Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On another note...

This post has nothing to do with our beloved Trio. You've been warned!

Some of you have mentioned how great it would be if another forum--that has nothing to do with NS--existed for all of us to interact. And we can't help but agree. Most of the commenters here are smart, funny, thoughtful--and have a healthy sense of snark. We like that. It is starting to feel like a real community.

We'd love to start another blog totally unrelated to this one for this purpose. So, here's our question for you: What should the focus of this potential site be? What do you guys want to talk about? What should we blog about? Media? Pop culture? Politics? Give us your thoughts.

If another blog is not what you had in mind, tell us what you do think.

Kisses, bunnies! (Sorry, some habits die hard.)


  1. This was sort of my suggestion so I will go first, my little bunnies! Please chime in with your own thoughts.

    Here's my thinking:
    What sites are there where intellectual, witty women discuss whatever the hell they want - observations on the oddities of our culture, feminism, stupid sites like NonSociety, the inauguration, etc.? I don't know of any.

    If NonSociety has taught us one thing, it's that we all are craving real content and real conversations in our lives. Real insight. About life, our work, the world. But we're not getting it. Not at NonSociety and not ANYWHERE.

    Online communities are typically centered around some central topic (for instance, running or politics) or around a site itself (think Gawker). This format dramatically limits the breadth of conversations online. They're vertical communities - not horizontal.

    What about a forum with NO restrictions, but divided into those subsets you've listed above and some more we can all brainstorm - around topics that matter to women (and hey, men, too). Given them some snappy, sassy titles and let 'er roll.

    I have been intellectually challenged by RBNS, and MY GOD, we've discussing the most unintellectual thing on the Internet. I can only imagine what we all would be able to learn if we ventured off of the topic of NS on another site and into topics that really mattered to us.

    My only concern would be how to keep RBNS central to the forum. Would the forum overshadow RBNS? Because right now, that's where the real community is.

    OK, bunnies. Those are my thoughts. Do you agree?

    And thanks RBNS, for bringing this up.

  2. Without resentment for Julia, there's nothing to tie it altogether. What can you replace to bash? The Bush administration? The economic downturn? Having to go to work?

  3. Set up a slinkset ( It's like Digg, you submit links and people vote them up and discuss.

  4. Have to agree with Anon 10:27

    I'll admit it - I'm a NS hater. All hate all the time. I'm on a 24-hour hate cycle. I drank the Haterade.

  5. Miss Cast: I'm afraid I have to agree. I have so many places I can go online to chat with smart snarky women, nothing against the wonderful women here. But I am here due to my NS disbelief and JA-itis.

    p.s. Pass me a hate canape, would you?

  6. I love that we can post anonymously and not have to "audition" for commenting (see Gawker). Keep this, pls, if a new site is created!

  7. Jezebel without commenting rules :)

  8. I just love ragging on the ladymonster Julia Allison and I won't stop until she fails miserably and publicly. Sorry, I can't think of her as a fellow human -- she is my tormentor for reasons too complicated to go into at this moment.

    The forum should just be an extension of this fabulous blog, meaning that NS would remain the main focus, but having threads that would make it easy to navigate the tangled web that Julia weaves.

    The comments would stay as they are, providing a useful way to react to each delicious morsel of crazy that NSRB presents for our reading pleasure. Then, when we want to go off on a tangent, or bring up a related item, or delve into something in excruciating detail (which would drive the casual commenters batshit crazy), we could go to the forum and gossip away like the fabulous nattering nabobs of negativity that we are.

  9. It would be fun if the proposed new forum had a place to post hilarious digital photo manipulations (Photochops, shoops, whatever) of the NS "ladies" and their non-adventures as they jet-set around the world.

    I'm thinking along the lines of Vote for the Worst, where they love to hate American Idol. Check out their forum and its wildly popular Photochop thread to see what I'm talking about:

  10. I like this idea! We can parse NS all over the place but also go off on tangents if we so choose. I'm down, I'd post!

  11. Are open threads on this blog a possibility? You could start a new one every morning (or whenever the previous thread gets unwieldy) and we could take our non-NS discussions over there.

  12. I also think we should stop visiting nonsociety altogether. I'd love to see this site get more consistent pageviews over nonsociety. Yes?

