Monday, March 16, 2009

Yulia: When she get the guns?

Okay, so this photo was snap today at South Times South West.

I sorry, WHAT?

Has Yulia been going to gym and doing the hammer curls with the dumbbells and not tell us? Or is this poof and beginnings of what they call "ham arms." I site:

ham arms
When a person's arms are so fat it looks like there are hams hanging off of them. Usually a female.

I no snark, I just say. Poofy, if you read this. STEP. AWAY. FROM. CUPCAKES.

And whatever you do, do not sock me with your Popeye biceps*.

*Except they probably fat.


  1. God. Her arms look fine, Russian Girl. Go suck on a couple pickled potatoes and look again.

  2. You right, I totes drunk!!!!

    I go try seduce twin goat brothers now.

  3. Time for someone to put the fork down. I'm with RG.

  4. Her arms look perfectly fine.

  5. It's the blurred vision, RG. Her whole body looks fine. But bad hair is making her head look kinda "pinny". Now I am understanding the sausage curls.

  6. arms?!? how can you even see arms in that giant purple monstrosity of a thigh-hider? All I see is this:

    what a horrible fucking dress, she looks like a big ol poiple cow. Quite the MOO-MOO, fer sure!

  7. I always thought her arms were pretty hammy, I gotta say. Sorry, I've evil.

  8. maybe she just looks extra poofy because she is next to Shira, who is always so fetching and slender.

  9. This seems pretty weak. If her arms are fair game, then I'm Olenska the Dinner Lady with my flabby triceps.

    Personally, I think it's rich Jackles twitted about being drunk, when she. never. drinks!

  10. I think this pic is from that lounge they "crashed"?? Oh I wish there's a video! By the way, Russian Girl, drink more and there will be two Julias! Ha Ha Ho Ho hee hee hA

  11. RussianGirl, we can't all be as slender as you, you skinny skanky goat-banging Russian hosebeast!

  12. That guy in the striped shirt looks like he can't get away fast enough!

  13. I just noticed RG's profile shot. Hilarious!

  14. It's not the arms, it's the dress. How is that dress at all appropriate for SXSWi?

  15. she does have "hammy" arms, and she knows it. thats why she always juts them out in her "pose".

  16. WHAT A COW

  17. Is she wearing blue eye shadow?

    Pass the potato vodka, RG.

  18. I'm sure Meghan will appreciate Julia posting this remark on Twitter:

    juliaallison: "It's a thin line between genius and gay." -@meghanasha
    15 minutes ago from txt

    owrudeareyou: @juliaallison Some of us manage to be both... :)
    11 minutes ago from web ·


    ^ this photo pretty much made my life -- availble for download here:

  20. Jackles has no Hope-rahMarch 17, 2009 at 12:03 AM

    She totes has bingo wings. They were flappin' all over the place in that slowed-down/sound effects Barbie video.

  21. Liu liu liu, I got some ham-armsMarch 17, 2009 at 12:08 AM

    Is she wearing an evening gown in a room full of t-shirts and denim? Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

  22. Damn, talk about facial tics and jiggling arm curtains...

    Turn off the sound and you'll swear she's having a seizure or suffers from Parkinson's.

  23. In liu of flowers, please send cupcakesMarch 17, 2009 at 12:40 AM

    She eats fast food, drinks plenty of alcohol, snacks on cupcakes, and takes no exercise. That 20-something metabolism has slowed down, Jankles, and all the contortionist posing in the world can't hide it any more.

    First cankles, then shelf-ass, and now ham-beast arms. I'm looking forward to the sprouting of your second (and third!) chin. That will definitely be a Kodak moment, Poofy.

  24. Can someone please explain what "bingo arms" are?

    Culturally uninformed

  25. Gimme an 'L'! Gimme an 'I'! Gimme a 'U'!March 17, 2009 at 1:11 AM

    Look at Jackle's body language: arms crossed, pissy/pursed lips, throwin' MAJOR stink eye. She can't STAND the fact that someone else has the microphone and is getting all the attention.

    If you listen closely, you can almost hear the impatient 'tap, tap, tap' of her Zappo's stripper heel, as she silently tells herself, over and over, 'must not rip the microphone out of her hand, must not rip the microphone out of her hand.'

  26. actually, it looks like she is pissed that the other girl is better looking than her

  27. "Bingo arms", otherwise known as "bingo wings" or "granny flaps" are the flabby hanging bits that a lot of older ladies get on the underside of their upper arms, best seen when they raise their arms or wear sleeveless tops.
    "Bingo" arms coz a lot of older ladies play bingo and the flaps can be seen when someone raises their arm to call "Bingo" I think.
    Feel free to correct me :)

  28. Of all the things to criticize JA for, this is so goddamn base.

    She is wretched, no question, but to play this card? Yeah, fuck that noise. You are playing into her whole victim complex (people on the internet call me fat!)

