Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Julia: A Collection of Cuckoo-Tweets and Cuckoo-Posts

Here's a shot of our girls in happier times. Notice the empty juice bottles! The friends that fast together, stay together .... errrrr ... maybe not. (An aside -- is anyone else curious as to why Jackles's constant fasting seems to be having the opposite results? Just wondering. She looks more and more unhealthy every day.)

And speaking of unhealthy, I wonder how broad the smiles will be the next time they're all filming together?

Jackles has been Twitting/blogging up a storm today. Some Tweets:

"I just hope you understand: sometimes the clothes do not make the man."

Subtle, Jill.

I'm in the mood for a boyfriend right now.

The trouble is, it seems clear they're not in the mood for you. Except that Michael McDonald guy. I'd bet he'd be interested!


Once again! So subtle! What a clever donkey!

And from her blog, this: Yet. another. public. plea. for. ideas:

Hi there. So, I’m working on brainstorming TMIweekly show topics for our April 10 shoot, and I’d love your suggestions/imput.

1) Flirting!
2) Boxers or Briefs (the question that will. not. die.)
3) Wine episode (that was Mary’s idea)
4) Watching sports with guys (also Mary’s idea. I refuse to watch sports with guys, girls, dogs. I do not watch sports.)
5) What does Quality of Life mean to you?
6) Quarter life crisis

Email me with what YOU’D like to see us talk about!!

Quarter-life crisis ... that's a good one. Why, Jackles? Because the Internet is ruining your life? Were there any campus shrinks at Long Island University who might have provided some counsel on personal responsibility? Perhaps they have some alumni counselling services. Give it a try, and be sure to show your tattoo! You might get a discount!


  1. None of this is as bad as her screen-capturing her tweet of "I want a boyfriend" above John Mayer's "My penis is asleep" tweet. New stalk target, Jackles?

  2. Why is it that sleeping penises conjure up visions of boyfriends for Jackles? hmmmm

  3. Another desperate attempt to link herself to someone she has never met.

  4. Julia wants everyone to know she did not come UP wit the episode about wine because she doesn't drink. Mary is the drunk! Also, Julia thinks the sports idea is bad and it's all Mary's fault.

    She's such a passive aggressive twat.

  5. These are song lyrics. Go Julia! So cool...

  6. Oh yes, SO cool to blog song lyrics that might have a special resonance. Almost as cool as walking around in a cheerleading outfit at SXSW, but not quite.

  7. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 18, 2009 at 9:01 PM

    The "clothes don't make the man" is a quote from the George Michael song, Freedom. (Remember the video w/ Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, etc.?)

    Is Julia making a comment about Mary, or is she just having a dance party all by herself?

  8. She doesn't even know the hidden meanings...she sits there and thinks, "What can be cryptic and get people to respond?"

  9. Anon 9:05-- and i am such a moron because i NEED TO KNOW what she means when she posts that shit. it's pathological on my part. and probably also a sign that i need a hobby.

  10. How is it that the ladies of The View (read: their feeble minded producers) can come up with 10+ hot topics per day while the 3 ladies of NS can't come up with more than 6 total (#s 1,2,4,5 of which are total fails)? Rhetorical question. Don't answer.

  11. Isn't Julia a little past the quarter mark?

  12. Speaking of Long Island University, has anyone seen the tatoo in person? Has she turned it into a unicorn yet?

  13. @12:39 am: Not if she lives to be 112.

  14. Has anyone thought that perhaps she's relapsed into bulimia? She does have that puffy look that some bulimics get when they throw up from all the inflammation as opposed to looking gaunt. I'd be really concerned if I was someone in her life that actually cared about her, but given her behavior for the past several YEARS there can't be too many of those types lying around.

  15. Soooo....does anyone else think Julia Allison's lace doily collar thingie in the photo above is a Cards? As in suburban mommie-n'-daughter fashions?

    Or is it just late, and is it just me?

  16. It's weird. There are 2 modern young women sitting on that sofa. And one....throwback.

  17. It's her lack of talent and lack of having anything interesting to share that's worth discussing. Her looks are irrelevant.

  18. I guess on all those matchmaker dates, she WASN'T in the mood for a boyfriend, then. What a ridiculous clown. She's ALWAYS in the mood for a boyfriend, why is she so effing surprised at that?

    Jackles, your transparent attempts at manipulating people into thinking you don't cry into your pillow every night at your virtual spinsterhood are so very entertaining.

  19. 8:17, I'll discuss any goddamn thing I want to, you fucking feminazi. YOU are irrelevant. And you seem to have a God complex.

  20. Oh, "feminazi." Well now we know how valuable any of 11:38's opinions are.

  21. I am gobsmacked that Julia thinks those topics for discussion are interesting and most importantly CURRENT.

    1) flirting? REALLY???? Are you going to discuss how to flirt your way into "all the best conferences"? Foul.

    2) boxers or briefs? again REALLY? who the fuck spends hours thinking about that?

    3) wine? not a bad idea but I guarantee the episode will turn into Julia braying that she doesn't drink and Mary advocating wine colonics.

    4) watching sports with guys? what are you 12? if you like sports, watch em if not don't pretend just to land a boyfriend (because that's the subtext)

    5) Quality of life? how can someone so out of touch with reality even think to comment on quality of life.

    6) Quarter life crisis? aka Julia wonders why she's not married.

  22. RBNS *currently* has more pageviews than nonsociety.

  23. The only semi-interesting ideas on her list are the ones she DIDN'T come up with herself! LOL Poor thing!