Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh god, we're not looking forward to the weekend.

Connectivity problems plague Our Lady. And there's no way she could go to, say, Meghan's house or any other place that might offer free (or for a small fee) wi-fi, so we get this. We are simultaneously excited and sickened by Julia having "so much to say."

JA Internet Update (Feb 4, 9:18pm)

Okay, so apparently there’s something “wrong with my cable” (no shit, Time Warner) … which means they have to send someone to fix it, and since we’re filming a segment for a new show (not TMI) tomorrow, and I can’t be home during the day, that means my internet is at DIAL UP SPEEDS (I am not joking in the least. I wish I were.) until Friday.


I guess I could go read a book or something, but … I have so much to say! And so little bandwith with which to say it!

[expletive expletive expletive] Know that this weekend I will flood This Old Internet with backlogs of content. Until then, it’s iPhone photo posting for me.

A meek electronic holla to you all.


  1. Two things re: Julia's entry:

    Okay, so apparently there's something "wrong with my cable" (no shit, Time Warner) … which means they have to send someone to fix it, and since we're filming a segment for a new show (not TMI) tomorrow, and I can't be home during the day, that means my internet is at DIAL UP SPEEDS (I am not joking in the least. I wish I were.) until Friday.

    Did they get a reality show? Or pilot?
    IF, in fact, her internet is truly down WHY DOESN'T SHE GO TO THE LIBRARY, A FRIEND'S HOUSE, AN INTERNET CAFE, A name it. If your business was a blog, would you not go find an alternative??????!!!!!!!

    She's so lazy.

  2. My Internet is powered by goat that walks on treadmill, and I manage to write on the blogs just fine. I am not buying the excuses, poofy.

  3. In what sort of bizarro world does it take more than dial up speeds to post blog entries?

    She used to be a pretty good writer, but now she is just a video-blogging lazy bitch.

    Hello high school level excuses.

  4. Oh I bet you all are pretty excited for this weekend. If not what would you bitch about. Maybe you should use this downtime to start your own original blog. Shocking idea, I am aware. Yawn. This blog is tired.

  5. Real bloggers take their little laptops--and you have a Mac Air, don't you, Jules--to a spot with good wi-fi. Or--and now here's s thought that might have occurred to a professional--they take their laptop to a Kinko's or similar business that offers by-the-hour DSL connections.

    Anything else is just"The dog ate my homework."

  6. Russian Girl: How I love you. Hilare!

    Also, why can't you blog from your iPhone? Only photos? You can't blog text? I am confused.

  7. She could use Mary or Meg's computer. You know, if they didn't currently hate her.

  8. That's absolute crap. She lives in NYC, there must be dozens of places she could go to access free wi-fi within walking distance.

  9. To put something in perspective, she lives in an apartment building, I'm sure there are plenty of neighbors with un-encrypted wifi routers. I'm sure she could use that, but won't.

    Here's the fun part. She's doing this because she has no MEANINGFUL content. It's a stall tactic. IF she attended any of the Davos primary sessions, do you think for one minute she would have held that back? No way.

    She's going to dig up one or two pictures from the breakout sessions and if possible write some drivel to it. If she puts out any content for CES or DLD it would be laughable, those events are done and gone, ship has left the harbor. She's going to hope her stall tactic will generate some weak "Let me check" page views. No dice Jules, people are onto you.

  10. I thought half the point of her venture (NS) was to provide stuff in "real time." Why is she so horribly late with this, as she was with CES? Ah, see 10:19.

  11. Bunnies, can we keep this blog fun please? That's why I like reading/posting here! I don't *hate* Mary or Julia, don't even know them. I just think they are a bit silly based on what they present online and enjoy snarking on them mildly.

    And Julia is just being redic. Are the headbands cutting off blood supply to her brain?

