Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Attention All RBNS Fans

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  1. Big cheese, make me.


    The page ID ends in 666. Coincidence? I think not!

  3. Sorry, didn't mean to sound bossy. Just know you guys always wonder what the link is, so there it is for all of us to enjoy.

  4. the Twitter Award Julia did not win!

    Brought to YOU by SKYY VODKA

  5. I agree with Jacy/RBNS that a complete reblog of every JA inanity and preen would not only be an onerous task (and probably soul-sucking, too) but it's not necessary. So. Much. Fluff.
    And I wouldn't worry (those of you out there who do) about giving NS page views. Go ahead and click Mary or Meghan's posts. Their page views are so low as it is already, they both deserve an occasional pity click.
    Julia's stuff is posted everywhere; she is after all "a new media marketing genius and flashes all 2.0 tricks daily".

  6. Pony,

    I checked the pageviews out of curiousity this past weekend and they were horrific! There is no way that TMI gets 25,000 unique page views because NS doesn't get HALF THAT.

  7. Oops, pressed send too soon.

    So, yeah, their page views are pathetic and we are probably the only reason they register on some page stat sites.

  8. Like OMG TMI views are crashing:

  9. And the TMI weekly website stats are not even available on the two analytics sites I checked, meanning the TMI page views are awful.


  11. Anon @ 11.25: some of the nominations are hilarious:

    I nominate @juliaallison for a Shorty Award in #personal because I love to hate her in 140 characters or less.

    ...because maybe she'll get some sleep if she wins.

    ...because she is elastically ebullient and enormously elegant.

    ...because her business sense is brazenly brilliant but not brittle.

    ... because her sense of style is sophisticated but not sanctimonious.

    ...because I don't want the monsters to hurt the kitties <3!

    It's like she is a flashy squaky toy the internet gave to the world (do not read any dehumanising into this).

  12. Julia seems to be clocking 3 times the UV of either Mary or Megan individually. She appears to be pulling 30K/month. Which astounds me ... but there you have it. Girl isn't called an attention whore for nothing.
    TMI views, however, are truly abysmal according to that You Tube site. Is it because they haven't figured out a way (yet) to force 3 site clicks to see one TMI episode like they do with the posts on their blogs?

  13. Jacy

    Thanks for the link. How do you feel about putting this in the sidebar for new readers who might not see this post in the future?

  14. I will discuss with the overlord, RBNS, who has the keys to this place!

  15. Jacy

    Thank you. But actually now I'm wondering if I spoke too soon.

    I wondered if JA would remove access to the FB posts eventually since we've been posting about it here for a while now and many of us RBNS readers have been reading there rather than on NS when we want to check out her posts.

    I'm not sure how quicky the FB posts are usually updated but I noticed none of those shoe posts mentioned here were on it and no new posts since yesterday. Maybe she stopped posting to it to try to push more views toward the for-profit version of her posts?

    Or maybe it's just takes a while for the posts to update and it's nothing unusual.

  16. I have noticed that sometimes it can be a day or so until posts show, or sometimes right away. I am assuming she does it manually. In any event, it must have been such a difficult dilemma for her. She wants her Facebook friends to see everything she's doing.

  17. Yeah it's hard to know which will win out, wanting to drive views to NS or wanting her posts broadcasted through as many avenues as possible.