Friday, March 20, 2009

Julia: Oh. Dear. Part. Two.

errr ...

I have to say, I was a LITTLE embarrassed when I woke up this morning (ish), the way you might be after you got drunk and said something super vulnerable to your boyfriend and you sort of wish you hadn’t? Yeah.

To all of the readers who emailed me, thank you. Seriously. The truth is, I’m a really happy person, a solid 90% of the time. I think that comes across. I’m a normal person, though, so that also has its ups and downs - which are exacerbated by the judgments of people who don’t know me, don’t care to know me, and probably never will.

So the decision I’ve made - subject to change, just like every other decision I’ve ever made - is to more or less put those people on mute. I looked one last time at the site I referred to, because I was sent an email that the responses to my video would “hearten” me. Well, they didn’t. They were just as cruel as I’ve ever seen and - fuck, I’ll say it - evil. They were EVIL. If that’s how they react to me being as honest as I can be, then I’m done with them, as a group.

This website is for fun. DON’T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY. It isn’t all of me. It isn’t everything I do, everyone I see, every thought I have. I thought I would be able to record everything, and I can’t. It’s not physically possible. So these are snippits, glimpses. Ultimately it comes down to this: if you enjoy it, fantastic. If you don’t, I’m sorry I haven’t made you happy. I like making people happy. I wish I could make everyone happy. But - shocker! - I can’t.

And that’s just how it is.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this lady has to go to the gym.

PS. I *will* continue those videos - because I liked doing them.
PPS. To the one reader who said I “faked” needing glasses? HAHAHAHA oh lord. I wish! I’m legally blind, actually. -12 in one eye, -11 in the other. So. No. Those were my real glasses. :)

Jackles, some advice from The Evils:

Get a sleeping pill. Seriously. Lack of sleep always makes people feel their problems are much bigger than they are, and always prompts them to behave in ways that end up being embarrassing. We are simply people -- Tumblr people, most of us -- who don't like the product you are selling, including the titty shots, the Blue Steel, the kissy faces, the invasions of other people's privacy, the rampant narcissism. You can either retool the product or ignore the complaints. If I were you, I'd get a sleeping pill prescription and ignore the complaints because you don't want to retool your product, you just want people to stop complaining about it.

Sleep well, Toodles, and same to you: DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY!


  1. I don't understand - is her website "for fun" or is it "a business"? I think her website doesn't know who it is either. Is it a pisces, too?

  2. So she's back to her normal, fucking bitch self. Wow. That was, what, a whole 10 hours of an attempt at humanity? Must be a personal record.

    But what do I know, I'm EVIL!!!

  3. As I think I said in the earlier thread: THE BEST THOUGHTS YOU HAVE ARE THE UNEXPRESSED ONES.

  4. But I don't get it. She's going to put us on mute, but she's going to continue the videos of lame attempts at getting us to like her and actually explore why we don't like her, but then again we are all evil and she doesn't care what we say anyway? Psychotic much?

  5. Wow, she really talked herself in circles here didn't she? "I regret being honest! I am actually really happy! Really! I am normal! Really! I am ignoring the haters! After I read their reaction to my latest video! They are evil! I don't care what they think! Until I make another video! Don't take my business seriously! I sure don't! You don't know me! Even though I want you to know me! I want to make everyone happy! I can't make everyone happy! But I will keep trying! Take it or leave it! I will ignore haters! Until I don't!"

    Thanks for confirming everything we assumed about you Julia Baugher.

  6. I knew it!

    Was expecting this post from Jill.

    I wonder what her co-founder thinks of her bizarre behavior. That video was pretty much off-brand.

    And, now we are not to take NS seriously. Um, okay.

    I will continue to take the blogs that inspire me, teach me, challenge me and entertain me seriously. I never did so with her vanity blog.

    Also, the earlier post inspired me to look into Brigette Dale. What a doll! She's cute, funny and smart and her video blog is great. It's on ABC family site and seems directed at 18-25 year old demographic...

    Not unlike Gossip Girl.


  7. Correct me if I'm wrong -- but isn't -12 vision actually spectacular vision? I thought the higher your numbers were, the worse your vision. I never questioned the glasses before but...hmmm.

  8. Um, that's not legally blind. Legally blind is when your vision is worse than 20/200 and cannot be improved with corrective lenses. I am -13 in both eyes myself.

