Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Theory Behind The Sudden Bangs

Thanks to our amazing commenters for unearthing yet another apparent Jackles cyber-stalking incident. Follow the timeline, ladies and gents.

Here's a Tweet last week from Kevin Rose, founder of and someone Jackles has long had in her crosshairs (and follows on Twitter):

Watchmen was awesome! Silk Spectre with bangs = blazing. After watching I feel like I need to workout. from Tweetie

And what do you know, looky here, on March 9 -- three days later -- Jackles pulled the wangs out from the back of her closet and posted this shot (or she resurrected an old photo of her wearing the wangs; it's hard to know):

Over the past few days, Jackles has also been Twittering some poor fool named Melody, and has apparently lined up lodging with the unsuspecting woman, about their upcoming trip to SXSW.

Melody is the same Kevin Rose ex-girlfriend whom Jackles Twitted about having a "verrry interesting" chat in her car in San Francisco after that classy cake-licking incident in which she crashed Randi Facebookzucker's party and went down on her birthday cake.

Oh Melody. Can't you see? Jackles is sucking up to you as a way to get as much information about Rose as possible so that she can redouble her efforts to snag another tech millionaire. You are merely a pawn. She's got the wangs, all she needs now is the information in order to once again to make her moves on Rose when he too is in attendance at SXSW.

That's my theory, anyway. Again -- I know NOTHING.


  1. interesting that the bangs made their appearance on the same day the whole "I thought we were in this together" debacle started. It's almost as like they were an afterthought. Her life is falling apart but look! I HAVE BANGS KEVIN ROSE! I AM BLAZING! DOT COM!
    (Then julia's brain breathed a sigh of relief and said: I feel much better now! Then she took several hundred more photos of herself in said bangs.)

  2. Run, Rose, RUUUUUUUUUN.

    Stay away from this lying psycho.

    Someone PLEASE IM/forward/send him this post. Maybe we should all "digg" it so he will see. Rose needs to be warned.

  3. Wangs and sausage curls? I think I had that for breakfast on British Airways non-stop to London. Or maybe it was bubbles and squeak. Same diff.

  4. as soon as someone posts this to digg post the link here

  5. Isn't Kevin Rose in NYC today? He's taping Jimmy Fallon.

  6. She's probably standing outside the studio with her wangs on.

  7. Yes, he taped Jimmy Fallon today. How it must burn her.

  8. Julia's Old NoseMarch 11, 2009 at 10:13 PM

    This Snuggie Wangs story is incredible.

    So if I get this correctly, Rose goes to Watchmen, posts about some chick with bangs from the movie on his Twitter, and BOOM! Wangs Snuggie picture shows up.

    Kudos to whoever remembered that the wangs showed up in the mail from the "Becoming Julia Allison" article. Genius.

    And now she's rooming with (mooching off of) his OTHER ex at SXSW? Wow.

    It must be weird that RBNS is truly the custodian of her memories. Catch 22, for sure.

  9. I'm through being mean to Julia. The truth is I think I've fallen in love with her. The bangs changed everything.

    So prepare yourselves. If it can happen to me it can happen to this Kevin guy.

  10. Julia is getting a tattoo now apparently...

  11. Is anyone ever annoyed that a nice phrase like "the custodian of [my] memories" was uttered by Julia Allison? It's poetic and I appreciate it but it's totally ruined by its JA connection (much like my favorite word, "ineffable," -- I use it properly, fellow RBNSers).

  12. It annoys me more that she fully has admitted that she needs her custodians of memories in order for her to have a good idea of how things actually played out. She's clearly trying to be all cute and self-aware, but it just makes her look worse - she can admit it yet not get help - instead she should really just get a lot of therapy.

  13. Another theory, if Jacy is going to reblog a Mary post, make sure it is sandwiched between a whole bunch of Julia threads,

    you know, cause mary looks so good in orange.

    and she is so good at listening to the criticism.

    and ya know, she is sooo fucking broke she can't aford a place to live so we should love her.

  14. love that you guys goaded her into getting the tattoo. she's so reactionary and you can tell this site is getting to her, she's being transparently defensive and increasingly erratic in her postings.

    (hiiii julia!)

  15. Stop it!

    Mary is the best Non Society girl.... I truly want to see her succeed.

    I love her. She listens. She changes like every day. She is growing leaps and bounds. I heard last week she was thinking about reading a book.

    Leave my mary--looks really good in orange-rambin
    alone, you are ruining my dreams of becoming her.

