Friday, March 20, 2009

Julia: Oh. Dear.

Okay. Here it is. I’m wearing absolutely no makeup. I have glasses on. I’m in my PJs. I’m talking honestly. And this feels very, very vulnerable to me.

But it also feels really good. Really … real. Comfortable. This is the Julia I am with my friends. Well. When I’m calm (that’s not always the case). Most people have more than one “side” of their personality, and I’m - clearly - no different.

I’d like to continue these talks - on an occasional basis (I’m not stupid enough to promise I’ll do them every night), if you like them.

I can’t read the comments - as I said in the video, they’re just too much for me. But I will read your emails. And I’ll respond, or try to, at least, on here.

Thank you for coming along with me on this little experiment. I think it will make me happier. And I hope you enjoy them.

I'll admit it. Jackles got to us, although she is TRYING to get to us. We feel bad. But we remain perplexed. On a day when she's crying victim about how mean her critics are to her, she writes on her blog that the episode that was clearly the idea of one of her supposed best friends and business partners -- exercise -- was boring. Now that's classy, to publicly take a swipe at your friend for what, the third or fourth time in the last few weeks? It seems an odd time to play the victim card about being criticized.

As some smart commenter mentioned earlier this week, we are simply Jon Stewart to Jackles's Jim Cramer. For years she's put a product out there for multi-platform, mass consumption, and those she's reached find that product seriously faulty. She desperately wants attention, but only positive attention, despite endless evidence of dishonesty, self-obsession, and passive-aggressive nastiness towards friends and associates.

We're sorry, Jackles, that you feel bad. But rather than shoot the messenger, just examine your product and all the complaints about it and fix it. We aren't the first people who haven't liked what you're selling -- remember Bravo? How about Star and TONY? Just like the Cramer-Stewart feud, Stewart wasn't the problem. Cramer, and the horseshit he was peddling, was the problem.


  1. Well said Jacy. And so topical too.

  2. Jeez people, don't fall for this. She is just mimicking Brigitte Dale now. She wants RBNS to be her writing machine. That is, RBNS sends her questions, she puts on a little show. Ah, maybe it could be entertaining as hell, but it seems so codependent.

  3. I watched the video. I don't want to come off as heartless and maybe my response will seem harsh to some but the video doesn't work for me.

    There's plenty of constructive critique among the snark. If she wants to take it she can. But I don't respond well to guilt trips and I'm not interested in sending questions to JA--who incidentally, in her self obsession seems to thinks answering questions people send her is the equivalent of dialogue or self reflection.

    Is that how introspection works for her, people send her questions and she answers them and tries to defined herself and bring people to her side through self defensive videos and blog posts? Is her goal to find out what the criticisms of her are and see if they are valid enough to do something about or is it just to try to make people like her?

    Based on her approach so far (and her history) I'd say it's the latter. In other words she doesn't care to hear and possibly act on constructive criticism and make a real change. She just wants to convince you to like her without her actually doing anything about legitimate issues people have with her.

    That is sort of the exact thing that so many dislike her for. The constant focus on superficiality and appearance (just like me anyway even though I'm not going to do anything to change) instead substance and authenticity (genuinely considering the criticisms and considering and making real change).

    I won't comment more on this topic (I don't read NS except for what's posted here and I haven't seen other videos on this) if it continues because I think it's silly and manipulative (on her part, not RBNS) and completely fake/for the wrong reasons. But I just had to express my response on this since I bothered to watch it.


  4. seriously? up all night again? calling foul on criticisms? This is a repeat.

    Get off the internet, julia! Go away!

  5. A sign of mental illness is an inability to recognize, even as everything around you turns to shit, that YOU are the problem.

    Relationships constantly fail? It's their fault (Jakob, Ben, all the others except the one guy I dumped and keep trying to get back with via my blog).

    Business fails? Not my fault (it's the haters, Mary, the economy -- nothing to do with the fact I provided next to no content and did a half-assed job from Day One).

    Strained relationships with friends and family? Their fault (They criticized me! They got fed up with me!).

    Can't hold down a job? (Bosses were stupid and don't see how awesome I am; their fault.)

    Friends and associates critical of your antics? (They're being too hard on me/too judgmental/they are MEAN!)

    This woman is in such desperate need of therapy that it's almost painful. But even here, she confesses she wouldn't go to one who pointed out her flaws. Isn't that the POINT of therapy? Not to be berated, obviously, but to have someone point out what you're doing wrong?

    She is going to end up a lonely shut-in if she doesn't fix herself soon but I wonder how she'll support herself?

  6. I quite liked Julia in this video, so mission accomplished on a few levels.
    She looks great, as do most fresh-faced women in their 20s; her intelligence and sense of humour shine through; she seems sweet, even huggable. It's like Authentic Julia Allison Version 3.0 (which, I'm sorry to say, makes the whole thing a bit suspect).
    We all have ideas that seem great at the time but don't pan out or are complete disasters. Live and learn. We tried, that matters. What also matters is integrity.
    For all of us; do our actions match our words? We talk the talk, but talk is cheap. Do we walk the walk? It's easy to say "I'm nice", for example. But actually BEING something is a helluva lot more convincing and lasting. The message does shine through, you don't have to advertise "I'm nice!" at Times Square; likewise, "fake nice" shines through, too, there's no hiding it.
    Good luck to you Miss Julia Allsion Baugher, srsly.

  7. whether or not she's being authentic is suspect, but this got to me. As much as I enjoy the reblogging, it's gotten a little out of hand. Reblog the silly stuff that deserves criticism, but do we really need to parse everything? And there have been some TMIs/posts that have been done, where no one's said anything positive. I guess after a while it gets to you when nothing nice is ever said. Criticism has to be fair?

  8. that video was bullshit. she rescinded her offer to talk to someone face-to-face. doing it this way allows her to control the conversation. SHES A CONTROL FREAK. she's not going to make me feel guilty for what i say here. i would say it to her face if i cared that much about her. but i dont. thats the other big lesson shes missing: the internet doesn't care about you.

    the internet is this big mass of anonymous voices and it doesnt care about julia allison (TM). she cant try to parse that big mass into tangible people who may "feel bad" for "hurting her feelings." BOO FUCKING HOO.

    i feel very strongly that this is a sick, manipulative attempt to control the uncontrollable. if you feel so bad, why not just quit? thats a perfectly reasonable alternative to changing.

    (some this ire is because shes suddenly listening to Bon Iver)

  9. oh, and im supposed to beleive wednesday was the first time she visited RBNS? i may be dull sometimes BUT IM NOT STUPID.

  10. Diana: We don't parse everything; we actually parse very little. And I actually liked her during the TMI Weekly sexytimes outtakes, where she seems honest about herself for a change.

    But this got to me too a bit because the goal here is not to crush someone's soul. In fact, there is no goal except to snark about the ridiculousness of so much of what she says/does. She provides the material.

    But I am interested in hearing the thoughts of others.

  11. I'm going to repost something I wrote on the blog that seems apropos:

    We’ve all had a Toxic Narcissist in our own lives, and so our reaction to Julia are colored by previous experiences with manipulators.

    In college, I befriended a bisexual activist who was loud and proud. Sounds great, right? I was involved in tons of LGBT activism myself, despite being a straight chick. We got along great.

    Until I got a boyfriend. Which, you see, interfered with her vision that we would be two lovers dancing off into the sunset.

    She had previously been friendly to me. But now that I wasn’t going along with Her Grand Plan, she turned cold as ice.

    And I quickly saw what a friend she wasn’t.

    Every six months or so she would decide on a different “identity” and loudly tell people SHE WAS THAT. She’d alternate between being a homophobic super-Christian who was avoiding her “evil lesbian ways” and loudly thumped her Bible to an “I’M GAY AND EVERYBODY BETTER LOVE ME” activist who literally shouted her opinions at people with a megaphone. She turned every Women’s Studies class we shared into a therapy session for herself about how no one understooood her. She’d laugh too loudly, making sure all eyes were on her. She’d cry, pout, and literally stamp her feet for attention in lectures, much to the chagrin of our professors. (One literally asked “Will you please shut up?” to a tittering classroom.) Every conversation turned from give-and-take into a rap session on HER life and HER problems. At age 24.