    3:43, the lower it goes (it's negative here), the more nearsighted you are, the worse your vision is.

  9. 3:48 continued - So yeah, her vision is pretty bad. But she's still not fucking BLIND.

  10. Who cares about her eyesight?! You don't need glasses, binoculars, a monocle or a telescope to see that she is koo koo nuts insane!!

  11. This is so sad.
    Really. She just does NOT get how empty all this is.

  12. I see that Yoolia is back to looking at herself with rose-colored glasses!

  13. The only fucking thing she is blind to is her own idiocy. BLIND??? This is like Emily Brill losing weight and comparing it to cancer. Julia needs glasses or she's LEGALLY BLIND.

    WTFever, Juba.

  14. Enough parsing Julia's insanity (inanity?) worker bees! She needs your help once again! It's not enough that you create a new TMI intro for her or come up with every single show topic, you must now email her all of your ideas on how to improve their shitty set. GET TO WORK buzzy little bees! You can tell her ways that she can change to make you like her (in email form only please) on your off time.

  15. The way I read her post was this: (1) I worked myself into a tizzy, recorded the video and posted it, (2) I went to sleep, (3) I woke up, (4) checked the comments at the RBNS website, (5) nobody bought it (BLERG!!), (6) "fuck you, hear me?", and now I'm (7) going to the gym.

    Day-um! Just another day in weird Julia-land!

  16. Marketing 101 - no MBA necessaryMarch 20, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    I am sure Julia Allison's Nonsociety investors and endorsements are lining up with their checkbooks open after this crazy insane nonsense. Imagine you are an investor or sponsor she is courting. Imagine you have no idea about RBNS or all the haters. Imagine watching that video and seeing today's response through that perspective!

    Would you EVER want to align your brand, company or name with that?! With 90% of the stuff she posts? I think Mary had the only shred of business sense and she took that with her. Bye bye freebies!

    * This comment brought to you by Prozac.

  17. Jules, dear n oone believes you any more not one word, video or etc..

    Yo crid wolf once too often..

  18. Her Web site is for FUN? The Web site that she makes money off of and used to credential her to get into events?? Funny, I totally thought it was for PROFIT. The fact that it's for fun completely changes my perception of her as a person who's poisoning the minds of young girls. Whew! I feel so much better now.

    She's such a twit.

  19. Obviously her website is just for fun. She gets paid in funny money, too - juice, dresses and headbands. FUN!!!!!

    * this comment was paid for in tutus.

  20. this is so boring

  21. It just occurred to me - what she needs is a roommate.

    I don't know anyone saintly enough to sign up for that role, but she needs someone to essentially babysit her day and night. Someone who knows how to disconnect the wifi after midnight. Someone who shops for real food and makes dinners using said food. Someone who reminds her to speak using her inside voice at all times.

    Julia needs a role model, and in this particular circumstance, it is just someone who leads a somewhat balanced life.

  22. You know what else is just for fun? This website! Where are our endorsements, free dresses and Blueprint Cleanse (TM) juice diets?! I think if I just cleansed my digestive system, all this evil anger and jealously towards Julia Allison would be washed away. Then maybe she wouldn't hate me anymore and then my life would be complete and I could sleep better at night knowing that I didn't make a stranger kill herself with paperclips. Whew. I feel so much better after that confessional. Happy. Normal. I am going to go work out now!

  23. ANON 4:39 - "someone to essentially babysit her day and night?" It sounds like you are describing rehab. Or a psych ward.

  24. sometimes i really wonder how much her parents know about her life. they are smart people and they know how to use the internet. are they just turning a blind-eye to their daughter's actions? it's sad and scary.

  25. Hey, Jill?

    I've got a very good piece of advice for you. Are you listening carefully? Good.


  26. Evil???

    The moral majority has spoken!

    Too funny, yet so predictable.

  27. maybe mentally ill people should just not be on tumblr blog systems??

  28. You people won't be happy until Julia hangs herself. It's human nature.

  29. I have not been reading/commenting here that long but, I do have to admit that the video did get to me a bit. Then I started reading the comments (and I actually do read all of them). Of course I started feeling bad when reading the comments questioning OUR motivations behind being so snarky. But between the people who were saying "leave her alone" and "this is just more of the same", I noticed one fact, the same thing I've noticed on the comments under all the posts. That is that, I have not seen one person who knows JA come on to defend her. Or give us all another perspective. In fact, the only people on here who claim to know her, use adjectives like 'vile' to describe her. Even former interns have posted negative stuff.

