Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Julia: "Get People To Do Things For You"

Here's Jackles, advocating slavery to a group of college students. Creepy the way her old-man suitor is chuckling at every ridiculous thing she says. Tough to figure out how she got this gig:

There is another "Chat With an Insomniac" or whatever the hell it's called that goes on for almost six minutes about her weight. Apparently Jackles has gained 10 pounds and, as usual, it's like she's the first person this has ever happened to. She is at a loss as to what to do about it and asks readers, once again, to send tips. Here's a tip, Jackles: Eat less, exercise more.


  1. Morning funnies.

    "This article sort of begs the question: ummmm … why now, exactly? Was Regina just like, “Aiight, I’ll give him 23 years, but that’s it. Seriously. March 2009’s the deadline.”"

    Kind of funny she's questioning David Letterman's marriage to a woman he's been dating for years. When the dating columnist (er, former) can sustain a relationship or even find a poor schlub to marry her, maybe we'll give more weight to her inquiry.

    Funny convo. Bad clipping job on JA's part because the quickness with which she jumps into asking about whomever this is not having a girlfriend looks sadly desperate. I like that he can come back with the fact that he's dating and ask her the same. She, naturally, cannot respond in kind, just give an oh-so-witty "touche". Touche? What? Shock me, seriously.

    Oy, and don't get me started on the desperate twitter status screenshots to show that (and here comes Julia Allison, y'all): "JOHN MAYER, SEE, I WAS TALKING TO EV WILLIAMS, FOUNDER OF TWITTER, AND HE AND I HAD A LAUGH (well, not so much him as me and he was really just obliging in responding politely and tactfully) AT THE END OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP DUE TO TWITTER, CUZ YOU WOULDN'T GIVE ME A QUOTE FOR TV OR ACKNOWLEDGE MY TWEETS SO PEOPLE COULD THINK WE WERE CONNECTED IN SOME WAY! HA-HA."

    The incredibly sad and transparent posting of this exchange makes it that much funnier that JMayer spent quite a bit of time after her desperate tweets retweeting and replying to MAN a random stranger through twitter. Ouch.

    But yes... Julia. You know why YOU find that demented "twreakups" non-witticism SO funny? (Next time sound it out a few times, honey. Attempt-at-creating-a-cute-buzzword fail) Because YOU came up with it (though we're sure the twitter community at large found it totally lolworthy too), but more importantly because posting it allows you to take a public swipe at yet another celebrity who completely ignored you. Nice though, that this will surely be filed as one of those permissable circumstances where you've opted to disparage someone's personal life online and it's OK. Really NICE.

  2. Yeah, I didn't even touch that photo. It is disturbing on too many levels and it would have lead to insanely nasty comments in here.

  3. What a fucking farce when she brays about having a business. No, JABA the Nut, you have a cheap vanity website and you play at being a grownup.

    Why am I not surprised that she figured out a way to get people to do things for free for her? What a disreputable asshole Julia Allison / Julia Baugher is.

  4. That's what I didn't get. She's talking/acting as though she's some kind of media entrepreneur. She has a blog! Millions of us could be up there if that's the standard for success.

  5. Also, can we please get a new post on that middle of the night video she made about her alleged 10-lb. weight gain? (I'm officially calling bullshit on it being 10 lbs.)

    I'm curious what those who insist that she's still (and recently) a skinny size 2 have to say about it.

  6. she never set up even one single chair. couldn't be bothered.

  7. "Who cares if what you're doing is morally and ethically corrupt, and people tell you so on a regular basis! If someone wants to be exploited, you do it! Put an ad on craigslist!"

  8. Julia's entire MO is to get people to do things for her. "Hello, people!", the cumbersome begging and pleading for "ideas, suggestions, tips, set design, free stuff...." etc etc etc etc ad nauseum... and all the way to her "alleged" plagiarism.

    She doesn't "do" she doesn't "create". I even noticed after seeing her most recent "lip dub" that she does the same lame "dance" steps and hand motions in each one.