    Now, I’ve nothing against Christians and gay-rights activists (obviously). But I’ve got everything against pushy, narcissistic blowhards who insist they’re the center of the universe and you’re just wrong, wrong, wrong for asserting yourself, or asking for any compromise whatsoever, or showing a fucking spine.

    Every time she was confronted by anybody for doing something shitty she’d pull out a sob story about how she was beaten up as a kid or about how she was a poor little rich girl or some shit. And it was heart-wrenching at first. But when you realized she used those stories as weapons, you wised up.

    And the worst part about narcissists? Because they’re so in love with themselves - so convinced they’re right - 99% of the time they’ll never accept, want, or seek help. Why should they? It’s the rest of the world that’s wrong, you see.

    Normal people have convictions, and even the pushiest of us will admit they’re wrong, even if it sucks and it’s hard and they have to grit their teeth to do it. Narcissists will never admit they’re wrong. Ever.

    Can you tell I’m still pissed? Ha.

  12. not even going to watch this manipulation ploy. her description below was enough for me to feel quite annoyed. "this is makeup. honest. real. comfortable. it feels good." bullshit.

  13. "I guess after a while it gets to you when nothing nice is ever said. Criticism has to be fair?"

    I'd say fair means looking at something accurately. Does TMI or NS get anything right? I'd argue no. So why should I come up with positive things to say to sugar-coat Julia's ego even more? That doesn't make sense to me.

    I don't really care about whatever Julia's like in person (although I did meet her once and it was clear she didn't care who the fuck I was b/c I couldn't "do" anything for her.) I'm disappointed by her web venture and frustrated that she is completely immune to critique. So I needz venting, you know? As JA likes to say, "Take it or leave it." Since she can't "leave it" that speaks more about her than us, the parsers.

  14. I'd like to add that yes, some of the critique here does go over the line. But you know what? JA is a big girl in a career that requires a thick skin. If she really wanted to she'd put on her big girl panties and separate the bullshit ad hominems from the actual, valid criticism. But she seems allergic to doing so, so what the fuck ever.

  15. Nuh.

    Affected. Bullshit.

  16. So she's allowed to express her feelings about RBNS but in her world RBNS isn't allowed to exist? Guess in Julia's universe only her feelings count.

  17. This is SUCH a Brigitte Dale imitation -- if no one likes what you put out, just copy things that people do like! Brilliant idea!

  18. Julia - if you're reading (and obviously you do)

    1. Your readers have given you a chance. Chance after chance after chance. That is selfish to ask them for more chances.
    2. If we don't like what you're saying, we can choose not to read it, just as if you don't like what we are saying, you can choose not to read it. If it crushes your soul, perhaps you need to reevaluate putting yourself on the internet (and subjecting yourself to judgement) in the first place.
    3. I don't think you doing video confessionals is going to change the very strongly formed opinions of your readers here.
    4. Readers sending you email and then you responding via video is not really having a two sided conversation. AGAIN you make it all about you.
    5. Get off the internet. Opening yourself up to critique is obviously "crushing your soul" as you say yourself. There is a very easy remedy for that.

  19. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 20, 2009 at 9:14 AM

    Jacy, give your head a shake.

    This is just more performance art.

    Remember outing [REDACTED's] mental illness because he had the unmitigated gall not to want to go out with her anymore, then demanding a laptop from him, then calling him a baby when he protested? That's who she is. And that whole episode, by the way, was Gawker's fault in her mind -- not hers.

    This is what she does -- she did it on Gawker two years ago. Try to convince your critics to leave you alone by playing victim/offering yourself up to them in order to get them to like you. Except it doesn't work because yes, even in person, she is a total fake/phony/fraud. I have seen it first-hand.

    Shake it off, Jacy. You and Russian Girl and RBNS (is she ever coming back, by the way?) are performing a valuable service. Do not fall for this classic Jackles move.

  20. When deeds speak, words are nothing. ~African Proverb
    I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts. ~John Locke
    Well done is better than well said. ~Benjamin Franklin
    Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. ~Peter Marshall
    Never mistake motion for action. ~Ernest Hemingway
    As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. ~Andrew Carnegie
    Talk doesn't cook rice. ~Chinese Proverb
    and as my granny used to say
    Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold - but so does a hard-boiled egg
    As has been stated above and by other commentators here, empty words with no follow through action are just so much hot air (and not very environmentally conscious). You want change, you want respect, you want people to move on. Then change what you do, don't just talk about it. Here's a first more posts asking people to do your work for you. Do it yourself. Show some pride in your work. Having typed this, I'm sure it was just wasted finger movements but there it is.
    Oh and one last pearl of wisdom: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results


    this video is fucking HILARIOUS! julia is a weak little rich girl who has had to work for NOTHING in her entire life. go ahead and kill yourself with paperclips, sweetie. i couldn't give a fuck, and anyone here who identifies with julia or feels bad for her is fucking dense. julia allison, instead of putting up this mopey, pathetic little video why not actually read some of the criticisms (much of which is actually CONSTRUCTIVE) and IMPROVE your "business." why is it you can only put it "all out there" when you see it as a means to engender sympathy? but, more importantly, why should any investor/sponsor look to someone as small-minded, weak, and pathetic as to create this video to make them money/promote their product? julia allison, my dear, YOU ARE A JOKE.

  22. Jess is spot on with her comparative analysis. I've had similar people in my life and you learn that no matter how much good advice or good intention, they will almost never change without professional help. This video? Typical ploy of the narcissist about to be shown the mirror. "Don't show me how bad I am, let me show you a piece of me that deserves some pity". Typical risk avoidance and deflection.

    What irked me about this ploy is that she didn't address or admit to the REAL criticisms . Admitting that she's "inconsistent", who cares? Not standing up or facing the crux issues was a clear sign that she's in denial.

    Oh and don't forget, she was (is) a writer by trade. Do not be softened up by the 'soul crushing' commentary. All another ploy to gain sympathy and deflect her critics from the real issues.

  23. Jacy

    Myself personally I prefer snark or commentary that focuses on their professional personas and how they run the business of NS. But a lot falls into that category since they themselves are so intertwined in the business and content of NS. I don't think the site parses too much but then I don't see the original NS content anymore to compare it to.

    But basically lighthearted snarking and constructive comments aobut pepole who put themselves out there as fodder for it, I don't see a problem with it as long as it's generally either based in humor or constructive criticisms and legitimate venting. Only if it's intended to be nasty and hurtful would I say a comment or post is out of line.

    But otherwise, **asking people to be responsible for the consequences of their public and professional behavior isn't something I see as out of line or wrong or soulcrushing. It's what adults especially those putting themselves in the public eye expect and deal with as a matter of course.**

    And like someone above noted she has more of a voice here than any of us have EVER had on the NS site. I can't tell you how many of my legitimate respectful comments about NS were deleted from their site, even when we were told by the intern that such comments would be ok. JA wants to have the pulpit but doesn't want to critics to have the same.

    I don't get it. If she thinks we're wrong then ignore us. If she thinks we have valid points then act on them. Either way for someone who chooses a public life she is ill equipped to handle the critique and mockery that is inevitable in this realm.

    I say get used to people saying what they think Julia the same way you say what you think through your many public outlets because **especially while you prevent people from expressing themselves on your site people will find ways to express themselves elsewhere.You aren't the only one who wants their voice heard Julia.**

    You silenced outs and are now coming to ask pretending to be interested in it? If She's really interested, she should open comments on NS and let people post their legitimate concenrs and then have NS where they belong. This site probably wouldn't exist if they'd done that to begin with and actually listened to what their viewers had to say and responded to them respectfully.

    Sorry I know I veered off topic at some point in there.


  24. "You really don't like me! You REALLY don't like me!"

  25. BOO FUCKING HOO. Just more of the same bullshit, this time dressed up in a softly lit, makeup free, middle of the night, cheesy Real World confessional. Spare me. This does not invoke sympathy from me... it just invokes more anger. QUIT BLAMING OTHERS. QUIT ASKING OTHERS TO HELP CHANGE YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO CHANGE YOURSELF.

  26. Julia, a taping tip (but I'd have thought you'd know this with your media experience). Look into the camera when you're talking, not at the monitor to watch yourself. Just one tiny step back from self-consciousness and it works wonders for the delivery, even if you have to sacrifice some image control.

