pay him no mind, nobody else really does. Amongst his circle jerk of fellow Tumblrs he isn't as highly regarded as he would like to believe. I have a pretty good source in that crew who feeds me things.

  31. Mary reflects upon the end of her Aspen trip. I will give $10 to the charity of your choice if you can translate the last two sentences:

    "Aspen ends. Five amazing days of skiing, eating, drinking, laughing with friends. I am blessed to not only get to see many parts of the world on a regular basis, but also spend time with diverse groups of people who are able to find a little peace and a big smile amongst the chaos of the market, economy, the world. Stepping away from it all offers more perspective than you are ready to handle sometimes. I really enjoy sharing these experiences with you. Unfortunately I can’t offer a lot of specific details, but I think you get the gist of paradise. But just so you know, I work the whole time. Emails, conference calls, whatever needs to be done, gets done. And it’s my pleasure because it means I get to blog to you! Ok, I’m putting the chedder to bed. Night night."

    Mary also says this in her reblogger response:

    "As for not giving specific details about my travels - that is to protect the privacy of the people I’m with so they don’t have to undergo the scrutiny of the haters and certain media. Certainly you can respect that."

    I will give an additional $10 to the charity of your choice if you can name the certain media that Mary is talking about. I will give you a hint - it rhymes with mawker, she mentions them A LOT, and fancies herself the STAR of this particular online tabloid, just as much as she fancies herself a STAR when she's out and about getting "recognized" by readers. That's why she has to wear her sunnies at all times, people. She must protect her precious privacy. SHE IS FAMOUS. AS FAMOUS AS HER PALS DEMI AND ASHTON, OK?!?!

  32. AS when has Mary appeared in Gawker? Almost never compared to both Julia and Meghan

  33. GOOD MORNING PEOPLE!!!! I only got four hours of sleep last night because Meghan is dragging me out of bed before noon for some stupid plane ride or something. UGH. I hate getting up before noon. Having an addiction to the internet is very tiring, readers. Exhausting actually. Don't do it. Staying up all hours makes you look so old and exhausted All. The. Time. Luckily Dr. Bobby can give a girl a little help every now and then. Now I look all fresh and perky for my party, which is TONIGHT!!!!! OMG!!!!

    I got a lot of perspective on my life last night by talking for four hours at my friend Sarah. She's such a good listener and hardly ever interrupts me. She said I should move to San Francisco because it would be good for me. Maybe she is right. I mean, she is married and Miss Randi is married so maybe these groovy gals have the right idea. Free love in San Francisco!!! FREE LOVE!!! I don't even have to pay for it like in New York. Le Sigh. Good bye matchmakers, hellloooo free love!!!

    Anyway, all this perspective and reflection has kind of wanted to make me cry and quote Benjamin Button again, but I don't have time for that now. T-MINUS 10 hours until my BIG PARTEEE!!! I still have to find my perfect gown and I wish I had some bridesmaids to accompany me. Oops! Did I just say that? What am I saying, I am not getting married (yet. Kevin. wink. wink) so maybe I should just call them handmaidens instead. Who wants to be my birthday handmaiden? Anyone? Anyone? Oh well, I have time to make friends later. Because I am SO nice. I really, really wish people could see how NICE I REALLY AM. Maybe that will be my birthday wish as a blow out my candles.

    KISSES!!!!! CUPCAKES!!!! PINK!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!!!

  34. I'm one of the people who has become relatively soft of Mary's online persona insofar as when she first appeared, I was just dumbfounded at the vapid inanity of it all. But now I actually sorta like her (persona). Maybe it's because "hauty", in my mind, is a kind of fun way to be (especially when warranted). Plus, she really does seem to be willing to try new things, go outside of her comfort zone, and she doesn't appear to back post and outright lie or brag or mislead or publish incredibly self-serving indiscreet and bitchy things (unlike some other "personas" I could name). So, she gets a bit of a pass, though I strongly disagree with her stance on colonics/cleanses and excessive gym time (but the exercise does produce nice endorphins and she seems fit/active, not just skinny). Sure she is priviledged; but she seems to know that and is appreciative of it. She doesn't blatantly "flaunt" it (again, unlike certain others). Maybe she does cross the line into entitlement/obliviousness from time to time, which is unfortunate, but girl seems to be at least trying and has a certain charm about her, including a sense of humor and some human perspective, including warm relationships with friends and family.

