Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mary: Striking Out On Her Own With VERTICAL SCROLLING

Here it is, ladies and gents. Rambo, freed from the shackles of Jackles, horizontal scrolling, light boxes and eight billion horizontal scroll bars! She's LIBERATED! She's laughing! She's got ideas! A plan! And lots and lots and lots of "Look at me, I'm hot!" shots!

Uh-oh -- her frenemy did rub off on her ... oh dear. That's not good. However, I see no sign yet of the Blue Steel or the kissy face. Let's give her a chance and hope to hell she remembers to use spellcheck.


  1. Good luck, Mary! This is the right move. Now -- adopt a SN and come here to dish about Jules!

  2. You know, I wish her well. She's not exactly my cup of tea, but she is trying and open to change and growth. I can definitely appreciate that.

  3. The pictures need to be smaller of her face. I like the idea of each day having a specific post.

  4. good for her. i'd rethink the banner.

  5. Love,

    Get ride of the peen header. In addition to the peen shot, there's issues with composition. Otherwise, you have my blessing! Cheers!

  6. Congrats, Mary! I'm sure there's a reason why you're sticking around at TMI, but I would run away from that trainwreck ASAP! Also, I would suggest you go with a different label than "lifecast" - i) it's a stupid term, and ii) I think you want to sever all connections or associations with the disaster that is/was Just my $0.02. Best of luck.

  7. I second what 8:10 said re: lifecast. Employing the lifecast term is confusing. When I read "lifecast" it made me think that she planned to be linked or still attached to the Nonsociety website.

  8. Go Team Mary! Love the color scheme + layout. Looks great.

    I agree with 8:09PM, that she may want to re-think the banner. Although I'm sure the look + feel of the site will evolve as she finds her way.

    For now, just want to say thank the Baby Jesus that Mary has thrown off the Shackles of Jackles!

  9. From the sound of her daily topics, I think I might like this new Mary! Actual content! Imagine that.

  10. thirded.

    (RE: lifecast)

    and again, no puppy peen please!

  11. Agreed, 8:10pm. MARY, VOTE NO ON "LIFECAST"!

  12. That giant winking head in the middle is a little jarring. I like the laughing pic on the far right much much better. And yeah... the dog dong has got to go... perhaps as a smaller pic it would be less noticeable?

    Good for you, Mary. (If you're reading)

  13. Fuck LIFECASTING!March 18, 2009 at 8:41 PM

    I will always associate that stupid term with Jackles + NS.

    Mary: make a clean break. NO 'lifecasting'.

    Also? ix-nay on the ason-May een-pay!

  14. I think the most refreshing thing about her page is a place holder for "YOUR COMMENTS." Smart move.

  15. So basically, she's still unemployed.

    Why does she constantly show photographs of herself doing that hideous neck extension? She looks like something from an anatomy library.

  16. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 18, 2009 at 8:55 PM

    Agreed on the anti-lifecasting sentiments above. A blog is a blog is a blog. Lifecast is just a new name slapped on the same thing that lots and lots of people post text, photos and videos on...

    So when does the announcement come? Nonsociety is dead. Long live More than GOOP....uh....More than Mary!

  17. Mary, I agree with the others above: no 'lifecast'. Invent some other word or go back to using 'blog'...

    Maybe 'stylog' or 'daybook' or 'lookbook' or 'stylofax' (daily entries + style + facts... haha) or 'fabcast' or even 'stylecast'...

    You can think of something better than lifecast!

    Happy for you!


  18. Basically, Julia can't stand that Mary's upstaging her, so now she's lashing out at things Mary values - having a drink now and then, fashion, watching sports (e.g., her latest Twitters/blog posts about things being Mary's idea.

    I've no delusions that Mary is ready for prime time, but being a fellow Texas girl, I have to say I get where she's coming from and adore it. You don't often see someone comfortable with loving fashion and embracing a bit of a "tomboy" side.

