Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh No

I have an announcement to make. Tonight, on a commenter's recommendation, I watched the TMI Weekly outtakes for their latest sexytimes episode. And for the first time, ever, I did not despise Jackles.

When these girls actually talk honestly, and when Jill-ckles stops bullshitting about herself, they are so much more appealing. Jill-ckles reveals herself to be the crass, vaguely low-rent girl we know she truly is and is almost funny here. I like her more for it than when she's pretending to be a prancing petticoated princess who lives in a pink fairyland yet believes herself to be shifting paradigms and SO. FREAKING. HAPPY. And Meghan -- she is amusing here and reveals some backbone. Mary is actually somewhat sexy.

But I am high on Russian Girl's potato weed. So I might take all this back tomorrow. I apologize.


  1. For God's sake, woman, PUT DOWN THE POTATO POT!!!

    What happen you?

  2. You assured me it wasn't this strong!

  3. I think my slow cousin Bogdan must have lace it with the hallucinogem.

  4. omgosh for someone who has always been on the fence here you are. not. helping.

  5. Mishka: Do you agree, though? Am I losing my mind?

  6. ahem we should not tell Jules this but Jules you know the content that was suppose to get to 100,000 and 1 million views ITS THE OUT TAKES!

    Can rest of the show and just do out takes..

    OKay now have to shoot oneself..that did hurt

  7. I don't see it Jacy. But maybe I'm just too biased at this point.


  8. re: Jacy

    I agree they are all much more likeable when they are not as guarded and are unedited. I honestly didn't know about the outtakes...are they new? It made me wonder who edits them into such a fantastic frenemy freak show with the (meghan) widening of the eyes and the (mary) discerning looks into camera and the (julia) batting of wonk lashes and brayyying.

    The sex show was so disturbing though. I thought about my many sex conversations I have had with friends (people who I choose to spend time with but would never call my "sisters") and they were ten times as frank and un-embarrassing as this. To paraphrase RG,: How is this living differently?"

  9. I am like, legitimately scared for Kevin Rose now.

  10. Rachael: That is who she's talking about, isn't it? It's not like it's someone from her past that she regrets not sleeping with. It's some guy she could have had a one-night stand with and she didn't, so Rose fits the bill.

  11. They were still pretty "on." There was Julia swearing up and down that woman has ever regretted not sleeping with someone, then seconds later she meekly admits that she actually has regretted not sleeping with someone. Then why state so emphatically that there has never been an instant of that in history? I don't like when people talk and say things just to divert attention back on to themselves. I'm also not a fan of her cursing. She didn't do a ton of it in the outtakes but she does curse an awful lot for someone who tries to act so prim and proper. She wants it both ways. She wants to be Suzy Homemaker and One of The Guys at the same time. She tries to hard to be cool. She's too old to be doing that.

  12. You know, I was thinking, someone should fill this out for Jankles and submit it. Anyone know her mailing address?

  13. Pretty sure Russia Girl and Jacy are the same person, which is pretty fucking weird.

  14. guess who just posted a photo wearing ORANGE and looking good!

  15. Ms. Bojankles:
    If you're talking about Meggy, we olive-skinned girls look pretty good in orange.
    Pink, not so much. Unless it's dusty.

  16. Wrong, Anonymous 11:44. Why would we bother?

  17. Toolia's ex Alex is at SXSW (via Twitter)

    juliaallison: On my way to dinner with @BrianGorbett and @MeghanAsha, 6 other people AND my ex, @AlexDrosin
    about 2 hours ago from txt

    Here's a pic of the happy couple 3 years ago:

  18. Internet Snark MachineMarch 14, 2009 at 12:25 AM

    Why can't Juliu just effing calm down, is what I want to know. She's either WAY overboard with the pink and the frills, or she's WAY overboard with ALL BLACK head to toe. It's like she has no personality of her own, and just keeps trying on personas and costumes. Good lord, woman, take a Xanax.

    Also, I am still stunned by her big ol' black tattoo. Why is it so large and blocky? When she was first talking about it, I pictured something like Lindsay's white ink "breathe" tattoo:

    And Jacy, one or two marbles may have escaped from your noggin, my dear. I still love ya, though.

  19. BunnyBingo, that photo, ummmm, my gaydar is pinging.

    Nice Wilma Flintstone costume, though, Jill.

  20. Internet Snark Machine, she probably didn't know you could get white ink. Just another decision of hers, like Harvard Business School, that wasn't very well researched or thought-out.

    I think it looks unbelievably trashy. Not inherently, but contextually, against the background of who Julia thinks she is or wants to be.

