Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yulia: No really. DOUBLE. EWE. TEE. EFFS.

It’s unreal how hot this cover is. UNREAL.

Okay, peoples, so I no Dr. Freud, but this post make my little cat Galenka vomit up fur ball from shaking her head so much in awe at the layers of the meaning.

a) It is penis, but not penis.

b) It is fattening food, but Poofy can no have fattening food since she want to lose the weights.

c) It is FOOD in generality, but Poofy no have FOOD because she vomit all day.

d) Does she mean say that FOOD is fake penis? But she can no have? And maybe the other one can have with her someday in fantasy version of life, if they both had FAKE PENIS FOOD together?

e) It is about GIRL WHO GOSSIPS, and we know that Poofy dress in pretend version of that at Rangers game last night (WHAA?).

f) I can go on, but it time to put lamb penis in lamb vayina and hope they make the little lambs. Also, I work on my application to Long Island University. (Cross fingers!!!!!!!!)


  1. Russian Girl

    I love you.

    You don't need university.

  2. This is unrelated. Feel free to move elsewhere.

    I believe Shira just made a public dig at Julia. Trouble in girl land?

    --- ---

    From here:

    Q: How do you think that social media can help/hurt young women in their careers and personal lives?

    A: It’s hard being a woman in this space sometimes- a lot of times if you’re a woman who blogs and lifecasts, you’re put in the category of egoblogger, online socialite etc (even if you have a gig or job). I always say you can do all that and the PR, but you need to balance it out with credible content. If you only have PR on your side, people start wondering what exactly you’re really doing and questioning why exactly you’re in this space. You need to always continue creating content. You can’t rely only on buzz and PR to maintain your brand.

    --- ---

    Also, how jealous do you think Julia is that Shira was interviewed by Kutcher?! And, a quick question since I just started reading RBNS: Why didn't Julia partner with Meghan for 24 Hours at Sundance?

  3. I almost--almost!--hesitate to bring up the obvious girl-on-girl action motif that has caused others to speculate that Our Lady may be polymorphously perverse. Almost.

  4. "It’s unreal how hot this cover is. UNREAL."

    It's a lot hotter when it is an actual penis.

  5. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 26, 2009 at 12:50 AM

    Re: Juia's game night outfit.

  6. Ah, Julia. Pulling out the old "fake lesbianism to get male attention" ruse.
    Almost as transparent as the "naughty schoolgirl outfits to get male attention" ruse.

    Notice how she twitters* asking what is an appropriate outfit to wear to a hockey game, people respond with sensible suggestions like parkas, long underwear, jeans, sweaters. And she wears her Blair Waldorf outfit. Again.


  7. exactly, BB. i could not understand how she thought that was an appropriate outfit for a game for the simple fact that she did in fact ponder and ask for opinions about what to wear to a hockey game. HOW could she have chosen that if she was cognizant and therefore not running on poofy skirt autopilot??

    and then it hit me: duh. she may say otherwise, but she obviously adheres to the "all attention is good attention" school of thought. or to put it JAB style: she. wanted. attention.

  8. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 26, 2009 at 3:33 AM

    Yes I am still awake and that is weird and lame. I'm on deadline, and need frequent breaks (yes. sigh. much like Julia.) But look:

    Had to tell you guys that some of you are psychic. I'm too tired to find yesterday's thread where commenters predicted that this EXACT series of events: Poor Me, then Cancer Friend, then Spending the Summer in Chicago. It is eerie. There's only one way to go for tomorrow:

    "I am SO HAPPY."

  9. Oh it's coming, don't you worry. After all the "sadness" and feeling down from this past week alone, she couldn't NOT.

  10. As a man, I could use that as a starting off point, but the picture is not hot by any means. The reason: they are faking it. Sorry girls, but guys can tell when girls are faking it, and are generally not attracted to that sort of behavior. I mean, yeah, I'll fuck you, but I won't care about you and I definitely won't respect you. That being said, I can see why Julia thinks this is hot, because all she knows how to do is fake it. Picture after picture, blog after blog, it is all fake. What Julia doesn't understand is that we can see through the facade and this is why she continually does it, never once believing it isn't hot. Reality check baby: It isn't cute, and it isn't hot ... it's just unattractive.

