Friday, March 27, 2009

Julia: Wishing She'd Thought to Put a Trendy, Techy Small i in Front of Her Name Before This Blonde Beeyotch Did

I assume you’ve heard of Justine, a prolific (and very talented, in my opinion) video blogger. So, I’m genuinely curious. What do you think of this video specifically, or her in general?

Does it bug you that it’s clearly sponsored? Or does that not matter? I’m torn. I want to promote products I genuinely believe in, but this raises the whole - well, let’s just call it the McDonald’s McFlurry dilemma. I sat there wondering whether Justine actually uses/likes that camera, and even though I have no proof either way (she wrote an entire post on it here), my mind said “Of course she doesn’t.” But that’s not fair - maybe she does! Just like maybe the McDonalds McFlurry *IS* the best dessert in the history of the world. But … how can we believe them? Not to mention, it’s one thing with $3 of sugar, and quite another when you’re talking about a $200 cell phone or a $400 camera or a $1800 laptop.

How do you maintain trust with your audience and still make a living? Hmmm.



    You need to watch this. Speaking of Paris Hilton's overexposure, Julia exclaims "the only person Paris should sue is herself!"

    Pot. Meet. Kettle.

  2. Well Julia might be able to write and sing her own songs, but can she lip dub?

  3. Also funny,

    The best part- Meghan's comment to the haters of the video: copy and pasted for your pleasure!

    And I quote:

    MeghanAsha (1 year ago) -2 Reply | Spam
    So it sounds lke you're the pathetic one who doesnt have a relationship of your own, so you've been following julia and jakob for a while. Not to mention post videos in all of your free time. Congrats on trying to legitimize your life. But news flash, no one cares what you have to say, and the only reason people are watching your video and bothering to post comments is because everyone loves julia (despite when her mouth gets away from her)

    Meghannaise has quite the temper.

  4. I am no fan of iJustine. I feel like she's got a target audience of 12 year olds.

    I wrote up my response to Julia at if anybody feels like reading what I think about it.

  5. Anon10:56: Sweet Jesus, what is with her teeth in that segment? Are they Chiclets?

  6. Correct me if i'm wrong here (I don't have the patience to read through JA's old Tweets): Didn't she (JA) say that she lost a Canon camera from BestBuy in the back of a cab? And isn't Kodak a NS sponsor?

    Perhaps i am confused.

  7. I agree that iJustine skews young ad that there could have been better sponsorship integration -- but!! Jackles is jus jellus and iJustine actually works hard and is actually likable in her business practice.

    Jackles seethes with envy. The end. Bwhahahahaha!

  8. Jacy, they are bizarre, right?! I don't understand the whole obvious veneers thing. Everyone knows!

    And yes Anon 11:13, you're absolutely right. She's a failure.

  9. If JA could get any sponsors, she'd be touting them. Nobody wants to spend any actual money with her.

  10. I've never seen this Justine blogger before, but I follow JA every day and of course, RBNS because it is pure entertainment. One goes with the other. Anyhoo... Justine seems like a character in this video, like she has a real personality, but this is just her work. In contrast, Julia always seems to want to come across as earnest and transparent and totally herself. Then she says she is not revealing all of herself and no one should judge her based on her online persona. Um...confused. JA is confusing. Then she posts this video asking for criticism of Justine, and it is sooooooo obvious that she is jealous.

  11. I don't get this. Isn't pretending to like products she gets paid to promote the entirety of NS's and JA's business model? Is she criticizing iJustine or is she just bringing it up because she wants to know how to get away with doing it better herself?

    If she wants to discuss the issue of readership trust and schilling products, why use someone else as a way to bring it up when there's the very obvious example of NS and juice and clothing rental companies, and all the other businesses and products they promote in exchange for compensation/personal gain, so close at hand?

  12. I wanted to add I haven't watched the iJustine video. My comment is based on Julia's remarks excerpted in this post not on the video or on iJustine in general, who I'm barely familiar with.


  13. Justine does light entertainment and is charming at it. It's well defined and executed, even if it's not my cup of tea. No existential bullshit, no princess crap, no kiss and tell, no slagging off on people, no empty bragging and no fucking little designer dog that should be in a tin on a grocery shelf in China.

