Thursday, March 19, 2009

UPDATE -- Julia: Does She Have ANY Ideas?

Once again, Jackles seems unable to come up with any ideas on her own without publicly appealing for help, whether it's column ideas for the most recent job from which she was fired, TMI Weekly topics, interview questions and now, the TMI Weekly introduction.

Firstly, to borrow a Jackles-ism .... Duh. Just duh.

Secondly, why would you want to constantly advertise to your 800,000 unique visitors a week or whatever her latest utter fabrication was that you have NO ideas and can't EVER think up anything on your own? If you're a potential investor watching NonSociety, is that going to be impressive?

We’re changing the intro to TMIweekly and I’m curious - what do you think it should be like? Any web shows - or tv shows (Um, personally, I’m obsessed with The City’s intro) - we should look at as a model?

Email me with a really great idea or links to great ideas - or even better! - a fake new intro - and I’ll send you a prize. Seriously. I am not above bribery.

And it looks like even her real-life friends and associates are trying to let Jackles know she's out of her mind.

Someone told me I didn’t know “who I was” today. I’m not sure what to make of that, exactly. I think I’m many things - and sometimes those things change. Who I was five years ago, five months ago, five days ago isn’t necessarily who I am now. Why should it be?

It always bothers me that it’s perfectly acceptable to criticize politicians for “flip-flopping.” You mean taking in new information and altering one’s views accordingly? You mean allowing your life experiences to change your future behavior? You mean learning?

Human beings are inherently inconsistent - our thoughts, our feelings, the way we relate to others changes constantly - and yet, “inconsistency” remains a largely pejorative term. Why?

Perhaps I’m more inconsistent than most. I posted something today about being “in the mood for a boyfriend,” which made me laugh, because I usually don’t feel that way. I assume that’s not confusing for my readers, because they understand that sort of thing changes from day to day. I’d be lying if I said that what I want in general doesn’t also change on a (nearly) daily basis. One day I love New York and never want to leave. The next I want to go to business school. The next I want to take the summer and live in Chicago. And so on, and so on. I’ve always been like this. Lots of life paths: some happen, some don’t. Eventually it all works out, so I’ve never really worried too much about it.

I do feel that I’m at a turning point right now, and I’m actively searching for the answer to what really makes me happy. But here’s what keeps tripping me up: there are elements of what makes me happy in a lot of things which don’t make me happy. Additionally, some things which make me happy only make me happy in small doses. Does that make sense?

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that “knowing who you are,” isn’t a set conclusion you come to, the way you write up a mission statement for a company, like “Don’t be evil.” Or … hmmm. Maybe it is?

UPDATE: Sorry, I can't believe I missed this gem from last night.

JA has a history of surprising interviewers with her SUPER niceness.

- [redacted]

Jackles, remember when you sent us e-mails this week and posted your letter to us on your blog, expressing an inability to understand why we don't like you? THIS is why we don't like you. It's not too difficult to be a fawning fake in a 20-minute interview, for one thing -- I've seen it a lot in the course of my career. But to post this with a [REDACTED]? What is wrong with you? Seriously. Next time you're asking yourself: "Why doesn't anybody like me?" just go back to this post. It's because you're a ridiculous fool.


  1. Julia
    If you focused on the more substantive issues, no one would care that you change your mind a lot! The "I'm going to Harvard Business School!" or "I'm going to Chicago to read all summer!" meme is only funny in the context of the more pathological behaviors (i.e. lying, "using" others for personal gain, entitlement).

    If you stopped the things below, you *might* gain the respect of the people with whom you are most interested in working. (I do think it may be too late!)
    Promising content and prizes to your readers and NEVER following through.
    Using whole names/places of business when referring to supposed friends.
    Posting juvenile glamor shots-I get that this your schtik. A few pictures every now and then? Ok. Lots of goofy, childlike photos is just...weird.
    Feeling entitled to freebies, friendships, and prestigious conferences

    Your best post EVER was the one in which you came clean after New Year's Eve. You said you felt bad for always waiting for the BEST invite from the BEST people to the BEST party. It was way cool for you to admit it and say you needed to work on it. You never followed through. What a shame!


  2. TJ- what exactly happened on NYE? i missed this and people reference it now and then.

  3. Julia, you lazy turd, unfortunately most people are smarter than your neglected dog and need more than a "prize" to make them happy for doing something for you.

    I love how she exposes her lazy thought patterns in all her posts:
    1. Send me ideas.
    2. Better yet, do my research for me and email me links.
    3. Best of all, just use your time, talent and resources and CREATE a new intro for me, which I can then rip off and take credit for.

    My god she is so transparently stupid, lazy and void of any creativity of her own. Even her pleas for content/ideas/stories have become lazy.