    She's definitely had her moments (Botox abortions, anyone?), but... there's something about her. With an editor (NOT Jackles) and some media coaching she'll really have something.

  19. Chill on the head to toes unless it's new stuff...March 18, 2009 at 9:07 PM

    Way too much of her mouth in the 'laughing' picture
    and way too reminiscent of her NS pose.

    Vote-no on the lifecast, especially since she is 'programmed' daily. That's her life.

    on a positive note, having a daily program will most likely keep her from going to the bad places...[politics; women's rights]

    and gotta say, either the botox or photoshop is working 'cause the lines on her forehead are barely visible. Maybe the colonics?

  20. i have to say, i'm loving the fact that julia almost certainly seethes with anger on the daily while reading all the mary love on this site--mixed in with all the JA criticism.

  21. Yeah, I agree on rethinking the banner.

    Def agree with losing Mason's peen.

    and, please don't post pictures of him licking your tongue, I mean go ahead and do it if you like it, but it's a nasty pic.

  22. Yeah SA,

    I thought about that too.

    But then I thought how F'ed up it must be for Mary to know that people only like her by default.

  23. I am loving that this post is generating more interest than the previous JA one. Jankles must be sitting in her pink closet, plunging hat pins into a blonde Barbie doll.

  24. Yeesh. That's kinda hideous. The header takes up almost the whole page. She needs to make that smaller by about 75% and pull the intro and content and sidebars up. 4 seconds, Mary. You have 4 seconds to keep a new visitor on your site.

    Color scheme is dull and kind of depressing. No need for that many pictures of herself. It totally gives the wrong impression. That being that she's a vain, shallow wannabe. The one thing about Goops design that I like is that Gwyneth keeps her photo off that site. It's a clean design with just the right amount of personal touches to know who the creator is.

    One pic in the upper left corner, with a bio for her underneath is fine.

    Lose the word lifecast. If she's trying to break free from NS she needs to do it 100%. Lifecast is too identifiable with NonSociety. I prefer "lifestream."

    Not bad for a first draft but it needs a ton of work.

  25. Wow, she went with Tumblr.

  26. Christan

    Spot on!

  27. Good luck Mary!

    Way to strike out on your own.

    Sincere best wishes.

  28. So a vapid bitch on the internet changed her url. Great. Listen, I'm all for the end of NonSociety. But that doesn't mean I'm open to all other wastes of internet.

  29. 9:28

    What, you're not engaged with the 'head to toes'?

  30. And the sauteed bananas? You have a problem with the sauteed bananas?

  31. 9:28, I mean Jackles...awwwwwwww. What? Not happy that Team Rambo is getting all the internet love and you're not?

    Why don't you have some more cocktails and plunge another 'hat pin into a blonde Barbie doll'(9:12!)?

  32. Good for Mary.

  33. princess happycakesMarch 18, 2009 at 9:55 PM

    it still says "it's just the 3 of us but not for long soon we will have other contributers!"

    they actually have LESS contributers, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  34. 9:45

    police yourself. not everybody loves mary.

  35. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 18, 2009 at 10:18 PM

    Ha, Julia just discovered and linked to videoblogger Brigitte Dale who --though a bit cloyingly cute at times-- is adorable, witty, smart, unique, and professional. Her dating advice video, for example, includes personal stories with points of interest apart from guessing who REDACTED might be. She manages to do pieces that are off the cuff and pieces that are more thought out and contain info.

    Um, do you guys see what I am getting at here?

  36. I think Mary is more of a waste of space than Julia. Julia actually has some talent, no matter how despicably she wields it. Julia could be a journalist on a suburban newspaper if she tried hard enough. Mary is a pointless know nothing.

  37. Shiiiiiiitttt -- I am hip to what you are putting down, GIA. Sorry, that was my attempt at lame JA ghetto speak.

    Anyone capable of Googling would have to be batshit insane to professionally align themselves with Jackles. It would make no financial sense either. She's going to have to find some poor dumb impoverished intern, or, Krystal!