  11. Thanks for weighing in 4:53, I'm female and I've always had this impression, even as a freshman in college years ago. You also have to know that it seems everything Julia does/is is for men, and it's part of her identity crisis. From one day to the next she'll try to be whatever character will appeal to the current object of her affection or even just the general category of "boys/men" if she's being ignored. Take your pick: June Cleaver? Jillian Barberie? (There's your sports, except she'll always be the girl dressed as Blair Waldorf or wearing the "pink version" of a jersey while complaining throughout) Marilyn Monroe?

    She can never decide, because it's never for her. Females get the standard "I'm REALLY nice" and that's about it. They aren't her target audience on the net or in reality. Males, however, get whatever character she thinks they want out of her. It's almost frightening and must be doing a hell of a number on her psyche.

  12. This photo is not even a little sexy. They look bored. And like they can't wait to wipe their tongues clean of the icky fat.

    It's just boring and cliched. Didn't someone take a media or feminism course with this girl in university?

  13. Gawker has a clip of B.L. on Letterman talking about this cover, she makes a recession comment that the economy is so bad Rolling Stone couldn't afford two ice cream cones.

  14. You guys realize that's not JA on the cover? Right? Because the comments come off like you think it is.

  15. Oh wait...I see. You're commenting on JA's comment. Duh. Good morning!

  16. RG

    I love you so much that I'd have fake penis food in a girl who gossips costume with you.

  17. that cover is about as fake as Julia going on several dates in a 24 hour period.

  18. Speaking as a chick who has made out with more than a few hot chicks (and more than a few hot guys) drunkenly at parties, I encourage you all to lay off Blair Van Der Woodsen. Hot girls sharing an icecream cone is hot, get over it.

  19. I'm sorry, but are you making fun of the fact that julia was bulimic? I mean, making fun of the girl is one thing, but making fun of the fact that she had a pyschological disorder (make no mistake, that's what eating disorders are). sick

  20. Julia has been known to put out fake stories..

  21. This cover is hot if you're a teenage boy, perhaps.
    Otherwise, what a shameless piece of female sexual exploitation. Talk to me when we see the male stars of GG doing the same sort of shoot.

    Call me an angry feminazi, but I truly loathe seeing female actors stooping to this level with the typical cheesecake Maxim/Stuff type shoots strictly designed to titillate males. Which is exactly what JA is all about, so of course she likes this cover.
    Self-respect, ladies: learn it.

  22. Btw, am I the only person alive who doesn't understand the hype with those gals on the cover? They're cute enough, but I've seen prettier girls at the mall, for chrissakes.

  23. How Dare you 9:17! Don't you know that Julia is a feminist! (J/K...I tots agree) But, ya know, it's girl-on-girl crime to criticize any choice another woman makes even if it is slurping down girl penis food with role play costume on!

  24. Anon 9:17: Ha. You just made me realize, you're right; I never have seen a picture of two supposedly cute teen-age boys licking an open papaya (for example) together on the cover of ANYTHING! Ever. (But now that I have that image in my mind, I'm thinking maybe it's just as well ... equal eeww response to this RS cover.)

  25. Maybe RG does that because she mentioned in her story having battled it beginning her freshman year, then goes on to say "when I returned back to school...back at Georgetown". It's quite well known she didn't start freshman year at GTown and the omission wasn't an oversight.

    Anyway, interesting article here when I was trying to find that post through google. I guess JA had it all set up to appear in Teen Vogue but it never happened? I feel like it's one of those pieces where "writers" subconsciously insert their own life experiences, never mind that the first case in it is um one "Joan Bauer".

  26. ^^^ would make a good pic if Matt Daymon and maybe Jimmy Kimmel did it! Or Seth Rogen and James Franco? Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake?
    The mind reels with possibility!

  27. wow, excerpts from that.. I think Bauer's a real author though, super strange coincidence:

    "Then there are Kim’s parents, “who are so f—ked up.” Kim’s friend Sandra describes her mother as a “relentless social climber who is only interested in her children as a means of social advancement (private schools, exclusive summer camps, family vacation destinations).” When Kim really needs her parents, they are either unavailable or uninterested.

    And Kim? She’s battling anorexia and bulimia, has tried to commit suicide, and has been held back from college for disciplinary reasons. But her mother found a bag of coke and never mentioned it. A cry for attention? “There’s a lot of denial in the household,” says Sandra."

    " Social climbing and neurotic overachieving parents can overwhelm their kids with their unrealistically high expectations for both their academic achievements (get into Harvard and Stanford on a full ride!) and their social success (join Kappa Kappa Gamma!)"

