Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Julia: "Mary Crossed The Line"

A kind reader has sent along the following correspondence. By the way, the [REDACTED] mentioned here is not [REDACTED], nor is it [REDACTED], and certainly not [REDACTED], who is shifting paradigms, nor [REDACTED], who said that Jackles is SUPER-NICE in person!

On Mar 23, 2009, at 6:46 PM, [REDACTED] wrote:

hi! I think your post about mary's comments about the great lakes is incredibly rude and mean.

what are we as readers supposed to think when you want us to believe you're nice but then you go ahead and post something like that?

and, when you commented at SXSW about girl on girl hostility on the internet, i didn't think your point was that you are the most flagrant displayer of such actions--what are we readers supposed to take away from that sequence of events?

I'd love an honest answer because I am sersiously confused. Thanks


From: Julia Allison <Julia@nonsociety.com>
Date: Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 3:52 AM
Subject: Re: chicago comment

I hear you, [REDACTED]. But so you know where I'm coming from: Mary crossed the line one too many times with me, and frankly, I was tired of it.

I don't know what to tell you. I'm human. Her attitude really pissed me off and I didn't want to pretend otherwise. That felt disingenuous to me. When I say good things, they're not fake. If I hadn't said anything, that might have been better, but it wouldn't have been telling the truth.


Just a reminder, folks ... this woman is NICE!! She is SUPER-LOYAL to her friends! Meghan and Mary are her BFFs, she LOVES them, they are her SISTERS! That's why it's a-OK to publicly assail one of them and to do it in e-mail to a stranger as well. She is NICE, do you understand??!??!??!? She is retardedly nice!


  1. That last sentence should have ended six letters and one space sooner, Jacy.

  2. Ha! I only wrote that because she once described herself that way.

    Honest to God, is "not saying anything" not an option for this woman? By choosing not to slag Mary publicly, she would have been disingenuous?

    Her insanity truly knows no bounds.

  3. Not saying anything? If no one is paying attention to her, how will Julia know she exists?

  4. Pursed Lips Sink StartUp ships??

    NS blogs down..

  5. They are back up. And, woah. What was it Julia called Owen Thomas?

    Oh! CUNT!

    Takes one to know one.

  6. She's insane. First of all, is Mary not knowing about/wanting to go to Chicago really that insulting to her? I'm from LA and get constant criticism from my NY born and bred friends. I don't lash out at them! Bizarre to be over protective of a freaking anytown USA suburb, in my opinion.

    Second, I love how she tries soo sooo hard to come across as nice and reasonable after she does something crazy.

    It just goes to show how completely out of touch she is with herself and how she looks to everyone else. She really does believe that every sinlge thing is attributed to someone's actions. Sad, sad, sad

  7. I feel bad making fun of Julia's @ tweeting celebs, since I regularly @ Christopher Walken for NO REASON.

    That said, Jibjab is flailing her intarwebs arms about, screeching for the waning attention of an audience that was built on a firm foundation of ADD. Her 15 mins are up, that's all there is to it. She's boring now, nobody cares. She peaked with that wired cover; I give her 6 months, tops, before people barely remember who she is.

  8. Nothing clever, fun, snarky, or insightful to add.

    But gawd, this site is so fun!

  9. What effing line did Mary ever cross? Except taking a huge leap of faith on Julia Allison's dumb nonsociety idea?

  10. She crossed her lines... of coke.

  11. "If I hadn't said anything, that might have been better, but it wouldn't have been telling the truth."

    Um, how many lies has this site alone caught Poofy up in now?

  12. Scary!
    That was funny! That was actually funny!!

  13. what are you talking about, jacy? she's an expert at "not saying anything," especially when she is asked about: her business model, freebies/payments from sponsors, harvard business school, CES/davos/b-day coverage, bravo pilot and, of course, rumors about mary leaving NS. the list goes on and on and on, but my point is that she's perfectly capable of keeping her mouth shut...

  14. Jilly Boo believes the entire universe and all its contents must revolve around her. SHE IS A STAR. The fact that upon close inspection that star is nothing but a ball of hot air should in no way diminish your capacity to believe she is worth orbiting.

    Mary committed the same crime as everyone else The Royal Julia publicly derides: failed to worship The Royal Julia. For Mary, and those before her, it is an unforgivable omission and must be punished by Jillcakes.

  15. "I'M HUMAN!!!" No you're not Julia. You are an alien cyborg sent from another galaxy designed to terrorize the internet with behavior so insane that it cannot possibly be human.

  16. The Julia Allison Pocket TranslatorMarch 24, 2009 at 3:12 PM

    "When I say good things, they're not fake."

    "But when I say bad things, they are very very real."

  17. Gwyneth&#39;s Inner AspectMarch 24, 2009 at 3:13 PM

    I actually thought what she originally wrote about Mary/Chicago came off as minor, semi-friendly bitchery, but this? Emailing a reader this about your own business partner in such a tone. It is shocking. I hop someone either forwarded that email to mary, or will send her a link to this page, in case she doesn't stop by today. Holy cr*p.

  18. Seriously though...is it just me or is Julia turning into some kind of life-cast of "Flowers for Algernon"?

  19. Gwyneth&#39;s Inner AspectMarch 24, 2009 at 3:15 PM

    Oh, and [REDACTED], can you please email Julia and ask about the SXSW, "not fair to talk about my dating life," versus the appearance on TV, days later to talk about the dating lives of strangers?