    Julia - if you're reading this - get off your Juicy sweatpants-clad ass and DO SOME REAL WORK. No wonder you don't know who you are - you don't DO anything.

  4. And its things like putting out the whole "i am a prude who never has sex" while at the same time cheating on guys and writing about how one got you christmas gifts while the other was invited to chicago with you and you went to south africa with a third. I am not a prude but I still think fucking 3 guys in a week is a bit much.

  5. Of course Julia is obsessed with The City. It's the reality show she wishes she had - glammed up young women in glam jobs doing glam things. Unfortunately she's about five years too old and 10 years too old looking to ever appeal to that demographic.

  6. SA-
    Yoolia posted multiple times per day in the weeks leading up to New Years Eve, that she wasn't sure what she'd be doing on the Eve. She mentioned vague plans and the fact that she was considering multiple options. There was a desire to go on a trip. Then there was a desire to stay close to home. There was also a desire to meet up with people. She solicited invitations and regularly asked her readers to give her ideas.
    Her father wrote her an email, per Jill, where he stated she spent way too much of her life waiting for what she perceived was a perfect invite. She was watching instead of living life. Jill took his email to heart.

    She wrote to multiple people (i.e. Krystal, Ellie) had invited her to spend NYE with them but she felt she could do BETTER. She used those words. And that in trying to do BETTER, she often ends up with nothing. It was sad.

  7. New contest...

    Name something that Julia has done that was Original..

  8. I just read her shout out for free intro designs. Fucking A, YOOLIA! You want to be a founder? A web 2.0 pioneer? You need your own ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! All the people whom you spent you time obsessing over, i.e. Kevin Rose/Ben L./Forman/Lodwick, all started with multiple original ideas (some way better than others, but that's a side bar convo).

  9. And... Julia Allison is "at a turning point" just like she was at a turning point when she was "exploring spirituality" or "letting it unfold" or "turning the other cheek." This nano second of self reflection will last until something else better comes along to occupy her hummingbird brain and she's off to take more obnoxious photos of herself or post pictures of headbands that she wants. Up down up down up down up down... the emotionally unstable roller coaster continues to go round and round and round.

  10. James
    In T minus 24 hours, she will be having one of her "I'VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER, LIKE EVER!" posts.

  11. I read that tweet as - ONE person thinks I am nice but they/I can't even tell you their name or let anyone know who they are because I am actually so NOT nice and incredibly unlikable.

    Thanks for confirming everything we've suspected about you Julia! But I am sure you'll change our minds over a 30 minute coffee break. I live in South Dakota and can't afford the airfare to New York... would you mind sending Virgin Airlines out to pick me up?

  12. Oh no she didn't! she put that quote on her website.....she may be nice to the interviewers that play kissy face with her but from what I read of her, she is not a very good person, neither was Nicole Kidman's charater in To Die For...

  13. I think it's great that this site exists as a perpetual "pseuds' corner" devoted to julia allison, but some of you take it way too far and in doing so you inadvertently give Julia the high moral ground.

    I think the worst thing about this site is the constant updates. She's not constantly mistepping so why pretend that she is? It's hypocritical. She gives plenty of material that can provide at least one post per day. To post and comment on her any more than that makes a lot of youse look more stalkerish than humorish.

  14. anon 111:07 Sm I presume?

  15. Bicurious Party HatMarch 19, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    Yo, Dumbass, you've described your FEELINGS. Yes, feelings change from week to week, day to day, hour to hour, etc. You're addicted to making yourself FEEL HAPPY, you self-indulgent twat. It's like being addicted to alcohol or drugs. You can't stop stimulating the pleasure centers in your brain with quick, cheap fixes.

    Stop spinning in circles, chasing your happiness tail. Pick a fucking point on the horizon (you know, an actual GOAL!) and aim for it. Do what it takes to get there (HARD WORK). Stop trying to glom onto everybody else's goals and ideas (LEECH). You're a goddamn parasite.

  16. Anon 11:07: By constant updates you mean the two we had yesterday? Yes, I know, we're out of control.

  17. I agree with 11:07. I'm not SM, JAB, MA OR MR. I don't think you have to be an RBNS hater to say that things are starting to feel a little stalkerish around here with all the Twitter Watch Updates and analyzing everything she says and does.

  18. What a laugh. When RBNS isn't posting all day they get people in the comments haranguing them for more posts. You guys can't win. Carry on and ignore the chorus of fools who come in here to criticize you yet they're on here reading, aren't they?

  19. Scary Mary Failed at Copying NonSociety Boo HooMarch 19, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    Chorus of fools = Scary Mary. (No matter how many sockpuppets back her up, it's always just her. The seething hate for the commenters here gives it away every time.)