    How could I possibly NOT mock her?

    And for those who care: I posted another vid.

    "xoxo bunnies!"

  9. Anon 745 you took the words out of my mouth.

  10. Here's the thing I don't get about Julia. She posts her "Insomniac Talk #2" about weight, feeling so bad about herself she "doesn't even want to go out," and the next photo of her is one where she is standing on the bar of the APPLE STORE (not even an actual bar, people), in a sleeveless frilly top and short skirt. So really -- how bad can you possibly feel about yourself?

    That's what's so goddamn infuriating about Julia. She thinks that talking about "weight" and other buzz-issues, a la Oprah, makes her likeable or relatable. But it does so only if readers and viewers believe the speaker actually feels that way. I think we may all be pardoned if we don't quite buy that Julia has a lack of self-esteem.

  11. She's still awake, Twittering about Charles Forman now. The woman is complete off her nut.

  12. and for those who still don't get why her going to schools and talking up her non-business and failed branding is terrible? It's because it's inspiring the same type of behavior in her wake. http://gawker.com/5177470/vapid-fauxcialites-seek-huge-sucker-for-internship

    Thank goodness people have been shifting away from frivolity and pseudo-celebrity/nothingness. Crashing and burning is coming in a huge way for these people very, very soon.

  13. Words of wisdom from Julia Allison to workforce of tomorrow:

    "Now remember kids make sure you get other people to do all your work for you. You are the brains behind the operation. You'll never make any money working. Remember that!

    And secondly, never ever pay for anything, not even a piece of fruit. It all adds up! Get the people doing your work for you to get you everything you want for free. The companies will be happy to do it if you make sure to mention their product every time you speak, no big deal.

    Okay and lastly, remember it's not what you do it's who you namedrop and get your picture taken standing next to. Now get out there, good luck and may the laziest, greediest ones succeed. xo Bunnies

  14. I hope she didn't try to direct message him. Kinda hard, since he isn't following her anymore and all. Whoops.

  15. So... let me get this straight Julia Allison. Months and months on the Blueprint Cleanse = 10 lb. weight gain.

    Thanks for the ringing endorsement! Where do I sign up for my $65/day weight gain juice?

    My god, this is just like when Regina ate Calteen Bars.

  16. @ James:

    "My god, this is just like when Regina ate Calteen Bars."



  17. Ugh. That video she linked. Charles Forman needs to learn to eat with his mouth shut. Gah.

  18. Visit Tropical Chicago!March 24, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    That Julia Baugher weight gain video was beyond pathetic. Was this her wannabe Oprah "how did I get to 200 pounds" moment? She has one thing in common with Oprah - the gross yo yo weight gain/fad dieting obsession.

    Most people DO gain weight over the holidays/winter. Most people realize you have to exercise/not eat cupcakes to take the weight off. I love how she says she likes to "move about" but not go to the gym. Well yes, most humans DO have to "move about" in order to function. She came across in this video as just wanting to eat cupcakes and lay in bed all day but sad that you get fat from doing that. And then she wants to eat more because she's sad. Boo fucking hoo. Most people deal with weight issues. YOU are not special Julia Baugher. Most people also recognize that you have to do things that are not pleasant (like go to the gym) to take the weight off. What a whiny bitch.

  19. @Visit Tropical Chicago: Duh, the rules for everyone else don't apply to her, including the laws of weight gain.

  20. Wow. So not only is Julia too lazy to do the icky icky poo things it takes to lose weight (wake up spoiled princess - most people find the gym unpleasant but go anyway for their health) but she is also to lazy to even look for ideas and tips to help her lose the weight, once again begging viewers to send her tips. Well yeah, dummy... people who can't even lift a finger to google something do tend to pack on the pounds.

  21. Maybe she is looking for validation like Regina George, "I want to lose 10 pounds." Her friends reply "What? You're crazy. You're perfect."