  35. Oh, Jesus. It's like JAB has adopted every last annoying Internet phrase over the last five years.

    Le sigh
    All. The. Freaking. Time.


  36. Ok. Mary has been written about on Gawker, but here is the link she is talking about:

    It was posted above where i copied it from.

    My biggest problem with Mary is her bad writing / spelling skills.

    B/c as ThereMustBeaPony has pointed out, Mary is a lot of things, but she is not a lying, backdating phony. I disagree with many of her ideas, but they are hers and she does not pretend otherwise.

    I still think she is vapid and is not someone i want to know, but in this trio, she shines.

  37. So we can all agree that Mary is the shiniest turd in this pile of poop?

  38. Well in Mary's eyes she might as well be Kate Holmes in [insert any popular tab name here]. It's amusing that they all want to be famous but EVERY recollection of random people having seen them out in public ends with them warding off glances with bitchy looks or just being plain frightened of possibly being recognized in public.

    Alsooo can confess to somewhat loving the new JL, I can appreciate ANYONE who can figure out they're "doing it wrong" and step away to reflect and attempt actual behavior modification. I didn't like Jakob, but I can look at "Jake" in a different light and can read his tumblr more objectively. He can fuck up (aka revert to Jakob) and it won't matter because at least he made an honest go of it, and change isn't all that easy depending on how far away from "you" you've fallen, so to speak. Faking introspection and the journey towards self-awareness/actualization, however, is annoying. I'm giving the side-eye DIRECTLY to you, Foolia (and to a SLIGHTLY lesser extent, Ramblow.. like that one, peeps? Everytime I think of MR, unfortunately, I get the giggles from thinking of COLON BLOW, so I can't stop calling her that now.. this is a long parenthetical, I'll stop).

    FURTHERMORE.. Julia's brain, please don't ever stop posting. I DIE. :D

  39. Is Jakob Lodwick really blogging again? Can anyone give me his site's address?

  40. the new video painfully shows how awkward these girls are around each other....difficult relationships there.

    also the dress meghan wears in the video looks like a sheet.

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  42. what are you trying to prove, Paul??

  43. Yeah, I don't get it. Is he still stuck on us thinking he's Julia? Makes me think he really is since it grated on him so much.

  44. Oh poor Paulie no implements a 3d rolodex on a mobile phone for it so against Mobile Use rInterface design trends and etc..

    Go back to messing up Julia's website you seem real skilled at that

  45. Yes, paul, we see. We do not care.

  46. So Paul for the next NS website version will it be 3d scrolling or blank slate?

  47. Paul has impressive copy and paste skills.

  48. I'm going to copy and paste Paul's copy and paste into my online resume so that people will know that I haz Mad Serious Web Programmer Skills (TM).

  49. Wait, so if Paul is trying to prove he's not JA by showing his intelligence, does that mean he's admitting she's not so smart?

  50. I nominate Paul as the fourth member of NonSociety. Just think of it, they totally never delivered on "it's just the three of us so far", and he could be their Axe guinea pig.
    (Though I would totally prefer to see Topher Chris; he rules!)

  51. Sorry, but doesn't anyone else find it hilarious that this fabulous birthday party is being held at Slide? Slide is promoting 4 birthdays tonight (one is my friend's)-- and Julia's birthday is not even on the flier!!

    The promoter told me he had no idea who she is. So much for a fabulous bicoastal birthday. This is truly pathetic.

  52. The party is not at slide. As far as I know it was changed. Wasn't that discussed here?

  53. party is at rosewood, oh yea. and paul, most of your code is comments. eh, fail?

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