  20. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 19, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    How is this blog giving Jackles the moral high ground anyway? What a ridiculous and false statement. Oh yeah, she's got the moral high ground ... that's why everything's going so well for her lately. Her business is failing, her friends are abandoning her and she's just been fired again.

    This blog is merely a reflection of her own massive failures on every front and her willingness to constantly advertise them and/or try to spin them in her favor. She was an embarrassment at SXSW; she is a failure in all her inter-personal relationships; her business and career is failing -- how exactly is this blog in any way giving her a moral high ground?

    And if it's so "stalkerish," why are you here reading it?

  21. you're free to stop swinging by if it frightens you. Also, can you stop referring to people as "youse"? Try "you guys" or better yet, "all of you". There's no need for the analysis, as she's pretty transparent in everything she says she does - the point of the updates are the direct clicks where they should be going. Some people may even want the posts appearing more often than others, not once a day.

  22. Please do not feed the trolls.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Ha, I took Julia up on her offer to meet her so she could prove how "wonderful" she was. I didn't even bother with any preconditions, because I knew she would never do it.

    She responded to my initial email with some half-insane, trying-to-hard-to-pretend-I'm-nice email saying we could meet the next day.

    I said sure, you just let me know when.

    Obv, she backed out.

    The thing is, even if she can be "nice" for a 30 minute interview, or a few hours at a party, whatever, she still comes across as glaringly fake. It's not genuine and anyone with an ounce of social skills can see that immediately. It's why she has NO friends to speak of.

  25. By seething hate are you referring to 11:25? When the comments devolve into calling each other cunts I'm not sure anybody has the right to take the moral highground. Intelligent snark this is not. Not at any more.

    I wrote 11:16 and I have nothing to do with Scary Mary. I am not a sock puppet. I used to comment here under an alias when this blog first started. I stopped commenting when this blog went from a place of intelligent discourse with a healthy dose of snark to some corner dive bar frequented by people with nothing better to do.

    Keep this up and this blog will die as quickly as Nonsociety did.

  26. I guess Trainwrecks is also "stalking" JA and giving her the moral high ground since they too teed off on her about the [REDACTED] super-niceness comment.

    Go away.

    Now let's get back to the matter at hand, and stay on topic!

    If Redacted insisted on being redacted, it kind of has the opposite meaning, doesn't it?

  27. So! That SXSW coverage was GREAT, wasn't it guys. Total change from DLD and Davos!

  28. Who I was five years ago, five months ago, five days ago isn’t necessarily who I am now. Why should it be?

    This woman is so blind she should walk with a white cane.

  29. OK, I deleted the c-word comment from BCP because I don't think we want to go there, do we?

    Hey, if there are people out there who hate this blog, we get it. Everyone at RNBS gets it. But scolding us in the comments isn't going to change what we do or how we do it and, in fact, our readership is growing, not faltering. So please, vote with your feet if it so offends you. In the meantime, I will delete any comments that devolve into out-and-out name-calling because it's stupid.

    We're all here in a snark blog, get it? So there's no moral high ground for any of us, not even those complaining about it. Just try to keep it clean and ignore those you disagree with. Thanks to all.

  30. Aye aye Capt Jacy

  31. I thought only sticks and stones could hurt, not names...?

    I guess none of you spend much time visiting UK gossip blogs. Many of them have a "cunt's corner" which is a place where people vent about things that irritate them. The word isn't incendiary, as it appears to be here.

    I guess it's like the way Americans talk about a "fanny" like it's so benign, without realizing it means external female genitalia to the Brits.