  27. "I can’t read the comments - as I said in the video, they’re just too much for me. But I will read your emails. And I’ll respond, or try to, at least, on here."

    That was the crux of the problem with Nonsociety in the first place. Having feedback go through the filter of her email inbox is the problem. No public forum is the problem. Quit making your readers do the work for you... that's what makes them turn on you.

    And spare me the sad videos. Grow up and grow a thicker skin if you want to live in the public arena. Read the comments here, even if they hurt. What a whiny, spoiled little child.

  28. Yes, dim pink lights! Everyone looks "real" with them!!

    Julia, go sit on some stoop at 2 in the afternoon with no make-up and no bows and cry to us then.


  29. Ask yourself, Julia: what would Oprah do?

  30. Ha, she wants our input but expects us to email Her. and then says she'll TRY to respond if she can, try, even though she is the one requesting this. it's always like she's the celeb. doing the common folks a favor by accepting and sometimes responding to their emails. wow, she is deluded.

    oh and she says she'll reply, if she replies, through video not email, because of course email would mean JA wouldn't necessarily have the last and only public word on the whole convo. What a joke!

    Even when trying to "make nice" with "haters" for her own sake, she's pulling one of those "got any ideas for my next story? ok email it to me by tonight. ill try to write back if i can" moves. At least you can't say the girl lacks gall. she's truly shameless

  31. That what she wants? For us to email her? Oh, I'll fucking email her!

  32. I say this selfishly and knowing what I would like is irrelevant in terms of what is posted here, but I kind of hope RBNS chooses not to post more of these if she does in fact make more as she suggests here.

  33. Anon10:05: Unless she strips naked and shrieks: "SEE, RUSSIAN GIRL, I AM NOT FUCKING FAT!!!" I personally will not be posting another one of these, although I can't speak for my colleagues -- we all post whatever we feel like.

  34. Anon 10:05 - Or, RBNS should say it will, then never follow up. Live by example! : )

  35. Ok, I totally feel bad. She might be acting but she totally looks like she's about to burst into tears. I'm all for light hearted snark and constructive criticism but this is a little ridiculous. We're making a grown woman cry.

  36. bunnies don't cryMarch 20, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    Anon 1014, if she didn't want us to make her cry, there is a very simple solution... DON'T PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE INTERNET. Sorry, but she deserves every criticism thrown her way. It's not WHAT the criticism is about that is the issue... it's about the fact that she willingly opened herself up to it by offering up every little detail of her life for PUBLIC consumption.

  37. I have been reading this blog for awhile, and rarely commenting- but kind of like RBNS (the real one), I think it is time for me to say goodbye. Not that another Anony in the mix will be missed. But nevertheless....

    Here is the thing. Sure JA has faults. Maybe she wears too much make-up. Mabybe she puts up a front where she is perfect and there is never anything wrong. But who isn't like that? There was this interesting article on Jezebel a MILLION years ago that talked about the front everyone puts out to protect themselves, or to project this 'cool, funny, awesome' girl image. Aren't you all like that out there? I doubt you are "real" all the time. Who can do that? In fact, isn't the reason JA became so popular in the first place is because she is totally relatable. A bit insecure, maybe a bit too much eyeliner, not totally sure who she is or wants to be, sometimes she makes mistakes. That's why she has faithful readers who adore her. Because like it or not, all those faults make her incredibly human. And, dare I say, likable.

    And other thing... as far I can tell, she isn't MEAN and also, she probably doesn't deserve this blog. Neither to Mary and Meghan. Yes, I know, they "put themselves out there" and thus opened themselves up to critique. And I know, I know she "threw someone under the bus". But not really. If it makes you feel better to sit on this website all day and comment about every minute detail of her lifecast by telling your self "she's a fraud", or Jacy's fave word of choice, "she's a cunt"- okay, fine. But c'mon. She's not a MEAN person. Why take pleasure in tearing her down. What does that say about you.

    I started out here kind of agreeing with most of you. But now, I hate to say it, I am a JA fan. She's like every girl I've ever known. Give her a break.

  38. Jacy, please don't tell me you buy this crap. If Julia's version of being "vulnerable" and "authentic" means not wearing make-up, then that is very, very sad. She does not know how to do ANYTHING without making it a dramatic show. Please let's not indulge her idiotic pity fest.

  39. "In fact, isn't the reason JA became so popular in the first place is because she is totally relatable. A bit insecure, maybe a bit too much eyeliner, not totally sure who she is or wants to be, sometimes she makes mistakes."

    Maybe it's just me but I sure can't relate to someone who enables bulimic bad behavior from her friends, disparages those making less than 50,000 a year, outs her ex's mental health problem on Gawker and passive-aggressively disses her business partners on said business' blog. I'm really dumbfounded as to what's "relatable" about that. She makes mistakes all the time and NEVER owns up to them. Adults make mistakes and own up to them with maturity.

  40. Bunnies Dont Cry

    Or, like she told us to do when we tried to comment on NS, if you don't like it don't read it. Remember that? She can't take her own advice?


  41. She needs to toughen up if she wants to "put herself out there", she isn't immune to the ire celebrities get. The problem is she isn't a legitimate celebrity in any way, shape or form, so people will be even harsher on her - for seeking fame so shamelessly and for failing to realize she's just another person. She can fade into obscurity if it really, truly hurts her so. Other people have done it - an internet sabbatical. Except that would be a fate worse than death and she'll never do it.

    Anyway, the "I'll try" was cute. That translates loosely to: if it's legitimate and a "hard question" a la any of the more constructive questions/comments raised on RBNS, she SOMEHOW won't manage to get around to responding to those. The questions have been raised multiple times in multiple ways and she's seen it all. There's no need to push people to contact you to tell you why they don't like you when it's already been laid out for years and it's just REALITY in life that some people aren't going to like you. They don't even need a legitimate reason! So yeah, I don't think so. She's above therapy but seems to think this, trying to reform her detractors or at the very least put on the kind of face that squashes their negative commentary, will help? If she refuses therapy because she doesn't want to hear about her flaws, and can't read these "soul-crushing" comments, I'm SURE she's going to answer the most honest, appropriately pervasive emails she receives. For sure.

    It's all so amazing because if she'd ever, at any point in her life or "career", been able to separate herself from the story the way real, dedicated writers are and should be able to do, whatever "Julia Allison" did in her spare time and individual would be inconsequential. Unfortunately, mememememememe navel-gazing journalism means the focus will typically be on everything but the "craft" your purport to pour blood, sweat and tears into (that, we have yet to see).

  42. "I'm all for light hearted snark and constructive criticism but this is a little ridiculous. We're making a grown woman cry."

    No, I think we're letting a grown woman manipulate us because we hurt her precious widdle feelings, never mind that many of the criticisms here are valid and she shuts down any outlets for said criticisms.

  43. She's so pathetic. If you want to be seen in a different light, start behaving differently. Crying on the Internet may work for a few idiots for a few days, but then you'll go back to being youself and everyone will go back to being repulsed by you.

    If you want to change, CHANGE. There's more than enough suggestions of things you could work on.

    She's trying to pull from Mary, who learned for comments what is was people disliked about her and her image. The difference is, Mary didn't cry about and beg for people to look at her differently, she went out and improved herself so that people had no choice but to view her differently.

    Julia, get a clue. Seriously. Take some time away. Get to know yourself. Get to LIKE YOURSELF. Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin.

  44. Your points are noted.

    I wasn't taking her side- I was just putting myself in her shoes and feeling a tad sorry for her.

    Some of it is deserved (that whore-able video from Germany on wearing an outfit only once; inflating viewer stats in that huffPo interview) etc but I find some it just a little too mean spirited. Like who hasn't publicly spun being fired from a job as quitting voluntarily? I know the one time I was fired, I didn't tell the world that I was fired. It feels like junior high where everyone is ganging up on the one loser.

    That's my humble two cents.

  45. Actually, anon10:20, she is all the things you think she isn't. I have had to deal with her for years. The reason she has so many "haters" is that she's transparent.

    Also ... a liar. She has been reading this blog, including the comments, and leaving comments on it, religiously for weeks. She has talked about it. This is what I never understandn about her. Why tell lies when everyone knows you are lying?