    No really, I love her.

  16. cupcake--was the custodian phrase ever used by julia? to my knowledge, it's just the quote from her friend dan in the becoming julia allison article, when he described how each time she sheds her form she conveniently "forgets" crucial parts of her past.

  17. Mary posted this:

    "Due to obnoxious hammering next door to our studio, we’ve relocated to Megs’ apartment. We’re only 1.5 hours off schedule, no big deal."

    What studio?

    RBNS why, have you left us? I for one, miss you very much. I miss the level of intelligence you brought to this site. Are you going meghan, I mean, I understand and all. I just miss you.

  18. Her tattoo is pretty much illegible:

  19. Not getting the Mary is homeless so that's why we should all hate her bit.

    The story I heard, and this is completely third hand, is that the only investors in NonSociety were Julia, Megan and Mary with help from their respective trusts and parents. If that's true, and Mary contributed her own money for NS, then it sucks for her that money she gave to this non-profit making business left her without a roof over her head.

    I know a lot of trust fun babies here in the city and most of them wouldn't even bother to take a part time job, let alone teach spin classes. I give Mary credit for at least having some kind of gig outside of NS.

    You'd never see Julia writing a post about how she thinks she should listen to the things people say about her and figure out if some of it is true. I'd still hesitate to befriend Mary and I think she should think more before speaking/writing but she appears to be the only one of the three who contributes a noticeable amount of effort to this project. She may not be a great stylist, but she pulls their wardrobes and assists with that, she keeps up her end of the bargain by posting relevant content, she tries to learn new things. I can't figure out what Julia does.

  20. julia got that LIU tattoo...its cute, but it resembles the tattoo that my eighteen year old sister got last summer that she already regrets...

  21. Dan: "the custodian of her memories"
    Megs/Mary: "the janitors of her actions"

  22. what is LIU? Long Island University?

  23. 12:18

    Are you saying Mary got screwed? Isn't she the only one that had experience with a personal business?

    I agree with you on the laziness of julia, but as far as mary 'working' it was this site that called her out on the difference between giving spin classes and taking them. She is on the schedule at soul cycle for ONE day a month.

    'Pulling' their wardrobe should not necessarily pull her any props seeing as how she is the only one that is ever complimented on clothing. If Mary really is working at styling the three of them, why is she always 2/3 wrong? I'm not just talking 'the dress'. It just seems to me, people are buying her posts of how hard she works, but not necessarily holding her responsible for it when the other two outfits get ripped repeatedly.

    Actually, it becomes personal about weight and usually too ugly for my taste.

    Please, relevant content? I do not mean to be rude in this exchange with you, I read your comment and thought you were very earnest and thoughtful. But, Mary's content is disturbing in many ways. Yes, because she is compared to julia and a non-blogger she is prolific, but she manages to say things like:
    "colonics are as safe as eating one meal a day";
    right to choose--botox/abortion--;
    wow, obama is taking time off;
    and the $800.00 shoe blogs--how are they relevant?

    I am not a julia fan [i do have a weakness for megs] but the overall mary, I can not get behind.

  24. So we've finally gotten to the tattoo phase.

    Y'all remember the belly piercing vid from almost exactly two years ago, right?

    Can't wait to see what happens two years from now in March, 2011.

    I presume that's when she gets a penis installed after Kevin Rose posts a slightly homoerotic Twitter about Mike Rowe.

  25. LIU = Let It Unfold.

  26. Russian Girl

    I miss you like I miss my goats.

    Please, share with us your wisdom.

    and lastly, please don't leave me this way.

  27. Her tattoo looks like it says JILL.

  28. OK, contest! What SHOULD it stand for? I'll go first...although I am partial to Long Island Univeristy! (Represent)

    Lord, I'm unbearable.
    Let it underwhelm.

  29. Look, I'm Unpleasant!

  30. Liar: I'm Untrue.

  31. Anon 12:48
    My thoughts exactly. This is a major problem with a generation that I am (for better or worse) a part of. Many seem to believe that they deserve to be recognized for trying. We received "participation" trophies in sports, and got points for signing our names to the top of a paper in school.

    I will not give these ladies an "A" for effort. Yes, they are creating content, but it is not good. Yes, they own a company, but it is not successful. I really don't think they should get credit for doing something that is "so hard" unless they are doing it "well."

    This is why Mary's "I'm a bad speller" irks me so much. It's not okay to just try. GET IT RIGHT.