  14. Ineff,

    I think that getting paid to promote items is their business model, but they're not making much with it. It seems like Julia thinks iJustine is somehow making $$ and wants to know how. So, of course, she's asking for our input instead of asking iJustine herself or doing some creative thinking.

    Personally (and I don't know anything for sure), I'd guess that iJustine doesn't make much if any money. She probably just gets stuff for free (just like the NS ladies). In this economy, I can't really imagine many companies being stupid enough to throw money at this kind of thing.

  15. iJustine is freaking adorable. Love how this kinda went from a Zooey Deschanelish post to the edited version, all her angst at not being (or being able to DO for that matter) even a fraction of what Justine can. Zooey isn't a threat, she's already miles ahead of Julia and not in her field. iJustine, on the other hand, is and has been one of the stars of the game for awhile, so Julia can't handle it. It's getting to her even more now that *everything* seems to be drying up.

    Oh and Julia, you can "make a living" quite easily. *You* need to just stop setting your sites on "fuck you money" (read: millions or, hah, billions) that you don't care to work for. Are you still planning on selling nonsociety in 3-5 years? Maybe a tween will buy it for $30 and make it into something.

  16. I agree melissasue that IJ probably gets most of her compensation in the form of free stuff, and obviously throughly enjoys the subject and what she's doing, so that's OK for/with her. Julia's problem is she keeps thinking the recession situation will someday bounce back to that point where companies and people are willing to pay randoms like "reality stars" appearance fees and other promotional perks. If you need a prime example see Gawker's stoning of the media company sending out a whole packet organizing sponsorship of Perez Hilton's birthday part. Even though Perez can do that because he has numbers, the buzz, the legit press; he gets ridiculed. She's deluded of course, but that's what makes watching her desperate clawing so much more amusing. Another big issue is that she wants all the FREEFREEFREE gimme with being a celebrity promotional spokesperson (not happening even if she wanted to, two simple words : image control) and she somehow intends to spin that off into selling the company that highlights their "paid" promotion? It makes zero sense. iJustine has an audience, a following and is likeable enough for that to grow significantly. She can parlay her online success into just about anything if she feels like it, but she has lots of control and options now having/running her own site. If at any point she wanted to profit more off it I'm sure she could in a heartbeat. Not so for our friend Julia. She attracts dislike, which isn't what any company wants associated with their product or service.

  17. This girl is adorable. Funny and smart.

    Take a lesson, J-Baugh. This is how you do it.

  18. I honestly don't think she thought this through.

    Which is it?

    1. Running a business endorsing products under the pretense that people consume based on her opinions.
    Immediate conflict of interest no matter how you spin it. Either you completely disclose this, in which case you might as well be written off as glorified salespeople, or you're shady about it (like them) and people question the ethics of your business and get angry when you don't take accountability. In either case all she's ever done is take product in return for a favorable review or promise of publicity. That's not going to sit well with an audience you're trying to profit from, particularly if they don't know how to feel about you and you so easily turn fans into detractors.

    2. Becoming/being a celebrity, companies approaching you to promote things for them.
    I honestly think THIS is what she wanted, and she started nonsociety as a segue to try and make it look like it was actually just part of her business/job. Of course she has no real talent or work ethic, people are over making people famous for nothing, and she's losing the race for time fast for the celebrity arena, so she has no real shot. She was hoping so hard for the Bravo deal to legitimize her, to make her a "reality show star" which is good enough because she'd get loads of attention without having to do ANYTHING but be her ridiculous self and show up places puffing herself up to be more important than she was so she could be photographed. It's constantly about putting forth a false image. I was searching google for some quote on her blog and found this post from 07.

    "March 23, 2007
    Last Night's Party Dress
    Below, photos from last Wednesday's Vogue party in honor of Versace's new collection ... or something. I wasn't really paying attention, but instead thinking about how marvelous it felt to wear something other than H&M for once. In a shocking show of good faith, Dolce & Gabbana lent me the dress below.

    My conclusion? Let's put it this way: I could get used to a relentless cycle of going out in gorgeous dresses which cost 3.5 times my rent (just an estimate - b/c despite my best efforts to be gauche, I couldn't find a price tag). But then again, who couldn't? yawn.

