Friday, March 13, 2009

Rambo: Something Not That Bad

At the risk of upsetting the Team Jackles people among us, here is something Mary did today that I actually find somewhat interesting and informative even though we all know Kodak is a "sponsor." But still, there's no hamming it up!

Rambo: Providing semi-interesting and not horribly embarrassing content while her "sisters" struggle with yet more tech issues at yet another major media event in yet another major metropolitan center. Weird!


  1. Not to mention that it is the resident geek with the tech problems. Ironic, no?

  2. She presents herself as the best of the NS three on camera, BY MILES. How Julia has had a television career while Mary hasn't is beyond me.
    I hope she actually gets some sort of onscreen career out of this business sham when all is said and done. She's got potential.

  3. Whatever you do, Anonymous, don't mention that she looks good in orange.

  4. Julia's Old NoseMarch 13, 2009 at 3:54 PM

    I really like this video -- it was fun, short and informative. Good job Mary!

  5. She manages to accomplish what Jill from LIU in her vast TV "career" never could do: be likable and not weird.

  6. What a producer does:

    -researches subjects for content
    -gets sponsors
    -gets guests
    -figures put how bets tto convey content

    Mary has most of these down..NS should fire Megan and hire Mary

    Go Team Rambo!

  7. So I just went to NS to check some of this out. So it looks like Jackles has her "lifecast" updated to work slightly better with her scrolling, etc. but Rambo and Meghanaise still have the wonky, buggy website design.

    Way to make it all about you, Poofy.

  8. The photo album is pretty cool. Also impressive is that she went there yesterday and the video is up today. If it was poofy - you would never see the video.

  9. There's a Team Jackles?

  10. Mary is so close, my biggest critique is that she needs to get her audience involved. Maybe audience members could send Mary digital items that they make via their local kiosks and, then, she could share the "best of" on her blog. That's the kicker, her ending is weak because there is no additional audience engagement. Otherwise, B-/C+, not bad, but still lots of room for improvement!

    P.S. I would have given her an A- if she had worn orange. That is just her color.

  11. Miss Cast: Let's just say it's less a Team Jackles than a really rabidly anti-Rambo faction that argues bitterly that she is far worse than our Long Island University grad. It's probably Jackles herself.

    Anon4:19: She looks AWESOME in orange!

  12. Her makeup looks so good, and she's very natural and likable on camera. She has come so far!

    I wish I could say the same about JA, but she has actually become more insufferable and hideous over time. Part of me loves hating her, but I also would really like her to improve and live up to her full potential.

  13. I just showed the two most recent videos to an impartial observer (Mr. SomeProblems) and he was more annoyed by Rambo but said Julia was beaten with the ugly stick.

    I just want to share this information.

    But as someone more familiar with the Trio -- i have to agree that Mary is about 100% less hateful than Jill from Long Island U.

    B/c that "fuck you money" video is vile and atrocious and insane on every level.

    In this Kodak video, Mary is just a girl from Texas doing her job. Nothing to throw stones at there.

    Though her plastic surgery does look like shit. What ever MarMar did to her mouth region was also bad. Not as bad as Jill though. Ha!

  14. Why is it that Mary is always working on the profit centers (e.g. Kodak, etc...) while MA/JA are always working on the cost centers (e.g. SXSW)? Kinda sucks to be MarMar.

  15. ok, so mary wasn't "that bad" but i agree with 4:19, she gets a C in my book. the camera is WAY too close to her face. she could at least get a tripod or one of those cool collapsible first person tripods.

    i still can't believe she graduated from high school the same year as my boyfriend. she looks SO OLD. my boyfriend is a high school teacher and is constantly mistaken for a student. i'd be pissed if i shelled out the money for fillers and still looked like an old lady. wait...she got that done for free. i guess she got what she paid for?

  16. Mary shouldnt have needed a tripod, wasnt there a guy there filming her? I thought that is what I recalled from the stills yesterday.

  17. Man Hands!!! what are those CLAWS at the end of the video?
    Have to agree that the video does not annoy too much. But, did she really organize the folder all by herself? really?
    Also, to much lip-gloss, but short hair looks quite nice.

  18. MarMar, if you are reading here, i have 3 words for you: Final Cut Pro.

    Learn it, live it.

    And get yourself a tripod and make these videos better, girl. It looks like you are using an all in one camera (still and video) and i suggest you get an inexpensive dedicated video camera as part of this.

    Srsly, your promotional videos need to be a lot better. People will thank you for it. And what's more, YES YOU CAN!

  19. I can't even lie, I want to go use that kiosk to make a photobook because of this video. That book was cute.