    We all have our haters, sure. If I posted pictures and movies of myself, I'm quite sure I'd hear all kinds of awful things. People who actually aren't fans of mine personally might also respond. But, I'm just as sure I have more people out there who like me, than don't like me. And you can be sure that those people - using their real names - wouldn't have any issues posting comments defending me. If Julia really is just a lost, misguided young girl making the same mistakes all young girls make, why aren't her friends on here giving us any insight in to who she REALLY is. I suspect that it's because there aren't that many of them who can. Or any. And THAT is the mirror that JA really needs to hold up to herself when doing her soul searching. She actually doesn't need any of us to help her interpret that one.

  30. Holy Shit. I have never commented about Julia ever. BUT THIS GIRL IS CRAZY. What a wacko. Girl is either on drugs or needs drugs. NUTS. She just comes across as deranged. I can't say it enough.

  31. Funny... after Julia closing that diatribe with going to the gym, Mary posted today about the mental benefits of working out and WOW did a lot of stuff speak directly to Julia. It seems like she's giving honest advice to a friend... but I doubt Julia will ever take it. It seems like to her, going to the gym is about instant results and superficial appearance. I doubt she's going to find mental clarity by photographing herself in the mirror doing yoga poses.

    Some highlight quotes:

    "First of all, because you are distracted by the exercise movements, your mind has a chance to let go of all the other stresses in your life. When you take the time to focus you, you will realize, the burden of your never-ending to-do list or that jackass at work is manageable."

    "Challenges arise we have to deal with and somewhere you must find the strength to resolve the issue. If you are able to overcome obstacles in the gym, you will take that mental strength out into the world so when shit really hits the fan, you’ll be prepared to manage the problem."

    "Bonus! Because your body is tired and your mind is clear, you’ll sleep better. "

    "... but at the end of the day, it’s my peace of mind and emotional stabilitythat makes me feel better about myself and helps me exude confidence in me being me."

  32. Anon 5:23 -- I have never considered that, but do you remember when the cruise ship captain came to defend Mary? It was a bit silly but kind of sweet, too.

    More than anything, that just makes me feel sad. She can't control the critics, but doesn't everyone have friends who stick up for them?

  33. Okay I be confused

    So this was not the real Julia but only a part of her but not really a part of her only not really Julia but really Julia but only a part of a part of a part of part of part of what?

    See why we nedd Skyy Vodka to parse you Jules?

  34. Wow 5:23, you took the words right out of my mouth. I rarely comment here but I do read all the comments and I've never seen anyone who actually knows her defend her, really defend her not in "o you're just hating" but given us real reasons why we're wrong. The video did get to me, not the way she expected, now I think of her as more of a mentally ill person than an attention whore. Poor girl, I really do feel bad. You cannot use the internet as a 24 hr therapy session.

  35. "exacerbated" --ooooh!

  36. I have to say - it's amusing to see so many sociopaths collected together on one site. Y'all really can't see that you're mean-spirited and generally unpleasant, can ya? That kind of behavior is really not "OK"; it doesn't resemble any kind of social norm. You guys could really use a little errr... introspection yourselves.

    Now, is Julia Allison an unpleasant individual? Maybe. I have no idea. Who cares? Not anyone that's mentally well-adjusted, that's for sure...

  37. mary says dumb things BUT she does make a very good point here re exercise and it does seem aimed at JA perhaps even subconsciously ?
    mar mar is at least always consistent too-i don't much agree with her but i think what you see is what you get -she seems to own her inner bitch and has a comfortableness about her choices (the cleansing, the fillers etc) that JA is miles away from. Also mar mar responds to critiscism in a sane way 1. gets angry 2. calms the hell down and actually takes some of it on board. i thought the JA post about how she thought the latest TMI topic was boring on top of the vivienne westwood hate was kind of mean -does she ever publically call out meghan for posting about some of the lame "tech" products she bangs on about? any hoo what do i know i'm just a looky loo whos filling in time before having a be-beh (5 days away)

  38. Princess HappycakesMarch 20, 2009 at 6:33 PM

    stop being a hypocrite,

    Julia, you made the choice the day you decided it was ok to talk about others in a public forum that it was ok for others to talk about you in a public forum.


    watch this video julia and eat. your. words.

    esspecially around 1:40

    are we evil or just "not classy" ?