  20. we need a new RBNS video..

    Plot: Lilly the Dog quits NS..

  21. In these late night videos? (And I feel another one coming tonight)
    Who is she talking to? Think about it? Who the fuck is she talking to? She is sitting alone in her apartment talking about and arguing in favor of, and defending and describing and defining herself to.... who?

  22. Julia, you are SO RIGHT. Mary has crossed the line one too many times. Let me remind you of just a few of her many transgressions, so serious and so dire that I am surprised entire nations have not collapsed because they are so earth-shatteringly serious.

    1. She made you wear an ugly dress. (I hear that's how Rome fell.)
    2. She dissed your hometown. (Little known fact... that same insult began the Spanish-American war.)
    3. She calls you out on your bullshit. (This is what let to the downfall of Casesar, you know.)
    4. She became friendly with your detractors, even winning over a few fans. (She also found a cure for cancer in her spare time.)
    5. She is skinnier than you. (She's really sorry about that one. She'll try to go to four spin classes next week instead of five.)
    6. She left your joke of a business. (This is how communism started.)

  23. I cannot wait for mary to weigh in, either directly or in code!

    Cannot wait.

    These two are the unwitting stars of my new favorite soap opera. I really honestly beleive they think their appeal is something beyond mere guilty pleasure, behind-the-scenes trainwreck. But it's not.

    Julia, baby? Congratulations. You ARE the star in the new Hills/City. You just don't know it!

  24. Julia is not a star. She is a black hole:

    * A black hole is a super dense object that has an intense gravitational pull.

    * Everything that falls into a black hole by passing the event horizon, including light, will eventually reach the singularity of a black hole. Before something reaches the singularity it is torn apart by intense gravitational forces. Even the atoms themselves are torn apart by the gravitational forces.

    * Imagine a star which is much more massive than our sun, and which has a mass, called the critical mass, which is large enough to cause a black hole to form. What keeps this star from collapsing onto itself and becoming a black hole? The answer is that there is an intense pressure caused by nuclear reactions within the sun. When the fuel that feeds the nuclear reactions gets used up the massive star cannot support itself anymore. It then collapses to form a black hole.

    * It is interesting to note that when a black hole is formed by a collapsing star it is actually impossible to watch the final steps of the formation of the black hole from a stationary external reference frame. An external reference frame is a place where one watches the formation of the black hole from far away, like an astronomer on Earth. In addition, it is impossible to see any object fall into a black hole. This is not to say that everything appears to freeze just before entering a black hole. As an object falls into a black hole it gets increasingly dimmer and dimmer from the point of view of an outside observer. By the time an object gets to the edge of a black hole, it will be completely black.

    Okay I'm beating this analogy to death.

  25. Poor Meghan. She so bland no one even makes fun of her anymore. That's a whole new level of suck

  26. 7. She made you look like an idiot in your own new "business venture" by doing it better that you. (I understand she has a job offer to pilot a plane into your Chicago condo.)

  27. source: http://design.lbl.gov/education/blackholes/index.html

  28. Partypants,
    I for one (A NY'er) welcome 9-11 jokes.

  29. Will someone fed me something other than those damn cupcakes

  30. Line Crossing Soul CrusherMarch 24, 2009 at 3:30 PM

    I hope Mary doesn't weigh in (no pun intended!) on this latest immature tirade from Our Only Human Lady of Nice. She should just ignore her, go do her own thing, and do it better. Mary has shown a modicum of class before (like linking to Julia's original insult in her own travel post) so I really hope she doesn't stoop to Julia's classless level of immaturity.

  31. please someone tell me they lonked this post to mary. I have no doubt that contrary to what she says, Julia reads this.
    But it's possible Mary turned us off and kept us off. (it's called integrity, Julia).

    She needs to see that JA e-mail.

  32. This has all the appeal of a fake drama on a VH-1 reality show that they will never get. I'm calling bullshit, early and often.

    Also, I watched about a minute of her latest video, and there is a simple explanation for the bloat. That girl is slurring drunk.

  33. Here's my 2 cents:
    Yoolia crossed the line by emailing the reader; especially with this line, "Mary crossed the line one too many times with me, and frankly, I was tired of it."

    Sometime shortly after Davos, I believe, Mary said that the NS "ladies" were going to work on being more honest about their relationship with each other on their respective lifecasts. She said all 3 agreed that it came off as phoney at times. I'm obviously paraphrasing but you get the picture. This never happened. Meghanaise and Mary have continued to protect Yoolia by not airing any dirty laundry, while Yoolia can't stop from emailing/tipping/and writing about her issues with Mary.

    Mary has not said a word about yoolia even thought yoolia blabbed, while drunk, about her upcoming departure. So, now, Yoolia comes off as even more of a raging cunt then she did previously. Well, maybe not, but it's certainly even worse considering the reserve evidenced by mare.

  34. Is Julia getting Drunk more often?

  35. Flatface--she's talking to her BFF, boyfriend, therapist and fanclub all rolled into one: the Internet. Isn't that really how the videos come across? I think this is a modern-day version of an imaginary friend. At least when I was growing up, mine couldn't talk back and had a crap memory!

  36. .. meanwhile meghan is continuing to post photos of so-so tech gear form the manufacturer's websites like nonsocity is just some kind of poor man's Sharper Image category...