  21. Anon 12.31, me too. Reminds me an awful lot of Jack from "Will and Grace".

  22. the tweets to her are really funny:

    " mat: Just spied @juliaallison in the Hilton chatting up @laughingsquid & sounding WASTED drunk. Oh wait. Nvrmnd. Turns out she's just dumb #sxsw "

    " puzo119: @juliaallison or a stalker... "

    " 3844806_b25f947853_normal
    annapoet: @juliaallison you did not invent twitter - shut-up about it. You are bat-shit crazy "

    " annekristoff: @juliaallison Tweet you! "

    " hellojenny: @juliaallison neither one is funny, because YOU. ARE. NOT. FUNNY. "

    " web20morons: @juliaallison Long Island University Rocks! "

    " agria: @juliaallison -- Long Island University -- go Blackbirds!!! "

  23. My theory is that Jacy is a guy -- initials J.C. -- who travels in their social circles and is in love with Mary.

  24. You mean mary in orange.

  25. I cannot take the word Bray. It just makes me pee in my pants every single time I read it.

  26. * Mary is like the student who gets a bad grade but then reads the teachers comments/advice and turns in a much better paper next time.

    * Toolia is like the student who gets a bad grade and turns in the same paper next time only with more plagiarism/bad grammar. She never learns, no matter how good the teacher is.

  27. Loren, this is great:

    Loren Feldman's interview w Meghan Asha at SXSW:

  28. Jacy -- I have NO idea.


  29. Huh, until I watched that video I thought Loren Feldman was a girl. Learn something new every day.

  30. Wow. If there were a website that was dedicated to trashing my BFF/"sister" and occasionally me, I wouldn't be admitting to reading it or that my mother likes it.

    She did seem to find it funny when Loren referred to "Jackles."

  31. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 14, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    Anon1144: The other speculation that she's actually a guy is a lot closer than that.

  32. Julia's Old NoseMarch 14, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    Let me just put this out there -- and this is for Meghan since she checks the site. (And I'm pretty much in her corner since the Loren Feldman video was posted)

    Some thoughts:

    1. The TMI Weekly OUTTAKES are what TMI should be like. It may not be the one you ultimately deliver to NBC -- those should definitely be more controlled, limited to two minutes, etc.

    2. But for the web, this is...dare I say it... something close to decent. People WANT honest, real, funny, and revealing. Planned and produced well, but with an off-the-cuff attitude. And interestingly, the more you can plan ahead, the more prepared you'll feel when you're taping, so "off-the-cuff" will come more effortlessly.
    EX: Like Mary's trip to Kodak video, there was something there.

    3. Make fun of each other a little more. Call each other out on stuff. MEGS-CALL JACKLES OUT HER BULLSHIT! Debate. Laugh. And don't be afraid to show your real personality.

    4. Make the NBC version of these more toned-down and "tighter," and the web version no-holds-barred.

    5. Once the weather warms up, for god's sake, get out of that cheeseball NNN studio. Do them in a stupid rowboat in Central Park, inside a dressing room at Barney's, walking down Hudson St., wherever! These definitely need to go outside.

    6. I also see you guys doing some man-on-the-street type stuff, which would bring some NYC flavor to the videos. Right now, these could have been taped in my Grandpa's house in suburban Maryland.

    Um.... progress???

  33. If you tweet something mean/rude at JA, she WILL send you a DM calling you out on it. It's pretty awesome/sad.

  34. 10:40, that's very tempting.

  35. Julia's Old NoseMarch 14, 2009 at 11:19 AM

    Everyone just tweet her "Have you checked out It rocks!" Even 10 of those today would really piss her off.

  36. JON: With a mention of how funny Meghan finds it and that Meghan's mother is a big fan. Oh that would be funny!

  37. We are all Jacy and Russian Girl, people!

    Only not.

    Can we put an end to the Sock Puppet Theatre of Horrors for awhile and just sit back and enjoy the hilarity??


    Moving on. I can't bring myself to sit through TMI on any level. The cringing is so strong it's unbearable.

    I am tempted to check out these outtakes, but i can't bear the be-tramp stamped braying one -- even when she makes it clear she is just trash and stops the pretending.

    That HBS trash talking "Big Think" video is the true Jackles and it pretty much makes me vomit -- i can't take it when sex is added to the mix.

    And her vile stalking of Kevin Rose is just too embarrassing for words. I am embarrassed for her b/c she has not shame.

  38. me thinks LIU's tumblr friends have coke eyes going on in that pic on her site.. stay classy, jankles.

  39. I would have no problem with these outtakes if Julia would not sound as if she'd gotten a tracheotomy, removed her vocal cords, and then had her advertising-for-service doctor haphazardly reinsert them.

    Yuck. Record your voice and listen to yourself objectively, fool. No one wants to hear that. Deep down, not even you.