    Also, she wants a weight loss tip? GET SOME SLEEP. I've read (unfortunately extensively) on the subject, and there is a major link between not getting enough sleep and weight (this is not to say that not sleeping CAUSES weight gain, but the two are associated).

  22. Visit Tropical Chicago!March 24, 2009 at 9:37 AM

    Totally agree, XOXOBunnies. This is just another sympathy ploy moment a la her "conversation with Dan" about how she looks fat because all of her friends are anorexic. And yeah - her HORRIBLE lifestyle might have something to do with it - NO sleep, no routine, no regular exercise, subsisting on nothing but juice and cupcakes and eating nothing of nutritional value.... I could go on.

    Here's another tip: if it does not pain you too much, lift your poor, tired, sleepless, overweight finger and click on over to your "best friend" Mary's blog. She posts countless creative exercise tips and healthy recipes there. Oh wait. Cooking something healthy for yourself actually requires work. Nevermind.

  23. It's way too obvious to point out the irony of Julia posting her weight gain video not long after publicly decrying Mary's exercise episode of TMI Weekly as being "boring", right?

    I think this is the crux of Julia's problem. She's got a friend/business partner/whatever who clearly enjoys exercise, clearly doesn't eat cupcakes all the time and clearly just gave her a load of useful tidbits on how to make exercise fun...and yet her first response after weighing herself is to post a video online asking other people for tips. It's the weirdest thing.

    So either Julia and Mary are reeeally on the outs, or Julia just wants more attention from strangers. I guess both could be true, which adds to the confusion.

    I will never understand the logic of somebody saying she felt terrible at SXSW for the way she looked, given how she was dressing at that conference. She must have been thinking she needed to keep up with Shira Lazar (who I guess must be a lot younger?) hence the bizarre evening gown in the bloggers lounge...but seriously, would anybody think less of Julia if she just wore jeans and a sweater because she felt comfortable like that? I don't think so. It's the incongruity of Julia prancing around SXSW in a mini skirt that people comment on. But maybe that's it, maybe she needs people to comment on her even if it's disparagingly.

    And as others have mentioned...great reflection on the Blueprint Cleanse to have somebody who gets their juice for free publicly talking about how she's put on weight and is unhappy with the way she looks.

  24. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 24, 2009 at 9:40 AM

    I bet Julia wishes she could enslave an intern to lose weight for her too. "Get people to do things for you" sums up much of her existence.

    This is why she will fail in any attempt to lose weight -- she has no work ethic. Losing weight requires discipline and hard work. This probably explains the bulimia, too. It's a lot easier to shove your finger down your throat and barf up your cupcakes than it is to forgo them and commit to a five-times-a-week exercise regimen.

    I predict she will be Delta Burke-sized in about two years.

  25. She's 5'4 and curvy. OF COURSE she's going to put on weight quicker and easier than her taller and naturally thinner friends, which means she should be every bit as hypervigilant if not MORE health/fitness obsessed as Mary.
    And look no further than her mom for her physical future, folks.

  26. Visit Tropical Chicago!March 24, 2009 at 9:56 AM

    Oh come on! Her mom is just a normal looking average middle aged mother. Nothing wrong with that. Except in Julia Baugher's Alternate Reality Show. The woman obviously has major issues accepting aging and maturing (see: Blair Waldorf costumes) so of course she is having a mental breakdown at the fact that you put on weight and aren't always bikini material as you get older.

    It's plainly obvious that she seethes with jealously over Mary's model thin body. The difference is Mary works her ass off to look like that. She "runs stadiums" when she's home in Houston for chrissakes - that's stuff that college athletes and people training for marathons do!

    Julia's weight gain is just another byproduct of her having zero work ethic. Of course, she's much more broken up about this consequence because her looks and her body is what she's primarily used to get ahead in her "career." Her looks stall out = "career" stall out.

  27. Side note..

    Is Julia mommy still writing stuff for her no writing talent Julia Baugher daughter?

  28. Here's a free tip Julia: eat less, move more.

    Here's another: You are not entitled to a fun-filled life, free of challenges and not always getting your childish way - you have to work for what you want.