  32. So I guess I should rethink that plan to sell fanny packs in the UK?

  33. Everything that Julia Allison needs to change is in that Huff Po piece this week. The one where she scoffe3d at the idea of writing more for her living (“.. and what, make $50k a year?”). She has contempt for those who she should see as her peers and collagues.
    Look, until now, it’s been accepted among people in media that, with few exceptions, salary would be low. I mean, generations of budding reporters, writers, photographers and designers came to NYC abnd toher cities to try their hand in the business. They knew they’d never make much. ( I for one paid dues at those “suburban papers” Julia Allison would never deign to work at, and now have a job, in NYC, that pays just a little over her derided $50k mark. With many of my talented and experienced media friends out of work alogther, I feel grateful.). Even at the so-called “glamourous” jobs at fashion magaines and television stations, the idae of getting rich and famous was a myth. They toil for school teacher wages. Or worse.
    Most people did it because they loved it. They loved taking pictures, or they loved reporting. They loved the buzz of it, or even just the sense of being at the center of things. In the know. Surrounded by other people with a creative bent. Some people even had a mission, a sense of doing something vital. And It’s always been hard. And it’s never paid well. (Forget the celebrity editors, or the national tv people. Or best-selling millionaire authors They’re a fluke. An aberration.)
    But things have gotten weird in recent years. The whole world became so infatuated with the web that the rules changed. I put Julia Allison in that class of people who have cheerleaded for this new paradigm. This model that puts the creator of content in the place of content. And she has always been facinated with only one subject: herself. Even her few magazine assignments have been about her. She earned her entree into NYC media by writing about her affair with a Congressman while she was an undergraduate. And then she proceeded to get in front of every camera and webcam she could find. And she never did any real reporting, or designing. Or editing. Or really any writing And now, as real people, with real skills, lose their job in the so-called old media, Julia Allison jets around the world, standing up at conferences telling people she and her model ar ethe future.
    And she seems to laugh at the fools of the non-web. And now she sneers at our puny little salaries.
    She couldn’t be bothered to read the glossy tabloid she was paid 6 figures to flak on tv for (she was fired). She used a free weekly as entree to events and then double-dipped by posting content from those TONY jobs as web content for herself (and now has lost that gig). Web is the future, she says, but it appears her only paying gig will be from a traditional tv network that airs in the back of cabs. In the HuffPo piece she says she wants a book deal. But she hasn’t read a book in a at least a year (self-help doesn’t count, it just doesn’t).
    Even as the heroes she sucks up to, like tumblr and facebook, are crumbling under inflkated values, leanring the lesson that should have been so obvious when they began. The web cannot make money as it is. Companies will have to charge for content. Advertising on the web doesn’t really work. And folding ads into content as she has is never going to work. Never.
    And yet JA and her crew continue to beleive they deserve to be paid fuck-you money for producing, let’s face it, a high school knock-off of Vogue or Redbook. Because it’s on the web. And therefore revolutionary. And money of course isn’t enough. She demands to be respected. For trying. For paying someone to build her a website. And loved. Because she’s nice.
    I see a atright line between people’s hate of Bernie Maddoff right now and the animosity toward Julia and crew. They’r enot just un-cooly out of touch. They’re offensively out of touch.
    So yeah, Julia Allison makes me mad. She has become a symbol. And I want to see her undone by the same web forces she used to grab the spotlight in the first place. And yes, it’s nealry impossible to seperate JA the person form JA the web creature I so despise. But that isn’t my fault. It’s hers.

  34. It is possible to be a freelance writer in this city and make more than 50K a year. But not if you're 27 and you don't have any work ethic.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. 12:23, that was well thought out and inspired. and a very tangible explanation of what is wrong about JA. thanks.

  37. She's totally about to backdate a new post she's written about her b-day party, I think. Check it out. Otherwise it seems apropos of nothing. It's about planning parties and list making.

  38. anon 1:02 that is a repost of a previous backdate post..

    You can find more at..


  39. BCP: I personally LOVE the word "cunt" and think it gets a terribly bad rap. But others feel differently. So in the interest of not further feeding the trolls, I thought it was best to delete it. You cunt.

  40. Julia's Old NoseMarch 19, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    Anonymous 12:23 -- You are absolutely spot-on about the reasons many of us entered the NYC media world. Your comments are very honest and throughful -- JA could take a lesson from you. I appreciate greatly that you took the time to write and share that analysis of what Gawker calls the "fameball" phenomeon.

    Also, I found one of your points quite poignant, regarding our reasons for working in media in New York. "Most people did it because they love it." Totally correct. We knew it wouldn't make us rich, or make us famous, but it would put us in the center of everything that's happening, being part of creating and reporting content.

    And you're so right in saying things have "gotten weird" lately, especially with content on the web and putting the creator of the content before the content itself.

    I have tons of friends in various media outlets around the city. They do what they do because they were born with a desire to report, to write, to take pictures, etc. They worked hard and honed their skills and got lucky enough to find jobs in New York.

    I know tons of people that create FABULOUS content daily that puts NonSociety to shame -- whether it be for television, talk shows, radio, photography, blogs -- and these people won't be household names. Nor are they working solely to become famous and cash out and make "fuck you money."

    Most of us toil away for WAY under $50k a year.

    So why do we do it?

    I think the majority of us do it to fulfill a sense of purpose. Journalists -- real journalists -- want the respect of their colleagues and their readers and viewers, enjoy getting a story correct, putting in a good days work, and creating entertaining content that others can learn from and enjoy.

    While journalism is changing at a fast clip lately, it is, essentially, still a service to others. Julia Allison Baugher, you are NOT a journalist. It outrages me that she represents herself as such.

    All you are is your own tabloid magazine, that only reports on one thing -- YOU. How unbelievably boring. While I'm definitely not one of your fans, I think everyone would agree that you are capable of so much more.