    "As a result of her father, Bauer wrestled with issues like low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, insecurity and rejection. Eventually she was able to overcome her upbringing, going beyond “being a survivor,” and becoming “rock tough” instead. She details her struggles in her new novel Best Foot Forward."

    “I’ve come to understand that part of the healing process is to find a person you can trust to talk to. Addictions and neurosis grip people and they usually don’t understand how much they are hurting the people they love. Out of control behavior often hides behind a wall of denial and defensiveness – it’s part of the sickness. It’s not about you – when you hear the voices saying that it’s your fault, you’re bad, you’re unlovable, worthy of rejection, hurt, and abuse – you have to struggle free from that. You are a person of inestimable worth. You are worth fighting for.”"

  28. Twitter couldn't be a better example of the her + guys thing.

    @juliaallison nice caddyshack reference. I thought only guys quoted caddyshack

    @briangorbett - HA! That's leftover from my days on an all-male campaign trail, where quoting Caddy Shack at least 3x daily was mandatory.
    about 8 hours ago

  29. Julia loves photos that exploit the sexuality of young girls for the benefit of men. Since it's her life lesson to women everywhere, it makes sense.

  30. I don't know why this site keeps going. Don't you people know that JA is over? Gawker knows. She is done. You're kicking a dead horse.

  31. Gwyneth's Inner Aspect @3:33:

    That whole post is about HER worrying about what SHE should say. She's not worried about her friend, oh no, she's worried about HER. It really makes me wander why this guy is friends with her.

  32. "I set my VM with a personal greeting (through YouMail) which says, “Hi Mom & Dad! Leave me a message! I love you!” or something to that effect whenever their number calls my phone. It’s a tiny detail, but it seems to delight them. :) And isn’t that what life’s all about?"

    Julia, maybe they'd prefer you actually answer the phone. My parents seem to find that much more delightful than hitting my voicemail time and time again.

  33. so who is doing TMI weekly June and July when Ja is gone?

    Meghan all by herself?

  34. I thought this cover looked contrived and tired. The hot maybe we might make out bit has been sooo done and tacky now.

    Gossip Girl is a bore.

  35. BTW,
    The winner of the Cupcakes and Tears or Apinkalypse contest (about whether the next 3 am video/post would be a play for sympathey or an angry screed ) is the person Tuesday who predicted the Return of Cancer Dan.


  36. 10:26..

    All TMI episodes for the month of March and most of April were already filmed due to their girls' hectic and VERY IMPORTANT travel and conference schedule. This is per an old post of Mary's and JA's.

  37. Now that the Cancer card is not working what will be JA's next stunt?

    A. Finding Owen Thomas(Gawker) to get in a lick lock embrace?
    B. Late Night Video confessions
    C. Internet Strike by JA

  38. My guess is another histrionic video, anon 10:38.

  39. Julia just posted a little video project after soliciting everybody but Meghan for advice on how to create it. Big surprise, it ended up being pictures of herself set to music. Seriously? Julia, I hope you read this site. This is the best you can do? There are no other images your readers would have found more fascinating than the four we've already seen of you? Here's a thought. How about images of beauty from other cultures? Or pictures of women who have inspired you? Or, how about you take a break from focusing on women, bodies, beauty, self-help, and start focusing on what us non-narcissists find interesting? The definition of art. The death penalty. The global health crisis. I know you probably have really strong and unfounded opinions on these topics, which above anything, would start a DIALOG with the non 12 year-olds who read your site. Girl, you went to Georgetown. Why would anybody you're interested in meeting be interested in the actual content of your site? There are ways of getting attention that do not involve cancer, miniskirts, and cupcakes.

  40. She needs another birthday, maybe she can have a bicoastal birthday for her dog or sumpthin

  41. Great post Laura.

  42. Melissa Sue and Laura, Yes, Julia Allison Baugher attended Georgetown, but she only graduated because of constant supervision from the dean's office. She would have flunked out at any other prestige or Ivy League school, but Georgetown is obsessed with retention rates and so coddles students. As for Ms. Baugher's "feminist" inspirations, I attended a media studies class with her and she had three that I remember: Paris Hilton, El Woods (a fictional character), the jackasses from Sex and the City (more fictional characters). But maybe there is something to that polymorphus perversity possibility. Ms. Baugher would speak of Paris Hilton--an utter idiot who never went to high school and appears illiterate--as though they were BFFs or lovers.