  37. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but do you think Julia's hatred of Mary has been enhanced by the fact that Mary is leaving Nonsociety and potentially taking a lot of sponsorships/ partnerships/ contacts/ freebies with her? It seemed like Mary was the one who cultivated the relationship with a lot of the clothing showrooms and beauty PR reps and now it seems like she's the only one involved with Kodak. She's even covering something called "The Streamy Awards" this week and it from how she describes it, it looks like she's doing something that Julia Allison would die to do - doing red carpet interviews, talking to tech/real celebrities, etc. etc. (she even works in a Kevin Rose mention!!)


    It looks like Mary Rambin is leaving... and taking all the perks of Nonsociety with her, and THAT is what galls Julia the most. What's she left with? Free juice? She clearly doesn't have the work ethic it takes to form and maintain those business relationships on her own. If Mary did take the gravy train with her, that would be the ultimate coup.

  38. From watching the video Mary didn't really do a thing wrong. Suggesting Chicago beaches for spring break is a little weird. All I know about the great lakes is how polluted they are. If this is a common misconception about Chicago there's no need to be such a bitch about it.

    I loathe Mary more than I loathe Julia, but Julia is definitely in the wrong and looking waa-aaa-aay hypocritical here.

  39. catalog, not category... grrrr

  40. Agree with 3:31. She's lazy and weak, but she's not stupid. At least not when it comes to getting herself free publicity. The letter is bogus. Something she wrote knowing it would end up here.

  41. Holy. Shit. That. Is. All.

  42. Meangirl,
    Yes. I think that Julia's new found public rage, and downward spiral, is *in part* related to Mary leaving and/or receiving way more public praise than Jules every received.

  43. "... I will buy anyone who has the balls to meet me in person in New York at least two beverages of their choice. Coffee, wine, tequila … blueprint cleanse? Blueprint cleanse with vodka? Whatever you want..."

    That was Julia, exactly one week ago. Since then she's had like one good night's sleep and three different change sof direction. I think she's actually in real mental/emotional distress... And whether they're mad at her right now or not, or sick of her or not, Meghan and Mary are closest to her and need to get her some help.

  44. Line Crossing Soul CrusherMarch 24, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    I love Mary's post about the Streamy Awards. So many subtle jabs...

    "Have you heard of the Streamy Awards? Think the Emmys for original online video content. This Saturday is the inaugural show, and I’m so excited to go! [just me. not julia or meghan]

    I’ll be covering the event for Kodak, which is a little scary because I’ve never done the whole interviewing people on the red carpet. But! I get to do it my way :) [my way... not julia's]Kodak will have their resident bloggers doing the traditional stick mic interviews while I will be floating around making videos with web celebs. [web celebs like Kevin Rose?] So basically I’ll be getting paid to do what I love. Good times. [operative words: GET PAID]

    TMI was submitted, but unfortunately wasn’t nominated. [I know. It's crap.] Check out the nominees here. You’ll see all of the traditional categories, and then there’s “Best Ad Integration.” You know what, it deserves a shout out because it’s not always easy to incorporate products how you would use them and make the sponsor happy. [look! I am actually disclosing what exactly I am doing with Kodak for this event!]

    Let me know if there’s anyone you’re dying to see a video of. Kevin Rose, Gary V, Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, Jake & Amir, and a few BFD celebs are nominated too (Eva Longoria Parker, Megan Mullaly, Rosario Dawson, etc).[Did I mention Kevin Rose?]

    If you’re in LA and want to be there for the first ever Streamys, you can buy tickets here.

    Now what am I going to wear…."

  45. 3:49

    Problem with personalities like Julia, and I've worked with "like Julia" personalities in a clinical capacity, is that they don't respond to public or private interventions or even simple offers of help. In fact, the reaction to those kinds of offers, is often incredibly dramatic and potentially devastating.

    **Notice I left off any clinical or diagnostic stuff. This is not the place to do it, nor can we pin a definitive diagnosis on someone via the interwebs.

  46. Line Crossing Soul Crusher's first album was so good!!!

    Now I'm never gonna be able to get their song "Since LIU've Been Gone" out of my head. Thanks a lot.

  47. cupcake cleanse dietMarch 24, 2009 at 3:56 PM

    Christan - what publicity? If she is providing some fake fodder for attention, how much attention is it really getting her? Comments from dozens of readers here? Are we the audience for her online reality show? Is this is what she's settling for - director of her own online drama - after her Bravo deal didn't pan out? Seems beyond pathetic to me: ruining friendships and dragging your supposed "best friend/sisters/business partners" through the mud for some attention from the peanut gallery. Of course, I would not put this kind of trashy behavior past a slimeball like Julia Baugher.

  48. yes 351.

    That is kinda crazy. She has actually folded some of the solutions to NS's biggest problems into that post. Imagine that. Listening.

    Our little girl's all growed up!

    More than you say for Julia..

  49. I just made an interesting discovery. There is an IP address:
    that has been frequenting my site. I used this website to trace it: http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer

    (Google maps image posted on my blog.)

    It comes up to be right around where Julia is from, and usually these IP traces will show *kind of* where it's coming from (ie: I live in LA but my own IP shows up about 5 miles from where I actually am).

    I wonder if it's her family... RBNS... IDK if you have a way to check these things but I would be curious to know if you have this IP also.