  39. just wondering when her 15 min of "fame" will end
    she should just go and do something productive, change making
    btw what about that, new video, did he go too far?

  40. As silly as Julia Allison is, a large percentage of people gunning for her downfall here are evil. They make nasty comments and have no sense of humor. I hope their karma bites them back in the ass.

  41. Anon 7:32--Hmmmmm . . . that karma remark makes you sound a lot like Foolia!

  42. The thing about Julia is that she's such an easy target. This is shooting fish in a barrel. If you want to be anything more than an anonymous asswipe taking part in a pointless dogpile why don't you direct your criticism and intellect at more worthy opponents?

  43. Julia's karma is her own downfallall

  44. It's not every day I get called both evil and a sociopath.

    It's kinda fun.

  45. Oh my, better add "anonymous asswipe" to "evil" and a "sociopath."

    Rock and roll. Ted Bundy had nothing on me.

  46. Julia's been online all day. Just saying.

  47. Julia you should know better than to feed internet trolls because they grow like those little things called..Gremilins..:)

    You see they grow by your degree of attention to attention no growth..

    I am very sure your investors want viewership growth from other areas of internet readership than trolls..

  48. How does this woman make money? That's seriously all I want to know. She's scoffing at $50,000 but what does she live on?

  49. she lives on Daddy revenues

  50. As many commenters have already pointed out, yes there are comments that are unnecessary - particularly about her looks/weight. That stuff is just stupid because she's a pretty girl with an enviable figure. I'm a size 10, not fat by any means, but I look like a behemoth on video.

    But, for the anons who are saying this discourse is filled with sociopaths and evil doers/haters, there are some also many, many comments with some very wise advise for her if she's truly interested in improving public perception.

    Hell, forget about public perception. I have to believe that, if she's truly as nasty as the people who have met her say she is, then she's probably pretty unhappy with herself personally.

    So, even if she just wants to improve herself, for herself, so that she can truly know what being a friend is, so that she can truly love and be loved, there are plenty of commenters here who have tried to help her get there. No matter how nasty people are being, I still get the overriding sense that most people on here are the type that love a see good comeback. If she actually took the advice she's asking for, most of her haters (at least the ones here who haven't personally met her and with whom she hasn't burned any bridges) would turn the corner on the hate and be supportive.

    Also, please remember that she has not been unkind herself. Revealing someone's mental illness, (even if I truly believe that dude probably has bigger issues in that he's a completely egomaniacal tool even without the bipolar thing to contend with) is a loathsome thing to do. It is also pretty awful to claim you won't reveal who you are dating but then, when you break up, post twitters between you and your BFF's giving out his name and talking about how awful he's been to you such that we can all glean that he was the boyfriend who didn't want you mentioning him online. The snarky things she's said about Mary's choice of clothes (do adult women REALLY fight and blow up friendships over that kind of stupidity nowadays?) has also been pretty nasty.

    All of which is to say, we commenters don't have a patent on the mean comment thing.

  51. Julia likes to present a one way monologue to the world. That's why she doesn't allow comments. That's why the "community" portions of her site were limited to an off topic question she and her staff imposed, and that's why she wouldn't do a public IM, video chat etc with any of her critics.

    Her entire business works on the model of her putting what she wants to say out into the world but ignoring or trying to silence dissenting voices. This video and blog post now are no different.

    Clearly she never intended to hear our criticisms and consider them. She just want to try to sway us without any change on her part. And failing that, she just wanted to present us as evil herself as the victim to the public. And through using a one way platform like that video or blog post to communicate, to try to hide the fact that we have legitimate points which she avoids addressing.

    It's easier to speak for others and paint them as jealous, nasty, evil than to let their voice be heard and acknowledge that they may be saying something true about you.

    In the end she is running a business but she refuses to accept feedback about it or respond to criticism and questions any any business would and does. By personalizing even the nonpersonal criticisms she makes it into a sympathy ploy instead of a business matter of her refusing to take accountability for her business and her manner of running and representing it.

    There are personal criticisms too of course but she brings the personal into her business, so a lot of the personal comments are just a result of the nature of the business she's chosen to create.