  13. RBNS: It's been like 2 days since I announced I was going to try to do something other than just point fingers at NS. The reality is, before that never once had I received the kind of hate around here that I have since. And it started before the ridiculous thread where I was accused of being a racist for saying the "d word" and the "n word" were equally wrong. People are hating on a website that DOES NOT EXIST YET. (Yes I use caps to emphasize, so?) So it can't possibly be based off of our flimsy content since you haven't SEEN any yet. Instead, they break apart a 4-5 sentence bio since Veronica is a familiar face. I can't take that seriously. It's baseless. None of these people know who I am, know what the site will contain, none of these people know anything except for what we have chosen to share in 2 days time. And already... look. Because Veronica is involved there is built in haters. Because I have been a hater there are built in haters. God forbid I illustrate the same point as everyone else in the thread but use a "bad word" to do so when it was CRYSTAL CLEAR I was saying how wrong BOTH words were to anyone who can comprehend what I actually wrote, look what happens. You want to do something that isn't related to NS? I admire that, relate to it, and support you in it. But from the looks of the responses so far, most of the haters want just another place to keep hating. And that's fine. Proceed at your own risk doing anything else that isn't hater-based. We plan to have the type of content the first reply on here talks about. But so many of the commenters here have not even given a site that isn't even launched yet a chance. Haters will hate. And they love it. That's fine, I'm there hating right along with you. But I also don't prejudge things before I even see what they are. It's frustrating, but only so much because the haters here are only a tiny little fraction of people on the internet. There are some people from this website who have emailed me since you started this page that I have been in communication with and have real feedback worth considering. Advice on how to in fact DO it differently, critique on certain things, suggestions. And I have replied to every single one and done my best to address legit complaints. But trying to please a mass of haters is just fruitless. Unless you give them more room to hate. As you can see from reading the above, most of them want more to hate not something to love. If you want to do something different, PLEASE do, we need more people who can do more than just bitch and moan, people who do something. I just can tell you from experience that you should look elsewhere for readers who will take an interest in something other than to hate on it.

  14. You answered your own question. You didn't take people seriously when they tried to tell you they were turned off by Veronica's bio. Sabrina's bio, on the other hand, made her seem like a very sweet and likeable person and no one is trashing her, yet you can't see the implications of that.

    By the way, we are here because we ENJOY pointing fingers at NS. If you plan to follow their lead, then you shouldn't complain when the fingers start pointing your way.

    You are so obnoxious and repulsive in your own right, so Veronica isn't your whole problem. However, her bio REALLY SUCKS. I never heard of her before, but my gut reaction is that I don't care to hear of her again. I saw the commenters on your blog. People tried to tell you over and over and over that they don't like the capitalized V's, they don't like the glamour gallery, and they had legitimate questions about what Veronica meant by collecting dogs. You jumped down their throats and told them were jealous haters and they shouldn't read your site. If I had been in your position, I would have understood that there was obviously a problem with the way Veronica was presenting herself and dealt with it. Then people would see you are not EXACTLY like Julia Allison. But nooooooo, you turned into a raving lunatic.

    This site is for talk about NS, not you and your personal gripes. Did you even ask for permission before advertising your grand new venture here? If you want to talk about anything other than Reblogging NonSociety, do it in your own sandbox, Scary.

  15. Why is ScaryMary spamming RBNS about some site that doesn't even have ANY CONTENT yet?

    I can guaran-damn-tee you this is no place to recruit readers. Can't you tell we don't like egobloggers?

    Now blerg off (unless you have something snarky to say about NS.)

  16. Actually, we addressed the dog statement in the comment box. The capitalizing the V's, etc in the audio post. And so what? We put pictures of ourselves on the teaser. We also never said we were following NS's lead, we said we were doing something DIFFERENT. We got feedback on the music of the teaser and changed it. I never once ANYWHERE called ANYONE jealous EVER. Show me where please? Because it never happened. And look at the tiny things you are nitpicking at before someone even shows the final site? It's ridiculous and hater-ish and based on nothing but a few sentences and a lot of bad attitudes. So I got one back. Don't say we didn't address things we DID address, and don't put words in my mouth and say I said things I never said or you reduce your own credibility. Also, I posted ONE link to the teaser page, and considering RBNS and I have exchanged links to each others site I didn't think it would be a problem. Posting one link 3 days ago is not spamming. Since yesterday, I have been defending myself against attacks that are baseless and ignorant and coming from nowhere, that is also not spamming. You are like starving dogs on fresh meat. It's disgusting and I now find myself feel an empathy for these NS girls that I resent. I have done nothing but defend myself to your statements, that is not spamming or advertising my site. And if you dont want me defending myself here, dont attack me here. But if you do I will say something back, why shouldn't I?

  17. Just responding to your rant, milady. And then, you just keep it going by responding to the response. You are incredibly lame.

  18. Drama King:

    Just responding to your rant, dear sir. And then, you just keep it going by responding to the response. You are incredibly lame.

    ps: What I wrote here in the first place was a response to what RBNS posted, therefore ON TOPIC.