Thursday, March 19, 2009

Julia: Now Relying on Her Horoscope For Guidance

Like any healthy teenaged girl, Jackles is finding meaning and resonance in her horoscope today. Sydney Omarr understands her, people, in ways none of us can!


  1. oh gosh. that is the worst advice anyone could give Yulia because it's exactly what she wants to hear.

    "if you don't like criticism, just ignore it!"

  2. yeah, thats a pretty horrid horoscope. (like most, in my opinion)

    so mary's new blog must be the first step to freedom...ive been assuming march 31 is her last day at NS, are we all going with this? perhaps a countdown?

  3. Ms. B: Should we demand everyone write March 31 New Month's Eve Resolutions? And then call Mary a "cranky bitch" if she doesn't play along?

  4. hahahahah i love it!

    mary's march 31 to-do list:
    -drop the bitch

  5. Julia's Old NoseMarch 19, 2009 at 10:15 PM

    I actually like the best. Here is a part that may ring true for Ms. Jackles --

    If you are self-employed, your "partner" may actually be a whole company that you work with on an ongoing basis. You would provide this firm with certain services or goods, and in return, that company would provide you with something of value. If you have a relationship like this, this company could be the area where your attention is drawn and problems come up.

    In this case, if someone at this company is not driving you crazy, then it may be that the company itself is faltering. This may come as a shock to you, and if you depend on this company for a large part of your livelihood or to help you produce a product, you may be forced to find another partner. This would be very tough news, for it would mean you would have to scramble quickly. As you see, there are many ways this full moon may manifest its message.

  6. 3/31/09

    My "New Mary Resolution" is give my (anti)NS traffic to More Mary!

  7. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 20, 2009 at 1:29 AM

    If you're reading this, please go back and read what Julia posted a little later about Mary's TNI episode. It is priceless.