Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Julia: Continuing Never To Drink

taniajk @AJTavana u didn't get the evite? Must have been an oversight. Everyone showed! Even Julia Allison who did a shot off some dudes bare chest!


  1. It can't be said enough times. This woman is a vile pig.

    Off topic but: MarMar's blog is kind of awesome today (compared to the rest of NS, obvi). If this is the kind of content and format she will be offering, i will check her out.

    That potato dish from her friend looked good. I was thinking of making a stew today, but don't like heavy meat as much as my hubby (haha). MarMar Rambo! Providing useful alternatives. Woo Mary!

  2. Is Julia hiding her flask on the crown of her head because in TMI screen caps, etc. she always has this HUGE poof on the back of her head... what the hell IS that? It's weird and disturbing looking. (sorry to be off topic, but I noticed it on today's TMI picture from Mary's blog)

    But yeah..I agree Some Problems. Mary seems to be evolving. I think including more general lifestyle items (recipes, men's style etc.) rather than just what she wears herself has the potential to be so much more appealing than the constraints she was held to as part of The Secret Drunk's venture.

  3. Bicurious Party HatMarch 17, 2009 at 11:26 AM

    I am hoping that some of this klassy behavior shows up in video format somewhere soon! Maybe a shot of Jankles picking short and curlies out of her teeth after doing chesticle shots.

    Was there a Joker-like makeup mask left behind on this dude's nude belly?

    SP, do you think MarMar Rambo (hah, MMR, just like the vaccine) will continue blogging elsewhere?

  4. Girls Gone Wild - 10 year reunionMarch 17, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    Oh come on. Give Jill from LIU a break! Every college student on spring break engages in these skanky activities. Ill-advised tattoos, trashy high heels and binge drinking are rites of passage!

  5. this should be fun... http://gawker.com/5171997/julia-allisons-business-model-become-oprah-somehow

  6. before everyone goes completely team Rambo, consider this:

    You’ll find this look gives your ensemble an heir of whimsey.


    Learn to spell, Marmar!!

  7. There's gotta be a green beer somewhere with Juliu's name on it tonite. NOTE: There will be a mechanical bull at the closing party. Whee!

    Is Kevin Rose Irish? He'll be covered in her gooey lipstick kisses for sure!

  8. Bicurious Party Hat I do!

    I think that photo shoot she did in NC was for a reason! Not just to satisfy her vanity. I also think she is debuting this new style of blogging for a reason, and i think other contributors is a deliberate move.

    MarMar's skype and mention of her other internet friends will likely also have ramifications (ha! i want to work that one into a nickname!) as well.

    This is just speculation, but i see strong evidence to suggest what i am speculating as coming pass in the near future.

    How much shit is Ramification Mary to endure from Jackles Who Drunk Dials SXSW before she goes all First Blood on her!

    (Ok, "Ramification Mary" needs work.)

  9. Bicurious Party HatMarch 17, 2009 at 11:53 AM

    Let's hope MarMar's new blogging actions have negative rambofications for Jankles. Heh.

  10. Escaped from Jackles' ShacklesMarch 17, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    See new post ... Mary is indeed leaving and starting her own blog.

  11. Bicurious Party Hat nails the neologism! Awesome. Rambofications!

    Who is charge of updating the Urban Dictionary here??

    Ha! Love it!

  12. Ja and Scoble makeout?

    Thanks Loren for that icky pic:

  13. @Anon 11:34 AM: I was so into that post until the "heir" thing. That was like a cup of ice water in the face.

    I actually almost emailed her to tell her that I am loving her blog but REALLY think she needs a copy editor or something. (Before this, I've only ever emailed the NS chicks veiled "compliments.")

    Actually, what she really needs is to READ MORE. You'll never learn how to use words properly until you start reading more, Miss Mary.

    Honestly, if she could just get over the bad speller and grammar and word usage, I would be loving her blog right now.

  14. Sorry for repeating myself 12 times. I started the post, ate lunch and then finished it without reading what I'd written before.

  15. Mary's got a huge headstart here. She gets the legion of JABA haters who would love to see her meteoric rise in site stats against JABA's continually dwindling numbers; she has the fan base she's developed while at NS, even converting quite a few people from snarkers into fans; and, she actually has real friends, not just leveraged relationships, and some of them, like Adrien, have already added to the variety and fun of her existing site. GO MARY!!!