    Back in the real world, I'm currently wearing couture de Gap flannel tartan PJs (on sale!) and an old Georgetown tee. Because that is how I roll. High/low, baby! Er ... High/Low/Low/Low. Baby."

    Even though she definitely still had some of her issues then, they weren't nearly as enormous as they are now. She was still very attention-seeking and maybe even still obnoxious -- but at least she made an attempt to downplay the event and her involvement rather than these days when she's blowing things up beyond how they truly are. When she really thought Bravo was happening she was all about presenting herself as this fabulous, connected, NYC celeb who designers and companies just threw things at and photographers recognized and shot. Part of her being photographed was having a camera crew following her, duh. Photographers will shrug their shoulders and take a few shots in case you're relevant. With the Bravo deal gone, she had to move on to NS. Getting away from the TV commentary she hated sooo much. Except then she started getting called out about NS' practices and then suddenly, she's back to being "poor harmless, just human" JB. NS isn't going so well and she can't be bothered to put work into the writing she wants to be known for as a "journalist", so now surprise surprise she's back on the TV commentary circuit. Or maybe not, that could be done too. She's running out of options.

  19. A few of the fictional characters Julia reminds me of:

    * Bree - "Desperate Housewives"
    * Eve Harrington - "All About Eve"
    * Norma Desmond - "Sunset Boulevard"
    * Blanche Dubois - "Streetcar Named Desire"
    * Kitty - "Arrested Development"
    * Jessica Wakefield - "Sweet Valley High"
    * Missy Weiner - "Welcome To The Dollhouse"
    * Heather Duke, Heather McNamara, Heather Chandler - "Heathers"
    * Mary Gregory DeBreul - "The Official Preppy Handbook"

  20. It's tiring being Julia Allison.
    If you don't believe me check the two year difference.

  21. Except she can't bring the bitch like any of the Heathers (or even Missy Weiner, though the parental doing is DEF there) and people actually liked Jessica; she was popular over notorious. Speaking of SVH, don'tcha wish Meghan was more like Lila Fowler? lmao

    Is Meghanaise Asha gonna have to cut a betch?

  22. Jesus Christ.. how did people even come up with the idea that the masses are going to buy products "endorsed" by non-entities? If I want genuine recommendations, I'll ask my friends. If I am a celebrity enthusiast, I'd look for their endorsements. If I am a geek (and not the megannaise kind), then I would do my own research. I mean.. WTF. What demographic was this kind of thing aimed at? Idiots?

    How did Foolia ever convince herself that her endorsement is worth *anything* to anyone outside her immediate friend circle (precious little of that, but lets run with it).

  23. The only thing that saves iJustine from being as pathetic as Julia is that she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. Compare this with Julia's faux self-deprecation.

    On the other hand, iJustine makes me cringe. I don't know what is going on with girls who have been told they're pretty one too many times in their lives feeling the need to share their visage with the world in any possible capacity they can muster, even if it's making dumb music videos.

    Can you imagine spending hours of your day making footage of yourself, editing footage of yourself, self-publishing your own thoughts, etc.? The exceptional amounts of narcissism involved is mind-boggling.

  24. iJustine looks fun, pretty and natural, and the video looks extremely professional. As in, it took more work than a lipdub.


    I'm curious why JAB is asking whether or not we believe Justine uses the camera -- does she ever ask herself that when she's pimping Blueprint, Axe, Secret, sunglasses, etc.? Isn't their company begging for product endorsements? It's not like Justine is the first person in the world to pimp a product -- I mean, does Tina Fey really drink Snapple?

  25. Also, I love the Underminer way in which she complimented Justine:

    "I assume you’ve heard of Justine, a prolific (and very talented, in my opinion) video blogger. So, I’m genuinely curious. What do you think of this video specifically, or her in general?"

    I love how she has to throw in the "in my opinion." She couldn't just call her a "prolific, talented blogger." And the fishing for negative comments ("what do you think of her in general?")...HILARIOUS!

  26. Also, she says about the Where The Hell Is Matt video:

    "Can someone please explain why this video made me feeling [sic] this overwhelming sense of joy, and then … made me cry?

    I have some theories. But I’d like to hear yours first."

    Has I Need Your Help To Do My Job been ticked off the Baugher Bingo Board yet?