    It could also be someone who knew her. Or entirely random. But it's interesting. Verrrrry interesting.

  50. Let's take bets!

    Tonight's vimeo from Julia - will it be, begging the internets for mercy? Imploring the black void beyond her screen to understand her humanity - her humanity! - and to help her help herself help you embrace her mistakes and missteps? As they are the only things that are ever really your own? And therefore hers?

    Or! Does the Queen reclaim her throne? Is it time for Julia allison - I founded this bitch Nonsociety, bitches! - to settle all the scores? To expose all the traitors? And re-take what is hers? Does Julia go nuke-lee-ah tonight?

    What will it be haters? Cupcakes and tears? Or a Pink Holocaust? An Apinkalypse, if you will?

  51. The horror! The horror!

  52. My money's on an apinkalypse. Like Wesley Snipes, I always bet on pink... wait, hold it.. what?

  53. I for one cannot WAIT for the internet's land war in Asia to pick up speed.

  54. Nah, 4:11. According to the playbook, it is nigh time for a Cancer Dan post, where she discovers Much More Important Things and What Really Matters.

    I don't think we have yet landed on the center square of the JA bingo card: I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE AND AM LEAVING THE INTERNET!

  55. I just had an awesome image of a coked out julia Allison getting off the train in New Canaan where Mary is staying. She's wearing a Chicago Cubs game shirt on, backwards, Kris-Kross style, and no pants. She's looking for trouble. A showdown.

    Mary appears at the other end of the station platform. Leather pants? Check. Wife beater t-shirt? Check.

    Taste for sweet revenege? Check-mate!

  56. SM: I'm really not into tracing people's IP addresses.

  57. God Julia is the queen of the epic flounce.

    "I don't care what you say! I'm not listening! You hurt my feelings, I'm ignoring you! I'm still ignoring you! This is me ignoring you! STILL IGNORING YOU! Fine I am leaving intarwebz forever! Hi I'm back but I've decided to ignore you. Please pay attention to how much I am ignoring you!!1111"

  58. qnon 416
    A cancer dan vimeo is a default cupcakes and tears vimeo. Same thing

  59. Apinkalypse: my new favorite word. As in: The Four Cupcakes of the Apinkalypse.

  60. Can we leave his name out of this? Like Brother Allison, I sort of feel sorry for the poor innocent bystanders that get sucked into the black hole.

  61. I am still confused on what the beef between Jacy and Scary Mary is.

  62. I edited the screenshot on my blog by crossing out the actual IP. I didn't intend to make anyone feel... uncomfortable. I would delete my comment here but... I can't. If Jacy or anyone else from this site prefers to/wants to/feels its best to delete it, by all means. Feel free.

    I didn't realize that was an... ethics issue.

  63. Anon 4:25

    I don't think Jacy was saying that in that way... maybe I'm naive? But I don't think so.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Haha Jacy isn't "IN TO" tracing IP addresses.

    She IS however into devoting a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time tearing down and tracking down the every move someone she doesn't know.

    Honestly, J. How many hours a day would you say you spend on this site writing posts and mediating comments. One hour? Two hours? How many hours do you spend thinking of snarky, totalllly hilarious things to say, perusing JA's website, checking up on multiple tweets etc etc etc.

    Do you have you own blog...of content outside of just critiquing someone else? Do you have a job?

    I think you are 9 times as pathetic as JA.

  67. Um, then why the fuck are you HERE 4:34?

    Jack ass. I mean, Jackles...

  68. SM, I checked our stats after I saw that on your blog. We have one recent hit (3 pageviews) from that person and they seem to be at Allstate Insurance, which seems like a weird place for a JAB-affiliate to be coming from. Maybe just a coincidental and avid reader?

  69. You're not fooling anyone SM.

  70. It's possible... how were you able to trace it to a definitive location?

  71. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZMarch 24, 2009 at 4:39 PM


  72. The ISP shows up in sitemeter. What are you using?

  73. keep your feud outta my funnyMarch 24, 2009 at 4:43 PM

    BLERG. It was just getting really amusing on here... apinkalypse now, the Kris Kross showdown, the Julia Allison bingo card, the epic flounce, the land war in Asia... and now this IP snoozer. zzzz.

  74. If you are passive aggressive as "anonymous" that is truly pathetic. Say what you have to say without implications or STFU. Fooling anyone? WTFever. About what? To serve what purpose?

    Moving on.

  75. Hahahaha. Gotta love the guy who thinks "apinkalypse" is so funny that he can't even deal with non-apinkalypse-related comments.

  76. I understand what anon 434 is saying...kinda. It is hard to take someone seriously who is obviously kind of obsessed with NS.

    I am entertained though. So carry on, Jacy.

  77. Is it obsession? Or the kind of fascination, intrigue, and horror of rubbernecking when you see: a trainwreck.

  78. To: Julia
    From: Internet
    Re: Your Plea to "Haters"

    Dear Julia,

    We hear you, Julia. But so you know where we're coming from: You have crossed the line with the public one too many times, and frankly, people are tired of it.

    I don't know what to tell you. We're human. You piss us off and we don't want to pretend otherwise. That would feel disingenuous. When we have good things to say, for example about Mary at times, they're not fake. If we don't say anything when you cross the line, you might like that better, but it wouldn't be telling the truth.