  43. Jack the Bulldog, I think it is time for another installment of Real Stories of the Real Julia!

  44. She just can't help herself, can she?

    "He’ll be there for the next 3-4 months, and then he’s going to recover at my parents’ downtown condo in Chicago."

    Why the fuck does she feel it necessary to "casually mention" for the zillionth time that her parents have a condo in downtown Chicago?

    Julia: What is more important to you? A meaningful friendship with someone as special as Dan (who genuinely seems to care about you, something someone like you really should not take for granted), or maintaining the appearance that your parents are wealthy and your life is amazing and fabulous?

    Of course, you never get sick or unhappy or drunk or unfabulous or un-ineffable, right? Only real girls have problems, and don't worry, you're in no real danger of being a real girl. Tell Geppetto to stick with fixing clocks; he's not needed here.

    All the condos and beachfront properties in the world won't be able to replace your friend when he's gone. So take off the makeup. Take off the summer. Try to remember WHO YOU ARE if you ever were anybody to begin with. Make the most of your time with this great guy, despite the fact that he doesn't have a private jet, hasn't made gads of money on some hip new venture and isn't married.

    You owe it to yourself and your friend to take off the mask. And I don't mean making another insomniac video, which was still you acting and trying desperately to get someone (who?) to relate or understand and forgive you.

    Neither your fans nor your detractors can or should offer you that forgiveness or redemption. Neither can Kevin Rose or Shira Lazar or Ev Williams or Ashton Kutcher or Headline News or Dr. Bobby or lipdubs or Betsey Johnson or your dog or your tutu collection or a Deepak Chopra book or a Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

    It's your life. Stop throwing it away.

  45. James--I'm sending along one to the marvelous Jacy this evening. All about when Julia embarrassed the university during the visit of a sports celebrity. Ol' Jackles really was Georgetown's madwoman in the attic, the grand embarrassment we prayed would stay hidden.

  46. @RachelD: *clapclapclapclap*

  47. RachelD - GREAT comment. Spot on.

    Jack the Bulldog - Can't wait.

  48. Anon 10:32: JABa posted a schedule quite some time ago on NS that stated she was planning to spend the summer in Chicago to read, whatevs. So maybe she has suggested to her friend that he come and keep her company while he recovers from chemo. Nice segue Julia Allison Baugher. Or should that be Mother Theresa Baugher?

  49. Where did she say she was taking the summer off? Is this something new?

    If I didn't no any better, I'd think she wasn't so much "taking the summer off" as she was "moving home with her parents because she can't afford to live in NYC."

  50. Here is her travel schedule, posted some time ago. Sounds like the faaaaabulous parties, conferences and events have dried up and she's conveniently taking the summer off ***in her parent's downtown condo*** (just in case you doubted they had money) because she has nothing else lined up. God forbid she'd ever get a day job and support herself.

    Jealous of a girl who's approaching 30 and still essentially living with/off her parents? Nope.

    NonSociety's Schedule for Next Few Months
    Fashion week concludes on Friday … but things won’t slow down for quite some time. Here’s an idea of what we have coming up!
    February 21 - AMC Oscars Best Picture Event.
    February 22 - Oscars! Not sure where we’ll watch them …
    February 24 - Meghan & I fly to San Francisco.
    February 27 - Mary meets us out there for the SF leg of the Randi & Julia BiCoastal Birthday Party.
    February 28 - Randi & Julia BiCoastal Birthday Party in NY.
    March 9 - Boston, giving a 30 minute talk to MIT’s Sloan School of Business & seeing my little brother and college roommate.
    Friday, March 13-17 - Austin, Texas, for SXSW.
    April 1 - 4 - Denmark! Meghan, Mary & I are going to speak at a conference.
    May 13 - London. I’m giving the keynote at a media awards ceremony there.
    This summer - lots of time in SF and in Chicago, hopefully. I can’t wait!! I just want to sit and write and read for days on end.

  51. Visit Tropical Chicago!March 26, 2009 at 11:59 AM

    Conveniently, after Julia's conversation with Cancer [redacted] another "reader email" shows up at 3:40 a.m. (I guess all her readers are insomniacs? ) blatantly kissing her ass: "you are there for him…that’s all he’s really asking. You seem to have an eternal optimism and upbeat personality. If I was in his place, I’d want someone like that in my life as well."

