Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Julia: The Day After

Many of our loyal and razor-sharp commenters opine that Jackles played us all yesterday with her two Twits that suggested trouble among Foolia and her handmaidens.

I wonder if it's this, and keep in mind, I know NOTHING. Feel free to gleefully punch holes in this theory:

NNN broke the news to Jackles that her fabulously successful business venture and the whopping $60,000 it made last year was not good enough and the company was cutting its losses and selling it to the equivalent of a hotel security camera network. Perhaps Megan Alagna (spelling correct? No clue. Sorry!) -- the producer Jackles apparently treats like a slave -- was involved in this decision. This could be the explanation behind the "I thought we were in this together" Tweet, meaning NNN, and the crying to Mommy Tweet could have resulted from her saying something along the lines of "Women are bitches and this wouldn't have happened if men were involved" if there were any women involved in the decision.

A few hours pass and she realizes she must spin this into being THE. MOST. FABULOUS. NEWS. EVER, even though it appears to mean the TMI Weekly shit-show will be seen by even fewer people than it is now on some obscure channel no one ever watches and used as filler that is squeezed between dubious substance that still very few people will ever see.

I think Jackles lacks impulse control, a classic sign of the myriad mental disorders I have long believed she suffers from, particularly narcissistic personality disorder. She can't help herself and Twits whatever the fuck pops into her vapid head. Then she either deletes or thinks of a way to spin her insanity into something that makes her seem not quite so delusional and/or barking mad.

To whit, you should see the series of Twits from the apparent all-nighter she pulled last night in which she yammers on endlessly about finding old love letters and how she's not been in love in a long time but OH WAIT! Remember how she said no man has emotional control over her just last week on TMI Weekly? And yet there's this ...

  1. I think guys with a disproportionate & unhealthy hold over our emotions should be called Warlocks. I am now re-naming [redacted] "Warlock."

How odd. Don't tell me Jackles was lying for the cameras? Hey, Foolia -- have you posted that Cranberry Spinach Salsa Collard Green Guacamole recipe yet? Maybe you could send some to [redacted], since he's so into eating and all. He and his new girlfriend can try it.

p.s. Nice outfit.


  1. There are so many "days after". Like the days after the bicoastal birthday party. Where is Julia's hyper-excited twitter about the vast amount of money they raised for those two very worthy charities that they were so committed to they name-dropped them extensively in their promo material?

  2. And ya, Jackles, rhesus apes could produce a more intersting website than NS and would have more fun doing it too. So, sure, I guess your theory that it would have all been so much easier with men makes sense to.

  3. Jacy, I love it when you post old photos to remind us how much skinnier and less freakish Jackles looked just a few short years ago.

  4. Except for the legwarmers!!!

  5. narcissist headbandMarch 10, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    call me crazed, but i have always liked this outfit that JAB is wearing above. i like the ballet-inspired thing. i know, i'm ridiculous. anyway, yeah the tweets from last night were disturbing. and who knows WTF is up with the other two idiots. i hope we find out more today!

  6. Wow. My head is about to explode from trying to keep up with all the Julia Baugher spin. If only she spun this hard in Mary's cycling class, perhaps we'd all stop talking about her Kardashian bum. The past 24 hours have seen some classic Julia desperation moves. Next she will probably let everyone know that she is SO. SO. SO. HAPPY!!!!!

    1. Posting unfunny conversations that she thinks are the stuff screenplays are made of. Revisits old love letters and helpfully reminds us NO MAN has control over her. Except for all of them do.
    2. Reminds everyone that she still works for TONY and has a piece coming out in April (but apparently not writing for them at all in March). Lazily begs for help with her story.
    3. Addresses the MIT flake out. I am sure the lecture series coordinators are very impressed with her story about not being able to stay with her old roommate. How professional.
    4. Addresses the Meghan rumors. Because Meghan can't address them herself until after Julia does?? No laptop. Just like no wifi in Davos, CES or DLD.
    5. Reminds everyone that she is still going to SXSW but still has not finalized travel plans. Again... how professional. More about a trip to Denmark but fails to mention specifically what it's for.
    6. Announces big news that she is SOOOOO excited about - TMI is basically downgraded to obscure cable channel filler. Assures us and Gawker (and helpfully reminding readers that she's on the front page of Gawker) that she is REALLY REALLY PROUD of this development. REALLY. SHE PROMISES.
    7. Posts old photos of herself and cryptic tweets as reader bait. ZZZZ.

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  8. Julia, perhaps you could spend less time reading old love letters like a swooning 15 year old and more time running your "business" in a professional manner. Since your addressing some recent flake outs, perhaps you could answer some more burning questions from your legions of fans:

    -- Where is your birthday recap? How much money did you raise for your much hyped charities?
    -- Where is that disclosure statement you promised for the NS homepage?
    -- Readers are dying to know... where is that delicious cranberry spinach recipe you promised?
    -- What's the name of that engagement in Denmark and why are you spending so long there? Why is Krystal going, but not your business partner Mary?
    -- Why was this latest development not announced jointly by ALL of the co-founders of Nonsociety/TMI? Why has there been silence from your business partners?
    --It's obvious Mary isn't drawing an income off of NS ... how do you pay your rent and expenses? Who's paying for you and Meghan to fly to SXSW? WHY are you going to SXSW?