    So please don't ask again why you have critics that speak out against you on the Internet, since now you know just how we just feel (except you speak out against your own friends in addition to other people but that's another story). And remember, just like you're not attacking womankind when you criticize Mary, our criticism of you is also not about bashing women. It's about telling the truth.

  79. May I ask a sincere question, dumb though it may be... how many of you really believe Julia reads this site on any kind of regular basis?

  80. I can't speak for this site but I know exactly how many times Julia has been to my own. And I assume she would come here more often.

    It was hundreds of page views and it was almost daily.

    I posted screenshots once maybe a month ago and it was almost 400 page views at that point.

  81. amazing when things JA complains about can always be completely reframed and switched around to her, to point out when she's perpetuated the same behavior... aka, ALWAYS!

  82. @Scary Mary: thanks for your response.

    I ask because I think most people, including the writers of this blog, seem to believe Julia visits regularly. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that a sane human-being can visit a site like this, read through its comments, and continue on with the inane crap that brought about RBNS to begin with. You see, I am baffled. I would think she'd have to purposefully ignore this site in order to continue going on with her crazy headband/pink pink pink/cupcakes/I'm so happy posts.

  83. Dahling

    "I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that a sane human-being..."

    That's where your logic is going wrong. NonSanity, dear.

  84. Gwyneth&#39;s Inner AspectMarch 24, 2009 at 5:08 PM


    Julia has said she's come here. And she e-mailed the site to say she would welcome a meet-up and conversation (and then retracted that). In her first insomniac video she said she's been reading comments on the site as well. She did not mention it by name, but it seemed pretty clear, what with the e-mail. And yeah, I believe she comes often. Her and Mary both seem to respond to things written here, quite quickly. Mary, in a positive way of handling criticism with grace and upping her content, Julia usually by stomping her tackily-clad feet and making up a lame quote.

  85. Dahling JA's NS site's only audience is us hence her viewing these sites to read comments..

    Wave to Julia Allison Baugher..

  86. @March 24, 2009 4:58 PM

    Obsessively. Most of the NY media types subscribe to google alerts on their names and read anything and everything written about them.

    Julia is hardly a NY media type (she is of the hanger-on variety), but she shares all the same neuroses, with a healthy side dish of batshit nuts. Plus, she has no work ethic, and this is a repository of material she can blog about.

  87. Anon4:34: It takes about 20 minutes of my day, actually. People send me a lot of links, I don't have to go looking.

  88. Well said, Ineffable!

    Julia admitted in her first crazed video that she visited this site. And we've drawn many parallels with things that she posts that directly address things that have been said/brought up here. I don't believe for a second that she visited, got her soul crushed and then vowed to never visit here again. This website is a twisted version of her ultimate dream... a place completely devoted to ALL JULIA ALL THE TIME. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. What narcissist can resist a place completely devoted to them? It's not the kind of attention she wants, but it's a tiny shred of attention nonetheless, and about all she can muster these days. We are the tiny audience for her crappy personal online reality show. Talk about a microchannel!

  89. Just a gem from the past. This is one of Julia's most shameless moments ever... http://vimeo.com/1467705

  90. What a fucking idiot. She put: "Video by India Aire"

    It's. India. Arie.


  91. Oh, and on the IP thing, we just don't want to go there. For one thing, it's meaningless to trace IP addresses in a major city -- it could be anyone. But if we're going to rail on Jackles for invading peoples' privacy constantly, which she does, then we would be hypocritical to start trying to track people down via their IP addresses. We're just not into it.

    And oh yes, I have a 60-hour-a-week job, one that requires being online almost constantly, so again, doing RBNS is easy and requires very little time or effort.

    Thanks for asking, though!

  92. I didn't really think of an IP address as an invasion of privacy because, correct me if I'm wrong because I *don't* know for sure but: without a court order you can't get someone's specific information like address etc. from an IP. Only a general area.

    Since this seems to be a hot button issue, I would love it if someone could explain it to me?

    Or email me so as not to piss off the commenters who want funny funny funny all the time... either way.

  93. The reality show Mary was on... http://vimeo.com/465122

    She took a step down when mingling with Julia.

  94. SM: I just think it freaks people out when you start publishing IP addresses. We don't want commenters to be weirded out and think that we would see how often they're coming on or from where, that's all. We want this to be a happy snarky place, not a nasty snarky place.

  95. Thanks James.

    And Jacy I was going to point out the same thing you did. It usually takes a minute to post a quick comment and I'm sure it takes not much longer than that to write up a brief post. And I totally agree with you on the IP thing.


  96. It's not a hot button issue. You're the only one who cares about it. Could you please learn when to stop beating a dead horse so this blog could go back to being enjoyable? This is why most people have been ignoring you in the first place. This isn't a place for you to come and squat so you can promote your blog.

  97. I didn't see the IP addy post as a big deal. The average person (and even the 'hacker') can't do anything with an IP address, it can belong to anyone, and typically they're dynamic and re-assigned regularly. I don't agree with invasions of privacy but I'm aware the intent there was to compare if there were many visits here from whomever that was, not in order to have people stalking someone down by their IP.

  98. Anon 5:30

    Screw you :)

    If no one cared about it then when I posted it no one would have SAID anything. And I've tried to handle the response with respect for people's comfort level. So piss off. You speak for no one but yourself.