  38. Mary is the smartest of them three, after all. See, there is something about Mary.

  39. i don't love it, but i don't hate it either. i think the photos of her are great, but there are WAY too many and they've been fit together in a strange way. less is more mary! The photo of Mason just needs to be cropped and not placed so close to her face and that would solve the "peen" issue. For kudos on the topic specific days too. all in all, for a first draft, not bad.

  40. I have to agree with Christan -- the design is terrible. Too much pancake on Mary's face and too many photos of her. The photo montage is awful.

    Let's hope she goes more minimal and looses the dog peen.

  41. Oh, Johnny Optional! How you damn ("Julia could be a journalist on a suburban newspaper if she tried hard enough") with faint praise.

    I salute your perspicacity and fine turn of phrase.

  42. And dammit, no doggie dong anymore. sorta sorry I didn't get to see it in glorious context.

  43. damn. she must be reading these in real time to have responded to the dog peen objection so quickly.

  44. wow. she really is reading here.

  45. Mary: You look so pretty in blue!*

    * that was meant to piss off the crazy person who went so nuts when someone suggested she looked good in orange

  46. FormerGawkerEmployeeMarch 18, 2009 at 11:16 PM


    Well, Mary, since you are reading: That ISN'T the best shot of you up there right now. The hair is sort of suburban soccer mom, and you look tired! Remember, deep side part! Look how great you look in that shot on Jackles blog today, and even the one posted here the other day with you in the undershirt. That was a beautiful photo. Please, no more hair plaster.

    If you must, even enlarge one of the shots of you at the BiCoastal Birthday Cake-Licking party; you looked amazing that night and gorgeous in all those photos.

    And there's no problem with Mason's little head showing up somewhere; just not THAT little head. Make the sure the blog remains a dog peen-free zone.

    I'm rooting for you, Toots, and so are many people in Jackles's circle in ways that would stun and horrify her.

  47. wow, she updated her site already and it looks....much.....better!

    i like the cleaned up version. and the pops of color on the new header.

    its nothing professional but its 10x better than nonsociety, all versions

  48. Mary is so much prettier than that picture on the header!!!!

  49. What'd you guys make of Meghan's wistful-sounding post?

  50. Mar? May I call you Mar?

    As a few others have said already, the new banner is better. Howevah...that photo isn't very flattering. I agree with 11:16, post one of the pix from the NYC bday bash or from your NC photo shoot.

  51. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 18, 2009 at 11:42 PM

    Mary, your header is improving for sure, but I REALLY think you should choose just about any photo for your main one, other than the one that's up there. It's unflattering and odd.

    I just read Meghan's "wistful" post and looked at the old photos of you with long hair. Good move, going short! I really think it suits you.

  52. 11:29

    While I think the post can be interpreted on many levels, from passive aggressive to true sadness and perhaps both, I read it as a foreshadowing to the dissolution of the Nonsociety "product." Not a carefully crafted hint but rather an awareness of what never was.

  53. the site has not been launched! its clear that the designer is just placing temporary pics as they determine layout! why are we wasting time dissecting, let them get it together and actually launch it before we parse.

  54. “ JA has a history of surprising interviewers with her SUPER niceness.
    [redacted] (via juliaallison)

    Note to JA: Reblogging comments like this only make you more of a douche and don’t at all validate you in the eyes of the 99 percent of your readers who think you are mentally unstable. Just FYI.

    CLASSIC from:

  55. 11:46--its available on the web. what are we supposed to do?

  56. Mary changed it again- and it's sooo cute! LOVESIT.

  57. "Julia could be a journalist on a suburban newspaper if she tried hard enough." Ha ha ha, so harsh yet so funny. Those words will haunt Julia's dreams. That's like saying Julia could be a pattern cutter when what she wants to be is a designer lauded in the pages of Vogue.

  58. Once again Julia outdoes herself:

    JA has a history of surprising interviewers with her SUPER niceness.