  9. 10:20

    I think she copied that from another of the successful people she wants to emulate and sucks up to occasionally, Gary V (Vaynerchuk). He always writes it, or at least wrote it in the past, that way -- writing in his tweets "@garyvee me." I haven't seen anyone else but him, and now months later her, do it that way.

  10. I would do good for Megan Alagna (sp?) to leave, considering the fact that if NS made $60,000 in revenue she must be getting chump change. I know had initial investors that probably supplied them with enough money to live just at the poverty line, but those investors are going to dry up fast and they are going to take quite a large cut of that $60k.

    Think about all that Megan has to put up with and for what? To get her photo taken with the most hated woman on the internet? To be mocked by strangers? To eat cupcakes in rented dresses from mid-level designers? And JA must be a horrible boss, especially after the Charlsie situation came to light.

    I wish Meghan was leaving NS. It would suggest that maybe she has some intelligence like everyone is hoping she does. Instead she just proved to the world what we all secretly thought: she is a mindless anorexic idiot who will go along with anything her stupid friends manipulate her into doing.

  11. I don't subscribe to Jacy's theory and here's why.

    First of all I remember from Scary Mary's IMs with Julia that when questioned about the weak and limited content on the blog Julia specifically said that they were trying to focus more on TMI. So it seems that their plan for some time has been to focus on expanding TMI, which would explain why the blog content got even worse and less frequent and why they didn't care or change when people became upset about it.

    Also, a few days ago they posted about their meeting with NNN and referred to some new developments. I think maybe one other time they alluded to "exciting new developments" with TMI.

    I have no idea what those recent twitters were about but I do think that this TMI news has been a while in the making and that it's something they all knew about for some time.

    And unlike some others here I do think it sounds like a step up for them and that it could possibly lead to other work with a wider audience that they can garner form just their web presence on their own.

    The channel posts online so they'll probably stil be online as before but also be exposed to a lot more people through TV and possibly cab TVs also. Why is this such a downgrade as so many claim? Doesn't seem to be to me.

    Julia and Mary started off trying to be on TV early in their careers. Now they are again and with the show they created. If it were me, I'd be pleased and would have hopes that it would lead to other opportunities in the future. I'd guess they are happy about it.

    Maybe their focus on TMI explains why there is nothing on the site these days. And maybe what people have taken for NS falling apart is really just NS shifting its focus from blog to video? That would explain posting less and worse content since they wouldn't be as invested in the blogging aspect anymore now that TMI is their main concern.

  12. GOOD MORNING LEADERS!!! I mean, READERS!!! Wow, just wow. SOOOOO much has happened over the past week!!!! It makes me want to cry that I can't celebrate all of this GOOD NEWS with my best friends, sisters and business partners Meghan and Mary, but they're out of town at the moment. I am sure they will post something about their excitement on their blogs very soon. I am SO SO SO SO SO PROUD of our latest deal with NBC. I just KNEW all of my work with MSNBC would pay off sooner or later. THAT is karma my friends!!!! This makes me so happy I just want to put on my ballet outfit and DANCE DANCE DANCE. OK. So ballerinas don't wear spike heels. But they do wear TUTUS AND LEGWARMERS. I LOVE TUTUS!!!!!!

    I can't talk about much right now (well, I probably will. I just can't keep all this excitement to MYSELF) but there are some very exciting things in the works with TMI. We are truly shifting paradigms. Forget web programming. It's all about niche cable TV now. THAT is the future, and I am SO SO PROUD AND EXCITED to be and the forefront of such a broad reaching and limitless frontier. My face isn't just limited to TVs in homes. I will be in cabs, elevators, bathrooms ... all over the place!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!

    All of this great news has really got me to reflect on how much I have, versus what I don't have. Who needs a man in your life when you have your career to celebrate???? Compared to one year ago, I feel like I am happier and in a better place than I have ever been. I have come so far and advanced in my career sooooo much, don't you agree, readers?

    Well, look for me soon as I jet set all over the place. I will tell you more about what I am doing when I get to these places, unless the wifi connection is bad, which seems to happen a lot when I go to conferences. Not sure what that is about. Oh well. Just know that I am GOING, and the rest... well, as I like to say: LET IT UNFOLD. Memo: need to get that tattoo asap.


  13. "who knew that taking a week off from blogging would stir up such rumors? sheesh!" -meghan

    ohhhh i don't know, maybe because it's your purported JOB. you know, the thing you guys are always telling us that is SO TIME CONSUMING AND YOU ARE ALWAYS WORKING HARD.

  14. Are the really that dumb? How does Mary fit in to this big news? Is she still on board or not? If not, what does that mean for the new deal? If TMI was sold to NBC, wasn't it sold with the understanding that the format would stay as is?

    Anyone know what Krystal does for a living? JA tends to glom on to people in order to get into events. Does Krystal have some connection to the event in Denmark?

  15. "Anon" @ 10:36 (aka Julia), nice try at spinning this shit storm.