    Oh Julia, you SAINT. Can't we all be more like you? Forgoing all work and life responsibilities to "take the summer off" (just like in grade school!) and care for our friends and sit around a read for days on end.

  52. ah Julia knows how to read?

    is that something else other than picture books?

  53. Rachel D, Bravo!

    Julia, I live in my OWN Chicago downtown condo. So no saying that I'm jealous, okay? Your parents are very nice to open up their second residence to your best buddy Dan. However, just like we don't need the names/titles/profession/and or alma mater of EVERYONE you talk about on your blog (I'm fucking sick of it!), we don't need to know the details regarding your parent's condo. Dan is staying in your parent's condo. ENOUGH.

  54. Yeah, I call bullshit on that "reader e-mail".

    Look at the post times. She posts her conversation with Cancer Dan at 309 am. And then she posts the reader e-mail response to that at 340.

    So in 31 minutes, "Amanda" read the cancer dan post, thought a about it, wrote a well-thought out response, spell-checked it, e-mailed it to Julia, who got it, formatted it for posting and posted it.

    All at 330 am (amanda's e-mail was stamped eastern time, too, so she's here) in the morning.

    No. Phucking. Way.

    Julia Allison is now writing herself fan mail telling herself how in-touch she is.

    Let's just take a second to think about that. About the absolutely pure, unadulterated level of crazy it takes to do that.


  55. When you think about it, all of Julia's bragging just makes her look even worse by comparison. What has she accomplished/earned/achieved on her own in comparison to her more successful peers/ parents/ siblings/ "friends"/ strategic partnerships? Nothing at all. No one that she associates with is going around mentioning their friend "Egoblogger Julia Allison" at every turn.

  56. I would also like to point out how absolutly right-on flatface is. On this and every other topic he deigns to turn his attention to.

    And that's impressive enough. To think that he does it while being that startlingly good-looking boggles the mind.

    Don't even get me started on all his does for The Childrens.

    Totally not flatface

  57. flatface and "flatface" you are awesome. It does really boggle the mind the level of crazy it takes to do that doesn't it?

    Julia: just stick to making crazy videos in the middle of the night. They seem positively normal compared to you violating your very sick friend's privacy and then using his illness to attempt to build fictional sympathy for yourself. Jesus. You could at least wait a few hours to post your "reader" emails. Subtlety is not your strong suit - in writing and in lying.

  58. i agree, james. her dad is a princeton and yale law grad. her mom went to stanford and was a speechwriter for nixon. they set a high bar but generally speaking, i think parents want their children to do better than they did.

    her brother is getting his PhD in physics from MIT. and julia? she barely graduated from georgetown (after arriving a transfer student from IU, or was it LIU?) and has a blog were she posts pictures of kisses and cleavage.

    i can't say if julia's parents are proud of their kids, but in my opinion 1 out of 2 is not so bad.

  59. GOLLY GEE. "Reader Amanda" also manages to work in a jab at Julia's "snarky readers." NOPE. NOT A FICTIONAL EMAIL WRITTEN BY JULIA. NOT AT ALL. XOXOXO.

    "Give him our (and by that I mean all of your readers…eh…maybe not the snarky ones…I’m not sure they have it in them) love. I’ll keep him in my prayers.


  60. Bragging about Chicago property is silly. It's not that expensive, particularly if you're like most middle aged parents who bought houses decades ago. A friend owns a home there (not just a condo) and his mortgage is less than most rent in NYC.

    It looks silly and childish for anybody to brag about having midwestern money.

  61. I don't know why but I love the escalating crazy of this Internet Bratz doll. It's almost like she finally found her calling.

    That said, she's starting to remind me of Phoebe Price.

  62. INTERNET BRATZ DOLL - ha ha. I love it.

    The Julia Allison Internet Bratz Doll Playset - now includes pink dollhouse apartment (with real working pink lights!), furry dog and five different outfits, including plaid mini skirts, wrap dresses, pink coat, business suit, headbands and accessories!!!! (webcam not included)

    Julia might have found her calling, but unfortunately for her, being an Internet Bratz Doll doesn't pay the bills.

  63. @ Anon 12:45 PM:

    i agree, james. her dad is a princeton and yale law grad. her mom went to stanford and was a speechwriter for nixon. they set a high bar but generally speaking, i think parents want their children to do better than they did.