  99. Visit Tropical Chicago!March 24, 2009 at 5:40 PM

    No offense, but I come here to read the snarky and sometimes hilarious comments. It's amusing when Julia's many hypocrisies get pointed out here on a daily basis. The commenter-on-commenter bashing and off topic discussions kind of bore me to tears. Can we please get back to discussing the monumental topics at hand, like the state of Julia's nails, her current level of bloat or whether or not she is wearing fake bangs today?

  100. Ok, back to the fun stuff - this photo! Julia doing some kind of jazz hands pose *standing* on the counter of the Apple store Genius bar!!! This is right after her talk at Parson. Standing on a store counter in her dirty shoes that have been walking on NYC streets, standing where people put their computers/handbags/do their work:
    (This was in the last post about Parsons)

  101. @Visit Tropical Chicago!: I am a Chicagoan and I'll have you know today was a balmy 40-degrees with scattered t-storms and lots of wind. Perfect spring break weather. Am totally wearing a bikini right now.

  102. Next to leave NS?

    -Julia's Dog Lilly?
    -Megan the unpaid Producer?

    Place your bets

  103. BB: That photo is just SO WRONG. How can she not know that she's going to be ridiculed for that? She must like the attention, even the ridicule.

  104. @Anon 5:49 - Do we know for sure Megan was unpaid? That would be bizarre.

  105. Megan the unpaid producer no longer wants to be a virgin. We needed to know that, thanks.Via NS:

    Megan: I wish I were still a virgin.
    Meghan & Me [simultaneously]: WHAT!??!?! WHY!???
    Megan: Because you don't know what you're missing if you don't have it.
    Me: Or you could go my route and just not have it for so long you don't remember what it's like.
    Meghan: You're re-virginized.
    Me: Yeah, it's like when you're signed into your bank account online and it logs you out if it's been inactive for more than ten minutes.
    Megan: Ways to know you've spent too much time staring at your taxes today.
    Me: Ugh, totally.

  106. Visit Tropical Chicago!March 24, 2009 at 5:53 PM

    I saw that BunnyBingo! I think Jacy even said she would not post it because it would bring on too many nasty comments! But yeah - GROSS. It reminded me of the photo of Julia sitting on top of the concession counter during her Oscar movie marathon... putting her ass on a counter where food is served. YUCK. Doing crazy ass shit in public - like standing on the Genius Bar - is the reason I think Julia is completely batshit insane and I have zero sympathy for her. What a sociopath. See this fitting description:*


    * No professional diagnosis implied.

  107. Enough with the commenter on commenter hate
    Enough with the off topic conversations
    Enough with the self-promotion

    Scary, it's been noted by all of us that you write a blog and wish for us to visit it. Rest assured those of us who are interested will. There's no need for daily reminders and cross linking.

    This is not an attack. I love all my children. But you gotta stop trying so hard.

  108. Whoops, "Me" is Julia obvs.

  109. Yep, my issue with the counter top posing would be from a purely hygienic/rude behavior POV. Who does that? It's where someone has to work!
    I understand posting the pic might have invited lots of nasty comments about Julia's appearance etc tho. I am curious as to whether Mary has/will respond to the email. It astounds me that Julia publicly attacks her friends. (surely she knows these emails will be made public?)

  110. Visit Tropical Chicago!March 24, 2009 at 6:02 PM

    Oh, BunnyBingo, that is just more of Julia Baugher's HEEEE-larious fodder for that screenplay that she promised herself she'd write this year. I am sure once she posts a Craigslist ad and finds an intern to do all the writing for her, she'll sell it and be a huuuuuuge star just like Diablo Cody.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I am now signing off. Gotta go lay out at the beach today. I hear it's 45 degrees and sunny.

  111. My issue was her legs. Wow. Not a body part she should be flaunting.

  112. Jesus:

    I appreciate your point but I have not posted any links to my page here today, I simply stated in my first comment today at the end of it, that I posted another vid for those who care. My being here at all or commenting at all is not necessarily promoting my page. Anyway whatevs, I get your point and I respect it. Mostly. If something is relevant I should be able to post it just like anyone else can come in here and post links to any other site that has something relevant. I'm not even posting links. How many links are on this page? And how many are pointing to my site? That's all I'm saying.


  113. SM - You have made about 3 or 4 references to your blog today. Jesus has more patience than I do. You're a hypocrite and a phony who employs every tactic Julia utilizes to gain attention. You're no different than she is and you're just as annoying. You self-promote, you ingratiate, you balk at criticism. You don't hate Julia. You are Julia.

  114. via Guest of a Guest:


    Yup, I just posted a link. A relevant link. To another site, just like everyone else can.


    Enjoy :c)~

  115. Jesus is the new pink:

    You know nothing about my life, my relationships, my work ethic, my ANYTHING. And unlike Julia: I won't fall apart from the comments of someone who doesn't even know me. You are entitled to your opinion, as ignorant as it is.

    Hate on, love... Makes no diff. to me.

  116. On a more thoughtful level... for ME at least it isn't self-promotion that bothers me. I live in LA where everywhere you go people are self-promoting, networking. Hopefully if all that self-promotion gets you anywhere you don't use the opportunity to create a mess like NS. It's her everything else that offends me. But to each his/her own.

  117. Gosh Jesus Is The New Pink, don't get yr pnaties in a wad. Just ignore the stuff you don't like. This site is about snarking on Julia. I haven't found SM's posts to be problematic so far.

