Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yulia: Addict with the Internets

She Twit:

My internet accounts: 3 Vimeo, 1 Viddler, 2 YouTube, 4 Twitter, 1 Flickr, 3 Facebook, 4 Tumblrs, 2 Moveable Type. Dizzy just typing that. :(

She could, um, read a book? Or watch AMERICAN IDOL (gymnast who can suck his own penis while singing in a falsetto is about to win the Russian one).

Or shut it. Yeah, she could shut it.

She could also move to a small island somewhere and learn the benefits of mating geese like I am doing and just SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

I just say.


  1. hahahahaaha YES
    also from last post

  2. I wonder what her other Tumblrs are.

  3. "3 Facebook"

    Of course, she is violating Facebook's Terms of Use [1] which states, under User Conduct, that:

    In addition, you agree not to use the Service or the Site to:
    register for more than one User account, register for a User account on behalf of an individual other than yourself, or register for a User account on behalf of any group or entity;

    Just another example that rules don't apply to the ineffable Julia Allison.


  4. ^ one is probably her private page, then two fan pages for herself (or NonSociety) and one for TMI.

    RBNS is getting ridiculous. Spend more time on what she's ACTUALLY doing wrong instead of inventing things.

  5. Hey Jules, Tough Love Here.

    While you may have thought there was a great JL connection? Yeah. No. He sees you for exactly as the person you are - calculated (you wanted Ricky on the first pass), asexual (good thing that 'sex tape' never surfaced after "Meg lost your memory card" on the subway.

    The gig is up. Sweet thing, I already know the plan. That is exactly how radioactive you are - everyone knows the gig. Yes, you know I know. Are you hoping for a late summer revival? Need I adjust the bingo card? I am thinking yes, if only to adjust for the fake pregnancy.

    J: Listen carefully to someone who can't stand you, but as a girl, has empathy. I've seen it. You look so bad on tape and your only play here is "I didn't know he was taping it," except for you're playing to the camera. That should play well to the stupid.

    NS won't be resurrected by this. You will just embarrass the home team. The unedited version has you, talking about wanting Ricky, and how his GF just wasn't "NYC" enough.

    You are toast, This isn't your salvation. You aren't going to come across nearly as positive as you think, and not nearly as positive as potential sponsors will see it.

  6. Joolia does her best "Blue Steel/Boobs Out" at the DJ booth, Facebook Party SXSW:

  7. Anon 4.16am, could you expand a wee bit - are you saying there is some rogue video of Toolia that will ruin her? But she is planning to release it herself?
    I am being a bit of a dum-dum here, just can't get the gist...

  8. All those channels of communication and still nothing worthwhile gets said.
    What a senseless waste of bandwith.

  9. Anon 4:16 - wait, I know someone she did the fake pregnancy thing to - has she done it to other people too?

  10. toughlove: Video? Fake Pregnancy?

    10:16: She's done this before.

    must have details.

  11. 4:16, I assume the Ricky is Ricky Van Veen?

  12. Don't tell me, in addition to everything else that is so vile about her, that she's THAT girl. The fake pregnancy girl? Oh good God.

  13. The fake pregnancy girl commits "girl on girl" crime. Another example of Julia not talking and walking in two different directions.

  14. yeah. when someone refuses to talk to her she does things like claim - i think I'm pregnant. She is really not a good person.

  15. Well stop the presses! Faked pregnancy and sex tape? Who writes this stuff?

    Could this be the next chapter of the sicko fan fic I've been waiting for?

  16. Blaugher has always hinted at having some damning evidence.

  17. Yeah, Tough Love, could we get some clarification here?

  18. I'm dying for more info from Tough Love. That, or comments from someone who knows what Toughy is talking about.

    Sex vid with J. Lod? Check.
    J. Lod was 2nd choice, she wanted Ricky.
    And are you actually saying that she talks about Ricky and his GF in this sex video? Wowsers.

  19. JABA the Nut dissing some other girl as "not NYC enough"? Julia Allison / Julia Baugher is "not NYC" at all. The braying clod just screams SUBURBAN MIDWEST all the way.

    She just takes that whole pot, kettle thing to a new level.