    This is for you http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/2009/03/09/2009-03-09_a_fluffy_start_for_new_york_nonstop.html

    "New York Nonstop, the new local channel created by the team behind WNBC/Ch. 4, feels a heck of a lot more like a channel for people staying in hotel than something for city regulars.
    That's not a bad thing, but it is clear that New York Nonstop is about as far from a news outlet one can get and still be in the game.
    Think Time Out New York TV."

    and: "The bigger, unanswerable question is whether it will draw new viewers to the set."

  16. 10.47 may I add: um, maybe also because some people actually accredited you with having at least some sense to put your privileged position to use for something actually worth doing, HAGhan, spoilt brat whose alleged inner potential i for one have not been able to spot yet. to me this one's just as big a pain in the ass as the others.
    also, do not think all people are as airheaded as you and the sisterhood of fluff - making big pseudodramatic announcements (need to get away from the noise of it all) and then acting like little miss clueless does not fly.

  17. Krystal Burger is Julia's former roommate and an even bigger nobody than these losers. NO connections at all. Julia's probably angling for her to replace Mary in case Mary (wisely) bails on this new TMI cable filler model. And no matter how they spin it or how long it was in the works... still a huge step down. Julia was crowing about being on Bravo a year ago and now she's crowing about being on a regional cable network. No way to paint that turd. Julia's on her way out career wise... not on her way up.

    And yes... they really are that dumb. Don't you think - as business partners - they would ALL use their blogs to share a consistent message about what is going on with NS and why the focus is shifting to TMI? As usual, everything is scatterbrained, poorly explained and sloppily thrown up after the fact. Totally unprofessional.

  18. Regional cable network? Ha. More like a local cable access channel.

  19. TMI = Wayne's World

  20. Julia is shifting something PEOPLES

    What shifting taxi cab driers to her dating network? LOL

  21. Too Much Ineffable Twice a WeekMarch 10, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    Are they going to rename their show because TMI Weekly is just about the worst, most inaccurate name they could have for their segments. They never give too much information... or any information at all. It's so completely devoid of any actual information, that I would think that they are ironically and purposefully withholding information.

  22. TMI Weekly new name change:

    TooMuchJulia-TMJ brought to you by
    Meghanise for when you really do not give damn freaking shit and by Mary I want to be special Rambin but got lost on the Special Bus..

    and by our soon to be non sponsors; Axe because female audience really uses Axe and by PINK CUPCAKES

  23. This NBC deal will be a step up for Julia the Psycho Hose Beast when monkeys fly out of my butt.

  24. Julia, where are the photos from your heavily promoted birthday photo shoot? Did the photos turn out less than flattering because your tutu was too too tight? Man, there's a Dr. Seuss rhyme somewhere in there.

    I did a birthday shoot
    But the point of it was moot
    My tutu was two sizes to small
    So I had to hide my bum behind a wall
    But I am sure the photos are cute

  25. Hey, J-Bear? You know what else has one of it's major distribution channels in the back of cabs? Herpes.

    Good luck with that, Cupfake.

  26. its, not it's. Thinking about Julia makes me the dumb.

  27. Bicurious Party HatMarch 10, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    I think TMI has always been their main focus and interest. That's where the fun is for them (pulling clothes, makeup artists, etc.), and where they have the potential to garner the most freebies.

    It's also why they're always SO busy behind the scenes and in meetings, and yet we never see the results of all that work on NS.

    Turns out, they were scurrying around trying to find somebody to fund their let's-play-dress-up-and-talk-into-a-hairbrush shit-show.

    Anybody remember Gilda Radner as Judy Miller, wearing a bridal veil and jumping around on her bed as she performed an imaginary show?? Yeah, it's like that.

    (James, I'm dying over your spin joke. And Krystal Burger. In my head, I keep repeating Burger-Baugher Baugher-Burger...kinda like Burgermeister Meisterburger.)

  28. Julia's only spin cycle is in the wash..:)

  29. No one's explained yet (I don't think) why this isn't a step up from where they've been before this change. I'm not talking about why it isn't a step up from Bravo that's obvious.

    But they're not at Bravo, they are at NS and NNN. Given that why isn't staying on NS but taking TMI onto a medium that is on both web and tv a step down?

    They still have it online and can link to it from their site, so they don't lose anything there. And instead of online viewers being the only ones who could view it, now others will have access to it too, and probably a different demographic than one that already knows them. So they may get new fans... or haters.

    Either way, it seems they aren't losing anything and are gaining at least the possiblity of something, plus pay, I imagine. So, what is this so bad again? I genuinely would like to oknow.

  30. ahem viewership of TMI went for 80,000 at launch to 25,000 they have now

    crap shows always lower viewership no matter what deal they have

  31. Yo, 12:12, EVERYBODY ON HERE has been talking about why it's a step down for the past 24 hours. So has Gawker. If you can't make (or take) a joke, go ask your earnestly sincere "I genuinely want to know" bullshit questions over on Advice Box.

    Did you miss the whole discussion about how they got dumped from TiVoCast because viewers would not pay actual money to watch them? Oh, how inconvenient that fact is to your super sincere point of view.