    [redacted] (via juliaallison)

    If the person who said that can’t say it on record, it is meaningless. Do they want to make sure others know you’re a nice person without having their name associated with yours? That makes no sense at all.

    I get what you are trying to do with the positivity/feedback campaign, but it is seriously lacking on execution.

    Welcome to the backfire.

  59. I'm just checking it now and really like it. Didn't see the dog peen and like the colors.

    But in order for me to come back every day, the content needs to be there. Based on what she has outlined, I think that will happen.

  60. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 19, 2009 at 1:01 AM

    Mary's header improves with each iteration. Not there yet but the photo of Mary relaxed and laughing with Mason licking his nose is priceless and must stay!

    A big reason I'm team Mary is that whether she's smart or not, whether she's stylish or not, it does come across that she thinks about what her readers say and want and tries to provide a service to them. Good example is the maternity clothing posts earlier. She is not pregnant, she does not design maternity gear but a reader needed advice so she did her best to help out.

    As opposed to Julia Allison who largely doesn't bother to offer anything but lookatmeees. More often than not when she does offer "advice" or "entertainment" it is a transparent excuse to tell a story about herself, namedrop, let us know she is connected, or impress a guy.

    At times I have been appalled at things Mary wore, and was beyond appalled at the abortion/botox remark, however even when she offends, I think she does so thoughtlessly. Which while not admirable, is a big step up from the plotting 'n' posing from JA.

    As for Meghan, I'll say it again. Perfectly nice girl, I am sure, and an utter knockout, but awkward presence and brought zero tech to the table. My joining M's team is largely a result of JA schadenfreude. Am I proud of this? Nope. But temporarily entertained while taking a break from work? Oh, yes.

  61. There is a Meghan announcement coming in the near term, too. Meghan doesn't have Mary's self confidence and doesn't have the same backup plan, so it is going to take at least as long as the NNN contract term.

  62. @12:26

    I don't think Julia could work at a regional rag. I am SHOCKED that she's kept her job at TONY for so long when it requires her to meet, ya know, deadlines. I am not even remotely surprised that she lost her job there.

    I'm a chronic procrastinator. I am self-aware enough to know this about myself; therefore, I do not accept assignments where I know that the deadline is "hard" as opposed to negotiable.

    If only JA could develop even a *HINT* of self-awareness. I think she could end up living some semblance of a fulfilling life.

  63. if she changed the header again (someone mentioned that), i missed it. but i like the header now (with mason's tongue out and the yellow dress, etc). is that the one everyone is saying is unflattering mom hair?

  64. why is there a black square in the top right hand corner of her banner?

  65. 1:06 i was just looking at that distracting square. it's the result of an awkward blending of photos; the black part is the tablecloth behind the plate.

  66. Julia's latest twitter: "But does ANYONE really know who they are, definitively? "Who you are," by definition, seems like an amorphous, ever evolving concept."

    Oh dear. She's going into a tailspin.

  67. Re. Julias latest Twitter/NS post - she's just laying the groundwork for a defense of her chaotic/directionless behavior.

    There are no boundaries/rules/standards to be judged by ergo she cannot be judged:

    "Someone told me I didn’t know “who I was” today. I’m not sure what to make of that, exactly. I think I’m many things - and sometimes those things change. Who I was five years ago, five months ago, five days ago isn’t necessarily who I am now. Why should it be?

    It always bothers me that it’s perfectly acceptable to criticize politicians for “flip-flopping.” You mean taking in new information and altering one’s views accordingly? You mean allowing your life experiences to change your future behavior? You mean learning?

    Human beings are inherently inconsistent - our thoughts, our feelings, the way we relate to others changes constantly - and yet, “inconsistency” remains a largely pejorative term. Why?

