Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mary: Another Pearl of Wisdom

In life, I believe in looking back. You have to evaluate where you’ve came from and it is you got the place you are now….


  1. There are so many fish in her barrel. Or. Rambo is drunk blogging!!!!

    I's not stoopid, I's drunk.

  2. What the.....???????

    Please add a couple of correct verb tenses and a "how" and call me in the morning.

    On second thought--never mind.

  3. I hate to say it but USC education is not worth shit

  4. Which county did Mary immigrate from?

  5. Anon 7:32 Dustbin County Texas

  6. Please, Anon 7:32, cough cough

    I dwell in Tejas and I can assure you we do better with our verbs than that. Most days, anyhow.

  7. Are you sure she isn't George W. Bush's long-long daughter?

  8. She also states:

    "…those successes and failures will help you to make the right decision at the fork in the road. Cheesy, but when you’re out in the middle of nowhere you think about these things"

    Rambo has read Frost? Rambo is telling us something?

    and one more...

    "Cross country skiing is a great workout and a nice way to see the property."

    the property?? where does she think she is?

    Ok, Paul, You got me here, I am jealous, to the extent that this airhead doesn't work for a living and is at this beautiful ski resort [not that I am a skier] but in this majestic playground and she is spewing non-sense and calling it a lifecast.

    Let Me Be Clear, I Do Not Want To Be Mary Rambin. Rather, I believe that she does not deserve the 'vistas' section of her photo-album. What's more, she is channeling Hilton [excuse me, I must vommit] with her 'hot' comments and I just find that so distasteful.

    oh Yeah, there is a video, Rambo calls it something like keeping your yaya yummy, she interviews someone [???] about a razor that shaves legs and trims the bikini area. I'm thinking they didn't give her one, cause instead of shilling the product, Rambo says on camera that she would only use one feature of the razor.

  9. So what is everyone doing April when NS shuts down?

  10. Anon 8:06, my thoughts exactly!

    Its boggles the minds how Mary rights some times. Like, alot.

  11. The Latest TMI Episode:

    Foolia [stole that from a commenter from another thread] is wearing the 'dress'

    Gotta say, I am Preparing for the onslaught here, this was Rambo's Most.Passive.Agressive.Move.Ever.

    The dress is bad, people. Never have I defended our lady of introspection, but I have to say, Rambo played a big Fuck You card here. The animosity between Foolia and Bitchy is on. Meghanaise is actually upbeat...and Foolia Friendly, then she becomes goofy again [much the way charlotte went from being brillant to "is my hair too shiny?"]

    To quote total jing "wowzers' just wow.

  12. Here's the thing. I can see running into MR at a ski resort and talking about...whatever...the slopes, restaurants in nyc, her haircut...and finding her mildly amusing in that "I'd never hang with her in NYC but what the hell" way. I can't see myself ever feeling that way about JABA.

  13. I thought the dress was fine. It was nothing fancy, it was plain, but it looked fine on her. Why didn't she wear something else if she hated it so much, or put her pearls on like she usually does?

  14. I forgot to mention, a "clip" bounced off in the middle of the segment. Rambo smiles in all her pinkness.

    At the end, Rambo pins Pointy's hair, her call to Megan A. for a bobby pin is interesting since she was so effusive about how she loved Megan A.

  15. Anon 8:20

    What are you going to give her to get her to talk to you?

  16. Anon: 8:23

    I truly believe Pearls would not help. Look, I know I am swimming upstream here. But, having said that, I am commenting on a blog that is supposed to be about honest thoughts and feelings about a blog that is anything but. I can not support Rambo simply because she is anti-Foolia. That is just not enough for me. I find her sense of entitlement very offensive. I call 'em like I see 'em. Rambo attached herself onto the trainwreck we call Foolia, and because she 'betters' our lady of introspection, does not make her the better person.


  17. There was nothing wrong with the dress. The problem was Julia's hips. I never understood the comments about her weight gain until now. See this photo here posted on TMI

    Mary did her a favor by not putting her in the plaids. The cut would have been all wrong for her.

    I think that other dress looks horrible on Meghan. She looks like a pet stuffed into one of those silly sweaters or coats. Just uncomfortable and awkward.