    Cough *bullshit* cough.

  32. Anon @ 12:12, you're right - you DON'T think. It's already been posted on RBNS that they're going to be filler on a fluff channel that the NY Daily News compares unfavorably to the in-house channel shown in hotels.

    And it's pretty much assumed that once this cable channel (all the way up the channel line-up, not near any channel that anyone actually watches) gets some of its own material produced, no more TMI.

  33. TMI == Too Much Idiot

  34. It's not a step forward because Julia's conveniently backtracking. When her web business and web show was about to launch, do you think Little Miss Web 2.0 would be bragging about being on a cable access channel? That's not a very tech-savvy arena for our smarty pants Geekette. She loathed her "career" as a cable news talking head before NS launched and spun her firing from Star as something SHE chose to walk away from ... not the other way around. But now suddenly TV - actually hyper local cable with very limited geographic reach - is some pioneering new medium that she's so to be a part proud of? Yeah right.

  35. Sorry... meant to say - "that she's so proud to be a part of?" Mary is copyediting my posts today.

  36. Valleywag/Gawker discovered a new business model the two Ms of NS may want to consider:


    Nothing like a little lunch snark

  37. baugher said, bitchy is classlessMarch 10, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    You people are awfully bitchy when someone does not buy your stupid projections about stuff you really don't know about but love talking on endlessly.

  38. I tried to watch that TMI "episode" with the charity woman. I got as far as Mary saying doing charity work is good for "meeting people" and "connections." Did I hear that right? What an effing moron. Sure you can think that, you can do it for those reasons, but to openly comment about it? And without any kind of self-awareness of the vapid stupidity that conveys? She is not only clueless, but clearly a solopsistic dolt.

  39. I love that Gawker used that horribly unflattering 'stache photo. Although Owen says what we've been saying for a while. Julia = kryptonite. It's quite amusing how Gawker has been tearing Julia down lately.

  40. from her friend

    @juliaallison That's great news! But don't throw around terms like "evergreens" to people who aren't in "the biz"... I get it, but still. :)

  41. Bitchy is classless... please take your tenuous grasp on the English language somewhere else. The classless bitches over here prefer well-written comments.

  42. we hate julia, blah, blah, blahMarch 10, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    Well-written comments? Ha. Russian Girl, yes, well-written. The rest of you are tired and redundant.

  43. Are Owen and Julia friends?

  44. Well, in Julia's world friends are people in the same room as her, and since I'm sure they've been in the same locations together... then yes, they are friends.

  45. And you, 1:05 are assessing the quality of content posted here because:
    a) your media studies tutor forced this project on you?
    b) you don't know what to do with yourself?
    c) your internet browser only knows one page?
    d) you are mad as hell and you won't take it anymore?

  46. But if TMI was their singular focus, then why the half-assed attitude towards it? Their idea of brainstorming for show topics consists of Julia writing a plea to her readers for ideas the day before taping. It would be one thing if they were ignoring the NS lifecasting for producing solid online TMI content, but their show topics have been dull for quite some time.

    At its core, that's what annoys me most about them having a larger platform. If they were discussing provocative content admist sub-par production values, fine. If they actually cared about their topics, but had a small budget for editing and other post-production bits, so be it. But the fact is, most of their topics are circa-2000 Sex and the City rehashed. It's not the production or the editing or the setting - it's the topics that lag.

    I can understand if they don't want to be all serious, and instead desire to be some sort of fluff in the midst of gloomy economic times. But, they aren't even entertaining - most of the time, their topics not only lack any real perspective, but it revolves heavily about what they, in their exceedingly limited life experiences, have witnessed.

    It seems like most of the effort they make is (1) getting free products, and (2) getting sponsors. I understand that NS is a business, and as a business, must make some sort of money. But, what do they stand for now? TMI stands for Too Much Information, which implies some sort of honesty or transparency in the girls' lives. Fact is, all three girls edit their images through their lifecasting to a hilarious extent, where the half-observant individual can easily notice the line between reality and their fiction.

    And why NBC chose this trio for "NonStop New York" is beyond me. These girls consistently ignore the fact that they live in one of the most vibrant cities, and merely use it as a backdrop for their dating and shopping. If you put the trust funds and good looks aside, there's nothing remarkable about any of these women.

  47. That Gawker/Valleywag pic is perfect. It should illustrate all future stories about Our Lady of Perpetual Douchebaggery.

  48. HA!

    Anon 1:15

    Now THAT is a well written comment.

    Bravo! or NBC Cable!

  49. 1:20

    I totally agree with you.

    Yet, here we are, still talking about them.

  50. @Anon 1:20 - Re: NBC's choice of TMI for NonStop New York

    My guess is that the price was right. NBC isn't shy about the fact that much of the programming will be fluff (read: cheap) and TMI certainly fits the bill.

  51. Christan Marashio posted @Gawker

    8:07 PM on Mon Mar 9 2009 @jgh: That's how I took it to mean. I don't think there will be any new content at all. Meghan and Mary would have stuck it out for that, I'd think. You start something, you want to see it through. Mary, despite her occasional nonsensical political assertions, would have stayed on board no question. I think Julia had this news about NBC buying the episodes and sat on it until she needed it in order to distract people from the bigger news of Meghan quitting.

