Monday, March 23, 2009

Julia: Pulling a Huge Crowd

Parsons 15 minutes before the lecture.

I certainly hope the lecture to this teeming throng of fascinated looking students focuses on Girl-on-Girl Internet Crime, Jackles's latest cause now that she's put headbands and cupcakes aside for a bit.

I envision it might go something like this:

"Women are so awful to each other on the Internet. It really has to stop. We women need to stick together and be supportive of one another! Seriously, guys! We really owe it to each other as women! Except for when some skinny blonde bitch rains on my parade by leaving my crap ego-blogging company. Because I will SHANK that bitch. And I will do it on the Internet! Because it's NOT okay when people say nasty things about me on the Internet, but is IS okay for me to publicly humiliate my BFF, my `sister' and my business partner many, many times over on the Internet. Because even though she's a woman, she's a BITCH! And I am super-nice!"


  1. Oh, come on! Everyone comes late to class! I bet her talk was awesome!


  2. PLEASE tell me someone video taped it. that would be amazing.

  3. Interesting. I see they are using a lecture room that is typically reserved for a single class and fits up to 50. I know this room from attending Eugene Lang back in the day. The New School has many larger lecture halls and stages.

  4. Wow! There are tens of people there! Veddy veddy soon that room is going to feel like a cramped prison with poison gas seeping in the walls and you are trapped in some kind of nightmare the likes of which you could never have believed possible ... mark my words hamsters!

  5. I think there's a story here, but it's about how a "professor" is so awfully human that he forgets any kind of academic standard and throws this shit at his students.

  6. Via Twitter:

    kelseymeuse: Julia Allison just spoke in my Design at the Edge class; I was ready for her to be obnoxious but she's actually sweet and funny in person.


    I have a question. Can you guys help me? If someone is really good, universities-are-inviting-them-to-speak-good at marketing herself - or "personal branding" - shouldn't people expect the image you work to portray?

    If Julia doesn't want to be seen as "obnoxious," she's really pretty fucking bad at personal branding. Explain. I'm a mere undergraduate- what do I know?

  7. Julia can turn on the charm, we all can. We bring our "A" game when required and one hope it's a success. I'm glad actually to hear that one or perhaps more of the students enjoyed her presentation. They deserve to; they're paying real tuition dollars and giving their time to indulge their professor's dalliance.

  8. Ok, she just posted a picture of her looking sad, alone at the Genius Bar. AND she just posted a video that is really weird. It's her fucking around alone in the Genius Bar, jumping up and down, talking about giving her old computer away, regular whatever stuff. But she seems on the verge of tears through a lot of it. WHAT is going on there? Someone else watch and get back to me. (Also think it's interesting she's using Viddler now -- trying to wean herself off Vimeo?)

  9. 9:40, I agree that she seems very down and yeah, like she wants to cry in a couple of spots. But it's really hard to tell whether that's just a function of her lowering her voice because she's afraid of attracting attention (??) or a weird fit of emotion. Either way, the video definitely makes her look sad, even if she doesn't feel sad.

  10. Seems like her standard m.o. to me;
    -Lash out with some bitchy remarks e.g.about Mary.
    -Get called on her bad behaviour e.g. by RBNS.
    -Post something weepy to get sympathy.
    -Rinse and repeat.

  11. Good LORD, JacklesMarch 23, 2009 at 10:06 PM

    ^^^^^^I just watched the 'alone at Apple store' video.

    A few observations:

    1. The 'Puffy Shirt' has GOT to go. You are NOT Blair Waldorf. The shirt makes you look like a chunky Long Island (go LIU!) housewife married to a dentist named Gary, NOT a rich/spoiled Upper East Side teenager.

    2. I see the Lee Press-On nails are back. Why? WHY???

    3. Lay off the tranny makeup. It only emphasizes your puffiness (which I suspect is being caused by a bulimic relapse).

    4. Stop posting videos of yourself, alone, acting like a jackass in public. If you were 16, it might be 'cute'. But considering you're pushing 30, it reeks of desperation and loneliness.

    5. Get some goddamned therapy + medication already. Your public meltdown is pathetic.

  12. Actually, she didn't say a word about women in media not being taken seriously, or women hating women on the internet. It only came up when she was talking to a couple of Parsons students afterward.

  13. I've been wondering where all the Julia supporters - you know, all the people who know her and are prepared to defend her against all the evil haters.

    Thankfully Julia has saved us the effort of looking for these people ourselves and has reblogged a first-person encounter, which we shall name, When That Girl Allison met Her Poofiness.

    Reblogged from thatgirlallison

    Yeah, yeah. I know many of my friends (read: Jason, Jeremy) and maybe readers will roll their eyes at this, but here’s my story! I started reading the blog of Julia Allison back in the fall when I was dating a Time Out employee. I found her really interesting and easy to relate to when it comes to dating, self-image… among other things. We also both love the color pink (holla!). I’ve been a fan of Time Out New York, too, for over three years - so that’s where I originally heard of her before I learned about Nonsociety and her penchant for branding oneself on the Internet.

    After months of reading the hateful things that were posted on reblogging websites (I was even emailed once by a former college colleague hers via my blog!), I decided that I wouldn’t make any assumptions about her until I met her myself one day (if the opportunity ever presented itself). Well, she spoke tonight at Parsons School of Design (I went to Eugene Lang my freshmen year, coincidentally) and after running a few errands and chowing down on Chipotle, I headed over to Parsons to listen to her speak.

    It was titled “Design at the Edge” and focused mainly on image branding on the internet. She said a few things that I couldn’t agree with more and that I can relate too. One was that walking with purpose will get you further than you think (Rent party in ‘05? Yeah, I walked with purpose and had an awesome time.), sounds awful, but fake it til you make it (if you don’t believe you’re awesome, who’s going to?), persistence is key (persistence, I think, is synonymous with passion sometimes), and meet people - duh, networking is so second nature but there are still people who take it for granted, or don’t believe it’ll work. She also strongly suggested to research the people who are where you want to be, find out how they got there, and try to meet them. Again: Networking, networking, networking. She also talked about how people have different personas - you are different with your parents from how you are with your friends or with your boss. Another tricky part of the Internet.

    Everyone in the room was a Parsons student and wanted to network with her or ask her details about self-branding. Being that I wasn’t, I waited until everyone had gotten their questions answered after the lecture ended until I said something to her. I went up to her and she immediately held out her hand and asked my name, Meghan was also there, and did the same. I said that I wasn’t a student at Parsons and Julia went, “OH! Are you Allison - THE Allison that emails me?“ (Who knew I was the only Allison?) I said yes, and she thanked me for coming, asked what I thought of the lecture, etc. We talked a bit more about the lecture and then we all headed outside where we took a picture, after which I thanked her [and Meghan] and left to head back uptown to come home.

    So, after meeting her I have to say that she is a great conversationalist, speaker, and really quite sweet. But surprisingly, she was not that upbeat 14-year-old girl that everyone claims she is, online (you know, because she loves to wear bright pink, and all) - she seemed very serious and down-to-earth, actually. It was nice.

    I’ve never posted a picture of myself on my blog before - but hey, there’s a first time for everything. The above is a picture is from tonight and I’m in the middle. I’ve taken better pictures in my life, but I’ve also taken a LOT worse so I’m happy with looking decent in this picture. The Julia Allison that I met tonight was only one side of her, and she met only one side of me. I know I risk getting tons of shit for saying good things about Ms. Allison - but this was my impression and I was impressed.

    Julia is totally baiting us. We are her new toy.