    I have no problems with progress, capitalism, or materialism; however, parents should never explicitly or implicitly teach their children that life is a constant stream of better and higher achievements spanning across generations. That is a totally unrealistic and naive American concept. It is probably one of the core reasons Julia is like she is. Furthermore, she would probably have been more successful without the prescribed fantasy life of outrageous success her parents envisioned for her.

  64. Hey kids! You can get the following Internet Bratz Doll playsets, sold separately:

    - Remote control taxi cab with mini TV in the back seat. Make your own TV shows!
    - Easy bake cupcake oven. Three cupcakes mixes included!
    - Toy laptop and phone
    - Best Friends Playset - includes two best friends and clothing set. Pull a string on their back to hear pre-recorded passive aggressive messages!
    -Parents' downtown condo - with real working elevator!

    * sorry little girls... not plastic boyfriend will be available at this time.

  65. You forgot the TMI Weekly play studio set and much valued extra to Internet Bratz Doll Set.

  66. 12:56

    While I find it both crass and typical that Julis mentions her parents real estate,

    Chicago/Near North [Gold Coast] and Kenilworth score pretty high on the most expensive real estate in the well as per capita income lists.

  67. uh, not julis--Julia--poofy (which I never misspell)

  68. Julia probably has Munchausen-by-proxy disorder.

  69. There is no Cancer Dan any more than there ever was a Tyler Durden. Cancer Dan is what remains of Julia's conscience, fighting for survival. The cake is a lie!

  70. This JA post is as transparent as anything she ever posts/does. She wants to be friends with Lieghton Meister/Blake Lively. Period.
    And, as always: (1) the sychophant comes out with over-the-top praise for the target (2) lots of references to how similar they are, even mimicking the style of dress (or dressing in the company's brand colours ala Wired Magazine), (3) then the stalking, (4) then crashing some party where this person might be. (5) The Zoolander blue steel photo op. (6) Then some really uncomfortable "relationship leveraging".
    (Sometimes it all happens at once in one big clusterf*ck! Remember the "I almost jumped up and down when I met him!" Chad Hurley incident? Akward.) Tina Brown? Ditto. The list goes on.

  71. LOL Internet Bratz Doll....what have I started

  72. The new lineup of NonSociety...

  73. You started anew revolution in internet toys!

    The Julia Internet Bratz Doll!

    The only product to get the JA cupcake stamp of approval.

  74. Well now I understand all the lipdubs - Julia is writing, starring and producing Julia Allison in a Julia Allison Lifecast Productions remake of BRATZ - THE MOVIE starring Julia Allison.

    It's all so clear now.

  75. 1:35,

    As a teacher I thank you for your statements re: overachieving parents expecting the same or better from their offspring. You're correct in that it does adversely affect academic and social development.

  76. It sounds like Julia has burned through all of her Hampton connections and I highly doubt that Meghan would be willing to have her staying with her family in SF, so really the only place left for Julia is Chicago. No wonder she was so down on Mary not thinking that Chicago IS THE BEST PLACE EVER!

  77. Anon3:53: That's exactly what I was thinking. This explains her inappropriate rage at Mary for being uninterested in Chicago.

    Jackles is being forced back there for the summer due to her financial circumstances, is spinning it now to make it look altruistic, and then will blog all summer about how Chicago is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than NYC. Similar to the way she pretended she didn't want to work for either Star Magazine or TONY after they fired her ass.

    NYC is firing her; she's going to make it look like it's her idea.

  78. Finally, TMI Weeky bites the effing dust this sumer!

  79. Julia on her latest TMI:

    "We’re really trying to step it up at TMIweekly, but we need your feedback. What do YOU want to see? :)"

    I want to see it put out of its misery.

  80. They're attempting to improve the quality of TMI because of feedback they received from NNN/NNYNS (NY NonStop). They received critiques on their wardrobe, set and content. That's why they filmed at MA's back a couple weeks ago and why Julia was dressed like a soccer Mom.

  81. Jacy,

    That was my first thought as well! She can no longer afford her apartment. Meaning her trust fund is running out or whomever has been helping her pay the rent has put their foot down.

  82. "I just want to sit and write and read all day".

    Me too girlfriend, me too.

    Perhaps there is extra room in the condo?

    Or sleep on the floor in the pool house?

    Perhaps pitch a tent on one Chicago's beaches?