    How did you come to the conclusion that Meghan was quitting?

    How do you know whether content will be new or not?

    Just asking.

  52. @Anon 1:26 - If you're curious about how the story evolved, read through the related threads on this site. I doubt anyone will be willing to recount the entire saga just to spare you the effort.

  53. You're gonna get in trouble.

    Sheriff Snarky does not like questions, damn it. Get in line, either call julia fat or pretend that Mary is going off on her own fashionista venture. Make up more crap about Meghan quitting but.do.not.ask.questions.

  54. Anon 1:15, next are you going to tell us to get a life? Or tell us that we're jealous?

  55. @Anon 1:37 - If that was directed at me, all I can say is, "Ow! My soul!"

  56. Many of us have noticed that Christan often makes rumors seem like fact. Don't let one person's assumptions distract from the quality posts and comments on this blog.

  57. @Anon 1:37 - Withdrawn - I didn't realize we actually had a Sheriff Snarky.

  58. No. I was asking ANON 1:05 who was dismissing everyone except beautifully talented Russian Girl as bitchy, tired and redundant why he/she is actually bothering to come here and talk down to the worthless masses.

    I love it here, but I'm as classless a bitch as classless bitch, so...

  59. Smokey Cupcakes should smoke something else...

    Thanks for the great advice and the helpful attitude.

    The questions are meant to expose the fact that people continue to talk as if they have an inside tip. Christan's post to Gawker, contained two gems: Meghan was quitting/julia was covering it up, and there will be no new content.

    Seems to give more weight to those too intelligent to put actual names on their guesses.

  60. How did you come to the conclusion that Meghan was quitting?

    Somebody Twittered that they had exclusive news that Meghan quit. That Twitter quote was posted here in a previous thread.

    How do you know whether content will be new or not?

    I don't know anything for sure. Based on the few clues that have been leaked/announced or that we can glean from their blogs, it would seem that if the three of them were contracted to produce new content for this NBC connected channel, they'd all be tweeting and tumbling about it and they're not. I also find it hard to believe anybody in a programming position would see the product they have produced and decided to budget money towards producing more of it. I worked in the video programming division of Sony/Columbia House for 7 years. We'd buy a film for a set amount with the *possibility* of buying more contingent upon sales. We did that so we could get the cheapest price for the product even if we knew it wouldn't sell XX amount. You don't buy a product unless you think it can sell. Period.

    I think Julia does one thing extremely well and that's spin. I don't believe for a moment that they'll produce more than a couple episodes, if that, before getting shelved for real content. I also think there are some major rifts going on amongst the three of them, but that Julia is trying to do some major damage control so that this deal isn't ruined. What was bought was bought based on a certain format. Take one or two of those girls out of the format, and then NBC isn't getting what they paid for.

    When so many questions arise from such a declaration, that's a sign that all is not what it seems.

  61. You don't buy a product unless you think it can sell. Period.

    Sorry. Meant to say after this sentence "..unless you're just looking for stuff to fill space."

  62. Exsqueeze me, Christan, but I sure hope NBC gets what they paid for. You can't have Wayne's World without Garth!

  63. Does Julia realize that Truth in Advertising Law applies to TV segments?

    Like no more fake contests and etc..

  64. “There's nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot.”

  65. ahem yes there is something more dangerous than a resourceful idiot, a resourceful moron..

  66. More proof that Meghan is quiting in her updated post today..

  67. I think she's saying she's going to shift away from covering tech for NS and focus on charities.

  68. wait - 25,000 people watch TMI weekly? it is the worst thing about this whole crazy window.

  69. Meghan never covered tech..pretend yes but never covered

  70. That would be awesome if Meghan went to focusing on charity. It's a great angle for their site and will provide much-needed gravity. It may also encourage their tween fangirls to get out there and actually do something meaningful.

  71. Haha don't you know anonys. Christan knows eeeeverything. She has her own blog, doncha know.

    She is an epic fail. Obsessed with Julia and pissed her 'moxie' blog is about .0001 as visited. I just dont know how someone who admits to being pretty overweight knows anything about sex or men. At least the attractive, successful ones.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Please do not feed the trolls. This particular troll has escaped from her cage before to harass the regular zoo patrons and her latest escape will not be tolerated. The other zookeepers are on the look out for this escaped troll and welcome all tips that will lead to her recapture.

  74. Just stop calling the petticoats/skirts tutus.

  75. what Julia got loose again?

  76. I like this blog but I don't trust this Christan character.

  77. Julia @ 2:41, why not show some of those guts you're always bragging about and post as yourself, not anonymously?

  78. Because than Julia would be real..something she tries to avoid

  79. Anon 2:40 - it would be great if she actually followed through with the sentiment. I mean, Julia has repeatedly discussed doing things for charity. Where are the numbers from her birthday party? What about all the organizations she's talked about donating clothing to? What about her new years spiritual reinvention about actually starting a charity organization in the city?