  29. Paradigm: Do you read the RBNS posts before you comment on them? Not being snarky, just wondering because you ask for things/mention things that have already been posted.

  30. "Anon" @ 10:17, perhaps you need to learn to read for comprehension. I think that a separate post might be the place for those who insist that Julia is "tiny" and no larger than a size 2 or 4 might like to address that, instead of it being an add-on to another thread about her (typical) heinous self-entitled behavior.

    But thanks for playing.

  31. Let's put a cork on the "hater on hater" hating, shall we?

    *rolls eyes*

  32. Magnolia Bakery: Now Featured on the SATC Bus TourMarch 24, 2009 at 10:39 AM

    Geez, could Julia Allison Baugher at least overindulge in something more satisfying than cupcakes?? Wine, booze, gourmet food, expensive chocolate... anything. How depressing that she can't even make her weight gain enjoyable.

  33. Shira's 25. I just looked up Shira's age because I thought based on the condescending remarks by Julia that she is so young that Shira may only be 22 or something. But no, Julia's just jealous of her success.

  34. I do feel bad for that "sausage finger" issue of hers; I never noticed it befor until her weight fluctuations this year. Yet the constant fake nails almost seem to emphasize their size.

    I sympathize with her slightly on the weight thing since I've put on quite a few extra pounds since the holidays myself. But that's my own stupid fault for being lazy/not working out as regularly and constantly shoving stuff up my piehole that I shouldn't. I would never whine to the world about it though; I just shutup and quit the bad habits that got me into this state in the first place.
    So big duh here, Julia: if you actually WORKED OUT daily for at least an hour(and it's not like you have a real job with real hours anyway, so quit your bitching and take time out of the day to go), you wouldn't be making sad videos of yourself in the wee morning hours whining about how you're a chubby insomniac!

  35. While social capital, the building of social ties by which life is made more productive for the individual, relies or reciprocity, Julia Baugher's "getting people to do things for you" attitude never even approaches the notion of give and take. It's rather just gimme, me, me, me! This is certainly why Ms. Baugher has burned so many bridges and why so many find her revolting.

    Funny side note 1: interesting that so many of the commenters who fell for Julia's poor pitiful me routine at 5 a.m. are back and posting negative responses to our lady of early morning melodrama.

    Funny side note 2: could the middle-aged male professor sitting alongside Ms. Baugher, the fool who concocted this evening after falling into her cleavage at Davos, be fantasizing that he and Jackles might soon be the subjects of a heated Philip Roth novel?

  36. I'm sure she's downgrading her weight gain for pr purposes, but if she's not then she's just deluding herself. That will not help her achieve any kind of weight loss goal. No, we're not just talking 10 pounds. You'd barely notice a 10 pound weight gain. We all fluctuate about 5-7 or so pounds every month. If her jeans aren't fitting then she's put on at least 15-20 pounds. If it is just 10 pounds, then it's all collecting in her middle which is a sign of too much sugar being consumed and not burned off. Size 4 she is not.

    Her excuse about wanting winter over because she "loves to walk" killed me. She's from Chicago. NYC winters are nothing compared to Chicago winters. The weather hasn't been that bad and she could still find time to walk, really walk not strut in ridiculously high heels, if she truly wanted to. We're hardly buried under snow and ice here.

    I'm starting to think more and more, based on recent videos and pics of "fans," that's her audience is mostly average/chubby wannabes who would kill to look like her. So she puts out a public plea for "tips" knowing she's going to get a bunch of e-mails from 22 year old Carrie Bradshaw wannabees who eat their feelings telling her she's beautiful and perfect just the way she is.

    Great, you bought a pretty pink notebook to write down your diet. Now write down your calories. Then figure out how much/little you "move about." What? You take in more than you expend? There's your problem. See how simple that is?