    She wants to be the product of the business, but only when it's an advantage, not a disadvantage to her? It doesn't work that way. It goes both ways and making this personal and ito a pity party instead of just allowing critics a way to to communicate on equal ground and addressing the issues and being professional once and for all is her continued mistake. NS is not just "for fun." It's a business and like any business it's accountable for its actions and those of its owners and representatives.


  52. Does she really think she comes across as a happy person, ever? That actually makes me really sad for her.

  53. I think at the heart of it too is, if this were some random girl starting a business, it wouldn't be as intense. But we all know that she's someone who got ahead by fucking a congressman and telling all/sucking up to nick denton/dating the right people. She hasn't gotten to the point of owning her own business on her own merits, so when she sucks at running that business, it's a confirmation of how unworthy she is to have the privileges she does. I think there is jealousy involved in the anger, only to the extent that most of us here probably work hard at getting where we want to be and think it's shitty and unethical and beneath us to take shortcuts. So to see someone who flaunted taking shortcuts to get somewhere a lot of people want to be and then not even doing it well or taking it seriously, it's kind of personally painful.

  54. look

    live differently! whee! No exercise/hydrogenated fats/juice cleanse/indiscreet when it suits.

    no -i do not want to go to there.

  55. When she was home all day and online, all sorts of comments -- far more than usual -- showed up calling us sociopaths, evil, yada yada yada. She's been at a play all night. No more of those comments.

  56. does Julia ever expand her vocabulary?

    Could she not with that Georgie-Town education come up with bigger words than fucking shiit and etc?

  57. 9:27 I agree. Although I don't think it's jealousy or envy. That implies we actually want what she has. I know i don't. I think it's more a sense of fairness and justice that's offended when someone relies on their sexuality and appearance and other shortcuts instead of actual quality work to get ahead.

  58. Anon 6:17 pm - You should check the definition of sociopath - I guarantee it does not describe most of the people who comment on this site.

    Here's a gem for all of you who are interested (oldie but goodie):

  59. jackles spent time combing through our comments, worrying over them, stressing, THEN deciding "FUCK IT" we're the evil ones and wrote a long post chastizing us for it.

    you know what i did today?
    my fucking work.

  60. @XOXOBunnies

    Thanks, but I know exactly what a sociopath is. You, rather clearly, don't. The extreme nature of the posts and comments on this site are highly suggestive of people having personality disorders.

    What some specific examples that you folks are somewhat deranged? Here's a couple...

    First, people here are deluded. Whenever, anyone shows up here to criticize, someone will believe it must be Julia commenting. Such is the scale of the delusion, people can't even imagine that anyone other than Julia could possibly think they're doing anything wrong. It happened in this case - see Anonymous 9:41pm.

    Second, people here are unable to take responsibility for their own actions. Whenever the nastiness is called out, people will absolve responsibility for their extreme antisocial behavior by mysteriously suggesting that it's all somehow actually Julia's fault. It happened in this case - see Anonymous 8:34pm, as well as in your own post at 12:01am where you link to a Loren Feldman rant about Julia, as an implied justification.

    BTW - Loren Feldman is not someone to admire. Check his record. His extreme, antisocial behavior has famously seen him lose business deals because sponsors and partners get scared when they discover what he's like. No surprise he's a fan of you guys.

    The truth is - this site says rather more about you all, and your states of mind, than it says about Julia Allison and her friends.

  61. Julia when she looked good. How sad that her looks have changed so much in only 2 years.

    That Gawker photo shoot was both the end of the public attention for Brooke Parkhurst and her fivehead, while simultaneously the beginning for JABA the Nut. I guarantee that now, Jackles would NOT look anywhere near as good in her undies as she did then.

  62. "Anon" @ 5:40, you seem to have quite the emotional stake in this.

  63. anon 5:40 and what do you say to Julia's own bad hate actions towards eeditors, photographers, interns, and others?

    The black Kettle called wants its meme back

  64. Anon 9:33: Julia's "own bad hate actions" (whatever those may be) are irrelevant to, shall we say, YOUR "bad hate actions". Both are "bad hate actions". Look, I think JA is clearly retarded (or playing at seeming retarded), but she doesn't inspire in me the hatred that she does in y'all. Why the hate? I think it's clearly jealousy.. you're jealous of the fact that she was born with the silver spoon, and is getting so much attention even though you're BETTER THAN HER DAMMIT (I see you commenters pacing around saying that to yourselves).