  46. I believe someone on here said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Since it's clear Julia will never, ever change and doesn't *really* want to, I'm not going to coddle her and spoon-feed her, essentially wasting my time b/c she'll throw away anything constructive anyway.

    Instead, I'll enjoy the schadenfreude. Petty? Maybe. But at least it's not a total waste of time like actually indulging her nonsense with a real response.

  47. This video of "vulnerable authenticity" is paired with a photograph of her hugging her teddy-bear. Holy fuck, lady. You are so deranged. You are almost 30-years old, you just spewed some absolutely pathetic crap about "being real" -- and then you take a picture of yourself with your teddy-bear.

    I used to say that us calling Julia mentally-ill was really insulting and unfair to people who actually do have mental illness. Now I'm really beginning to buy the mental illness argument.

    I do not know a single human-being with a healthy sense of reality who would take pictures of herself hugging her teddy at age 28.

    Pathetic. I can't imbue this post with enough spite.

  48. I'm with 10:25 and 10:26, both of them.

  49. *issues in her life, not individual.. blah, multitask. It's as was said before, Julia Baugher can't be separated from Julia Allison. Although "Julia Baugher" before she became Julia Allison had quite a record herself, too, so who really even knows? If "Julia Baugher" is the kind of person who thinks it's OK to put a "character" (if that's what it is) that behaves like JA and stands for all she appears to out in the world, well, I'd have to question "her" judgment too. This multiple personality thing is tricky, really.

  50. @Dahling I keep thinking of Paula Abdul watching her videos. Something about the crazy mannerisms, the rationalizations and the delusions.

  51. I don't feel bad for JA here at all.

    She's lost in a prison of her own devise. She created this monster we all seem to love to hate, and now she's actually boo-hooing about the fact that many folks seem to hate her and this "brand" she's created? Who cares if people don't like her?? Why is it soooooo important to her fake ass that everyone must love her???

    Grow the fuck up already, Julia. If you don't like reading the shit we spew around here, THEN DON'T COME HERE! Quit reading it. Better yet, just get off the internet, get a real job and get a REAL LIFE. If you can't take the heat, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN.
    Spare us your ridiculous sob story and get the fuck over yourself already, you self-absorbed, whiney twit.

    Why should any of us feel bad for this woman? She'll walk all over anyone to get where/what she wants in life. She easily disregards the feelings and opinions of others who in her mind, aren't important enough or don't matter to her. And she somehow is able to support herself and her constant travels.
    The only thing I feel bad about is the fact that she is obviously crazy as a loon and seems to have no real friends in her life. And she can't seem to have a real relationship either. Also, she's pretty much unemployable at this point in her life.

    Julia, if you're reading this(and we know you are!), do everyone a favor and just quit this pathetic lifestyle already with what's left of your slight bit of dignity. Do some soul-searching that's completely private. Go to therapy already. Consider a new career path. And quit trying to make the world like you when you obviously hate yourself so much.

    The end, case closed. Now just go away, JA.

  52. I am in J's social circle and have been for years. She is vile. You have no idea ... her Web persona actually makes her look BETTER than she is.

    Just letting everyone in on a secret: this is not a woman "like every girl I know." Oh no no no, she is not. Mary and Meghan, yes. Not this conniving, manipulative whackaloon.


  54. Julia Allison wants to be Julia Allison when it benefits her -- with geeky tech guys, TONY, CNN... and she whips out Julia "I'm A Real Person" Baugher when she feels like she's under attack. Give me a fucking break. You are what you are. Don't give me this "I have more than one side" crap. It's a given that personality is multi-faceted. But the key to character is to BE multi-faceted, not to shrug on two different personas.

    Julia clearly does not understand the difference between persona and personality. She just doesn't get it.

  55. ANON 10:33: SPILL! Do tell more. I've been waiting for someone in Julia's circle or one of her many frenemies to come have a nice little chat with us.

  56. Diana,

    She is a loser, but she tries to act like she isn't. She isn't some little delicate flower, crying in the corner...she is everything we see her as in every freegin' video that she puts out or she is in! Think about that taxicab confession BS: what a loud, cursing wannabe "girlfriend"! Think about her "fuck you" money 'professional' video! ha! Think about her presentation in Munich! It's all so empty! It's all built on fakery!

    Please. She is not being ganged up upon! She is the one with gang mentality, i.e. pretending to be something she is not.

    What a sick person. Do not pity her! That's her only purpose! Think about it! Why must she take her make-up off? Why must she do this in her glasses!? What is she saying by doing that? That when she is in her make-up and has contact lenses in she is not real!?!?

    If she had any (deluded) dignity, she would not care about what we write. And if she chooses to make a video for us, she would wear her make-up and her tutus!

    Make-up off = real Julia!?
    Make-up on = fake Julia!?

    What you sayin' Jules!? Which one are you!? You're so weak that you have to take make-up off your face in order to appear 'nice'.


    But the real sad part: she doesnt know who she is, what 'real julia' is or anything

    Now, that you can pity!

    Evidence is above.

    P.S. She has a 'nice' reputation amongst us low-level PR reps. I'm being sarcastic.

  57. Look in like a week or something she's off to some other european web conference. Where she will hold herself up as a ground breaking new journalist/ tech head. THIS, this weepy, self-absorbed confessional stuff is something she does every few months. Like clockwork. It appears tobe part of her business plan. I look forward to her talking about how she will monetize this. A scrolling ad for Kleenex under her confessional vimeo?

    This was her idea. All of this was HER idea.

  58. Sometimes I feel that the reason some of us can be harsher on JA is because we know her entire history. If you only have a snippet of her behavior you might be quick to say "everyone makes mistakes". That said, she's made many a gross gaffe publicly and even if you're given a short little rundown I don't see how you couldn't question the kind of person she is. How can you be this sweet, caring person and allow the "person nobody knows that you created and control perception of" to do such ridiculous, hurtful things? OK, let's say we buy that she is nothing like Julia Allison. Does that make the behavior OK or allowable? She is not an actress living out a real life reality show. She is dealing with people with real lives and real emotions, who shouldn't have to suffer because she wants to create a personality, form "strategic partnerships" and "put it out there" (in a controlled, manipulated and no-criticism-allowed way, mind you) to become famous and "make fuck you money". Sorry, but no. Her motivations, which she's stated off-the-cuff in interviews, are more than enough to make me question if this character is any different from who she is at her core.

  59. Julia, its still not you..

    Where is the real Julia?

    Do you even know any more Julia?

    Sleep comes easily to those know self..

    Confidence comes from knowing self.

    Success comes from knowing self..

    see a pattern Julia?

    Please understand that you can make success as an ass hole if you know self and understand that you are an ass hole and embrace it..

    Your key problem after figuring out how to know self is how to get sponsors to buy into the Ass Hole show with migth be as simple as showing upswing in viewers..

    But no-one in this economy is buying fake as it reminds of AIG, Enron, Goldman Sacs, and etc..

    Julia, embrace your skills at being an ass hole.

  60. Don't worry, Julia! We're still besties!

    Screw them all, not everyone can brag that they hang out with RANDI ZUCKERBERG! RANDI ZUCKERBERG loves you! When you feel bad and those internet haters make you wanna cry and hug your teddy bear, hug RANDI ZUCKERBERG instead! They're just jealous they don't have one of those "strategic relationships" with RANDI ZUCKERBERG!

    Now if you'll excuse me, RANDI ZUCKERBERG is off to go make some of that "fuck you money."

  61. It's weird... to an extent I'd have more respect for her if she was a horrible person and just owned it. We'd know right off the bat there was no hope for her, she'd be openly despised as a villain, but she'd let it roll off her shoulders and suck it up.

    e.g. Megan Hauserman, Omarosa

    Then again, these are two people who despite their repulsive personalities, are very SURE in those personalities. So IDK if that works. Whatevs. :D

  62. If she really, honestly thought that this was a better idea in her head.. then why post the video? I think we all know the answer.

    So, those who got had by this latest shitshow from her.. shake your heads a couple of times.. and get on with it. There is no need to feel guilty.

  63. This video is yet another example of the duplicity - the inauthenticity - of Jankles Baugher. Compare this to the "'fuck you' money" tripe that she also projects on the web.
    So which is it Julia? Like Me, I'm Nice and Makeup Free Wif My Teddy? Or Fuck You, I'm Rich?
    Do. Not. Trust.
    And yes, 10.33, please spill. You would make my day.