  27. . . .oh wait. She doesn't have a job. My bad.

  28. actually ijustine does make money doing this stuff. i'm not sure how much, but she's definitely getting paid. not only is she a youtube partner, which means she gets paid based on hits, but she's also managed by Digital Content Partners which is based out of San Fran and they get her sponsorships and such. She's even in a commercial right now for some company that backs up all your files online. i forget what it's called. if you look at her website she goes on tons of promotional tours for products and companies, is on numerous web series, speaks on panels at conferences and works as a freelance graphic designer all at the ripe age of just 25. not to mention the fact that she edits her own videos and designed her own blog and website. sure, she's kinda cheesy and sugary sweet, but the girl has TALENT! last year i met justine while working with youtube and she was the sweetest girl ever.

    and to answer 2:51, getting bloggers to promote products is the new wave in advertising mainly because it's really really cheap. and yes, it does work. the people who watch ijustine's videos and follow her twitter feel like they know her. and many of them became fans BEFORE she became "internet famous" so they trust her. recently makeup companies have started doing the same thing and are sponsoring makeup tutorials on youtube. it's not a stupid idea, it's actually very smart and cost effective. and it's mainly because for many people these youtubers aren't strangers to them. they know so much about their lives that it's almost like watching your friend star in your favorite tv show.

  29. oh, and as a side note, youtube partners make about $4 off of every 1,000 views. ijustines video blogger video has been up since march 24th and already has 217,518 views. that's roughly $850 and that's not even taking into account how many people are clicking on the ads on her videos which brings her even MORE money. add the fact that justine puts up about 2 videos a week, has over 244 videos and is the #33 most subscribed youtuber of all time...aaaand...that means, she's making a decent amount of money just from youtube alone. eat that julia.

  30. IJustine does seem to cater to a younger audiance with her fluffy fun fare, but guess what? She has all the success and leverage and contacts that JA doesn't. She's a true online star, people like her and love working with her, and she gets PAID WELL.

    That was a rather backhanded compliment Julia tossed her way, and I've been wondering for a longgggg time when Julia would finally comment on iJustine. After all, Justine actually invented the word "lifecasting" NOT Julia; Justine used to wear a video device on her head several years ago and filmed herself all day, even got paid by her fans to wear the lifecasting video gear and do various silly things. Or she had friends wear this gear. It's a wonder Justine doesn't take legal action against JA for attempting to act like she discovered something that IJ was already doing, and doing much better years before her in her early 20's. But then again, a loser like Julia probably doesn't even register on Justine's radar anyway.

    I'm not a huge fan of Justine, but I admire her talent, sweet personality and work-ethic and love how much she interacts with fans. And yes, she allows comments on her site too!

    Julia is so jealous it's pathetic. As well she should be, since Justine has the career/fanbase JA only dreams about.

  31. Trainwrecks recommended that Yoolia view Where is Matt?

  32. Thing is, even Justine didn't invent the lifecasting thing because she took over doing it for a little while when took a break. I'm sure I heard Justine say on a podcast that it was just too much hassle.

    Incidentally, as much as this particular video might skew young, Justine also makes occasional appearances on the Macbreak Weekly podcast fronted by Leo Laporte. She's well-informed, genuinely interested in the tech side and she's pleasant to listen to. She also takes part in the Macbreak video show, doing interviews, product reviews. There's a level of professionalism with Justine that's totally lacking with Julia. And with a video like this, at least Justine is in on the joke.

    So it just makes me laugh because not only has Justine got the fame/fun lifestyle that Julia craves, she's also got the respect of other people in the industry and she's a good tech correspondent, so she's doing Meghan's job better than her as well.

  33. If anyone should be jealous of Justine's career, it's Meghan. Only thing is, Meghan will never have the polish and skills that Justine does. And obviously she doesn't seem to want a career in the limelight enough to pursue it with the passion and knowledge that Justine displays.

  34. Did you write that last comment, Julia Allison?

  35. I watched about 10 seconds of that video before I shot myself in the head. If that is what a "very talented" video blogger is, I'd hate to see an untalented one. Oh yeah ...


    "Justine has more followers because she engages with her audience. Julia does not allow comments on her lifestream because people are too mean."