  65. If you're that desperate for attention when you're pushing 30, that's sad.

    If you think jealousy is a factor in this, you wouldn't know what growing up with wealth is about. Certainly not a thing to inspire jealousy, it's saddening because it creates typically useless, immature people who can't function in the real world.

    But don't worry - when she's 45 and this pattern of behavior hasn't ceased at all (assuming her parents don't eventually snap to and figuring out enabling your children into their midlife is a terrible idea), you can still return and make the "jealousy" argument, I'm sure it'll stand then.

    People don't have to be hate-driven to call a spade a spade. Unfortunately, when you make a fool of yourself on the internet of all places, you can't decide how the audience is going to respond. Defend her all your want, her behavior is reprehensible and was that way before this site and its commenters ever existed. That you'll even support that is incredibly sad and speaks to your naivete that you'd uphold such a person as some sort of standard of behavior or even allow it to pass.

  66. If you think jealousy is a factor in this, you wouldn't know what growing up with wealth is about. Certainly not a thing to inspire jealousy, it's saddening because it creates typically useless, immature people who can't function in the real world.

    It's not the wealth that causes the problem and, as you say, typical uselessness. It's the parenting. There are plenty of people who grew up in an upper middle class or higher environment and developed a strong work ethic. It's not fair or accurate to paint such a broad stroke like that.

    I've always been shocked at how careless Julia has been with her electronics and gadgets. You know where that comes from? The thinking that, if it breaks or gets lost, someone will just buy her another one. That's a belief system developed from years of conditioned behavior. Her admission to signing off on a bill at her parent's country club for the birthday party she threw for herself - at eleven years old as she claims - told me everything I needed to know about how she valued other people's money. (It also spoke volumes about how detached her parents appeared to be and still appear to be. That is, if that story is even true. I have my doubts.) My Dad would have strung me up by my toes if I did something like that. Not because of the money, mind you. But because of the blatant dishonesty and sneaky behavior.

  67. No, it's quite true, people don't have to be hate-driven to call a spade a spade. I call JA stupid anytime I talk about her stupid blog (which occasion is vanishingly infrequent). But you're missing the point. You're not MERELY calling a spade a spade - that sounds so nice and ironic and oh-so-merely amused. Unfortunately a lot of you are not just amused - you're clearly heavily emotionally committed (again just some of you, not all).

    Further, you can't infer from my comment to the proposition that I'm "defending her". Dude, are you nuts? She's annoying as shit. Your inference doesn't follow.

    You say: "If you think jealousy is a factor in this, you wouldn't know what growing up with wealth is about. Certainly not a thing to inspire jealousy". The first sentence doesn't make sense (again, bad inference). The second is clearly false: wealth inspires jealousy in just about everyone.

    Look, I'm just sitting on the sidelines, getting really amused at all this. But it turns out that the JA-trainwreck has just taken on more passengers (who do you think I mean?). When gawker did it, it was funny, since they weren't so clearly emotionally invested in this. The other reblogging site and this one are also funny for the same reasons (i.e. irony). But with some of you, the irony has disappeared. And that makes the whole thing even funnier!

    And no, I'm not JA, nor do I know her (and no, I have no desire to, I have better things to do).

  68. Look, I'm just sitting on the sidelines, getting really amused at all this.

    You're invested in evoking a response, which is why you appear to be checking back by the minute to see if anyone has responded to your comment. I don't care what side of the fence you fall on. I really don't. You're absolutely right that some of this is just blatant hatred and it is unnecessary. But please don't act like you're above it, because your presence here and constant need to rebut say differently.

  69. I generalized hugely in my comment, but apologize as I was posting it hastily, it's just that "spoiled child syndrome" just isn't new to me. I've seen it for so long and what it often amounts to in adulthood, so Julia is very much typical. I should have specified that I'm talking mostly about the child with neglectful, overindulging or even plain overbearing parents. There are many people from wealthy backgrounds who, due to their parents attitudes and rearing, natural personalities and circumstances are able to transcend that. I've been around it enough to observe it at length though, and the accomplishments of the parents (and in some cases siblings) do a good job of lowering their self-worth/esteem to the point that they're always trying to compensate for it and sometimes in the most ridiculous ways.

