Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Julia: More Twitter Creepiness

A string from last night, in reverse chronological order:

  1. Shhhhhhhhh. It's all good.
  2. Thank you dear Lord.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ugh, men. Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!!
I always find it unsettling -- actually, no, quite sick-making -- when Jackles tries to leave thousands of strangers with the impression that she's either just been laid or she's used one of her many, previously boasted-about vibrators again. She and John Mayer = Twitter match made in heaven.


  1. Unrelated: Imagine yourself a JA fangirl. She posts a request for TMI ideas, listing a few examples that have been discussed and in the process dissing that upstart Mary's idea of watching sports because Julia NEVER watches sports with women, men, or dogs (or something to that effect; the post seems to have mysteriously disappeared).
    Then soon after: "Going to my first Rangers hockey game in an hour. What does one wear ... "
    I picture said fan girl sashaying around, "Oh, yuck, a hockey game? Julia and I NEVER watch sports."
    Then, "Oh, a hockey game!! What should I wear?!"
    Can an ego-blog incite seizures? Poor fan girls.

  2. imagine JA got face loo=oking like involved in first hockey game..:)

  3. She must be interested in a guy who likes sports. She never does anything that doesn't serve some end of her marrying a rich guy.

  4. So, do we think No. 3 her code for "3rd base"? After all, some guy reportedly got that far with her under the table while sitting in a restaurant. Mr. Hockey Game just might be equally adroit!

  5. Julia's Pink Diet NotebookMarch 25, 2009 at 8:43 AM

    EEWWWW. Thinking about Julia in that context makes me lose my appetite. Thanks for the weight loss tip, Jacy!

  6. Anon @ 7.17 you think you're not a fan too?

  7. My takeaway is - Julia Allison went to a hockey game on some sort of matchmaker set up, didn't get laid despite her saintly, unselfish sacrifice of going to a sporting event and is soothing her wounded soul with some battery powered help. Sorry Julia. I guess you don't have much choice in the matter when the guy is paying and you're "inventory."

  8. Here's Julia's post where she claims: "I refuse to watch sports with guys, girls, dogs. I do not watch sports."

    I guess she changed her tune after an offer from a date/blind date/matchmaker came into play. Way to stand by your opinions Julia. But I guess being consistent in ANYTHING doesn't apply to super wonderful special ineffable you:

  9. LMAO or (in addition to being desperate) JA is actually purposely flaunting her blatant hypocrisy in spite of the shit she talked about the subject (and Mary, by proxy) earlier. Remember, she's raging pissed at Mary. DON'T DISS A GIRL'S HOMETOWN OR YOU SHALL PAY.

    Also, she's gotta advertise to potential suitors that she actually DOES watch sports sometimes, she's a real guy's girl, dontchaknow! Blergch.

  10. Haha I just think it is HILARIOUS people get so bent out of shape when so called "trolls" stop by. The website is devoted to dissecting the life is someone else- is it so out of the realm of possibility an ordinary person would think it's lame? I mean, my visiting this site is top secret from my friends/boyfriend. What a pathetic bitch they'd think I was.

  11.! I mean, it's now surprise that Jules would accept a sport-related invitation from a suitor OR well-connected person. She'd go anywhere with someone she thought she could profit from; love life or business profits are all the same to her. Having said that, isn't she kinda embarrassed to be sniffling, snorting, and growling via incomprehensible twits? Oh, wait. Julia, embarrassed? Never!

  12. Jacy,

    Not sure if you saw this on thread below. There are pics with JA and the 'Parsons Prof' from the Piano Bar in Davos. I may be wrong, but I believe there was a Businessweek guy posing with her...

    I appreciate finding out the connections. I always wonder who offers her these gigs. Well, to the best of my knowledge, it was a man whom she schmoozed at the infamous ineffable piano bar


  13. Why can't trolls contribute anything beyond "get a life" or "you're just jealous?" How uncreative! If they're spending their precious time on here as well, can't they at least think of something clever to say or better yet - actually defend Julia? Still waiting for that to happen...

  14. Anon 9:05:
    No honey, I'm not a fan, believe me.
    I became aware of Julia Allison's adoption of the "brand your way to fame and fortune" model through Gawker originally. I paid (scant) attention as the story unfolded. Sure, it was amusing to witness such patent and "old-school" methods of attention whoring repackaged in pink tissue paper and gifted to the world as if there was something new and/or unique going on here.
    What really astounded me though, if you care to know, is not Miss Julia Allison Baugher at all. She's a dime a dozen. Nothing new there.
    Rather, I found it incredible that anyone (young women & old men specifically) would actually get taken in by this dog-and-pony show and worse, believe the transparently fake "spin" Ms. Allison manufactures. JAB needs to believe it; she is her only product. But that anyone else with two brain cells to rub together does? That frankly astounds me.
    So, no. Not a fan. Just a witness.

  15. K- The BusinessWeek guy in the Davos pix was John Byrne, BW's executive editor, not Bruce Nussbaum (the one who invited her to speak at Parsons). I think she met Nussbaum at SXSW. At least, she was quoting him while she was there. Nussbaum is a bit out there, so there's no telling where he got the awful idea to invite her.

  16. BW Staffer: I believe Nussbaum was at either Davos (or that thing in Munich just before). Of course JABa would quote him at SXSW, he'd by that time already been dazzled enough by her superior insights on leading-edge design (cough ... titties ... cough) that he invited her to speak to his students.

  17. 12:05 -- I do love the contortions that some people will put into explaining what it is that is just sooooo deliciously fascinating about Julia Allison that they simply cahn't look away. Shorter story: She's a lying, self-promoting hot mess on the internet. We are bitches.

    And I think the troll meant that following and dissecting all of Julia's actions is as fan-like as not.

  18. Anon @ 12:34, I love the "cough ... titties ... cough" thing! It kind of sums up her real "business plan."

    Anon @ 1:21, how true! I don't know how many others feel the same way, but I get a certain sense of schadenfreude watching the trainwreck that is Julia Allison / Julia Baugher. It sort of makes almost all of my bad days look pretty good in comparison, and gives me an opposite WWJAD thing.

  19. Thanks BW staffer and anon 12:34!

    You guys get the Juliasophy Ph.D. and I only get the MPhil...!