    Who gives a flying fuck what she looks like? Her stupidity, naked ambition, and utter inability to maintain a relationship of significance for more than a year speaks more volumes than a shot of whether her arms look fat.

    RG, you can bring the funny, but bring it on substance, not "oh, look, fat chick" kind of shit.

  29. Oh please, anon 2:13, please clean the sand out of your vag and then take your psuedo-sanctimony elsewhere.

    It's RG's prerogative to post whatever she pleases, just as it's Grimaces prerogative to wear giant Barney and Friend's costumes that show off her bingo wings.

  30. on a completely different note, if i may:
    did you notice how the picture looks like the two crazy chicks from the ball room dancing committee crashed lunch hour at school? NOBODY in the pic is paying attention except that girl half hidden by ja's behind who seems to be hypnotised by the ass in front of her.

  31. What I imagine them saying in this photo:

    "We just want to say that
    we're not Spirit Bunnies anymore.

    We always hated that name.
    It bugged the heck out of Dina and me.

    - It's just such a put-down!
    - Really!

    We know you've got a lot of spirit,
    everybody, right?

    And we're gonna destroy Lincoln
    next week! All right!

    You know, it takes a lot
    of courage to get up here...

    and do something that
    you know people will make fun of.

    - Yeah.
    - Man..."

    Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

  32. In the pic Julia looks more upset about not being the center of attention than anything related to fat arms. Who cares about her arms anyway, her arms are fine. It's her pile of shit career/brand/bigmouth that's the problememo. Are these girls who are claiming to be living differently gonna say a thing about this Mary situation? They SUCK at talking about anything that actually matters. Fuck sakes... Feldmen is faster on the real content about them with his puppets. Fun and sad. For them.

  33. So I was watching the taxicab confessional and once again wasn't shocked by JA's doing a whole lot of saying nothing while rambling on and on. Also funny that she was so impatient when the driver was speaking and started "acting" and playing victim once the guy was picked up. She said something about success not being a "zero sum thing" and I was like ummm.. WHERE have I heard or seen that before?

    "So does Po Bronson, co-founder of The Grotto, a writers' community in San Francisco. He says that writing is not a zero-sum game. Your sale doesn't automatically put a minus in someone else's scorebox. Your success doesn't mean that someone else won't succeed. There is room for everyone and the absolute best way to work toward success is to support each other."

    Elsewhere, "Writing is not a zero-sum game. Your success does not take away from mine."

    Nice to see her plagiarism is in full effect verbally too! Interesting that she grabs this quote to discuss how women treat other women in a general context when everywhere else it's appropriately contributed to (irony!) living a fulfilled life and the benefits of HELPING PEOPLE to succeed in your own career. She sees everything in life as a zero sum game, she befriends half the people she does because if she didn't they'd be another person she'd have to worry about as competition or up for comparison rather than an acquaintance and equal (in her mind, anyway).

  34. I can't focus on whether her arms are fat or not... the death stare at Heidi Fleiss and that dress made from the carcass of Barney is distracting me too much. And she can contort and put her hands on her hips and shrug her shoulders all she wants to, but as evidenced in that flickr video someone posted above and that cheerleader shirt picture from yesterday - Julia Baugher looks old and busted, no two ways about it. Interesting how differently Julia Baugher looks in these "candid" moments when someone else is holding the camera.

  35. Arghh!!! I follow JA on Twitter out of sheer stupid curiosity over how lame her daily tweets can get, and those things have to be THE most annoying famewhoring bile shots I've ever read. She mentions hanging out in RANDI ZUCKERBURG'S hotel room in two successive tweets, of all the annoyingly sad things.
    Yes dear, WE GET IT: Randi lets you hang out with her now and then, for whatever reason. Can you just move on already?

    Even if they really were best friends, why in the f*ck would anyone refer to their friend as RANDI ZUCKERBURG as opposed to just calling her Randi, like a normal friend/human being?
    What a psycho.

  36. I've been on this site since it started, way back when Mary was crusin' the southern seas...

    If you want Julia to go to another conference and complain about how her haters call her fat, well, she certainly can! And she wouldn't be lying!

    And think of all the SXSW peeps coming on to this site (because you know it's being talked about) -- and this is what they see/read!?

    RBNS is better than this. Hope someone agrees.


  37. Stripper Shoes from Zappos.comMarch 17, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    RNBS is whatever it's posters and commenters want it to be. Some people come here because they want to discuss Julia's unethical business and career practices. Some people come here because they want to gossip about her latest stalkee. Some people just want to make fun of her fat arms and ass. Who cares? To each his own. Attempting to control what commenters say and choose to make fun of is no better than Julia Allison's attempts to control everything that's said about her.