  37. I agree with you Christan, on who her true fans are, and that's why I'm not surprised when the "you guys are just jealous" comes out so vehemently from them. That's the case for them, except they like her, so it's a different situation. Since they can't understand why others wouldn't share this view, being so entrenched in it themselves, they assume it's the driving force behind any dislike for her. It's like having superficiality blinders on, and incredibly wrong. There's something to be said for the fact that amongst the type of people who will openly admit to being a fan of hers, you'll hardly find a strong, independent careerwoman. She's interviewing them, sure. She's acting as if they have super deep, personal conversations, of course. Yet, I haven't seen one come to the forefront for her, and I think there's good reason for it - they see through her bullshit and wouldn't champion that kind of behavior or self-entitled attitude in anyone. It wouldn't even shock me if JA had a fan base because there are so many girls out there who are exactly like her or wish they could occupy such an empty life because they think they'd be happy living it. She kind of stands as their 'proof positive' that being this way is OK, and it's a cop out from truly taking time to examine and figure out how (and who) one is and what they can do to bring positive change to the world. The former is easy, the latter requires creating a unique identity that you're strong in and taking accountability for what you present to people.

  38. Julia's Pink Diet NotebookMarch 24, 2009 at 11:50 AM

    Calories Burned Log - March 23

    Practicing Zoolander pose - 100 calories
    Writing in notebook - 25 calories
    Making melodramatic video confessional - 200 calories
    Walking two blocks to store - 50 calories (nice weather today!)
    Returning dresses to Barney's - 50 calories
    Typing - 10 calories
    Staying awake for 24 hours straight - 100 calories

  39. Bitch-blogging Mary: 10 calories
    Twitter-stalking Ashton Kutcher and John Mayer: 20 calories
    Invading her father's privacy by posting his private voicemail messages for thousands of strangers: 15 calories
    Applying false eyelashes that remain on even at 4 a.m.: 20 calories

  40. even though it's basically been stated and is almost a definite, seeing virgin america ads completely interspered in gawker's content today makes me think 100% that NS had/has a deal with them (Virgin, that is, their advertising via Gawker is just the same media circle, it appears their marketing/ad departments aren't too picky), and to date it's still never been publicly acknowledged. quite funny.

  41. Pacing teeny apartment dreaming up next publicity stunt (1 hour) : 70 calories
    (truth? 30 minutes spent laying in bed with lilly. -40 calories)

    Tapping Lee Press-Ons while thinking of how to get the attention of exes (2 hours) : 45 calories

    Scouring Twitter for someone famous in Hollywood/prominent in tech world to @ for purpose of insinuating close friendship : 30 calories

  42. I'm sick of discussing Yoolia's weight. I wish she would stop bringing it up.

  43. What I find weird about this "design" presentation (apart from the fact that she doesn't appear to be talking about design at all and if she was, what's her legacy here? NS? fail), is that mr. professor is sitting up there on the stage with her. And shifting his chair and turning his body towards her.
    Why didn't he just hand her over to the students and step down to sit in the audience with them? It's just weird. Like they're a couple or something right?

  44. that shira lazar character is hot and seems to have cobbled together a real career working both on TV and internet. looks like she hosts a few (small-time) shows but they are much more legit than TMI with LIU Jill! According to Gawker, she also dated Kevin Rose (at least briefly). it must drive JA absolutely batsh*t crazy...

  45. To Julia's Pink Diet Notebook:

    Welcome to the fun.

    I am seriously thinking of changing my handle to "Juice and Cupcakes." That does have a ring to it.

  46. How in the world can you all give a shit so much about someone that most of you presumably don't even know? You don't like her? Don't visit her site, it's just that easy. I mean this with all sincerity - why waste all of this time and energy?