  64. Hi Julia Allison! For starters, you could use your real name.

  65. What a manipulative cunt.

  66. What would you do if Julia really did try to hurt or kill herself?

    Does anyone out there have a conscience?

    You cannot control JA's behavior, but you can control yours. Is this the type of person you really want to be?

    Please don't snark, I'm being serious. Just think about it.

    Hurting someone, no matter how vile you find them, speaks volumes more about you than them.

  67. Anony 10:57, again, grow the fuck up. Suicide is as selfish as selfishness gets. I feel no guilt over someone's own fucked up mentality.

  68. Anonymous 10:57: HI JULIA!!!!!!!!

  69. she loves herself too much to ever do anything. And pulling that card, the suicide card, as she does in that video is really really low.

    Don't make fun of me or I'll kill myself, right? That's basically what she's saying.

    This is your business right? This is just business


  71. Anon 10:57:

    You start off alright saying we cannot control her behavior but then you seem to forget that part towards the end. A mentally fit human being does not get pushed to suicide because of the shit talking of mostly anonymous strangers.

    Julia wanted this. Careful what you wish for. Famous for nothing has its downside. There is nothing to admire. No painting she did, no song to dance to, no photographs unless they are of herself. No poetry, no novel written. Just some really bad acting.

    "And the Oscar goes to..."

    Um, did someone just shift their paradigm? It smells in here.

  72. She's even a bad actress!

  73. Why can't everyone just be nice and hold hands and love each other?? Why must we critique the actions/non-actions/words of others??

    I wonder if Britney Spears ever thought to herself: "Why can't that Star Magazine talking head, Julia Whatsherface, ever be nice to me? Why must she be so mean?"


  74. Seriously according to what Julia was saying about who and what "Julia Allison" is a few months ago, this video is pointless because nobody's talking about Julia Baugher, the real Julia. In that way, maybe suicide of Julia Allison would make no difference because she isn't real. She's a character, you see. And this... this is indeed the performance piece! Tomorrow she will emerge the butterfly, Julia Baugher - humanitarian. No, not really. But you see what we're saying here?

    Julia says it's a character, not her.
    People say bad things about this character.
    Julia gets SO upset about bad things said about the character?
    Conclusion: Julia IS the character.
    Therefore, if Julia is indeed this character (and just slapping on a fake name to pretend it's a whole different "person"), the response is warranted and only exacerbated by her behavior in light of the circumstances of our world right now.

    Someone said she adopted the stage name to outrun some nasty google results. Think about it, if she created a name, she could "direct" how it came up in a search? Damn shame her personality and antics never changed so it's the same game, different name. Yikes.


  76. What a phony manipulator. Yes, I believe that she's very sad - because RBNS can't be shmoozed or flattered into buying her line of bullshit.

    This is a place that is pretty much a repository for people who've been burned by her and those who are just repulsed by her, and it has to be unnerving that all of this is one accessible place. We're not some dweeby guy writer for a 3rd rate publication who can be dazzled by her pretending to be a nice person for a few hours or by her flaunting her tits.

    Julia, if you really have any interest in improving yourself, here's a short but major piece of advice, given in all seriousness and no snark: NOT EVERY THOUGHT THAT PASSES THROUGH YOUR MIND HAS TO BE SHARED WITH THE WORLD. AN UNEXPRESSED THOUGHT IS OFTEN A VERY GOOD ONE.

  77. Anon 11:11 made a really fair point. Jill elbowed her way in the door doing this to others. Karma is a bitch, isn't it Jill?

    Scary already did the Chris Crocker reference.

    I just sayin

  78. A. Did she steal those glasses from some random at that TMI shoot?

    B. If you want people to like you, Julia, then treat them better. Don't use people. Perhaps think of what you can do for your friends, not to further an objective -- but b/c you care for them. It's not brain surgery you twit.

  79. I think when people talk about her 'suicide card', I think they fail to realize she's not mentally fit. Just look at her, she is falling apart.

  80. She's not falling apart, Anony 11.32. She did this at 5.30 in the morning! I don't know anyone who wouldn't be bugging out with so little sleep.

  81. Anon 1132, if that is true then she needs to get professional help and stop using the internet as her therapist.

  82. The bottom line is she needs serious medical attention. But narissists don't usually respond to serious medical attention. In all seriousnes I wish her family the best in dealing with this.

  83. This woman does horrible things to people... so if her feeling are hurt then i can't say i care. She does shitty horrible things and isn't sorry for them... So i hope she gets everything she deserves - like the crap from people who see through her lame bullshit.

  84. I do not feel guilty at all. As many have said already. SHE put it out there for consumption and that sparked commentary.

    I also agree that she would never hurt herself. She is too in love with herself.

    The video is so sad in that it is another clear reveal that she needs help from a mental health practitioner desperately. Also, it - again - highlights that she has no one close enough to her to tell her that she does.

    I have written to Julia numerous times to share with her some lessons I learned when I was her age, but she does not respond.

    She wants us/someone/anyone to meet her for coffee or email her in the hope that she will turn a 'hater' into a 'fan'.

    Not going to happen. She is a manipulative loser who wants to be adored, but has ZERO liable qualities.

  85. I think she's overwhelmed by all the ridicule at her expense from this past week and SXSW. She needs to stop trying force a square peg in to a round hole in that regard. People made it abundantly clear to her that they thought she was a joke and didn't belong at that convention. She's being force fed humility and it's not agreeing with her. Gawker appears to have turned on her, people she thought were her friends (sad in and of itself) were Twittering about what a joke she was, she made a crucial mistake and drunkenly blabbed something she shouldn't. I think this blog is the least of her problems. But she'll use this blog and say it's the source of her exhaustion because she knows she'll never really have to be accountable to anyone commenting here.

    I'm not a fan of people who have obvious issues and do nothing to help themselves, then go on to inflict those issues on everyone around them. If she's an insomniac or has trouble sleeping, the time to address it was months ago. But she didn't. Instead, she just kept Tweeting about it because it was something she could use to appear concerned and busy. The bulimia story comes out when she's being criticized, but she still appears to suffer from some kind of body image disorder. What is she doing to help herself? Nothing? Then she either makes all this crap up to get sympathy or she keeps herself mentally and/or physically ill to get sympathy. Either way, she needs professional help.

  86. julia allison compares the internet to a therapist.

    your therapist, ostensibly, has your best interest in mind. it is a requirement of his or her job.

    people on the internet? no such obligation.

    in light of this, she appears to think in fallacies and then wonder why everyone else doesn't understand her point.

  87. I've got a lot to do today. Let me be brief.

    She needs help.

  88. I'm sorry that the former Ms. Baugher suffers from insomnia and several personality disorders that she prefers to play out in public rather than seek the help of a competent therapist. However, like everything else Ms. Baugher "puts out there," this vimeo is simply a ploy to get sympathy votes when she's just tired enough to appear "authentic." It's all Bullshit. I spent two semesters with this creature of perverse entitlement, listening to her rattle on and on offensively about everything from class privilege to why homosexuals should stay in their place, and that rattling was simply to draw attention to herself. I was usually both offended and resentful at having to be in the same room with such a revolting excuse for a human being. Bottom line: nothing much has changed. Ms. Baugher still believes that everyone should bow at her feet while she does nothing to deserve any accolades. She can write no better than a competent eight grader, and her idea of journalism is to post pursed lips snaps of herself braying with middle-aged men staring at her cleavage in piano bars. The sad thing is that Ms. Baugher is incapable of genuine achievement. Like W coasting through Yale, Ms. Baugher coasted through Georgetown, only processing something when it was relevant to her narcissism. I don't feel sorry for this obnoxious, unlikable bitch; like the baugher blogger and the original RBNS, I'd just gotten kind of tired of Julia's antics and moved on. Now I think that I need to post a few memories over the next few days, reminding others of just how lousy a creature is the former Ms. Baugher. And nothing has changed since college, other than she's become even more pathetic. Poor wittle Julia. Help me. Give me ideas. I'm too stupid to help myself.