    Perhaps I’m more inconsistent than most. I posted something today about being “in the mood for a boyfriend,” which made me laugh, because I usually don’t feel that way. I assume that’s not confusing for my readers, because they understand that sort of thing changes from day to day. I’d be lying if I said that what I want in general doesn’t also change on a (nearly) daily basis. One day I love New York and never want to leave. The next I want to go to business school. The next I want to take the summer and live in Chicago. And so on, and so on. I’ve always been like this. Lots of life paths: some happen, some don’t. Eventually it all works out, so I’ve never really worried too much about it.

    I do feel that I’m at a turning point right now, and I’m actively searching for the answer to what really makes me happy. But here’s what keeps tripping me up: there are elements of what makes me happy in a lot of things which don’t make me happy. Additionally, some things which make me happy only make me happy in small doses. Does that make sense?

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is that “knowing who you are,” isn’t a set conclusion you come to, the way you write up a mission statement for a company, like “Don’t be evil.” Or … hmmm. Maybe it is?"

  68. Oh for god's sake. anyone can come off as "super nice" to an interviewer if they have half a brain cell and a little acting ability. It's not a guarantee of truth about the subject's actual personality. Just about their ability to bullshit.

    Julia, give it a rest. No buyers. Quit selling.

  69. holy shit! i went to bed and when i woke up more than Mary looked more than a little different!! (and apparently, she's changed it twice!)

    why is it that it seems to take NS 6 months to roll out a new design, but MarMar did it in a night? (I know there's all sorts of wacky programming involved in the horizontal scroll and shitty lightboxes ... but maybe that's score one for not giving all of your start up money to programmers?)

    One more criticism: get into your stylesheets and give the text posts some left margin. Otherwise, I think it looks great (such an improvement over NS) and I love the themed days of the week.

    Is anyone else a little concerned that Julia is going to go all wacky on Mary's ass? Like she does to all of her ex boyfriends and ex friends?

    Also, re: the JA post put up by Anon 1:34:: Is she fucking crazy? The things that make her happy are paired with things that don't?!! Nooo ... Welcome to adulthood, you stunted bint. Honestly, she's worse than my 16-year-old sister in terms of lack of knowledge about what real life if actually like. I don't have the luxury of being "different" and "inconsistent" everyday. I have people that count on me to be who I am and follow through with my responsibilities. RESPONSIBILITIES. Look it up. And then learn to deal with them. Geez. Sometimes I really, really hate her.

  70. Dear Mary,

    I am so pleased to see your new venture is taking shape -- you look to be going in a good direction here.

    The new site iteration is better -- horizontal 'banner' across the top is a good solid decision. Right now the montage has good things and bad things. I don't think having your face meet up with a dirty pot is a good idea in your first L to R transition (though i love that you are including food! this just needs to be handled more effectively). I think probably a plate shot at a nice table can solve your 2 food related design problems (the other being that black drop off from the table on the far right).

    While demonstrating process is good, the kitchen cooking shot is a little too messy.

    The casualness looks great, you look great, all that is needed is a nice shot of your face (sorry -- not the ones from before).

    I will be visiting your site to see how you improve, because i know you want to.

    Good work!

    SomeProblems (with Julia, mostly)

  71. Re: Your BS "human beings aren't consistent" post.

    Hi Julia,

    Knowing who you are is a life process. We do evolve over the course of our lives. We do learn new things about others, ourselves and our own perspectives in this world. However, your 'inconsistencies' cannot be blamed on human nature or biology, as you love to do. The grand sweeping excuse! What good human beings try to do is to become a better person all the time. You, on the other hand, seek all things on the outside to change your inside. You rely on outside validation as a gauge of who you are. It shouldn't work that way. You do need a good, long think about who you are. That is, the values you uphold and the significance in the things you do. You talk a lot about Oprah, but to be Oprah (as an example) is to have a sense of postitive contribution or output or offerings. Oprah strives to broaden people's perspectives in her media-tastic way.