  32. Looks Incredibly Unattractive.

  33. Ladies, I'm Unagreeable!

  34. Licks its Ulcers.

  35. Loud & Incredibly Unattractive.

  36. I am irked by bad spellingMarch 12, 2009 at 1:21 AM


    Thank you.

    Anon 12:49--but you can call me 12:48.

  37. Loser: I'm Unbecoming.

  38. Lied into University.

  39. more accurately:

    Lied IN University

  40. Loud, Irksome & Unhealthy!

  41. Loser Irritates Universe.

  42. that can't be real. she wouldn't actually really get that absurd tatoo, would she? wow. i'm sure she won't be regretting that decision anytime soon...



    oh yeah.

    bring it mare!

  44. Loves Ineffable Ultrarich!

  45. Learning? Incredibly Unlikely.

  46. The tattoo is lame. I don't understand why she chose to get it on her wrist. To prove she's a bad ass? Or just so she can use it as a conversation starter?

    I haven't watched many of the recent TMI episodes. What I do recall is that Mary's shows always came off planned like she did research for them. It was never anything relevant to me but there seemed to be a point to what she was discussing. Julia's bits always seemed rushed and unplanned. Half the time I assumed she was talking off the top of her head. Her bits were rushed and all over the place with no order.

    No, I'd never buy $800 shoes. But then I can't afford most of the stuff I lust after in InStyle or any other fashion magazine. Isn't that the point? The magazine publishers aren't printing magazines for the millionaire set. They're target market is the women who shop at Macy's and the occasional boutique. Just because Mary posts pictures of expensive shoes doesn't mean she's telling people they must have them in order to be fashionable. She writes about them because she likes them. So what?

    I have no idea what happened to Mary's handbag business. Methinks she abandoned it to focus on NS. Whatever the deal was, she created a business and tried to build something of her own. It could be as simple as her savings ran out because she stopped focusing on her own business that she's now a transient. Julia? No idea how she affords to live in NYC. I really don't.

    I haven't seen a lot of ripping on Megan's clothes except that their baggy. That could be her choice. If Megan isn't comfortable with her body as some have said that could be why her outfits might not work for her. If Mary's choices for wardrobe picks for Julia are limited, maybe due to sizes not being available, then that's Julia's fault and not Mary's.

    The colonic stuff and her Botox stuff are laughable, I agree. But who in their right mind would take advice about things like that from some girl's blog?

  47. Lastly, I'm useless!

  48. Lying Idiot, Unfortunately.

  49. Loving Intellectual? UNLIKELY.

  50. Lonely & Incredibly Unloved.

  51. Hey, here are some great high fashion outfits for the next TMI Weekly:

    Please MarMar, "pull" some of these right away! As one commenter asks: "I wonder is this 'just eaten my lipstick' look will catch on?"

  52. You guys are good!

    loco in utero

  53. Large Insomniac = Unemployed!

  54. "She writes about them because she likes them. So what?"

    NO, she uses somebody else's pictures of them, never credits the source, and then, the most egregious, calls it work.

    As you so aptly pointed out, Mary is just posting pictures of shoes that she likes. HOW IS THAT WORK?

    Why am I supposed to buy this--living differently?

  55. Lesbian? I'm unabashed!

  56. Anon 1:32

    So, Mary is just like a magazine?

  57. 1:43 take a pill, will ya? Nobody forces you to do anything. Don't read it. Why are you blaming Mary because you can't stop reading her blog? It's work because her topic is fashion. You've made your point. You think she lacks ethics and you don't think she works as tirelessly as you do but she still gets attention. That's what bugs most people about Julia. Find some way to come to terms with your issues with Mary or whatever and relax. You're getting way too worked up about this. Not everyone will agree with you. To quote Monica Gellar "Welcome to being a grown up. It sucks."

  58. Laughing investors Unimpressed
    Lacking innovation; Uninspiring

  59. I believe that "let it unfold" is her grandmother's advice.

    That woman must be. So. Proud.

  60. i bet it turns out to be semi permanent or some such -it will be to look "cool" at Sxsw. No vimeo of her getting it done etc?
    Bish please.

  61. lipdubbing imbecile! UGH!!!
    lunatic is underhanded
    labor is undesirable

  62. Isn't it common knowledge David Karp invested in NS? So Anon 12:18, you're discredited.

    Teaching one class a month is far from having a gig.