  41. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 19, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    "Gwyneth's Inner Aspect is a groundbreaking commenter whose brilliant insights are beloved by all who read them, and whose mere existence inspires paradigm shifts." --[REDACTED]

    What? You don't believe me? But... but... it's a quote!

  42. 12:23 and 1:18 - It's strange to me why media people associated with her in the first place. Here is someone who "got her entry into the NYC media world" by shamelessly humiliating someone else (the congressman). Most people would run away from someone like this but people embraced her and then admired her. She outed someone's mental illness publicly for attention. She has a history of plagiarizing people's work, ideas, personalities, looks, image, and words. She didn't move to NY to be a journalist, she wanted to be Carrie. Then it was Blair from Gossip Girl, now it's a "founder". Everything she says and does about business is directly out of the mouth or actions of someone else. There's been a long trail of things to question what she says, her character, and work yet journalists kept writing about her as if she were some kind of genius.

    I wouldn't feel bad that she dissed $50k salary. Julia would have been lucky to make that much last year.

  43. Ja donation results:

    She only inspired one to donate...oh HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Julia, you are not a Journalist..comedy writer?? Maybe...if you work at it

  44. Wow! 1:18---great thoughts. Thanks.

  45. Late to the party here.

    Anon 12:23 - that was beautiful! Good for you and best wishes to your and your colleagues in the (legitimate) biz.

    Anons 11:07/1:16 - For real? It is even possible to stalk someone who is jumping up and down shouting "look at me everybody!! here I am! right here on tumblr! here on flickr, here's my facebook, my vimeo, my twitter!!! I'll be on elevator tv-zak soon!!! yooo hooo!! here I am"

    Anon 11:09/11:30 - What is your problem!? Who effing cares who an "anon" might be? Except you sure seem to. It's become a running joke. Everytime someone says anything that questions this site or a comment here, you (or one of whoever you are ... and I don't care either) jump in with the the "ScaryMary" thing. Shut up! Nobody cares! And so what if it was this "SM" anyway!? What does that prove? Nobody effing cares.

    [Okay. End of accolades/rant.]

  46. Poor Mirror mirror on the Wall did Paul kick in such a great fall?

  47. Sometimes the Google ads that show up on NonSociety are amazing and hilarious.


  48. Julia's biggest problem with her contention that "people are always changing and shouldn't we all be and isn't that learning", blah, blah blah, is that she misses, completely, the point that that the 'someone' was trying to make.

    It's not that she changes her mind. Yes, as people learn and grow up, they change their minds. But, it's so patently obvious with her that she has a shifting sense of self. Having no idea who YOU are, is completely different than being someon who changes their mind on occasion.

    Who is she at her core? What does she really believe - that she isn't parroting from somebody else's belief system that she's temporarily enthralled with?

    She's always throwing in her cutesy references where the reader is supposed to really get that, there before them, is the lifecast of the real life Charlotte York or Blair Waldorf or whoever. Put a bow in her hair and....poof! I'm someone else. I'm not sure she realizes that all of us out there DO get that those are fictional fantasy characters created by writers. Characters who are every bit as made up as say, The Hulk.

    I truly don't mean this in the obvious way but, she does remind me of a snake. Constantly shedding her skin to try to get to some other, prettier, shinier Julia. Why strive so hard to emulate and promote yourself as the true life version of some character, if for no other reason than, when you are alone at night, you realize you've never developed any true sense of who you, yourself are?

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.


  51. 12:23- great post. Superbly written and explains so many of the issues I have with Jankles.

  52. I wrote on another post that someone who constantly goes around telling people who she is either doesn't know who she is or dislikes who she is. And I really believe that.

    And with Julia Allison every single thing she does seems to be intended to tell others who she is. She tries to cover up with (loud and repetitive) words what everyone sees from her (much louder) actions.

    The "I sought fame for writing's sake" thing is one of the JAisms that bug me the most.( It goes hand in hand with the I'm a journalist claim in its absurdity and offensiveness.) And I've always wondered how someone who values the written word chooses people like Megan and Mary to write for her site, at least without editorial and proofreader's assistance.

    She again makes that absurd claim, this time in the exact same Huffpo interview where she says that of course she won't be writing in the future because the pay is just not there.

    Writing is about the last thing she's shown interest in or spent her time on but she still somehow actually thinks people are buying this ridiculous canned line about her being a famewhore merely because she wants to secure her writing career's future.

    People who love writing write. They don't spend years going after everything but writing while claiming to be doing it all for their love of writing.

    I think since her actions speak so loudly of the person she really is, and that person seems so repulsive, she feels compelled to literally speak even louder and more often to convince others that she's actually the person she wants everyone to think she is and not the one her actions show her to be.