  12. She just so incredibly lazy. It's not like her typical audience would expect groundbreaking journalism, or deep analysis. Seriously. Julia writes as if we are to sit back and WAIT for her fantastic, in depth, intellectual article. And, yet, this content never comes. She's stalling. She's stalling because she wants to produce something worthy, something to be proud of but she just can't do it. So she lies, or makes excuses, or doesn't show any effort while pretending she's working so incredibly hard hard.

  13. JA cleans up her act!?

    I just like the fact that when she e-mails
    Owen [Gawker] it's "you fucking little cunt"

    but now that TMI is 'anti-profanity' she is
    using 'expletive' the way she uses 'redacted'

  14. When, exactly, are we going to discuss?

  15. More and more, I get the feeling that these three girls don't actually see each other on a day-to-day basis (or really, at all outside of TMI tapings/hair showcases/events). When Charlsie's blog was up, she mentioned something about how she got to see them for a few minutes during a TMI taping, like it was a novelty. And they sure as hell don't seem to communicate like people who hang out in real life...

  16. They don't see each other other than their scheduled "meetings." They're friendship is burnt out. Meghan will side with Mary because Mary will basically bully her into it. Meghan is Marcie and Mary is Peppermint Pattie. But, you know, without the "dykey" hair cut.

  17. She has internet Meghan uses the same internet connection folks..its a con game

    Think back to when Non Society started..who moved where to live in office?? Julia if Meghan has internet at office guess does Julia..

  18. This is too good not to pass on. Julia's matchmaking column is up at TONY:

    There is only one comment so far, and Julia herself responded to it -- at 2:14 am. Hope the age slam won't be keeping her awake ALL night tonight.

    Toni L:

    "Why would a woman in her 30s refer to potential dates as "boys" ? Or use expressions like "blerg"? That could explain the problem she is having with dates taking her seriously.

    I'm too frugal with my own money to respect a man who'd gamble thousands of dollars to find some idealized woman. Guys, do some volunteer work, take classes, and join group activities. That's what the awesome women are doing, and we're hoping you'll join us. We might even fix you up with our cute friends!"

    Julia's response:

    "I'm 27, and "blerg" is a word that Tina Fey made up, which I find hysterical. Sorry you didn't like it!"

  19. Oops, Ima DUMB Bunny. The original comment was 2:14 am. It's still funny, tho.

    Plus, the commenter never said she/he didn't like "blerg", right? Somehow, Julia makes it seem like a childish affectation. When used to describe what Julia does for a living, "blerg" is sublime.

  20. Notice that even Julia's comments on her own articles are back dated and back timed..JA's comment is before the comments she is referring to in time stamps

    But I am just Mase, the dumb dog with higher IQ

  21. Mary's date the other night was one of the ones from the Matchmaker. She's officially inventory!

  22. If you want to talk to David Karp in person: (click schedule).

    He's speaking on 2/9.

  23. I've enjoyed the snark and insightful commentary here just as much as anyone, but don't you think by following and dissecting the meaning behind Julia Allison's every word, post and twitter, we are sort of becoming part of the problem? This girl is a crazed attention-at-any-cost manipulator, and we are giving her exactly what she wants - hundreds and hundreds of comments devoted to her every movement. I don't know... it just seems like we've all fallen for her attention getting game.

  24. I agree to some extent with the comment above, but I think the idea of nonsociety was to have some sort of interaction with other people through their blogs. It was a good experiment, but it does seem as though this site is actually providing more of a service to the nonsociety readers than the site itself. There is obviosuly disdain for the three of them, but outsiders often make others feel more connected which is why this site is generating nearly the same traffic as nonsociety.

    On that note, i think they should stop linking to the nonsociety site, as it is generating more pageviews for them...

  25. i just read julia's "article"...seriously? THAT was it? i was expecting...i dunno....more? it was so amateur. i was really hoping she'd surprise me. blergh.

  26. I just went to to compare the traffic of and
    RBNS wins!

  27. Guys...I'm reading Mary's content and...I'm starting to like her. I'm scared. Hold me.

  28. Mary Rambin's posts are poorly written, outdated and stale but at least she attempts to keep blogging and blogs more than one sentence at a time, unlike Julia Allison, who seems to have given up completely. It's also cute how Mary has learned how "links" work at is desperately pimping out a link to TMI Weekly at every turn. Something tells me that gig is going to be up soon, too.