  38. k, while I can appreciate your sentiment and agree on not poking fun at her build(even though some folks make fun of her physical appearance strictly because she relies so heavily on just her physical appearance), you simply can't expect everyone to play by your own rules on a public website. Even though that moron Julia expects everyone to, of course.

  39. so... that HuffPo piece no longer has any mention of Kevin Rose (a google blog search brings up the orioginal, but if you use the link on RBNS you get a shorter, Rose-less lede.

    That bothers me. That is happening in web "journlaism" a lot: the revising (in this case no doubt, under threat of lawsuit or whatver form Julia Allison) of original material after publishing.

    It leaves no real record of what was said, reported, etc on any given day. Imagine if a politican who said something that didn't go over well, was allowed to have sites edit it out... forever. Instead of having to explain him/herself and answer for what they said.

    Obviously this isn't Watergate. But the principle is the same.

    I also suspect Julia is behind that revise. Which is part and parcel of her lack of ethis: ie getting blogs and tumblers whacked by pulling strings etc... etc..

  40. Anon 9:41 it's because Julia doesn't have friends or friendships. She only has "strategic partnerships" with people more successful than her. She exploits those relationships to get ahead in her "career" and get free stuff/trips/hotel rooms/birthday parties/plane rides by riding their coattails. Notice how often she STILL brings up Jacob (as recently as that Tech Cab video from two days ago) and just HAS to mention all of his credentials. It's called reflected glory.

    Unfortunately for her, most people see through her pink smoke and mirrors and can tell what a fraud she is as soon as she opens her gaping maw and says a bunch of nothing cloaked in stale buzzwords.

    She's really just a desperate bottom feeder who's been really persistent in clawing her way to get ahead or "fuck her way to the middle" as she said herself in that Huff Po interview. And that's exactly where she is and will remain - in the middle.

    All her desperate clawing and climbing in the past few years have gotten her where exactly? Nowhere. No career. No steady gigs. She can't even really call herself a dating columnist anymore (and conveniently says in that same interview that Carrie 2.0 is over. Ha ha... nice attempt at backtracking)

    Even her looks - which she's relied heavily on to get ahead - are going down hill. She's peaked and is falling fast, hence the desperate glomming onto people more accomplished than her.

  41. Here is Meghan Asha Parikh's Zappos video:

  42. 8:02 Good catch with the zero-sum! I've caught her referencing numerous prescriptive books from The Secret to Googleplex.

  43. I thought "it new you" to not make fun of JA's weight! Besides, guns are hot. So disappointed in Russian Girl, who is the only reason I read this blerg in the first place!

  44. I hear Jill is on a diet solely consisting of her mother's seven layer dip: spinach, avocado, grape jelly, black beans, pineapple, parsley, and ketchup.

    All the girls in the LIU dorm love when Momma Baugher "cooks" a new dip.

  45. Julia - that purple tent you're rocking is doing your bottom half no favors, hon.

  46. k, fuck off. This site was set up to MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE. We are not "better than this" you jackass. We don't need anybody telling us what kind of snark is off limits.

    Oooh, I'm so worried about what Jankles' peers at SXSW are gonna think when/if they stumble across this SNARK SITE. Gosh, the ad revenue stream for RBNS will probably dry up to a trickle.



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  48. Cousin RG, Yulia just doing original mission of her blag. She so want to influence young girls and women everywhere, just like her hero Oompah. Yulia just showing young girls everywhere what happens when you eat too much cupcakes, drink the Vodka in secret and put the poisons in your face that come from my cow Sergei. She also show how the sexsy styles can be made from dress she borrow from Grandma. She do peoples a favor!

  49. In liu of flowers, please send cupcakesMarch 17, 2009 at 11:13 AM

    So disappointed in Russian Girl...

    You mean the one who coined the name "Poofy"? Yeah, how shocked and disappointed you must be when RG makes silly fat jokes to get under Jackles' skin. The braying like a donkey part, that's perfectly cool with you, right?

    Did you ever visit QOTD on NS? RG's snark was legendary. Don't put limits on an artist.

    I agree with Trey Parker and Matt Stone when it comes to censorship and comedy (watch South Park Cartoon Wars I and II). Either EVERYTHING is okay, or NOTHING is. Once you cave to pressure from one group, what's to stop more and more groups from stepping up to censor the parts of your writing that they don't like, until there is nothing left?

  50. The woman with the microphone has AWESOME DELTOIDS!!! I should go lift weights...

    That being said, Julia's arms look normal sized to me. Maybe not toned, but not exactly ham hocks either.