    What you put across, offer, 'contribute' is this self-serving behavior and you're being increasingly called out on it. So, to many of your "readers" (us too), it seems that you do not know who you are since you uphold nothing but the value of fame/getting ahead/spotlighting yuorself. Just think about what you contribute on a daily basis through your public 'persona'. The messages that can be gleaned are: you like pretty clothing and to look pretty(that's fine, but...); you like to meet 'important' people; you like to hear what 'important' people have to say in public forums (conferences); you like to be "in the know"; you like to joke around with 'silly' tweets; you would like to make a lot of money; sometimes you like to think about 'spiritual' things; you forget to discuss/post pictures/parse events you hype prior to experiencing them; and you like your dog. Where's the beef? Where's your contribution? You admire all those 'important' people who make contributions to society, so where are yours? Their innovations and creativity cannot rub off onto you through a photo-posing session, right?

    You can hide behind the excuse that "I'm just a girl figuring myself out and talking to my readers about it", but then, don't be upset when someone says you do not know yourself. It's a valid criticism only because what you, the public Julia, offer is very inconsistent. Get it?

    Leave biology out of this. You're barking up the wrong tree. It's about accountability through what you offer and, as you can look back and see, you offer nothing significant. You curse a lot; you dress-up a alot; you joke around a lot; you travel a lot, but you leave nothing positive in your wake. And that's what 'knowing yourself' can help bring about.

    Go take yourself out for a glass of wine. No make-up, no bows and no cameras...just sit with yourself.


  72. As an aside, did anyone notice that the format of Julia's and Megan's blogs has lost the annoying ad bar at the bottom and now have bigger pictures...whereas Mary's still has the ugly old format?

    Is this Julia's last ditch effort at sabotage?

  73. xoxo nailed it, Jackles. You don't know yourself! And that post was just a pathetic attempt to brush off all the recent 'inconsistencies' you are being called out it. It's not going to fly.

    Humans are actually very consistent and change does not come easy for us. We need to work on ourselves to bring about positive change -- even if we are adapting to our surroundings by taking in new information. The core of a person is not changed or inconsistent. It takes a lot of hard work to improve that core -- in fact one must almost dedicate themselves entirely to that process through sustained thought and effort.

    This is not something that we see you doing. So STFU until you are going to actually do something about it!

  74. Aaaaaaand Mary's page has been taken down.

    Re-designing her site? Perhaps. If so, nice turnaround speed, M.

  75. Go Team Mary!

    Wakes up early and gets work!



  76. That's exactly it xoxo. Point is, you're wasting your time trying to explain a profound life lesson/gift to someone who has never had to truly be alone with herself. Actually, as I read all this, I feel kind of bad because as funny and hysterical as all this stuff is, what happens when something happens that will TRULY change this girl? We all know life has a way of getting its lessons to us one way or another and the harder we resist, the harder it hits us. I truly fear this girl is heading towards a tremendous collision with the piper, (the one we all have to pay), and what happens then? She has no skills to fall back on to deal with the impending enlightenment she's bound to get sooner or later. (Or am I being naive in thinking she will notice when karma comes calling?)Through all the laughing and joking, surely, we've all had the thought that somehow, someway, the universe is going to point it's cosmic finger at her and then what? I really mean it when I say that I hope she somehow has the resourcefulness and means to learn and really contribute something to the world.

  77. What's with all the philosophical pondering? Julia's latest moment of self reflection (always brought on when things are particularly shitty for her) will last a day or so until her next manic upswing.

  78. It's funny how this site is truly having a conversation with her in one way or another. She *will* read all of this. Maybe some of you are right: her mood will shift / her pathology will change. I guess I'm naive.

    What a funny thing this internet is! What a research study, too, eh!?

    I don't know; I'm just being nice. Yes, JuliaToolia, this is how one is nice. They don't bullshit. Nonetheless, I'm done thinking about it; those 12 minutes have passed now.

    Bonne chance, ma cherie! I can't wait for when all the superficiality runs out and you're gonna have to come up with some depth...