  29. I'm with Regina. But it's not hard to look good when bubble bath's most substantive posts (count 'em 2) of the week relate to her stank old sneakers. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

  30. I left a comment on her Time Out article about an hour ago, and it's been deleted.

  31. Mary's posts have come at a steady pace, are on a wide range of topics, from restaurant reviews to food for thought from her life coach, to Valentine's Day ideas, to responding to criticism. She's been fresh and interesting (I know!!! But I can't help it, and I do not hate Mary, plus, she is the only one making a real effort here.)
    Julia's contribution? Empty. Pointless. Drivel.
    That said, I must admit, I do prefer it when JA doesn't post. Such peace in the valley.
    If the website was just Mary and Meghan it would be soooo much more tolerable. (And how cute is it that Mary's mom and uncle went on QotD and said they were thankful for her? Awww.)

  32. new episode of TMI on the topic of "mean girls." lolz a plenty.

  33. That's one of the true mark of the JA illness: the "girls" and "boys" stuff.
    Someone called her out about her use of "boys" to describe her would-be dates.
    And the mean "girls" thing is part and parcel of that. The weird infatalising of adults. The pink princess child-like stuff. If it were self-aware, that would be one thing. Like is she hairbanded and prom-dressed her way through something so serious and heavy and grown-up like Davos and kind of self-parodied it, that might actually be fuinny, or charming or revealing, or..
    Hold it, wait.
    Did I just use the word "infantalising" in a post? About a fluff website?
    Man, I got to get back to work...

  34. Holy. Crap.

    That episode is HYSTERICAL. First, Mary is almost falling off the couch there;'s so much space betwene her and the other two.

    2ND....The comment about how they don't backstab or screw each other over? Good one.

    3RD - The oh so tired "You're just jealous" excuse. Of course, when Julia admits to trashing an ex's new girlfriend, she pulls out the "I'm human" excuse. And Mary? Maybe Meghan's friends didn't like you not because they were threatened by you but because you're, I don't know, unlikeable?

    I really, really hate that excuse of how, if one woman dislikes another, it's due to jealousy. It's such a lazy excuse women use because they want to justify their behavior.

  35. Mase says:

    These girls could no t find IQ even on the IQ test.

    They set the women's movement back to the early 1700s.

  36. Reposting my comment about the Matchmaker article here for when it eventually gets deleted.

    "These were barely reviews and more something akin to egoblogging.

    Julia, I'm glad you had fun not paying for something, then making a list of business names and their websites, but there is almost no content here. To list this under "articles" is a bit of a misnomer."

  37. Kasey, this place is where we should be free to comment without having our fellow commenters making us feel guilty for commenting. Good lord, where else are we supposed to do it? Sermons and shame belong over on QOTD. Your feelings of guilt will pass as soon as NS posts something new and infuriating.

    This blog is where we can let off steam, feel better, and go on about our lives. I'll be danged if I'm going to feel bad about myself for it and NO, I'm not part of the problem. If I want to give them attention in this way, I will. That's what this entire blog was set up for, to pay attention to what those three twits are doing. I don't care if Julia uses our comment-attention instead of her silver bullet to get off with every night, I need this outlet, so that I don't drive my friends and family crazy.

    /exasperation off

    Now let's hug it out, Kasey-bunny. ;-)

  38. Ima Bunny - I did not mean to make you feel guilty. I guess it was a moment of introspection on my own part - why am I here and what is there to gain? But you better believe I will keep posting comments and following this tragicomedy until the end (which I believe is near). This whole thing has been a rather interesting exercise in a number of different ways.

    /hugging it out/

  39. Gotcha, thanks! Now pass the popcorn!

  40. Imabunny: Well put! That's exactly why I'm here too!

    Let's ALL hug it out!