  89. This is just more of the same. ME ME ME, why dont you like ME. Here's more ME. Look at me. Me! STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF FOR 5 MINUTES. Stop posting videos and pictures of yourself. That is the main reason people don't like you. It's always and forever about YOU. And YOU are just not that likable. Sorry to say.

  90. Regardless of the intentions behind, or the authenticity of, this video, this will be my last moment as a commenter at RBNS. I don't speak from a stump of moral authority; I've, quite ferociously, attacked Julia with the best of them. However, it is now clear that there is an actual human being at the receiving end of this vitriol.

    I don't like Julia Allison, nor do I aspire to be like her. However, Julia and I have some things in common. Amongst these things is the fact that we are both just two women trying, and oft times failing, to live the life we want for ourselves. And for this one similarity, an undoubtedly universal common denominator, I can no longer contribute to this undeniably hurtful project.

    I can't even imagine how I would feel if everyone knew my entire history, and maliciously commented on each and every part of it. It is just so painstakingly obvious that I had forgotten that Julia Allison is a person - regardless of whether or not I like her, hate her, find her inspiring, or find her repugnant.

    Times are tough. People are losing their jobs, their houses, and their dignities. I cannot knowingly contribute to one more ounce of sorrow on this Earth anymore. There's enough to go around.

  91. Julia Baugher obviously has not learned ANY techniques to cope with her problems. How many times have you seen her say or write something like "I'm feeling vulnerable today" or "I feel unsafe" or "I am really emotional right now." (I can think of an old vimeo of her looking at a new apartment after she broke up with Jackob... she was in a similar fragile state). This video is just another manifestation of her immaturity and stunted emotional state. Maturity is dealing with your problems. Facing them. Coping. Changing. Not crying about them in public to your internet audience. Don't use the web as your therapist, Julia. It does not care about your problems and it never will.

    Secondly, she does not understand that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. She has full control of her actions and what she chooses to put on the internet yet she does not accept responsibility for them or know how to cope when things don't go her way. This is a pattern that I see repeated with her over and over and over again and this video is just more of the same. She gets slapped down, sulks and goes right back to behaving the same way.

  92. bunnies don't cryMarch 20, 2009 at 12:36 PM

    Meg, sorry but your argument is severely flawed: "I can't even imagine how I would feel if everyone knew my entire history, and maliciously commented on each and every part of it."

    That's right. You can't imagine how it feels because you choose not to put your entire history on the internet. Julia could have also made that choice, but she chooses to live her life in the public eye anyway. She puts every detail of her life online BY HER OWN CHOOSING AND HER OWN FREE WILL.

  93. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 20, 2009 at 12:50 PM

    Julia said she wished there could be a "happy medium" between no criticism, and sites like this. I have a suggestion!

    Open up comments on your own site. You can still have an intern comb them for approval, and you should let that intern delete insults, name-calling, and body snark. But post the constructive criticism, questions, and comments, let people chat, and them come and join the conversation.

    and @bunnies don't cry:

    not only does she put her details out there, she puts everyone else's: J is bipolar, this is my date, M made an off-color remark that I'll share, etc. etc. etc.

    I imagine J senses she is going to lose some readers to Mary. I did believe she is hurt and I felt for her, but it was difficult not to notice some annoying things (other than the GIANT TEDDY BEAR):

    If she is so willing to respond, why not say, "A lot of you are unconvinced that I've had no injectables. Here is the truth". (or: "none of your business") Instead she talks about sulphur from Dr. Bobby, and makeup, without acknowledging that she is doing so to avoid the injectables question.

    As a commenter above noted, she is going for a Brigitte Dale affect. Cute! Natural! This is not her come-as-she-is, this is her deciding that glasses are cute on girls (see photo posted shortly before video) and going for a different look. Do you get the difference?

    It isn't her reflecting that she has been fake, it is her trying a different angle, and a more vulnerable one as a bailout measure because M is leaving and J is being told LOUDLY that people do not like her look. Then she discovers a blogger (BD) whose look people do like, and who is successful, and PAID. BD looks very young, very natural, very girlish. So julia is going for that with the teddy bear, glasses no makeup.

    Speaking of happy mediums....

  94. Total Jing,

    If her family cannot do it than there is no help for her..

    we are not Julia effing fucking parents..

  95. I wish some kind (if slightly masochistic) soul would transcribe videos for those of us bored at work but can't use their speakers.

    I know I could watch at home, but spending my free time on JA seems like such a waste.

  96. Meg--

    Julia Baugher chose to "put it all out there" on the internet in her manic plea for attention. No one forced her at gunpoint to divulge her history. And you're right, times are tough and folks are losing their jobs, which probably makes Julia's scoffing at 50K gig even more offensive. Yes! That's a real human being jetting to Davos on somebody else's dime! My heart just bleeds . . .

  97. Sigh. Meg. You know what? You're right.

    I have always convinced myself that I was attacking/mocking the project of NS itself, as a symbol of web 2.0 ignorance, and arrogance and destructiveness.

    But, I've also often felt a little shitty about beating up on the women at NS - and being a part of a scene that reaaaaallly let them have it with both barrels.

    And I do think it's crazy/manipulative of Julia to turn on the tears every now and then as a way of manipulating her audience/critics.

    But... I don't want to be that guy. I don't go around verbally bitch-slapping all the crazy, self-centered, wrong-headed people in my life. Shit, if I did, I'd have time for little else.

    I made my points here. They will fade, like all website essays do. I had a few chuckles. That's enough.

    So, I too, am out.

    Now on to something really important. Like getting to un-fuck themselves!!! Who's with me?!! Grrrr!!!!

  98. I do feel bad for her (not because of the "haters" but just in general), and this might have been authentic...but the reality is that she still is making this all about her. What don't you like about me? Don't you care about how you're making me feel? Email me questions about me and I will talk about me.

    I wanted to like her and Nonsociety, but soon became disenchanted with them.

  99. 12:54

    Did I say we were? Did I offer help? Fuck off. I said she needed it.

  100. This website is crossing the line. You don't have the best interests of this girl at heart with your "honest advice" and are bullshitting if you say otherwise. You don't have to be friends with her or even like her, however, there comes a point when the commentary takes a turn and reflects more on the people contributing to it, than the subject at hand. This kind of virtual stoning is not okay, no matter how much you despise a person. Snark is one thing and this passed just being snarky a long time ago.

  101. I asked this in another thread... what could Julia Allison do now to make you like her? If your answer is "nothing, I'll never like her," then you're not her target audience. You'll never be her target audience because you will never like her.

    This whole thing is getting a bit redundant. The video, for me, was a real attempt at reaching out. I'm still not her number one fan, and don't think I'll ever be, but this was a step in the right direction.

  102. Hmmmmmm . . . looks like ol' Jackles, AKA Poor Little Rich Girl, may be contributing to some of these comments. I, too, feel so, so sorry for a grown woman whose big lawyer daddy gave her everything and is still paying the bills during these tough times. How dare we criticize her trademark Blue Steel pose and shitty behavior?

  103. Scam artists always switch to what they think you want to hear. The underlying issue of Julia Allison is the fact that she is still the person who will do terrible things to others, use and exploit them, etc for her own sake of attention, and will continue to be that person as often as she gets the chance. Some will fall for this new effort on her part that is of course knocking off someone else (Brigitte) but the bad character within her hasn't left.

  104. Of all the insane things JA has done in the past, to play the suicide card because of this blog -- when Gawker and Gawker commenters have been assailing her for years, and so have countless others -- is just lower than fucking low.

    She is shameless and will stop at nothing to silence criticism of her. What the hell did she expect after years of her online, revelatory bullshit? Why doesn't she take a lesson from Mary and learn how to respond to criticism with grace and good humor.

    I wonder if she's pulled the suicide card with Nick Denton, too?

  105. 1:05--She says she doesn't read the comments--and she's so honest I'm sure this is true--so who cares?

  106. Meg, I took your point to mean that you could not imagine being Julia Allison and I agree with you.

    I also agree with those who quite simply feel the hate has gotten out of control.

    I always agree with 'there must be a pony' btw, thanks for the wise comments in years past, I enjoyed reading your gawker comments very much.

    I wish you luck Julia. I really do.

  107. Wow, how 14 year old drama girl of her. "ZOMG U GUYZ IM GOING TO KILL MYSELF!!111 LEAVING INTARNETS FOREVER"

    Amazing. A glorious opportunity to produce an epic intarwebs flounce and she blows it. She just fails at life.