    As for the OP, I didn't have to really infer anything from your comment. In that entire space, and before that, you made no mention of being in any party that was against Julia's behavior. Just that you didn't know if she was a bad person and didn't care. How are you honestly even in a position to argue this when the majority of people here are extremely familiar with it and that is PRECISELY what drives their disgust? Essentially you're an uninformed person coming into the fold to say "what's going on here is wrong". Then you start positioning yourself as someone who knows the deal and is actually on the side of those on this site, but thinks this are just a little too much. OK.

    Say what you want about the site, that's really your business. But there are people out there who have had it much worse from their LIMITED internet exposure than some people saying some "mean" things (and while speaking the truth, and having it be RELEVANT of course) about someone who lays it all out continuously for discussion and commentary. Oh, and lays it all out there as a performance, because you know, it's all a character. Give me a break.

  70. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 21, 2009 at 12:07 PM

    Why didn't she just go into acting, seriously? That "poor me" video the other night was actually a pretty good performance. She's got another heinous Lip Dub up on her site right now that once again reminds us just how frantically she needs to be on camera performing.

    The lunatic missed her calling -- she should have gone into acting like every other self-respecting narcissist. She would have been right at home in that milieu.

  71. NotAGawkerEmployeeMarch 21, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    I'm the anon from 9:59 AM & 10:59 AM.
    To Christian above: You say: "You're invested in evoking a response, which is why you appear to be checking back by the minute to see if anyone has responded to your comment". You're right. I occasionally comment at raptureready too, just for shits and giggles. By your reasoning it follows that I'm not "above" raptureready, which is clearly absurd (since anyone with an IQ of over 50 is above raptureready). Therefore... etc., etc.

    Look, I understand you guys are disgusted, I really do, and I sympathize. And now I shall go back to just reading and not commenting, since I don't want to hijack any JA-discussion. Please carry on...

  72. "Anon @ 5.40am" here...

    @[redacted] Non-entity Paradigm Shifter

    You're quite wrong. No emotional stake.

    @Anon 9.33am

    What do I say about any antisocial behavior on the part of Julia or anyone else? I'd say the same thing. Not acceptable.

    People are laughing at you guys, not with you. Guess I thought you'd like to know...

  73. She's reality show material at best. Julia Allison is about acting as Julia Allison for the personal gain of Julia Allison, not as a means of creative expression or representing another character's point of view.
    Just like with her writing Julia Allison's "acting" could never move beyond the one subject that interests her: Julia Allison.

  74. Anon2:24:

  75. I'd like to know how to kill yourself with paperclips. because I'd like my tombstone to read:

    "Couldn't Handle Witty Quips,
    Killed Herself with Paperclips"

  76. "Anon" (as if!) @ 9:59, I was born with more advantages than JABA the Nut, have had more success than she has ever had and although I'm at least a decade older than her alleged age, I haven't aged nearly as badly as she is. Also unlike Julia Allison / Julia Baugher, I have long-lasting friendships and relationships, and my exes don't hate me.

    She has nothing that I want, but I do loathe the way she acts as if she's accomplished something when she hasn't, other than making it more difficult for women to be successful without having to dress as overage cheerleaders and flaunt their tits.

    Julia Allison / Julia Baugher has no experience in any actual business, and calling herself and that laughable website a "business" is a big joke. Other than making a public asshole of herself, she has accomplished nothing in life.

  77. "Anon" (yea, right) @ 5:40/2:24, of course you don't have any emotional stake in it. And Julia Allison / Julia Baugher is a sane, kind and competent professional.

  78. Julia,

    Leave this site!

  79. much as it's fun to hate on Julia...that 1938 video about her outing JL's bipolar situation is pretty ironic and annoying. He's calling her desperate and pathetic for outing the mental disorder online, yet he's online furthering the rumor and talking about the same thing. Kind of an asshole if you ask me. Not to mention that it irks me when men don't like women and have to resort to calling them sluts and whores. Lowest common denominator.

    On the other hand, the 1938 video with Megs from sxsw was priceless.

  80. meh. All of that is kind of old news and has been stated soooo many times that it's not really in the realm of offensiveness anymore. If anything the video was just pointless, as far as JA being a slut/whore, can't attest to that and it IS a harsh title, but.. erm. Career-wise and relationship-wise? See her self-posted anecdotes and you decide. I don't think that term is sexual (though it could be).. people can slut out or whore themselves in other ways.

  81. He posted that video *right* after she outed Jakob, it was certainly not old news at the time.