    Meghan doesn't even need to pack up her NYC apartment and move to India to teach. I'd be impressed if she actually spends a few hours a week volunteering in one of the children's organizations in the city. For now though, I'll call the post a half-hearted attempt to spin her absence and get back into the game.

  80. No Meghanaise wants to go to Indian because she thinks blogs and internet not there..

    Meghanaise own the monster you created or it will own you

  81. Something else to consider....

    Is it possible that what was included in the deal/purchased was ALL the footage that has been shot? And that from that footage additional episodes will be created? They must have at least 30-45 minutes worth of film for every 5 minute episode. Not like NBC couldn't repurpose that footage to make "new" content.

  82. Here's why I think moving to NBC Cable from NNN is a step down (since some people have asked):

    We've all noted how TMI will function solely as filler on this new NBC cable show (which mostly only tourists will watch anyway). Owen Thomas likened TMI's function on this channel to "shredded lettuce" or "mayo" (whereas news is "meat").

    Now, NNN may be just an online network, but they are a network that produces programs with content. There is no such thing as "filler" in their universe because NNN is comprised of a series of channels -- some that educate (e.g., IndyMogul, Threadbanger) and some that entertain (e.g., BarelyPolitical/Obama Girl) but the bottom line is that they don't treat the product they produce as something that kills time between other, more important programs.

    So, to go from being part of a channel on a network which treats your content (if they had any) as an actual SHOW to just being filler on some little-seen cable channel seems like a huge step down to me.

    Also, if TMI is playing in hotel rooms and taxicabs and their audience is largely tourists, the best they can hope for is a transient viewership (i.e., no loyal following and no one who will actually follow any of them). Many of NNN's channels, like the ones mentioned above, do seem to have solid, consistent viewership.

    The only way ANYONE could interpret this as a step up is if people regard any television > the internet. That might still be a reality but it's not a perspective that I see sticking around for very long (and one that you wouldn't expect "Web 2.0 pioneer" Julia Allison to propound). I wouldn't give NNN less cred just because their channels play on TEH INTARWEBS.

    Also? No effing way does TMI average 25,000 views/episode. Check out their YouTube stats for any given video -- dismal. Not sure if they even broke 5,000 views on YT for a given video. I highly doubt their own site has that much more traffic, especially considering how their NS pageviews have been declining.

  83. Not to mention....why would NNN sell a product if a network like NBC saw value in it? Wouldn't NNN want to keep a show that is perceived to have that kind of value?

  84. As much as it distresses me, it is a step up from where they were headed. It's simple:

    1 distribution channel: the internet

    2 distribution channels: the internet + cable

    The quality of the channel does not matter. The only thing that matters is the quantity of channels that they can pump this shit-show through. Going forward, though, I do think that it is going to be pretty hard to make TMI interesting or relevant since my guess is that all future shows will have to be of the "evergreen" variety.

  85. If they would do the show in bikinis and talk more about how hungry they are for sex, they could do pretty well with this show. You haters underestimate what they've got here.

  86. They can have a dozen distribution channels but if the quality of the content continues to be crap they have zero staying power. Distress not friends... the same problems plague Nonsoshitey that have plagued them from the beginning: zero work ethic, no vision and shoddy ideas. No deal with a network is going to change that.

  87. Anon 4:26:

    Do you mean that quantity matters in terms of how this will look to future investors/employers? Also, did we establish whether NNN would keep TMI as a channel/retain ownership? I was under the impression that they would NOT be broadcasting TMI anymore so TMI would be moving from their Internet channel to the NBC cable channel.

  88. I'm not entirely sure how this is working. Julia says new episodes will be shot. They shoot at NNN's studios with NNN production team and NNN editors. If NBC is buying old episodes, cool, but is NNN going to retain the ability to show them on their site?

    I may have missed some details along the way. I can't believe they would switch up the production location and everything.

    Can someone who knows about this stuff please share the info?

  89. Rachael, as with most things in Julia's life, the actual details are unclear. Most of the comments here have been speculation based on what Julia has written on her own blog (very little). But take whatever she says with a grain of salt, as it is usually hyped up a few notches. I think the people here who are upset that Julia got yet another chance at something are making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. I think there's not much to be impressed about with this new deal. It just means their embarrassingly bad show survives for another six months and they make peanuts off it. I see it like I see every chance that Julia Baugher gets to speak at a conference - just more opportunities for them to make fools of themselves and show a wider audience how spectacularly dumb they are.

  90. Cupcake Crusher,

    Do you mean that quantity matters in terms of how this will look to future investors/employers?

    Yes, plus the different channels have different viewers. My guess is that there will be little overlap between the cable audience and the internet audience.

    Also, did we establish whether NNN would keep TMI as a channel/retain ownership? I was under the impression that they would NOT be broadcasting TMI anymore so TMI would be moving from their Internet channel to the NBC cable channel.

    My guess is that they will have some sort of internet presence for the show. They already have a site for the show (tmiweekly.com), so I can't imagine a deal in which that is shutdown. Furthermore, NBC has online properties (e.g. Hulu, nbcnewyork.com). Hell, even the mayor is already singing the praises of this new channel:


    The only way this is a step down is if the content is exclusive only to the cable channel. I doubt it, but we'll see.