    She doesn't want to, or can't, change her behavior so she focuses on tying to change the perception of her behavior. So she goes around telling everyone how nice she is, how much she loves writing, what an intellectual she is, how spriritual she is, etc. While her behavior continues to tell us all that she is just a shallow, self-centered little girl obsessed with herself, with finding a mate, with being adored, with easy money and fame, with getting without contributing.

    As long as she tries to shape public opinion of herself through her words rather than through genuine action, her words and behavior will continue to contradict one another, and most people will continue to know which of the two is closest to the truth.

  53. Mary starts new blog... not then one from a few posts down. This one is dedicated to helping her mom hawk second hand designer goods from Encore.

    Check it out.

  54. Anon 3.26 That article is so about Julia. I'd say it was written before her birthday, hence the 27 yr old reference. The swearing kind of gives it away. Explains the mood swings:

    "One 27-year-old social climber has had the juice monkey on her back since May. The brown-haired, big-chested, pouty-lipped blogger seems like she stepped out of July in a pin-up calendar. (Somewhere a cow is going unmilked and a stool unsat upon.) You wouldn't pin her as a "cleansehead." Although she looks like a square pom-pom girl, she's been geezering Blueprint juice for eight months.

    "By the time I tried out Blueprint, I had tried every cleanse before," she confesses. "Blueprint was the only one that I didn't want to go off of. Now," she admits, "I'm obsessed." She doesn't count herself among the waking unless she's had her morning juice. Many days, the only solid meal she eats is dinner. Instead, she subsists-juice-to-juice-on liquid. "People says it's about anorexia, but it isn't," she says, "this is the fucking healthiest thing I've done in my life." By her own estimation, she does the full cleanse "at least two days a week."

    "When I'm on the cleanse," she says, "I get so high by the end of the day, I'm super high on life." Without her juice, she becomes desperate, cranky, ill-humored. "When I don't have my green juice," she says, "it fucking sucks."

  55. Forgot this bit:

    "This anonymous addict has learned to score her juice for free in exchange for "hawking the product on her weblog and converting her friends," much like the poor heroin addict who finds her apartment converted to a stash house in order to score a few precious bags of smack for free."

  56. Ya, I was distressed to see that after an unflattering picture or two was taken of her at JABAs bicoastal party in San Fran, her friend Sarah Lacy decided she needed a "cleanse". JABA, to no surprise, convinced her that BluePrint Cleanse is the way to go; so, fedex shipments to Lacy and another blogger's metabolism gets screwed up. Nice work, Julia Allison Baugher. As someone at Gawker already put it, (to paraphrase) "whatever she's having, no thanks".

  57. Blueprint is a SCAMMarch 19, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    Julia Allison is Exhibit A for why you should NEVER do a Blueprint Cleanse. Does she look healthy? Glowing? Thinner than before she started doing cleansing? NO. Her skin looks oily and pulled tight. Her hair, when not teased to within an inch of its life, is thin, stringy and limp. Many here have said she looks bloated, wan and unhealthy looking. If this is what cleansing does to you, NO THANKS.

  58. I feel sorry for Julia.

    All that effort into fake stuff..the makeup, the fake poses, and etc and yet:

    She looks best when not being fake..

  59. Hey all,

    Sorry, can't even read the Julia drivel.

    I wanted to point out that Julia is no longer doing something that she did regularly before this site went up.

    Remember when Julia used to blog about page views? And how the number was in the hundred thousands? I think the last one was 850,000 or so.

    Why. Doesn't. She. Do. That. Anymore?

    Because of RBNS. We've basically called her out on her LIES regarding NS's page views using published statistics. Has anyone seen another post that says "So close to a million!".

    I think not.

    Be proud commenters, she's on the downward slope and it's because of YOU that it's happening.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer twat.

    This post was brought to you by Axe for Men and Pink Vodka.

  60. No anon 6:36

    I happen to know that Meghanaise was teased privately about that visitor figure by a commenter to this site..

    It stopped right after that email was answered by doubt Meghanaise asked Julia about numbers and found out the truth..

  61. 6:41,

    I think we're saying essentially the same thing. How it got stopped is irrelevant. RBNS commenters caught wind of the fraud. RBNS commenters posted evidence of said fraud, and it stopped since.

  62. RBNS currently has more pageviews than nonsociety when compared via

  63. Anon 627, Julia still has about an inch of makeup spackled onto her face and she's spending the day at the Mac store getting her computer fixed. I only feel sorry for her because she tweeted for people to come by and see her and stated her exact location. With behavior like this, SHE CAN NEVER EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT STALKERS AGAIN.

