Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Julia: So Amusing When She Tries to Act Smart

Jackles just Tweeted:

Listening to a stellar State of the Union. Impressive work, O. Energy, health care, education, fuck yeah! from txt

Oh Jackles.

1. It actually wasn't a State of the Union address. The White House has been making that point for weeks.
2. Seriously? Are you kidding us? Because, what, you're so interested in energy, health care and education all of a sudden? Note to Jackles: Energy doesn't mean three days of yoga poses in an attempt to impress a married gazillionaire. Health care doesn't mean botched Botox injections from Dr. Bobby. And education doesn't mean pretending you're smart enough to apply to Harvard Business School, and then never mentioning it again upon the realization that you aren't.


  1. The Baughers must be SO proud of the college edumakation that their money bought for JABA the Nut.

    Then again, as high earners, they may not be so thrilled at the prospect of being taxed to death to support all these proposals. But since Julia Baugher doesn't pay taxes (don't need to pay taxes on what you don't earn!), she doesn't give a shit.

  2. If you're in NY network, here is JAB glow-inducing doctor, Jordan Metzl's facebook :)


    - you know you love me... xoxo

  3. One of his friends is "Allison Fortune". Hmmm.

  4. He's friends with Julia, too.

  5. ..Under the name "Julia Allison," I mean.

  6. GOD you guys, she majored in POLITICAL SCIENCE at GEORGETOWN, remember?? It was only 5 years ago and only for 3 years since she was a transfer, but it is STILL RELEVANT!

    Seriously, who still talks about what they did in college 5 yrs after the fact? Oh yeah, someone who never had a real job after that. I'm still amused when she mentions debate team and animal rights, which was in high school.

  7. Oh wow, I actually know Jordan Metzel. I clicked on that facebook link and have about 8 friends in common with him. He and his brother are in my triathlon club. SUPER athletic, and we are a bunch of hardcore athletes. Poofy does NOT fit in. He should date a nice athletic girl, not the one with fake yoga poses.

  8. Doesn't she realize Meghan's dad revenue is going to be taxed to fund the Great Society instead of the Nonsociety?

    Also, did she dump Lilly the Dog on Jordan Metzl? Where did the poor pup go?

  9. I was recommended to him for a possible scope of my knee, never made it to see him, turned out I was just sore.

    Now I know to avoid him like the plague.

  10. State of the Union! she is such a clown. i don't understand how someone who spends so much time on-line can be so uninformed about the world around her. all it would take is for her to work in a few news-related webpages into her daily rotation. how hard is that?

    it blows me away how a person that is so enamored with elite schools (harvard business school!) is, at the same time, comfortable looking like an idiot every time she tries to comment on something not directly related to clothes, cupcakes or boys.

  11. I think I missed something. Where did Jackles infer about sleeping with the doctor?

  12. While I don't doubt Dr. Metzl's medical prowess, it is hard to look at that face and imagine a similar prowess in sexytime activities.

    He looks too... clinical. Oh, and old.

  13. After applying to her ex for date dinner recommendations, she twittered:

    "well, wow. oh, wow. wow. just, wow. mmm. yay! grin.
    8:39 PM Feb 23rd from web"

    And posted that "glowing" self-portrait, followed by a song about losing control, etc. etc.

    I think it's pretty obvious what she was implying. Something along the lines of:

    Meanwhile, uptown J was seen canoodling with Dr. M - in an attempt to make B jealous? But bad news, J, we hear B doesn't want to EATER anymore.


  14. And don't forget mentioning sitting naked in front of her laptop except for an aqua-colored tutu. Ewwwww.

  15. Double ewwww. The naked with the aqua tutu image is something I am having a hard time shaking. The horror, the horror.

  16. Notes to the Braying Pink Lady:

    Gee I wonder why Davos hold sits conference around the time of the Presidential State of the Union Speech?

  17. Not just naked but for a tutu, but also drunk.

    I wonder if she wore the tutu while he was banging her.

  18. Anon 11:23, Julia and Mary both dumped their dogs off on their friend Georgina AGAIN. I don't care if she's a good friend and loves to dog sit... the frequency in which they dog dump on her is completely rude, not to mention upsetting for the dogs to constantly be moved around like that. Animal rights, my ass. Julia should take better care of her own pet. And after Mary went to LA last time and left Mason with their dog sitter, she repaid her with a $4 bottle of Trader Joe's lotion. Classy.

  19. W/r/t the stupidity regularly displayed by these useful information deprived heathens, it does truly boggle.

    Is it so hard to fit a few reputable news outlets into your daily information consumption? No. It isn't.

    That is how one avoids being stupid in public. And it's hells yeah easy too. Idiots.