Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yulia: She scare the former First Peoples

Several commenters point these out. I not sure what scarier -- the old face or the fact that the peoples with her look so terrified.

Also, this is oldie but goodie, but always fun for giggle (what is Betsy Ross doing on Poofy's blog?):

I go have Sex on the Hilltop now (with mule).


  1. Toolia doesn't get that deleted Twitter messages still show up in Twitter search. The most recent 2 tweets were deleted:

    13 minutes ago from web

    @juliaallison: @benleventhal - holy fuck, that place was PERFECT. (expand) ... Also I am drunk on sangria. wooooooo!
    25 minutes ago from web

    @juliaallison: Well, that went well. To say the least.
    37 minutes ago from web

    @juliaallison: So happy.
    about 1 hour ago from txt

  2. Something else scary besides Julia's old honker? Julia's old chola brows! AKK!!!

  3. GROSS (re: Pink Lady pictures).

    She truly looks like she is about 12 or 13 in that last picture. What happened, Yulia, during those next 7 or 8 years? Why do you look like you've aged exponentially? I'm scared.

  4. @BunnyBingo. Well done! What is it grumbling about?

  5. I like it, how I like it, when I like it. And that's just how it is.

    about 5 hours ago from web

    She has resulted to quoting Lindsay Lohan's "Bossy" song? Seriously?

  6. Oooh, the spooky power of RBNS:

    Fl00fy on March 4, 2009 9:53 AM brought up the fact of Toolias promised- "Let It Unfold" tattoo

    Toolia on March 5, 2009 12:52 AM posts:

    "Tattoo place in Manhattan?!? So you may remember me talking about how I wanted to get a small tattoo on my left wrist, just three tiny letters to remind me of an important life lesson my grandmother told me once.

    I was meant to get the tattoo for my birthday in SF, but that ended up not happening (grrrr). So I’m getting it the beginning of next week!! But … I don’t know where to go. Anyone have any great suggestions?? Email me"

  7. Heh. She's actually HOLDING UP her wonk eye!

    (Keep in mind that photobooth shoots as if it were a mirror, so her wonk eye is now on the left.)

  8. oh man, 1:56, excellent catch.

    someone recently told me i look like julia allison, and i almost cried. i'm only 24.

  9. If she's so tight with Bill, why wasn't she hobnobbing* with him at the Tribeca Ball? Oh, right, she has to throw herself parties or crash them with her TONY credentials, she doesn't actually get invited as a guest anywhere.

    *sounds so naughty, doesn't it?

  10. JULIA. HAS. HAD. A. NOSEJOB. Lets see the old blog posts on that confession. The proof is in the photos!

  11. I seem to recall that Neel Shah once texted her to ask if she knew of any gossip. She posted the convo on her blog and said she wasn't about to do his job for him. WTF? She does the same thing EVERY DAMN DAY.

  12. Bwahahaha! One-fingered wonk prop, classic! She looks so studiously casual, doesn't she? Probably took a dozen pics to get just the right one. What a waste of time and brain cells.

  13. Hey, Ben, my date just left and I am drunk on sangria. Did I make you jealous and horny yet? I'm waiting for your (booty) call.

  14. All Women EverywhereMarch 5, 2009 at 2:37 AM

    LMAO at Toolia's pink "Capitol Hill Barbie" costume.

  15. Julia and Bill have the same round tip on thier nose (that is before she chopped hers up).

  16. Why would someone in their right mind use Twitter as a substitute for a private IM service, as Jackles does? Oh, right. Never mind.

  17. I refuse to give this whack-job my private contact info. Twitter is her only means of getting my attention.

  18. since she's such a fan of Tina Fey on 30 Rock, I think she'd like to know they stole her pink business suit for the pilot episode. Apparently, it's the Barbara Bush costume for TGS.

  19. wow there's a running joke on 30 rock where liz lemon wears that EXACT SAME PINK SUIT when she needs to look "professional" ie ridiculous.

  20. freaky! comment twinsies 2:55

  21. Bicurious Party HatMarch 5, 2009 at 3:04 AM

    She's getting a tattoo of LIU? As in Lucy Liu? Or maybe Long Island University? How about Lobe Insertion Unit? Seriously:

    Perhaps she'll always be reminded that we're Laughing It Up.

  22. She's just copying Lindsay's "breathe" tat. Why don't you try some rehab, while you're at it, Yulia? You're addicted to attention.

  23. Hey, now that's just cruel:

    DaveTitle: Is OctoMom the new Julia Allison?
    about 11 hours ago from twhirl ·

    And a little bit funny. Maybe the internet is indeed moving on.

  24. LMAO 3:09, I thought she was copying the LL tatt too (esp. after quoting "Bossy", oh geez), sorry Jules but LL had a smidgen of talent at some point and will always be news due to interest in her personal life. You? Ummm..

    Also, twitter deletions, how interesting. Publicly twittering BL "thanking him" (except not really) to drop hints about being drunk at a place described as a cozy, romantic, make-out spot. Transparent.. and quite sad.

  25. I just woke up and JA hasn't been to sleep yet (she twittered just a little over half an hour ago). I find this amusing.

  26. Not to mention she misquoted the LL lyrics, but tends to happen when you're so out of touch. I wonder if she was singing it last summer when it came out? She was still employed by Star then, right? Surely... ;)

  27. Moooore deleted past twits. Haaar

    juliaallison: @wmmarc - Photoshoot at 1:30??
    3 days ago from web · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

    juliaallison: @randizuckerberg - Meet at Norma's at 1??
    3 days ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    + the one asking about the photo shoot when she didn't have her phone..

    + the frost/nixson [sic] one where she said she was sitting next to J. Coen

    I'm sure there are more. Hilarious.

  28. @Bicurious Party Hat 3:04 am: LIU is "Let It Unfold." She blogged a lot about it around NYE.

    I want my Ph.D. in Famewhore now.

  29. Gee, what a COINCIDENCE!!!!! Someone comments yesterday about her abandoned new year's resolutions and yesterday she
    1. works out again for the first time in weeks
    2. revisits the tattoo idea

    These were two items on her lengthy and hilariously deluded resolution list. So I guess now we're holding her to her word?

    Julia Allison - YOU'RE WELCOME. Could you please follow your resolution to "bring your A game" on content? Your blog sucks. And I don't believe for a second you didn't wolf down those cupcakes after spin. You and "self control" just don't go together. Kind of like you and Leventhal.

  30. How come she only works out when she has a date? Oh that's right, because everything she does, every decision she makes, ever mood swing she has are all related to men. Someone should make a chart of her mood swings. You'll see how her "I'm SO HAPPY" posts coincide with when she has dates.

  31. BunnyBingo @1:14, I have the power. What should I remind her of next? Fantastic job with those deleted twitters, my schadenfreude appetite is pretty sated right now.

  32. Wow! Look at her broad, bulbous nose in the Bill Clinton pic.