  91. I'm totally with you, 1:20!

    Jacy, Russian Cowhugger, RBNS: Please, post 1:20's comment on top!

    A HAPPY!(TM) customer,

  92. I can't believe someone said that overweight women don't know anything about men and/or relationships. That's... special.

    Stay classy, RBNS commenters.

  93. Toolia & her cronies have been posting up a storm here today! Go and have a lie down girls, I'm sure your overtaxed brains need the rest...

    My question - when is Toolia going to get this famous Let It Unfold tattoo?

  94. Let It Unfold.

    What bullshit.

    If she really let it unfold she would see what a sham she has made her life to be.

    She would see that you actually have to work hard to make good things happen and not just put lazy thoughts out into the universe.

    If she really let it unfold she would probably cry her eyes out when she sees her life in realistic terms.

  95. Wasn't it Julia who said in one of the Big Think interview snippets that she was going to cancel her cable subscription because there's be no need for it as people consumed media in a different way. This can't be what she ideally wanted for TMI. She must have been hoping for the show to gain popularity online like Revision 3 shows so she'd seem like a pioneer.

    Speaking of Revision 3, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation are guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week and some Revision 3 shows are taping live episodes at SXSW. There are bound to be some pointed Tweets from Julia about that, no? That must be what she envisaged TMI would do for her.

  96. Anon 6.44

    Yeah, but Julia is full of shit.

  97. I think Julia's soulmate is Simon, from the Real Housewives of New York.

  98. Julia's Old NoseMarch 10, 2009 at 7:23 PM

    Here's a constructive idea -- Why not tape TMI at SXSW and turn it around the same day? They don't have to be so heavily edited -- have NNN create a "TMI @ SXSW" open to put on the front end.

    They would be casual, fun, short and off the cuff.

    If they really got crazy, they could even make a few phone calls and set up a taping location, and back-to-back guests. Tape all the short episodes at once.

    Upload a few short clips up onto some server, and people at NNN could do rough edits and turn them around the same day.

    If I was their producer, this is what we'd be doing on-site there. Shit, you could do it with a Flip camera, iMovie, and a MacBook and upload once you got back to the hotel.

    Something tells me this won't happen, but I'd be super impressed if it did.

  99. Julia's Old Nose - you are making the fatal error of supposing that some intelligence and creativity are involved in this venture.

    Your ideas make perfect sense but this is Julia's Magical Cupcake Land we are talking about...

  100. Julia's Old NoseMarch 10, 2009 at 7:37 PM

    BunnyBingo - I'm totally aware that they're not going to do any of that.

    It would take a little effort, some modicum of planning, and showing up on time to stuff, and actually turning around content on the same day. So, I'm sort of issuing this to them as a challenge.

    Between Megs and Jules, I'm sure they could wrangle a Flip Cam, a MacBook (Jules - I know your MacAir is full and can't handle any more video, but Meghan just flew across the country to get her laptop, so use that).

    Meghan should track down and book post-panel discussion interviews with all the playmakers on the Interactive panel.


    This a HUGE group of talented people making presentations at this thing. EMAIL THEM TONIGHT. Talk to them after their panel. Talk to people and see what they learned from the panels. This is not difficult.

    Use Flip cam. Press record. Send to NNN from hotel. SO. EASY.

    Same day content from SXSW = NO BRAINER.

  101. anon 7:37 you expect people who did no work in college to now know how to organize and od wokr?


  102. I think Meghan will ultimately leave NS. She's just really lonely and horny right now and thinks that by palling around with Mary and Julia she will eventually get laid AND meet the man of her dreams. That is, if those two things don't exactly come together in the same ... uh ... package. I'm not saying its right, its just where I think she's coming from right now.

  103. Julia's Old NoseMarch 10, 2009 at 8:18 PM

    I didn't do any work in college either, to be honest. This stuff is easy.

    I worked off an on for a network that covered 6 big music festivals a year. I'd usually get a call the week before to come on as a freelance producer. The talent loved/hated me because I'd make sure they did a minimum of 12 (TWELVE) artist interviews a day. We did it on zero budget and using equipment that was mostly our own.

    We'd get on-site at 9AM, work until 8 or 9:00, go out until 3 and then wake up in the morning and do it all over again.

    This is what you DO when you're covering an event like this. It's exhausting. It's completely non-stop. And your responsibility when you're COVERING it is to bring that vibe and energy to your viewers/readers/listeners, to make them feel like they're there.

    Unfortunately, I know what we'll get from the NS girls
    - kissy face pictures
    - random Twitters when they spot a celeb
    - karaoke pics

    and.... that'll be about it. Guaranteed.

  104. Meghan went from her lump in the throat she feels when thinking about the women and children living in poverty to over a half dozen screen shots of shopping sites. She calls them "sale" sites, but they are most certainly not.

    Wow. Deep.

  105. Julia's Old Nose - I agree, it would be *so easy* to produce some good content and yet, like you say, JA will listen to no-one's advice. She technically does have a producer in Megan Alagna, but that appears to be in name only.
    Toolia will just go off on her usual Magical Mystery Tour of SXSW, randomly posting whatever strikes her fancy.