  79. yu guys are wrong Julia has Skillz:

    1. Cupcake eating
    2 making oneself out to be an ass
    3 making enemies out friends
    4 Obtaining hatemail

  80. Her letter to "us" and her readers is another example of a classic JA move:

    She invites us to email her to set up a meeting regarding criticisms and, over all, why she's not likable.
    Some people ignore it. Others email her.
    No response from JA.
    Instead, she opens up the conversation by writing a response and posting it publicly with, I'd argue, the hope that Gawker (or someone with a platform) takes the bait.
    The response to her critics ignores valid criticisms to focus in one area where she *believes* she'll garner sympathy.
    Another victimization ploy.
    Speaking to her mostly YOUNGER, female, readership she writes something to the effect of "I'm young. I'm working on it. Doesn't everyone change their mind?" Her "fans" will surely say, "That sounds just like me!!!"

    When really, she's completely neglected to address any of the substantive criticisms. Julia, we don't care that you change your mind at lot!

    All this because then she doesn't have to accountable for the content that was promised but never provided, for being a shitty friend to those who have tirelessly supported her, for being a transparent fameball (i.e. using whole names/places of business when referring to supposed friends, sneaking pictures with those that have no interest in being associated with her, expecting everything for free etc. etc.)

    You got me?

  81. Julia does all she can to make others (and herself?) think she's someone else. But all the image control, all the who you are and who you're trying to appear to be, mix up till you are really screwed up and don't know what you're doing or who you are.

    And acting all the time makes it hard to remember who you are when there's no one around to act for. Do you keep up the act even for yourself? That's when you lose yourself, if you hadn't already. Sure formula for doing so.

    When you're constantly having to TELL people and yourself who you are, you really don't know or don't like who you are at all. And telling people who she is (or who she wants to appear to be ) is what almost every single thing Julia Allison does seems to be about.

  82. And, Julia, if you focused on the more substantive issues which I noted above, no one would care that you change your mind a lot! The "I'm going to Harvard Business School!" or "I'm going to Chicago to read all summer!" meme is only funny in the context of the more pathological behaviors (i.e. lying, "using" others for personal gain, entitlement).

  83. The problem with JA isn't in changing her mind or with learning and growing. The problem is in why she's treating whims of fancy, such a going to business school, as if they are serious decisions she's going to act upon right away.

    Everyone changes their mind but not everyone announces their every passing thought as if it were some brilliant next life step that they are definitively about to embark on a short time later. Then when it never comes up again she calls it changing her mind, while the real issue is not why she changed her mind but why she made it that way with such little thought to begin with.

    Similarly, not keeping promises about content (or other things) is not a matter of growing and learning. It's a matter of being lazy and disrespectful of your audience (or whoever).

    Even one who's grown so tremendously as to have outgrown their intended content in a matter of days can still at least post an explanation for the lack of expected content or even better post the content for the audience's sake despite being over it yourself personally.

    The problem isn't in changing one's mind or in too much growing and learning as JA would like us to to believe. The problem is in Julia Allison thinking, as always, that rules don't apply to her and that she is exempt from doing as she says she'll do.

  84. I liked the little dog. All youse frumps getting upset because its sheathed "baton rouge" was front and center are just a bunch of stupid american prudes. exactly the type of people mary shouldn't be listening to if she wants her blog to be anything more than mediocre.

    rock out with your cock out and your little dog too.

  85. was the above written by adrien?

  86. What was most striking about Mary's beta site is that it looked so fresh and light; which in contrast, makes NonSociety look like a heavy, cluttered, badly designed relic from the 80s.

  87. Wow, everything about Mary is in comparison to NS. It's as if you think you are complimenting her but clearly, this is just to burn julia, hell many of you even say it. That's really pretty shitty. She appears to be working really hard.

    Compliment her for her own merits, every fricking sentence should not have to finish with NS/Julia. Put yourself in her shoes, do you really think it's easy to read how you are better than dogshit.

    Cause you know she is.