Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here is what Poofy put in her mouth

At Eleni’s in the Chelsea market

She also eat heaping plates of air and then drink bottles of liquid that make salamanders come out her pooper every 10 ten days.

Here is what I put in my mouth:

Oh, and also:

This not about weight. I have junk in trunk. This about body abuse and acting like crazy eater person. Does Poofy REALLY want to go on insane cupcake/poop juice diet, even if it make her organs become nutso loonball and her lower intestine petition to be transplant to her neighbor Rosie McDonald?

I go eat cow hooves now.


  1. I actually have tears streaming down my cheeks. Bravo.

  2. someone is boiling over with haterade for rambo.....check out her latest comments on the tmi episode!

  3. WHY does JA always talk about her high school accomplishments???

  4. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 20, 2009 at 1:28 AM

    @mrs. bojankles

    I stopped by to see if anyone was awake and talking about that. It's clearly a Mary-driven episode since it's about exercise, and Julia blogs: "I actually thought this episode was pretty boring. Sorry. Just being honest. "

    Subtle! And extra-hilarious since just earlier she posted that horoscope that said "other people's judgements tend to say more about them than about you."
    LOVE LOVE LOVE how she takes this to heart, then criticizes Mary in the next breath. Weird that no one likes her.

  5. I just saw that post, too. Can she be more unprofessional? Why would you risk burning bridges in NYC/media/anywhere in your profession? This reminds me of how she treated Charlsie.

  6. Check out Jackles latest post:

    'Everything is Shit. Except you, love.'

  7. I said 'almost'March 20, 2009 at 2:21 AM

    I almost feel bad saying this, but Jackles looks just AWFUL in this photo. Like she spent all day crying, binging on cupcakes + purging.

  8. Is that t-shirt designed backwards, or did she flip the photo?

  9. Every post Julia puts up seems designed to arouse envy or sympathy from the audience. Or horniness.

    Exhibit A: her new photo with no makeup on, talking about her bad skin and cuddling her teddy:

    I'm guessing we're supposed to feel sympathetic toward her and her zits and stop being haterz?

  10. I don't know if I'm going soft, but Julia hasn't really done anything to annoy me today, and it's made me see some of the comments here in a new light.

    I ask you all: what could Julia do, at this point, to make you like her?

  11. The problem is that this isn't the first time going around. It's what, number 3? If her attempts to improve were at all genuine, people might take that into consideration. At this point, the sympathy ploy is such a tired repeat that people aren't really being mean, they simply want her to go away, anonymize herself. Her continuous ignorance of this simply frustrates people.

  12. I totally agree. But what could she do that would make us like her? I can't think of anything, and that kinda makes me think I'm being to hard on her.

  13. I think "like" is strong. I think if she kept up with the boring but non-offensive stuff she's been up to today, I would lose interest, and that's about as close to liking her as I'd come. I mean, it's apparent to me she's not the kind of person I could actually like, but maybe if her personality radically changed?

  14. I actually liked Julia in this video:
    She talks about reading RBNS and how it has "crushed her soul".

  15. This is a brilliant find, Anony. Was this on her blog or on her Vimeo only? She can hardly claim that we're stalking her or being scary in the future if she's leaving messages for us out of plain sight (site/cite). She's asking us to parse everything she does.

    I think this is a brilliant ploy by JABa. Wash off her makeup, pull an all-nighter (although since she didn't wake up until 2 p.m., how tired could she really be?) and make the most pathetic, losery video she can ... that's sure to get our sympathy, right?

    (The only other thing this could be is the downward spiral of her realization that NS has failed and Mary is donzo with her. This rare moment of self-awareness won't last. It's the pattern.)

    Look, Julia, I don't really care if this hurts your feelings. Because you hurt my feelings. And you've hurt the feelings of a lot of the people who post on this site. And you don't seem to care about that. (You def. didn't when you hurt mine.)

    Worse than hurting feelings, you have admitted that you hope people will read your blog and grow to think of you as a "trusted friend," but you use that site to hock a horrible, selfish, unhealthy lifestyle as well as unhealthy products (um, Blueprint anyone) for your own personal gain.

    And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the unhealthy ideas about work ethic, body image, sexual health and feminism that you've put out there.

    I do not know what I would do if I found my younger sisters (still teenagers) or my daughter (once she's old enough) reading your site (cite/sight). I would hope that they would be smart and savvy enough to recognize that you're just another soulless media outlet trying to make a buck at the expense of them, their health and their healthy sense of self-esteem.

    You're kind of a blight. On the Internet. On the people around you. On yourself, most of all. No amount of pathetic videos or you trying to answer questions authentically is going to make me feel any better about you being out there, poisoning the Internet.

  16. She'd probably have to be a different person entirely for me to like her. Or address what many suspect are underlying mental health or personality disorder issues for me to tolerate her.

    But I don't see why anyone needs to *like* her anyway. We don't like everyone we meet, read about and so on and I don't think see anything wrong with that and I don't see it as a sign of being too hard on her.

    I don't comment here because I don't like Julia. I don't even know her, although it's true that I don't like what I see that's presented online. But I came here because NS didn't provide a forum for readers and commenters to discuss NS and I didn't like what I saw of the NS business and had questions and comments I wanted to express. My focus has been on their business and their professional roles and personas.

    That being said, I think there's *a lot* Julia could do to change my feelings about NS and JA in her professional perrsona. She could run her company ethically, be honest and transparent,be consistent, deliver promised content, treat the audience and readers with respect, be professional, allow readers and viewers to express concerns, input, and questions publicly, put time and thought into quality content, make the needs of the audience a priority rather than just fame and a quick buck, and rely on skills and work instead of flirting and professionally inappropriate outfits, and much more along those lines.

    I don't think I'm being too hard on them and I'm very open to changing my views based on changes to their business. But based on what I've seen I'm definitely not holding my breath. I hold NS to the same standard I hold any other similar business. NS and JA's career just happen to be the examples I came across.

  17. If Mary and Meghan can handle this site, why can't Julia?

    A: Because she lives in a total fantasyland and this 'soul-crushing' website insists on showing her how out of touch she is with reality.

    The fact is that she has no personality and nothing interesting to say - but she wants to be a big media star. It's just like people who want to be professional singers but can't actually sing very well. Of course their souls are crushed when you point this out to them.

  18. Melissa Sue, Very well said.