Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meghan: OutTwitting The Twit

This just in!! Two days old, but this JUST IN!!! Stop the presses!!

From Meghan's Twitter:

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! TMIweekly was picked up by NBC's new channel: New York NonStop. We're airing 6x/day, 7x/week - that's 168 TMIs/month from web

There are truly no words. What doesn't she understand? Oh yeah, right ... everything. I await the post that she couldn't announce it until two days after it was EVERYWHERE because she didn't have her laptop.


  1. hmm she not know when deal went down? that indicates NNN sold it not NS Girls

  2. She is supposed to be the CEO of Nonsociety. And the tech genius.

    In one fell Tweet, she makes herself look both totally out of touch in terms of the timing of the announcement and technologically out to lunch as well. Yes, you had no laptop and that's why you've been out of touch. But you have an iPhone!

  3. I just think Meghan is completely checked out at this point - not that she was ever 100% checked in and on board from the beginning. She seems sort of naive and clueless, but I don't think she's the raging idiot a lot of people make her out to be. Of course, anyone with a modicum of common sense would have seen through Julia's bullshit a long time ago so I can't say that she's completely blameless. I get the feeling now that she knows she made a mistake but doesn't have anything else lined up.

  4. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! I am blogging with two girls, Julia and Mary. When I say 'blogging' I mean 'taking some time away from the noisy internets.' More details soon, if I can find my laptop!
    1 minute ago from web

  5. It's obvious that Meghan rarely uses her twitter. But the no laptop excuse (which came from Julia BTW - no word about it from Meghan) sounds an awful lot like the no wifi excuse. This late announcement seems like something Julia badgered Meghan into doing so she wouldn't look like the only one announcing/excited about it - Meghan's tweet is word for word the same as Julia's from a few days ago. No word from Mary yet because Mary actually has the guts to not cave into Julia's demands.

  6. Guys. She did not have her laptop so he probably wrote this down in her "things to Twitter" page in her DayRunner. Now that she has her laptop back, she is catching up and posting them on the Twitter. Lay off!

    In other news... we might be electing our first black and/or female president! You guys... This is such an exciting time to be ALIVE!

  7. You know what else, Julia's Old Nose? Julia and Jakob broke up! You heard it here first! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!

  8. anyone with the guts to submit to the deadpool?

  9. Big announcement!

    Mary calls Julia, whoops Lilly, Monster

    blerg werd?

  10. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! It looks like I might have accidentally formed a legal partnership with a braying donkey! Well, back to dancing! I love dancing! You know, sometimes, at night, I lock the door so no one else can see...
    about 22 picoseconds ago from a twit

  11. Maybe Julia hacked her twitter account and simply retwitted her own message, not thinking how stupid it would look and stupid it does look...
    But seriously, I know many people here have sympathy for Meghan, but if I look at a privileged, educated young woman in her early twenties who KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY entered, even FUNDED this travesty, I find it hard to find pity in me. Avoid being sucked onto the dark side where Julia lives by doing some research on your business partners BEFORE entering a business relation. And it's not like it is hard to discover Toolia's many vices - they are ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!! Especially a tech savy geekette like Little M can be expected to have some goole proficiency or am I wrong? I do not want to judge her personality as I don't know her, but I do not see her as the innocent angel tricked into an ill-fated adventure. She had reasons and motives to get into this (maybe for money, maybe for fame, maybe for lack of anything else to do) and things like this latest tweet are simply ridiculous.

  12. Meghan totally wants to be a famewhore. No other reason exists for her behavior...she is trying to make her image right now on th NS shitcast.

  13. Makes you wonder if Julia Allison Baugher (Google results! Fun!) begged Meghan Asha Parikh to reTwit this so that her better-connected followers could see the news and be green with envy. I mean, why wouldn't Ashton Kutcher covet a spot on Taxi Blab TV?

  14. Speaking of Twitters:

    Okay, seriously, NOW I'm going to bed. We have to tape 8 TMIweekly eps over at NNN tomorrow. - Julia

  15. I hope Jules bought her ticket to Austin for SXSW this weekend! She better buy soon, because ALL. NONSTOP. FLIGHTS. ARE. SOLD. OUT!

    Oh, and you're looking at a minimum of $690 roundtrip.

    BUY SOON! Unless you're flying on Meg's plane, then disregard this airfare alert.

  16. It also looks like Julia Baugher is crashing with a woman named Melody McCloskey at SXSW (possibly because hotel rooms filled up and she didn't book a room yet?) Never heard of her before now. Funny how Julia's "friends" only come out of the woodwork when she needs a place to crash during a conference.

  17. Neato! That will make for some fun girltime this weekend. McC is widely known to have dated none other than one of Julia's sloppy seconds, Mr. Kevin Rose. Julia briefly dated him in 2008, and Melody did during the summer.

  18. The love lives of tech scene: like Melrose Place... but 75% less attractive and 100% more boring.

  19. Didn't Julia Twitter something about this woman around the time of the Inauguration? Something like they both dated the same guy.

    Note: 1 date does not constitute dating , Julia.

  20. Actually, it was from the SF leg of the Fabulous. Birthday. WEEKEND!

    Via @juliaallison
    "Just spent the last two hours talking with @melodymcc in my car. Well, well, well."
    3:53 AM Feb 28th from txt

    As in... well, well, well -- looks like I can crash in her Current TV paid-for hotel room during SXSW?

  21. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 11, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    Yes, that's right, that's the woman with whom she trashed Kevin Rose in her car after her birthday party. I guess because Rose made the fatal error of not wanting anything to do with her when she came to San Francisco.

    Verrrrryyyy classy.

  22. Kevin Rose is, like, creating an army of psychos. He should really buckle down, sell his company before it turns into PointCast, and start dating European supermodels.

  23. Julia's Old NoseMarch 11, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    Jackles is super! EXCITED! About this weekend. Austin is going to be a-maz-ing, ya'll. (Shit, did she buy a ticket yet?)

    via @juliaallison..
    @MelodyMcC - You have the best attitude, lady! Cannot wait to see you (and room with you!) at SXSW. Big hug!!

    And Melody trys to warn Jackles that it is a WORKING weekend, requiring one to attend the panels and events. She is going to be busy with work, get it?

    via @melodymcc
    @juliaallison it's going to rock! Very excited about some of the panels/events this year. We're going to be busy! :)

    Godspeed, Ms. MsCloskey, godspeed.

  24. Jackles will be working hard, lady! (How I hate that device ... hey LADY! ... Jesus)

    She'll be perfecting her Blue Steel and I am sure she's practicing some lipdubs right now. I hope the wonk is healing up!