  18. I agree totally Sona, I just didn't think the dress was so terrible. It was just sort of blah, that's all.

  19. Ya, Mary's a dumb dumb, no argument there. But her online persona, to me anyway, is almost charming and she seems to have at least some measure of humor, spontaneity, and warmth. She seems like a fun person to have around. Plus, she isn't stupid, just dumb. She might have lacked judgment in hitching her wagon to JABAs, but she isn't going to be run roughshod by her either.
    Ho-lia, however, grates me every which way; her unrelenting fakeness, posturing and grasping, her brash, indescreet meanness, just ick. (Though sometimes I feel something like pity for her, or for the ultimate futility, emptiness, and sadness of narcissism).
    The other one? Whatever. She'll be fine in her next incarnation.

  20. MR's brain is either suffering from hypothermia or a Texas-style education.

  21. I love how Mary beats out Julia in the TMI episode with 16 THOUSAND e-mails in her inbox, when Julia has a measly 6000. The snark from Mary and Meghan in that episode is classic. How can they even keep semi-straight faces while she spews her lies and misinformation??

  22. NS Girls remind me of a 3 What Light Bulb..

    How many NS Girls does it take to screw a 3 What Light Bulb?

  23. Mary is definitely a dichotomy. She comes off like a dumb dickhead in her writing, but onscreen she oozes charm and actual intelligence. She is by far the best of the three on camera. That must really burn Jackles, who fancies herself a famous TV star.

  24. I have to say Mary came across as all kinds of snobby and condescending in her bikini razor video - she acted like the razor rep just handed her a dead bird or something. And she just has to make sure the viewers know she is not going to be using the bikini razor function - OK we get it, you have some magical rich lady Brazilian technique going on. She is really not relatable as a product presenter.

  25. I didn't see it, Bunny. I will go check it out. For some reason the idea of these chicks having vaginas skeeves me out.

  26. I gotta call bullshit on Julia having more than 6 emails at any given time. When she put out a call for reader responses one day, I sent her an email. It was read and responded to by her within 5 minutes, which was impressive. Unless she's using the FIFO method, there couldn't have been any other emails ahead of mine.

  27. Jacy, Mary oozes something, but it's not charming to me in the least. She comes off as haughty in photos and as a condescending snob in her writing. On video, she is such a snooty caricature that I can almost see her holding a martini in one hand and a cigarette holder in the other. I expect her to start every story with, "Dah-ling, I simply must tell you about this mah-velous party last weekend in the Hamptons."

    She's vile.

  28. Detective Cupcake here:

    RBNS fans, please visit the link below and rate Julia Allison on her kindness, friendliness, sexiness, smartness and more:


  29. scene: Aspen snow-covered mountain ski trail, half-way down an intermediate run. Mary Rambin is just off a stand of pine trees, catching her breath, clearing her borrowed goggles. Our correspondent comes shushing down to her.

    Correspondent: Wow. Wow, right, Mary? I mean, just beautiful.

    Mary: Oh my god, yes! Could the weather be any better? You could ski in shorts today!

    Corr:It's so great to be out in the sun. Damn, I haven;t been out of the office in months. What do you do?

    Mary: I beleive that dreams are responsibilities.

    Corr: Um, right. The slopes look clear below. So, what are you a counselor or something? Like a shrink or whatever?

    Mary; There is no way that you can go forward without finding a unique space where personality ends.

    corr: Do you have a job?

    Mary: I chase dreams, not paychecks. (wriggles goggles back into place)

    corr: Oh. I just meant, like, you live such a charmed life. Like parties and yachts and Aspen ski trips and ...

    Mary: Everyone has the Gorgoroth inside them. It's time to just let it go. It's about inspiration and your own personal style and saying, hell no, to the haters and making it happen.

    corr: The Gorgoroth? What, uh, huh? Hold it...

    Mary: He who feeds the lowest of men, feeds me. He who ignoreth, ignoreth me..(plants ski poles in snow, pushes)

    corr: Where does the money come from again..

    Mary: See you at Next New Networks!!! (disappears down slope)

    ...Aaaaand scene!

  30. @flatface: another brilliant opus. *claps*

  31. Mary's shaving video is on NS, which links you here:
    There are a ton of her videos here, must have a look for some laughs :)