    "At the Genius Bar in Apple store on 14th Street - come say hi! I'll be here all day long. Wearing my "Tweet THIS!" tee so I'm hard to miss.
    about 2 hours ago from web"

  64. To 11:07: This is the first comment I have left here for a while now, though I have absolutely still come here to read all of your comments because to be honest I find most of them amusing and spot on. I am saying something today because it's kind of annoying that my "name" has been thrown around this site as responsible for tons of comments I have NOT left. Those who have been around here long enough know that I have NO problem standing up for myself or standing behind my words: whether you have agreed with them or not. If I had left a comment posted here, I would stand behind it.

    I also am OBVIOUSLY no longer in Julia's corner so to assume I would have left that particular comment is ridiculous. I have never posted here without putting my own handle and it really has become an amusement to see how every here and there some of the commenters (and posters) throw my name in like you have any reason to think I am the one leaving these misc. comments. I have my own forum to express myself. Unlike some here, I have also never spoken poorly about this website on my own. Even though there are things I could say on both sides: good and bad. So what is this based on? Because one I used a disagreeable adjective to make the same point as the rest of you, and then defended myself? I'm sorry for the one comment I made over a month ago that somehow offended some of the commenters here, but at the same time I was illustrating the same points you all were. You didn't agree with my delivery. My intention was not to offend and I think most of you really do know that.

    To answer a commenters observation that my link has been removed from the blogroll on this site and that I too removed my link coming here: RBNS herself/himself whatever, went so far as to outright blame me for comments left that I most definitely did NOT leave. From misc. anon commenters I haven't felt the need to say/do anything but when the person who created this site is accusing like that... well I felt like why should I continue to list that website on my own? Would you?

    I also emailed RBNS directly about this. Cough up proof, email me directly, or STFU.

    And 11:30, I didn't fail at anything considering I haven't launched anything yet. When I do, it will not be a replica of NS in any aspect. I am taking my time to perfect my OWN ideas. Unlike Julia, I do have some. It's foolish to judge any project before it exists. You never know, you might like it. You also might hate it. That's fine too. I'm not trying to please all the people all the time. I'm just trying to put something together that actually IS different. My format has already changed from what I initially thought it would be. This is why I changed the "coming soon" page. The direction I was going to initially head in has evolved into something else. Creation is a process of trial and error. I already know there will be those who will hate my attempt no matter what I do or how it comes out and to a degree I suppose I deserve some snark since I've sure as hell dished it out. However in all fairness I didn't start to dish out snark on anyone until I at least saw their product and was outwardly offended and appalled by things these girls actually said. I was never hating just to hate.

    I know I am not the best writer around and I'm not claiming to be. But I enjoy blogging and am a creative person in general, and I think I have some really great ideas.

    I am openly imperfect, I am stubborn and absolutely can be defensive. I can admit that easily because this isn't something new, we all have our hang-ups and those are a couple of mine. That doesn't mean, however, that the message that I am trying to send is wrong just because sometimes my delivery is not as you might prefer it to be.

    Let it be said I am leaving this comment after at least a month of seeing my handle show up here by not only commenters but RBNS, without any instigation on my part.

    Back to matters at hand:

    I posted about this particular topic last night. What I find most relevant for a contribution here is this, written to Julia:

    "You can’t think of your own show ideas, you cant think of your own intro… So you “bribe” your “readers” with an unspecified “prize” to either give you ideas or DO work that has much more value than any prize you have to offer…
    Any. Prize.


    You have to be an ARTIST to create something. You have to have depth to create something. To create a screenplay, a web show, a website, anything! You are a one hit wonder and your tired formula created pop song is PLAYED OUT.

    You are more worried about selling the product and selling out than taking the time sit and really work on the creation. You just have everyone else do that part for you. BUT THAT PART IS THE ONLY PART THAT MATTERS!

    Your final product is as one dimensional as what drives you."
    It takes more than a used-to-be-really-pretty-but-is-now-aging-poorly face and momentum from a Wired cover to get somewhere in life. Julia has finagled her way into opportunities throughout her life but it's what she has done with those opportunities that has brought her to where she is today. Julia has been sliding by on last years momentum but it will only last so long without that ever elusive "A game content". Mary has the momentum going of NS... even as someone who isn't exactly in her corner I am interested in seeing what she does with that momentum. She will either steer it in a better direction or she wont. If for no other reason than to one-up Julia, I kind of want to see her step her game up.
    That's enough from the peanut gallery over here. Back to your regularly scheduling programming.

  65. When Shaq twitters invitations to his reads to keep him company it's endearing and cute. With Julia? It's just a another cry for attention. She'll only fit you into her schedule when it means entertainment or fodder for "look at my cute fans!" type posts.