  118. Gwyneth&#39;s Inner AspectMarch 24, 2009 at 6:34 PM

    @Jesus Is The New Pink

    First, great name! And... I happen to think this site and Scary Mary's work nicely together. Don't both link to each other? So...

    (just kidding)

  119. This is downright absurd. This letter can not be real. If it's not real, what is she trying to gain/prove? (Scary thought.)

    If this is real, Julia is a complete moron. Even dumber than I gave her credit for previously. And it is pretty classy that Mary keeps turning the other cheek. But at some point, she has to walk away from this for real.

    Jacy, I think you're kind of awesome. Don't let all the stupid ass comments get you down.

    And, Ineff, that comment at 4:51 was brilliance. That's totally why I come here.

  120. Well. We used to. Then RBNS took it down because, well Jacy said my link caused problems? haha ok. Um. Yeah. *shrugs*

    I continue to refer people here via links on my page when I post relevant things from this site. So it's not as one sided as you think. Actually, maybe it is but in reverse. Don't know/care.

    But I do appreciate you guys speaking up. Good heavens, you'd think I outed my ex's mental disorder here and then begged him to buy me a MacBook Air.


  121. Jacy is more than one person. There are numerous Jacys, don't you think? And the original Jacy is J.C., not Jacy. Sometimes Jacy talks like a dude, other times Jacy talks like a chick. I think Lodwick is involved.

    Suck on that one, Jackles!

  122. anon 6:45 I forgot that part well played :)

  123. Interesting theory. I don't remember that far back to be honest.


  124. sm the notebook blog is JC..

  125. Thanks Melissa Sue, that letter was just begging to be rewritten. And Jacy I appreciate you too. It may be naive to say and usually I keep it to myself but I hate it when commenters here attack each other. It's cliche but can't we all get along/ignore comments that we aren't into? Ok, childish plea over. Carry on with Julia snark please...

  126. Toolia's lack of self awareness is truly breathtaking. What a vile way to treat the people who are closest to you. Meghan, you've been warned.

  127. While I don't publish the private email exchanges I receive via email, this isn't the first email JA has purportedly sent out about this topic. All of it smacks of bullshit attention-mongering, and to the smallest of audiences, namely, her detractors.

    This is fake controversy, folks. This is what you do when no one else will write about you. This is an attention whore being starved of attention, save for her detractors, which she considers "readers."

  128. Something that has crossed my mind a few times is... I wonder if her parents have seen the Insomniac #1 video. If my child, of ANY age, tossed the word "suicide" around, that would be WITHOUT A DOUBT, time for SOME kind of intervention.

    That is serious. Yet fathers voicemail sounded like he was clueless.

    Or careless. Who knows.

  129. SM, I do wonder sometimes whether her parents understand what it is she does in "The City".

  130. BunnyBingo, they supposedly read her shit and she once whined to an interviewer that her mother stopped speaking to her for a period of time because of something that was written about her on the interwebz.

    Question for Baugher: Did you ever put on your (re)blog that Julia had emailed you some tips about Mary (I would assume that's to get the nasty attention off of her stupid self), or am I misremembering?

  131. I just think that throwing the word suicide around is something that would strike panic into the heart of most parents. This isn't her writing some asinine column that her mother finds offensive or something. This is their daughter on the internet falling apart on camera talking about thoughts of suicide by paperclip.

    Maybe they didn't see it. Or maybe they did and are apathetic and that's how she ended up the way she is.

    Who knows.

  132. This post is exactly why Julia has no friends to speak of.

  133. If I were Jacy, this kind of comment nonsense would make me think twice about continuing to write for this blog. The original RBNS has all but abandoned the blog it seems. And RG posts whenever she can which, unfortunately, is not that often.

    Frankly, I think it's time for all of us to take a break from this thread, do something else, and come back when we have something to discuss besides IP addresses, unrelated blogs, and criticisms of each other. And, no, I'm not signaling any one out; I think we've all been guilty of nastiness towards one another and RBNS/Jacy/RG in these threads.

    Also, I'd MUCH rather discuss the events of JA during the past 72 hours. I think Jacy has done a superb job of bringing us "breaking news" and it would be awesome if we could return to the times of ole' when we ALL (and I mean everyone with a recognizable handle in this thread) got along and dished dirt about the subject that originally brought us here.

  134. I kinda thought we were getting back on track?

    Well anyway, worth a mention.. someone brought up how Julia commented about Shira being "so young", when it seems it's really that she's young(er) and has accomplished what Julia only dreams she had by now.

    Nothing funnier than Ashton "won't answer her tweets" Kutcher interviewing Shira for his BlahGirls site & tweeting a link to her twitter. That Shira just seems to get everything JA wants. I couldn't speculate but I'd think this contribute to the most recent down cycle quite a bit.

  135. TJ--I usually love your input but this thread is not bad to this casual reader. Some entertainment, some dissent, whatever. It's an opinionated bunch and everyone has at least articulated valid viewpoints. As far as the internet goes, this seems civil. We even have Baugher weighing in. I say: carry on!

  136. *could have contributed, oops

  137. oh, and shira gets the 'media maven' title, all ja's got is her self-proclaimed 'new media personality' bs, which is probably in a state of crisis at the moment seeing as different ones just keep emerging with the mood swings.