    And Julia does write things like that, and like Mary, never follows through (remember the 3 days of spiritual thoughts? remember Mary's one resolution to not be as big a bitch and then by 01-01 there she was at it again?). It's always so contrived. All three suck, tbh. There is no amount of true disclosure for people who claim to be so out there just for their "readers".

    Julia tells us her mother doesn't speak to her then doesn't say why. Both parents come to visit but no pics of dad. People will obviously wonder. It's common sense. Yet not a word.

    I'd respect any of them more if they really did talk about the real aspects of life. Outside of "oh I'm so broke" followed by posts on private planes and itinerary's for travel all over the world. In real life, issues don't resolve themselves in a half hour like on TV or in a few blog posts. They try to make it seem that way and that's what is the fakest thing about these girls.

    So much fluff but we don't even know them. So now we know them like this. This is what they wanted us to see, we see it. Just we see it "differently" than they do.

    I'd respect them if they really did put it out there. I'd feel protective of them in fact for being so vulnerable. But they aren't at all. They plays everyone for fools when they are the jesters of the court.

    And scene.

  63. Mary up early, it seems without her brain cells or even lights:

    For the will to parse this shit, Skyy Vodka!

  64. Anon 1:32, I dislike the trio of banality as much as the next person, but this:
    "If Mary's choices for wardrobe picks for Julia are limited, maybe due to sizes not being available, then that's Julia's fault and not Mary's."
    are you kidding me???
    i'm not going to go into all the things that are messed up about all the critiquing of bodies that goes on here. mary is supposed to be the STYLE BLOGGER. for the TMI segments, she is usually the STYLIST. it is her job to know how to dress different people (read: who are different shapes and different sizes, shockingly enough). you can't possibly say that it's julia's fault that mary doesn't pick flattering clothing for her. if the problem is needing something above a size four, it might actually mean venturing out of her fashion comfort zone and learning some new tricks.
    i think it is all part of her "handmaiden of passive aggression" shtick, honestly.

  65. JA wears a size 4, TOPS. Showrooms are stocked with 0,2s, and MOSTLY 4s. There are no problems with sizes. SHEesh

  66. Julia's BrainMarch 12, 2009 at 9:01 AM

    about 1 hour ago from txt

    Good morning everyone!!! I pulled another all nighter and I just have to emoticon emoticon emoticon about it. So much more cryptic and meaningless than my usual "grin" or "hhmmmmm yesssssss" tweets, right readers? I guess my wangs paid off!!!!!!!

    (in my imagination. Kevvy was in town but never called. :( :( :( :( I was so upset I got an ill advised tattoo that I think I already regret. Yep. Definitely regret it. Mary was right... it doesn't really go with freshwater pearls does it?)

  67. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 12, 2009 at 9:11 AM

    Seriously, whoever the asshole is who invaded every thread last night to attack anyone who doesn't despise Mary ... please go shit in someone else's playground. Is it you, Julia? Or the one who started up the totally humorless hate blog? Someone saying Mary looked good in orange was enough to set you off on an hours-long harassment campaign?

    At least RBNS has some fun with their subjects and doesn't take it all so deathly seriously. Lighten the fuck up or better yet, go away.

  68. Julia's Old NoseMarch 12, 2009 at 9:46 AM

    EXACTLY, FormerGawkerEmployee. Whoever's busy trolling in the middle of the night, please go back to your sandbox. And take your toys.

  69. It's widely speculated that Karp was an investor, but never confirmed. When NS first launched the rumor was that the sole investors for NS were the families of the three girls. Nobody has ever confirmed anything.

  70. xoxo bunnies

    "... participation trophies.."

    yes! exactly right...

  71. Julia'sOldNose: Anyone who got THAT bent out of shape because some anonymous commenter mentioned Mary looked good in orange has some serious issues. I mean for all the snark, many times people have commented about how beautiful Meghan is or that Jackles looks good in something (well ... maybe not so much lately ... wangs = fail).

    Honey, whoever you are, get some therapy.

  72. No way is Julia a size 4, unless it's in vanity sizing.

    The woman has breasts, hips, thighs and isn't exactly skinny.

  73. Julia admitted she was 130 or 135 pounds. That's size 6/8 territory for her height, I would think. Which is not fat.

  74. That's assuming she's telling the truth about her weight. And goodness knows she's always so honest and forthright.

  75. Exactly. But don't ever suggest that she's lying or spinning. Because then you're a conspiracy theorist instead of someone making an observation or assertion based on actual experience with said topics and well aware of her history of lying.