  108. Meg: How do we know all about every moment of her existence? Who provided us with this information, over and over again, for years? Who posted photos of old boyfriends who are now with new girlfriends, pleading with them to return her calls? Who violated many other people's privacy by publishing private IM exchanges, conversations, remarks, their health issues, etc., without letting them know she intended to do so?

    She provides it. No one else. She provides it and then freaks out when people rightfully take offence.

    She created this monster; it is really rich now that she's playing victim.

    I feel bad for her too watching this video, but only because she is clearly mentally ill and needs help and likely won't get it, because she won't admit there's anything wrong with her.

    But I will not lay a guilt trip on anyone or any blog for commenting negatively on the shit show that is her life, because SHE ASKED US TO. She WANTED and clamored for the attention.

  109. What a laugh! Julia Allison loves herself far too much to seriously consider suicide. I'll be laughing at this one for the rest of the day. Thanks, Foolia! And to those of you who fell for this shameless ploy, shame on you.

  110. OK, I forced myself to watch. I call bullshit. I call manipulation.

    As ever--seduction and theater trumps everything else when Ms. Julia Allison is involved.

  111. Playing the "suicide card"? Give me a break...she said the comments on here made her want to commit suicide with PAPER CLIPS! For a website filled with so much snark its amusing when the contributors take each thing that comes out of her mouth so seriously. I doubt she had paper clips bent open, ready to slice.

  112. Can she commit suicide via stapling her mouth shut? Because I would pay for that webcast.

  113. Total jing

    the only ones that make a determination of Julia needs help are


    RBNS is neither..get the effing point yet!

    we are not babysitting a effing 5 year old..

    Ever hear of tough love Total Jing?

    JA will not seek help until at bottom..feeling sorry plays into her 'illness' and does hot help

  114. Anon 1:27, I DO feel sorry for Julia Allison. Every day when she wakes up, she has to wake up with Julia Allison. That would drive anyone insane.

  115. Anon 1:27--

    Good God, what does it take for Julia Allison to hit bottom? This hasn't happened yet? I thought she hit rock bottom in terms of her obvious pathologies at least once or twice a week. So was I also wrong in believing that Brittney needed an intervention?

  116. A grand performance! As captivating as Eleonora Duse! Maybe this "real me" sham will merit a mention on gawker?

  117. she seems a little coked up in that video? No? Maybe it's just me?

  118. The Handmaiden of Passive Aggression adds:

    *I have paid full price for Organic Avenue but do not pay for BluePrint. BluePrint does not pay me to write about it. I just f-ing love the juice.

    Um, so which is it, Handmaidens? BluePrint doesn't "pay" you--yet you do partner with them? Mary, we know you're not the brightest bulb in the pack, but sweetie, if you are receiving free juice, you are receiving payment.

    Le sigh.
    Posted by RBNS at 8:49 PM 13 comments

  119. Kasey said...
    In between the fake glowing comments on juicing and cleansing, Mary Rambin is getting thrashed pretty badly over her latest episode of TMI. She's attempted to defend each negative or critical post and MY GOD her responses are hilariously dumb and out of touch. Seriously... why even waste time making fun of her horrible outfits and straw hair when she has ZERO critical thinking or reasoning skills? She can't even answer simple questions. How can she possibly be so clueless as to not realize how BAD her defensive responses there and on Gawker make her look?! The mind reels. I cannot understand how someone with so few reasoning skills functions in daily life. She's like her little dog Mason: her daily life revolves around the basic functions of eating, moving around and pooping.

    January 23, 2009 9:52 AM

  120. "This website is crossing the line. You don't have the best interests of this girl at heart with your "honest advice" and are bullshitting if you say otherwise. You don't have to be friends with her or even like her, however, there comes a point when the commentary takes a turn and reflects more on the people contributing to it, than the subject at hand. This kind of virtual stoning is not okay, no matter how much you despise a person. Snark is one thing and this passed just being snarky a long time ago."

    I will agree that this website (or any website) crosses the line when comments are made about someone being "fat" (when they are not) or "ugly" etc, but I mean...people are going to say those things bc that's what people do. BOO HOO. do you think Miley Cyrus sits at home and cries about all the people calling her names online? No. Because she is busy stacking cash and counting her money. Haters will exist when you get popular (loosely used term). get over it. I mean, shit, I put up a youtube video once and some stranger commented "are you a retard? like an actual mental retard?". Did I cry and talk about suicide? NO. BC I KNOW I'M NOT RETARDED. The fact is, the criticism hurts Julia bc she knows some of it is true, and she never allows herself to look at herself honestly. So she has 3 choices. 1. Get over it and take a lesson from Paris Hilton 2. Work to better herself 3. get the fuck off the internet. She is willingly strapping herself to the cross and then complaining about being crucified.

    But at the same time...this site contains mostly honest insight and constructive criticism from people who initially WANTED TO LIKE THIS GIRL. And who give her chance after chance to prove herself and redeem herself (such as waiting/expecting recaps from CES/Davos/DLD/the birthday party). The fact is she is shitty at what she does, and no one respects her work because it's faulty and lacks real content. Some of it's even a bold lie like that she and Mary and Megs are the "first 3 people doing it" ("lifecasting"). Seriously? That's a joke! You can't take someone seriously that says that. Everyone and their mother has a blog of "here's me in a cab, here's me at the park, here's me with my friends". This is the generation of oversharing and living what she is doing is far far far from "living differently". People are mad bc if they had the opportunities she has they wouldn't squander them. People are mad bc she's fake and it shines through. This video is fake. And we come here bc she won't allow comments on her site.

    And last but not least Julia (bc I don't believe you're not reading). Most people have ups and downs and successes and failures. That's not special. Yes, everyone changes, everyone is dynamic, everyone has feelings. No one is judging you for any of that. I mostly judge you because you promise content and don't deliver, you invite openess but won't allow comments on your site or real transperancy. If you could even do those 2 things (actually 3 things...get over the "haters" already) then more people would like you.

    the end.

  121. I must be jaded. My only takeaway is that she does clearly hit the bottle late nights.

  122. No need to spam this thread with full back posts of RBNS... everyone can follow a simple link or reference to an old post.

  123. uh, they're not full back posts, just partials.

  124. Gee, what kind of crazy person would be spamming this comment thread with full posts of Mary's worst gaffes? Would it be someone who is trying to divert the attention from their own public meltdown in any looney, desperate way they can? Sorry Julia, but we're pretty smart. We can easily skim past and keep reading the dirt about you.

    Of course, no one has brought up the point yet that with Mary's leaving, she's also taking all of her contacts with her - PR reps, clothing show rooms, beauty product reps, sponsors... the list goes on. Looks like you're back to square one with the no freebies thing. Scoring freebies takes hard work and it looks like your gravy train has R U N N O F T.

  125. anon 213

    uh, it's still unnecessary.

    A simple link would suffice. Plus, they're not even referencing anything that's being discussed here. Just random Mary stuff. A bit trollish, really.

  126. Mrs Hogwallop

    No, I am not Julia.

    But, Thank you, your lame comment is the funniest thing I have read all day...

    MR taking all her contacts with her. You people are just tooo funny.

    and was is runnoft-- you meant runnoff -- but you are Boozy spelling huh,

    ps. hope mary steals the spellcheck too.

  127. 1. Normally I hate the Hi Julia posts that pop up round these parts. I think many of today's are definitely Julia trying to generate public sympathy. I think this video and the ensuing "Leave Julia Alone!" comments are all part of yet another publicity stunt on the part of JAB.

    2. The Mary related back posts are unnecessary.

    3. There are some really disturbingly hateful comments here. If you find yourself getting that worked up over Julia, maybe you and she both need a time out.

  128. So anonytroll 2:24 pm, care to tell us who you are and WHY exactly you're spamming this thread with completely unrelated Mary posts?

    Plus, my movie reference (and the spelling joke) completely went over your little pin head, but I really wouldn't expect an imbecile like yourself to get it anyway.

  129. LEAVE JULIA ALONE tshirts coming soon

  130. total jing, ignore the odd, wildly extrapolating comments regarding your statement that JA needs help. um, i got it. i'm confused that anyone WOULDN'T get it. this woman needs help. just a simple and true statement.

