Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meghan: Growing a Sack?

From the other one's blog:

Dressing up is hard to do...

Julia: Should I wear this?

Me: Well, if you want to look like it’s Halloween you should wear that.

Julia: I always dress like it’s Halloween!

Also, the other one wins a prize this conference for actually blogging content. Unlike previous trips to CES and DLD when the wireless mysteriously crapped out at two mega-conferences from which hundreds of media were filing, Meghan is actually working this trip and it's really quite interesting! Did you know a battery charger is being developed that will charge all manner of gadget batteries in five seconds? Yes! Thanks Megs!

Meghan's enthusiasm for blogging seems to have been jumpstarted by the thrill of knowing Nonsociety/TMI has a bright future ahead in the backs of taxi cabs, or perhaps by a rumored new set of hooters.


  1. I heard about the charger last week at work. I don't even work in tech. Yawn!

  2. Anybody who reads Slashdot knew about the charger last week. These people know as much about technology as my elderly mother. They are poseurs, dilettantes, and frauds. Especially Jill.

  3. Was it this site that prompted her to get the boob job? Someone rated her as having the second nicest, I recall.

  4. I hope not. And I hope it's not true. She is a beautiful girl. Tit jobs are the worst.

  5. I. hate. when. julia. does. this. it. is so annoying.

  6. Did any of you see the video of JA at least year's sxsw when we "crashed" the gossip panel owen thomas was on and went on and on about herself? It's definitely worth watching a few clips.

  7. Anon 4:50. Um, you kinda gave yourself away using the all royal "we" there, Jackles Or Megs whomever you may be.

  8. I can't believe this hasn't been posted here yet:

  9. Or this sad photo:

    I'm starting to think that this Loren Feldman character is just another spoke in the JA marketing machine. None of these people are to be believed because everyone wants traffic and microfame.

    I had this funny thought: Imagine if RBNS were just a creation from the JA machine just to increase traffic/fame.

    Or maybe when it comes to the web, I'm distrustful of everyone these days.

  10. that would be a stroke of genius, indeed, but it would also imply that she puts on an at least emmy worthy performance everyday and has a thoroughly and well-developed character played out.

  11. My grandmother who doesn't have email mentioned the charger to me this week. She thought we could use it for taking more baby pictures.

    Who knew grandma was such a geekette?

  12. 5:31 It was a typo meant to say she. Ever heard of those? Typos?

    But who can blame you for coming to the logical conclusion that my comment was actually Julia calling herself "we" and promoting a video where she makes a complete fool of herself. It would have been way too crazy to assume something as simple as a typo or other reasonable error was responsible for one word in the sentence being off.

    Seriously the conspiracy theories about Nonsociety writing nearly every comment here are making this site seem even crazier than Nonsociety. And my comment was actually critical of Julia. I can only imagine the theories you'd come up with to explain comments that might actually support her!