  47. Julia's Pink Diet NotebookMarch 24, 2009 at 1:40 PM

    Calories Consumed Log - March 23

    1:30 p.m. - wake up
    2:00 p.m. - Blueprint Cleanse for breakfast - 200 calories
    4:00 p.m. - Blueprint Cleanse for snack - 200 calories
    7:00 p.m. - Blueprint Cleanse for dinner - 200 calories
    (need to remember to call and ask for more tomorrow)
    9:30 p.m. - 2 cupcakes on the way home from Apple store (BAD!!!) - 800 calories
    2:30 a.m. - microwave popcorn snack (organic!!) - 600 calories
    3:30 a.m. - Frango mints snack (BAD!!!) - 500 calories
    4:00 a.m. - to bed

  48. Mary said she is covering the streamys for Kodak and yet they don't seem to have her listed in their events for sponsorship.


    Is this another NS situation, where NS says they are sponsored by-- but, the company, not so much?

  49. Please do not feed the trolls.

  50. Someone mentioned on an earlier thread they thought Julia looked coke-y. The late nights, the hyper-loquacious jags, the rubbing of the nose in several recent videos. She also kind looks less shiny.

    COuld this also be diet pill abuse? Anyone...

  51. Do you think Blueprint Cleanse would like to see the video of their unofficial spokesperson/ free juice hog is up late at night talking about how much weight she's gained?

    Let them know!


    Video link:



  52. Anon 1:37

    “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”
    ~Dante Alighieri


  53. Anon 1:37: I was thinking today about commentors on this site such as yourself. There seem to be no shortage of people who will pipe up here to lob a criticism at the commentors who take issue with Julia's online persona, but they stop short of actually defending Julia and/or her actions. This interests me, that's all.

  54. Anon 137 -

    How in the world can you all give a shit so much about [commenters] that [you] presumably don't even know? You don't like [them]? Don't visit [this] site, it's just that easy. I mean this with all sincerity - why waste all of this time and energy?

  55. Did she take down the weight video? I don't see it.

  56. The coke/diet pill abuse talk needs to stop.

  57. I just checked NonSociety, and it might just be me, but nothing is showing up under the individual blogs...

  58. Maybe New York has different labor laws, but I've hired interns in California: it is against the law not to compensate them. You have to either provide school credit (and in the process demonstrate you've taught them things beside setting up folding chairs) or pay minimum wage. You can't have "rogue" interns -- a company needs to have them on the books, and a self-employed person has to do the same, for tax purposes, etc.

  59. Anon 2:16: Agreed. She's tired, maybe has a bit of a cold. There's really nothing more to it. Julia rarely even takes an aspirin for a headache.

  60. @Anon 2:19 - I'm sure Julia told the kid she had amazing media contacts that she would introduce them to as compensation. If she'd been caught, I'll bet she would have said the 'intern' was just someone who was interested in her and wanted to help out of the goodness of his/her heart.

    Also, someone on here should totally take up 'Rogue Intern' as their handle.

  61. Anon 2:19

    It's not just you: the "content" is missing from ALL their pages.

    The plot thickens.

  62. Rogue Intern here! The content has been taken down from their pages because they are about to launch a NEW AND IMPROVED version 3.5!!!! Now with even MORE lightboxes, horizontal scrolling and now with the added feature of every post being hidden. You have to solve a puzzle to find it. Our new hidden content feature is shifting paradigms!

    OK, better go before Julia catches me on here! Have to go return some used headbands to the department store now. Toodles!


  63. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 24, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    "Julia rarely even takes an aspirin for a headache."

    She's so, so brave.

  64. I wish Julia would go back to using Vimeo. I have a slower connection and the Viddler videos don't synch up her speech with her movement. I never had that problem with her Vimeo clips.

  65. anon 225
    Whoa, whoa.
    She SAYS she doesn't take asprin. She SAYS she doesn't drink.

    People here have crossed all sorts of lines in speculating on Julia: her weight, her relationships, her frienships, her mental health.

    Don't tell me obvious signs of substance abuse are off the table...

  66. Julia doesn't trust modern medicineMarch 24, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    Yes... we all know that Julia would never let an illegal drug or modern medicine enter her pristine, chemical free body. Only cupcakes full of sugar, dyes, preservatives and other garbage for Our Lady of Homeopathic Remedies.