  106. NS and TMIweekly could be total ripoffs of xiaxue in Singapore. She lifecasts and has a pretty funny web show called xiaxue guide to life - where she pretty much makes fun of herself.

  107. OK, RBNS editors, this is getting boring. We get it; RBNS 0, NS 1. This battle may have been lost, but we will win the war. Let's move on, new post!

  108. new slogan we go poopy for poofy?

  109. Sherrif Snarky and {redacted] NonEntity - Paradigm Shifter!

    Wow, some people here are truly both paranoid and hostile.

    I've been posting here since the day the site began. Not everyone with a different viewpoint from you is Julia or a troll. My comments (10:36 and 12:12) weren't obnoxious or rude and didn't warrant the vitriol from either of you. Jacy asked specificaly in her post what poeple's views were and I offered mine and asked a question about others'.

    Do you have that much trouble with views different from your own that your reaction cannot remain civil when your respond?

    Yes I saw everyone talking about a downgrade, I didn't see it as such and so, naturally, asked for the explanation. I guess I didn't see the few reasons bandied about as explanation for the sense of certaintly so many seemed to display about why this was such a step down. I assumed there were other reasons or some context I didn't get and asked.

    The information you offered was welcome and useful, but nothing in my comment warranted an attack and I see the vitriol and derision you responded with as a reflection on you alone and not of me or my comments.

    I've been accused of being JA on this site a handful of times, whenever comments haven't had the adequate amount of bite some people seem to think is required to prove one's anti-JA and anti-NS bias or have offered more of a positive look at NS than some may be comfortable with. Yet in reality I've been posting here since day 1 and am no more in JA's camp than anyone else here and never have been.

    I don't feel the same feeling of comradarie or openness to various veiwpoints here anymore that I felt when the site was first started so I don't comment much these days and don't bother with a sign in name when I do.

    That is not an attack on anyone or on the site, just an explanation for why I don't bother with a sign in when I do comment on occasion and why my comments of 12:12 and 10:36 weren't under my old username, which was Ineffable, and NOT Julia.

  110. Ineffable - I think part of the reason why you were met with hostility is because you mentioned Scary Mary. She likes to stir the pot over here once in a while ever since she was run off this board. I think she's the troll The Zookeeper was talking upthread. Sorry you felt attacked. We missed you!

  111. *Ineffable - I think part of the reason why you were met with hostility is because you mentioned Scary Mary and people thought maybe you were her.

  112. If you're being repeatedly falsely accused of being Julia when you post, maybe there's a reason.

  113. Ineffable, don't go. I always like your comments!

  114. This is why people shouldn't write those sayonara swan song comments announcing they're through with a blog and never coming back. Ineff, you shoulda commented under your old username and this all would have been avoided. If you didn't feel comfortable leaving a comment under your old username then that should've told you something. Glad to have you back, though.

  115. Julia's old nose: the real problem with your suggestion is you're assuming they'll have access to internet at SXSW, an interactive festival. Don't be crazy!

  116. --Thanks anon 9:33 for that explanation.

    --And yes Redacted Nonentity, there is a reason for my and others' comments being attributed to JA and co.: some here seem to believe that views other than 100% unfavorable toward NS and JA cannot possibly be from anyone but JA or crew, and my comments happen to acknowledge some positives and neutralities (when I believe there are some) in addition to negatives. To some that is clearly a clear sign that the comments are written by some proponent of NS and JA, of which I am not nor ever expect to be.

    --Anon 9:53

    Thanks for the welcome back. I appreciate it. And maybe I will just sign in if I make future comments. It does make it easier for having a conversation.

    To clarify though, I didn't not use my sign in name because of my goodbye post. I actually signed in as Ineff. numerous times since writing that comment. I didn't use my old name because as I wrote above I didn't feel a sense of "membership" in this community anymore. It also had nothing to do with how I veiwed my comment or thought it would be perceived.

    As for this all being avoided by using my username, that sort of furthers the point I was trying to make in my response above. Why should my username be needed as immunity from attacks? Why does posting something that is not 100% in line with some commenters inevitably lead to being attacked and accused of being JA?

    This means if I didn't have the advantage of having been here with a username form day 1 people would still be thinking I'm JA or a troll. That's the point I was trying to make above my stating my ID.

    If I was a newer commenter and wrote what I wrote above, I wouldn't have an old identity to fall back on to prove my position, yet I'd be someone with the exact same views expressed the exact same way as I've expressed them above. And I'd have been mocked and written off for it (as I was initially) and wouldn't be able to prove my identifty or viewpoint beyond my most recent comments to change that perception.

    I'm just trying to point out that that type of behavior is unfair IMO and tends to drive legitimate commenters away. Not all are going to dislike NS and JA for the same reasons and in the same ways and to the same extent. It shouldn't require a username or proven identity on this site or 100% agreement with some party line to have one's respectfully posted and unincendiary comments treated with civility or if not that then at least ignored.

    I appreciate your feedback though and the warm welcome you offered despite my history of saying goodbye, then returning, then anon posting, etc.