  66. I can't believe she has to pay someone to merge her laptops. And she has a "geekette" best friend? and she, like, INVENTED blogging. she should be able to do this herself. but then again, why would a serious blogger/"power user" buy a Macbook Air?

    Seriously. Even Lilly looks embarassed.

  67. Why Macbook Air despite the fact that she killed her first Mac Book in less than a year? It's
    stylish. Only the prettiest for Julia!

  68. TJ:

    Julia Allison has yet explained why she positively must remain loyal to the MacBook Air. On March 8 she writes, "I can’t live without the portability of [the MacBook Air], so I really won’t consider another type." She purses her lips; they are full from the exhilaration of confession, her bosom heaves, her cheeks flush. She sighs. "Goddammit! Why can’t they just fix the speed and storage issues?!?!! Is a PERFECT LAPTOP so much to ask for?!?!"

    She contemplates giving up laptops forever, or maybe adding another exclamation mark to her final sentence.

  69. SM: The RBNS comment was not RBNS, but someone posing as RBNS. It was killed out as soon as someone pointed it out.

    Carry on!

  70. Jacy,

    I'd be inclined to believe that if within 24 hours of the post you say RBNS didn't make my link wasn't removed as well. Only someone with access to the site can do that. It seems coincidental that those two things happened back to back. Through all the inaccurate "SM" name dropping I still left the link to this site on my own page regardless and refrained from making comment about it: until RBNS took that step. And for the record I have STILL not spoken against RBNS on my blog. In fact, I've linked to here countless times and used to feature commenters I particularly enjoyed on my page: until some people got a little too drunk on haterade.

    This isn't so much an accusation as the way things look from the outside in. That's just a TAD bit convenient coincidence. I think most people who were in my shoes might think the same.

    But I appreciate your attempt to clarify either way.

    re: the Mac Book Air

    Julia doesn't do much outside of writing and even her posts could easily be "researched" and typed out on her iPhone for all the "work" she actually puts into them. I highly doubt she is editing video, creating graphics, or using any kind of professional programs on her computer that would call for much more than a Mac Book Air. As we all well know, she doesn't create. She will forever be nothing more than a talking head, it's what she's best at. She isn't an artist at all.

    Though I'm curious as to how she manages to run Photoshop on that computer. From what I know, the Air is the least powerful of all the models Mac has and I'd think Photoshop is her truest BFF.

  71. Julia's Old NoseMarch 19, 2009 at 8:41 PM

    Holy crap I JUST came back from the Apple Store on 14th St. Did not hit the Genius Bar, sorry I missed that!


  72. SM: I removed the link because it was causing so much drama. People seemed to be going over there from here and stirring up shit, then coming back here and constantly harassing you in the comments.

    It just didn't seem worth all the drama. Still isn't. Conversation over.

    Carry on!!

  73. Links don't cause drama: people do. It still doesn't totally jive logically, but since your intention, at least now, seems to be to avoid drama I'm dropping it. Because you're right, it's not worth it. Unless there is something worthy behind it, that is.

    Meanwhile, now Julia is back to stuffing her face with cupcakes and finding hidden meaning in her internet horoscope. "woah... weird"

    *rolls eyes*

    Way to bring that A game, Julia. The more you change the more you stay the same.

    Mary Rambin may be the Dr. Phil of blogging, but Julia Allison is the Pauly Shore of the internet.

  74. I find her increasingly Rachael Ray-like. I didn't think I could despise a media personality as much as RR. And then Jackles came along. Except she's worse. Because RR actually works her ass off.

  75. Yip, I find Rachel Ray a bit hard to stomach but sometimes watch her show because the content is kinda entertaining. Julia is like Rachel Ray with no content.

  76. They look similar and they both have the braying, low-rent trashy thing going on.

  77. SM - I was going to add a comment on your blog but I don't have a login. the "don't be evil" thing is part of google's mission statement. too bad JA tosses it aside, it would actually be a good personal mission statement she should adopt. alas her only "values" have to do with cultivating blue balls.

  78. Eleven Dates: I've had issues with the commenting on Tumblr from day one. There doesn't seem to be any one commenting service that everyone uses across the board. Why Tumblr doesn't implement their own is beyond me. I've tried Disqus, Intense Debate... the chat box worked best, maybe I should just go back to that.

    It's ironic she quotes the Google statement then, considering her blatant abuse of their rules with black hat SEO tactics. And I have to admit I'm infuriated that nothing seems to have come of that with all the complaints and reports they got from me and from others.

    Though within weeks of that discovery she took a picture with, if I remember correctly, someone from the Google legal department when she was in Davos.

    She probably walked away with skinned knees yet somehow... worry free. It would explain the ski gear outfit on her last day there. Even her red tights wouldn't be enough to cover up the evidence.

  79. or maybe she bought these!