  67. TO: Anon 1:42
    RE: Diet Pill Abuse

    Sadly, I am the self-proclaimed resident expert on what shit Julia injects into her face (Restalyn into her nasal-labial folds, hence the disgusting puffy mounds beneath her skin because that hack of a derm, Dr. Bobby, didn't mush it into her skin enough) and diet pills. I highly, highly doubt Julia is taking the latter.

    The only effective diet pills are ones that contain the ingredient ephedra, which in the past few years has been made illegal in the United States. Even if she were to get her hands on any ephedrine-based diet pills, she'd frankly be thinner than she is... or fast on her way. Because ephedrine actually does work.

    Ephedra/ephedrine does have some of the same effects as cocaine, both physiologically and psychologically -- though obviously to a more minor degree, but severe enough to make it an illegal drug.

    So in short, no. I do not think Julia is taking diet pills. At least, not any ones that are ephedrine-based. I think she's just a fucking loony all by her self, without the help of drugs.

  68. WTF are you talking about? You can buy Ephedra all over the fkn internet. Christ I buy it all the time.

  69. @partypants... I took this from your twitter: "I'm sleepy. It's a byproduct of being fat.
    about 3 hours ago from web"

    So how is that internet-ephedra working out for ya? Would you recommend it to Julia?

  70. Adderall is the diet pill of choice these days isn't it? It's basically speed in a pill prescribed for ADHD. The other speedy diet pill is phentermine, which is much stronger than ephedra.

    There's loads on the market to choose from that will keep a person talkative and up all night. They all lose their effects after a while.

  71. @Anon 2:19 pm -- it is now illegal in NY to have interns without some kind of compensation (which includes course credit), but that law wasn't in place (or wasn't widely enforced) three years ago when she was an intern with an intern. (I know because I was an unpaid intern at a couple of places at that time.) Anyway, Julia can have as many unpaid interns as she wants as long as everyone keeps their mouth shut--how will any authorities find out if no one complains and no one bothers to put them on the books?

    She never set up a single folding chair (she was worried about breaking nails). And I remember trying to teach her how to use the mb audio equipment and her telling me that I was wasting my time because she wasn't going to ever set it up. Basically, she schmoozed and took advantage of free classes. I honestly don't remember her doing much work at mb.

  72. God, that weight video was boring.

  73. I'm not sure what the New York State labor laws are exactly, but while I was in school, I worked several internships. Some of which were not compensated, not even with school credit (that's usually in control of the SCHOOL, not the companies hiring the interns, by the way).

  74. Ha! It's becoming clearer and clearer that this site is motivated (mostly) by...jealusee!! Consider Jacy: "She has a blog! Millions of us could be up there if that's the standard for success." Yes, dear Jacy, but you're not up there, allison is. You're not successful, she is. Whining much?

  75. Allison,

    There are both federal and state labor laws that require for-profit employers to pay interns at least minimum wage unless the job meets specific requirements.

    To qualify as a LEGAL unpaid internship, there are six requirements the position must meet that are laid out in the Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act. What the six items boil down to is that an intern can do absolutely no work that is of any benefit at all to the company if the position is unpaid. (This article outlines it simply: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2007/Jun/06/bz/FP706060387.html)

    Unpaid internships have long been illegal under federal law, but it wasn't until the mid-2000s that anyone noticed/made a stink about it, which explains my unpaid experiences and may explain yours depending on when your internship experiences were.

    Anyway, we could argue this point, but it's kind of really boring. So why don't you just Google internship labor laws?

  76. Thanks MS. Why don't you get yourself to the Real Life stories thread already!?

  77. @Dahling Well, it used to work for me. Haven't taken any in two years. I wouldn't recommend it myself; I became dependent on it to keep me thin, and didn't learn any healthy habits like diet and exercise (I'm working on that, but I'm very lazy and not very vain anymore). Also, your body reacts with a lovely coke-bloat when you stop.

    Thus, I am fat now.