  131. Ok, Julia, please just take some ambien. Please. They aren't evil, they'll help you. There is no way you can think clearly by getting no sleep.

    That is all.

  132. She hasn't grown a bit from her childhood years. When all else fails play the victim, grab a stuffed animal, appear vulnerable and accept pity. She has the emotional age of a toddler. Someone needs to convince her to see a legitimate shrink. He would say, "get a paying job. Exercise. Have and interact with real friends. You need structure. You are not special. No one is."

  133. To all the people who sympathized with Julia after her confessional... take a look at her latest post. More of the same drivel. Looks like she got some sleep and is back on the upswing today. Backtracking galore...

    "I'M SO HAPPY!!!! HATERS DON'T BOTHER ME!!! I IGNORE THEM (after I visit their site one last time). I'M JUST HAVING FUN!!!!!!"

    The manic upswings and downswings continue...

  134. Yeah. All of your JA converts, should take a look at her latest. She's back on the saddle.

  135. Julia cycles up and down like a junkie. I cannot believe she's basically back to her manic little self again today. Here is the cut and paste if you don't want to give her a page view:

    errr ...
    I have to say, I was a LITTLE embarrassed when I woke up this morning (ish), the way you might be after you got drunk and said something super vulnerable to your boyfriend and you sort of wish you hadn’t? Yeah.
    To all of the readers who emailed me, thank you. Seriously. The truth is, I’m a really happy person, a solid 90% of the time. I think that comes across. I’m a normal person, though, so that also has its ups and downs - which are exacerbated by the judgments of people who don’t know me, don’t care to know me, and probably never will.

    So the decision I’ve made - subject to change, just like every other decision I’ve ever made - is to more or less put those people on mute. I looked one last time at the site I referred to, because I was sent an email that the responses to my video would “hearten” me. Well, they didn’t. They were just as cruel as I’ve ever seen and - fuck, I’ll say it - evil. They were EVIL. If that’s how they react to me being as honest as I can be, then I’m done with them, as a group.
    This website is for fun. DON’T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY. It isn’t all of me. It isn’t everything I do, everyone I see, every thought I have. I thought I would be able to record everything, and I can’t. It’s not physically possible. So these are snippits, glimpses. Ultimately it comes down to this: if you enjoy it, fantastic. If you don’t, I’m sorry I haven’t made you happy. I like making people happy. I wish I could make everyone happy. But - shocker! - I can’t.
    And that’s just how it is.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, this lady has to go to the gym.
    PS. I *will* continue those videos - because I liked doing them.
    PPS. To the one reader who said I “faked” needing glasses? HAHAHAHA oh lord. I wish! I’m legally blind, actually. -12 in one eye, -11 in the other. So. No. Those were my real glasses. :)

  136. T-bone is a fan of JA you haters! On the vimeo website, T-Bone "likes" this one-sided conversation (Is it possible that JA was being insincere when she asked for a dialogue with her critics? Please, say it isn't so.) T-Bone became a member of vimeo yesterday and he has no photo, profile, or video posted. Hmmm? T-Bone says the haters are just jealous of JA's looks and mad because they are not invited (or have the nerve to crash) the parties that she attends (or rather crashes). So the gig is up people, we've been ID'd.

  137. Like I said, she was on the sauce. She slurred a few times and now has morning after regret.

  138. DON’T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY???? Just for fun?? I thought this was her business? Her income? You know, her great future successful venture that will brand her?

  139. Do you see what she did?

    She made a public plea to e-mail with her or meet with her to help her right her ways.
    She posts that pathetic video, knowing it's going to get venomous responses
    She goes all "I gave them a chance to tell me to my face what's wrong with me. But they're so EVIL that now I refuse to acknowledge them and they are irrelevant."

    Well played, JA. Well played.

    Like most pathological liars and sociopaths, she knows how to manipulate the truth to her advantage.

  140. I don't know if someone else brought this up (sorry, I'm not going to read 100+ comments), but isn't it funny how she chooses to lean against the very arm with the LIU tattoo and how she flashes the tattoo at the camera from time to time? Hmmm...

  141. Julia's BrainMarch 20, 2009 at 3:30 PM

    - I woke up this afternoon embarrassed (regular occurrence. Actions have consequences... who knew?)
    - It felt like the morning after you get drunk (not that I know anything about being drunk.)
    - I AM HAPPY!! SO SO SO HAPPY!! (if I say it enough times, it will be true, right?)
    - I AM NORMAL! REALLY REALLY NORMAL! (just like how I am really really nice. and really really happy. if I say it enough, it will be true)
    - I am going to turn my haters on mute (just as soon as I read the latest things they said about me. I can quit anytime I want to! I am not addicted to myself! Really!)
    - they don't like my honesty?! I can't believe it!!!!!
    - I am done with them (until I make my next video at 5 a.m.)
    - you guys are EEEEVIL! (and I know a thing or two about evil)
    - lighten up! don't take me seriously! I am just having some fun! (it's just my career and my life and my branding and what I have pinned everything on. But whatev)
    - what I put out there is just a snippet of my life. How can you judge that? (you really really wouldn't like me uncensored.)
    - I just want to make people happy. I want to please people. I am a people pleaser. I want everyone to be as happy as MEEE! (Ignore the above statement about not caring what people think of me)
    - It's physically impossible to record everything I do (I just haven't figured out a way to do it yet)
    - and I will continue the videos (because I care what people say and think about me... wait, what was my original point of this post again? Oh yeah... I AM HAPPY AND DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK!!!! EXCEPT I DO!!! EXCEPT I DON'T!!!!! BUT I DO!!!! blergh.)

  142. Probably because she realizes there is nothing she can do to change your opinon. You guys don't even WANT to like her so whats the point. Serious question. Why do you care so much about her behavior? (Did she offend your mother? Cheat on your best friend?) and whats the point of her listening to your advice? (To be more like you - this completely sane, normal, successful person that has an odd obsession with the behavior of a virtual stranger in New York City enough to berate her anonymously on the Internet?) Wow, that is alot to live up to.*insert sarcasm*

  143. The old Mary posts are annoying and clutter up this thread, but for me, they serve as a reminder that while I'm not a real fan of Mary, I do respect how she handled her thrashing here. She didn't whine, cry and turn herself into a martyr; she took a real look at the legitimate criticisms and made some positive changes in her blogging (I refuse to call it "lifecasting"). And that is why I'm rooting for her to succeed in her new venture.

    As for Julia, she will always find pathetic hangers-on who are willing to rationalize her every obnoxious and sicko behavior. But she will NEVER have the respect of anyone of any significance.

  144. "Anon" @ 3:31, she "puts it all out there" because she wants to be rich, famous and beloved. Nobody dragged her out of obscurity and put her life on blast against her wishes.

  145. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 20, 2009 at 3:39 PM

    Christian just nailed it.

  146. @Julia's Brain: Excellent.

  147. "But she will NEVER have the respect of anyone of any significance."

    Wait, is this coming from someone who seriously linked a video montage of Julia Allison quotes clipped together to say "I love to fuck young men."?
    Okay. Just wondering, because if that in fact a video you made, I wish I could have a life significant enough to allow me the time and desire to create something so...useless?

  148. I agree with Christian somewhat but I guess my problem is labeling her a sociopath, etc. Being a sociopath is not a diagnosis to throw around lightly. Serioulsy, she does not seem all that different than alot of girls in their 20's.

  149. "Anon" @ 3:41, I don't know how to make videos. I just found that sort of funny, and use it sometimes. Other times I use the one of her riding the giant dildo at the DLD conference, where nobody is looking at her, so she gets louder and more outrageous.

  150. RNOPS - only people who have a life of significance post videos of themselves riding giant gold dongs. I hear that's how Oprah got her start.

  151. Okay, here is a really obvious question -- if she is not wearing makeup at 5:00am (and really, who does?) -- why is she wearing pink lipstick?

    I have the feeling that if I had ever had to take a college class with her, I would have thrown a chair at her head...

  152. I met her once at a party, after like 5 minutes of conversation, she started looking around and checking who can contribute to her trying to be "famous" more. I was talking and I felt she was looking over my shoulder (not literally because she is shorter than I am).
    Not a pleasant experience.