Sunday, March 8, 2009

Julia: Hilarious Responses From Her Twitter Followers

Naturally, Jackles had to Twitter that she was on her way to MSNBC earlier today to appear on-air to discuss Twitter. She is Twitter famous, people! And when this TMI Weekly thing goes tits up, she is going to get back in the TV game, people! She has connections, people! She WILL BE famous!

In any event, the responses are always pretty funny, falling into three categories: Caustic, sycophantic or creepy-stalker.

To whit:

phantasmaldream: @juliaallison did you talk about how you use Twitter to hit on celebs in a desperate stab @ legitimacy? Ignore this the same way they do you ·

SamWoodward: @juliaallison You were perfect...hey there's that radiant girl on TV again

drrandpink: @juliaallison- preemted by a church shooting breaking news story- don't they know that you and twitter are the real breaking news

MelWebster: Why in God's name would MSNBC dedicate more than a second to @juliaallison. This world is DOOOOMED

And then there's this one, from yesterday, which is really quite brilliant in its simplicity:

msacks: @juliaallison Get over yourself


  1. People she has tweeted recently who have not responded:
    - Ashton Kutcher (today)
    - Evan Williams (yesterday)

    She's totally using the TV gigs as a vehicle to communicate with other celebrities. Hey JA, guess what - if you're a media professional (I know you can be one thing, but not the other), celebrities will talk to you. Unfortunately... it doesn't look like you are.

  2. For the record (I'm the first twitterer), I am not one of JA's actual followers on twitter - wouldn't want to give her that satisfaction. ;)

  3. I about died at the first ", people!". Then you had to go and keep doing it. Good stuff, Jacy!

  4. Julia's Good EyeMarch 8, 2009 at 6:00 PM

    Just interesting to note that JA follows Ben Leventhal on Twitter and he follows her back.
    She also follows Leven Rambin, Mary's mom, Mary's dog but not Mary Rambin.
    And she now follows Randi Zuckerberg's husband!

  5. Notes for Julia..

    If they do not follow you on twitter sending a @ is somewhat useless as they do not see it..

    GET A FUCKING CLUE DUMB BITCH, as the Michael Arrington words of EPIC FAIL!

    Didn't Meghanaise clue you in? NO? Maybe she might be mad at you?

  6. No, actually if you click on "@ Replies," you can see all of the tweets that people send to you, even if you're not following them.

  7. anon 6:12 she does not know spoiled the damn joke

  8. why would they want one of the least popular or relevant people on twitter to talk about it?

    everytime she tweets a little birdie dies inside.

    "tweet tweet" *chokes and falls*

  9. Cracking me up, Anon 6:34!

  10. Internet Snark MachineMarch 8, 2009 at 7:27 PM

    When @Ev said "twitter",
    @juliaallison thought he said "shitter",
    and she's been using it as a thought toilet ever since.

  11. Go to her twitted now! She is asking for captions on some seriously shitteous pics from MSNBC today. Girl. Looks. Rough.

    Go now before she pulls 'email.

    And, enjoy.

  12. Bicurious Party HatMarch 8, 2009 at 7:49 PM

    The Jabber-monster will be at SXSW, people:

    Founder of Blogher interviewed by Julia Allison, Time Out NY Columnist and founder

    And you just know she'll be all over this:

    Nighttime events: Pastries and Pasties! A Burlesque Cupcake Cookoff!

    And this:

    Social Engineering: Scam Your Way Into Anything or From Anybody (5 p.m., Room 18BCD

    Sadly, that one conflicts with the panel she really needs, which is this:

    Try Making Yourself More Interesting (5 p.m., Room A).

    Stock up on Rolaids, people!

  13. How much do you think it eats away at her that Ashton follows Meghanaisse on Twitter, but not JABA?

  14. so much that i would be concerned about my physical well-being if i were meghan and not eat anything JABA gave me