  138. *Oh, I love dissent, 8:17. I was hoping we could get away from all the IP drama, that's all. But it's not my blog, thread, or space and we all must roam it how we see fit. I'd just rather talk about the cunty Yoolia Igcrazias email!

  139. Gosh you know, she's a mess right now but imagine how she's going to be feeling as the years go by and the looks continue to fade? All her "value" is in her appearance, and she's set that tone for much of her teen and adult years. There's only so much you can do with the plumping and injecting and whatever before you start looking like a too shiny, plasticene science project. By that point your mental state is so far gone reality basically ceases to exist. She is really NOT going to take the process of aging well, and you can see that now when she's still quite young. She needs to recognize this and consult a professional, not just a business empowerment life coach (who knows if that's even in the equation anymore, though).

  140. Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.


    With that said: I bid you all a good night!

  141. How long until she takes a swipe at Shira like she does to all the people who are more successful than her?

    That Ashton tweet must be killing her.

  142. I found Jill (age 28)'s method of introduction of Shira(25) at SXSW rather belittling. "Here is a very LITTLE lady of the internet JUST TRYING to get by" (okay, I'm paraphrasing, but we all remember). The passive aggression was relentless during their talk in the blogger lounge. So, yeah, Anon 8:35, the swipe is coming, I'd say.

  143. Just had this thought relevant to Julia's behavior and their sponsors...

    I vaguely recall their life coach being linked before she was simply being quoted constantly between her site and Mary's (Meghan, can't really remember). I kind of wondered if they had an arrangement with her too, because I just see that process as being so personal I didn't think people just announce/promote their life coaches so openly to the public. An attribution to a quote with "my life coach", I'd get, but the linking and constant name-dropping had me suspicious.

    Anyway, I just think that for all these possible agreements/contracts, the aftermath from Julia's behavior has to be brutal for whatever expectations these people have.

    Promoting Blueprint Cleanses --> Constant vocalizing of body issues, unhealthy eating habits, and unhappiness with self and weight. Her association with the product brought it to the attention of many sites they'd probably prefer didn't know they existed. Never mind the recent article that made it look terrible and its adopters look mad.

    Promoting Kodak --> Blogging about having lost a brand new CANON camera.

    Promoting Cisco --> Don't remember this exactly but I think Gawker said something about the networks coming up in MA's cribs videos not being Cisco at all or her not having Cisco products.

    Promoting Life Coach --> Again, not sure about this. But if you aren't improving as a person and instead are constantly having these random outbursts of callous behavior that extends to your close relationships and professional life, that's not the best advertisement for the individual who's been (supposedly) helping you get over roadblocks to achieve personal and business success and contentedness.

    And really, anytime you're even remotely starting to consider sympathy towards Julia, just read that MediaBistro article again. It's only about to be a year since that article and yet, what's different? Then consider her history, before that article even existed. Nothing new at all.

  144. I thought Jackles didn't like sports?


    So why is she at a Rangers game when she NEVER watches sports?
    She must be shifting paradigms again.

  145. A little late to the party, but...has Julia ever been to visit Mary in Houston?

    It seems she only deigns to visit Austin because that is where all the "cool" kids are hanging out. She bitched about the food and the weather the entire time that she was there, and clearly (from the video) knew very little about it other than Sixth Street and the Hyatt (or wherever).

  146. Me thinks Jem is about to lose her holograms.


  147. Scary Mary: Your utter OBSESSION with Julia is painfully obvious. I agree with the poster who said that you arn't fooling anyone.

  148. WTF is she doing at a hockey game? I thought she didn't watch sports?

  149. Fun new Mary misspelling: "procestinate" for "procrastinate."

  150. Jacy,

    There are pics with JA and the 'Parsons Prof' from the Piano Bar in Davos. I may be wrong, but I believe there was a Businessweek guy posing with her...

    She's a schmoozer! Brava!

    "Oh, I'll talk for free! No problem!"


  151. Knowing what this site once was, and seeing what it has quickly become, is like a real-time model of the pitfalls of the mob mentality.

    We started with a common purpose: To "snark"/vent/reblog the antics of the NonSociety trio.

    And now? Now we've became a pool of constant dissension in desperate need of chlorine.

    Why attack each other? You guys are just as bad as Julia.

  152. M, cupcake, welcome to the internet. There are no bouncers anywhere, so we deal with the stupid.

    Nothing has changed, aside from a few turds in the pool, and honestly, we can virtually fish them out and go on.

    It cracks me up how many people want to declare that this site is over. While Baugher remains the original, this site does the hard labor, and if some trolls come by to troll, well, everyone gets over it.

    We don't need a hall monitor. The commenters here are pretty good at ignoring the obvious trolls. Your skin is too thin for internet prime time if you think it has been overrun.

  153. i've only been sporadically following the NS drama. while i think julia and mary have major issues, scary mary is really coming across as the most pathetic of all. there's definitely good snark and crazy bitter snark and some of you, with scary mary leading the pack, fall under the latter. reading anything by these desperate and crazy bitches totally sucks the entertainment value out of non-society for me because it makes me feel complicit in their total loser-ness.

  154. SM has another good vid up. And this is not SM, check my IP

  155. And Woah anon 4:17..this is 4:29 and I'm on pacific time, so it's only 1:29 here. so what the hell are you doing up at 4:17? Just asking.