Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Julia: Sigh. Remember How Well This Worked Out When She Did it On Gawker?

An Open Invitation

From: Julia Allison
Date: March 17, 2009 12:57:20 PM EDT
To: [redacted website which just isn’t that into me]
Subject: Invitation

Hi there.

I’m not sure what the proper protocol is for inviting people who despise me out to coffee (although I’m sure you’ll let me know if there is, in fact, a precedent in this situation). It’s a bit awkward, but I’ll be very honest: I think it’s time to meet.

It’s clear that there are more than a few misconceptions about me - a divide between who I am and what I project - and, frankly, I’d like your advice. Why is it you hate me so much?

Maybe this is a stupid idea, but I figure it can’t be worse than what you already think about me, right?

I’ll answer any question you have, and you can make your own - IRL! I just used that acronym and I sort of hate myself for it! - impressions.

Now, given, I don’t know where you live, and perhaps you don’t want to meet me. But perhaps one of your readers/commenters does. And then they could tell all of you exactly how fat/bloated/botoxed I am, really.

So - if you’ll extend this invitation to your readers, I would be much obliged.

I will buy anyone who has the balls to meet me in person in New York at least two beverages of their choice. Coffee, wine, tequila … blueprint cleanse? Blueprint cleanse with vodka? Whatever you want.

I only ask one thing: you give me a chance.


julia allison
founder // nonsociety.com

Oh Jackles. Remember you tried this on Gawker? That was when you outed [REDACTED]'s mental health issues.

We are all over the place, in many different cities and countries. I am not sure Russian Girl can afford the airfare from Omsk.

But really? You want to have a hearing with us? Just go into our comments section. We'd all be happy to hear from you and to run down for you in great detail all the many hundreds of ways in which you -- just you, not the Internet, not Gawker, not [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] -- are doing everything wrong and have all by yourself, with no help from anyone, made yourself one of the most unlikeable Web personalities in existence.


  1. Mommy can you just stop traveling?

    Signed Lilly

  2. Reposting my comment from the previous post:

    Am I imagining it, or isn't this what Gary Vaynerchuck said he did in his SXSW presentation? Somebody didn't like him, he Facebook messaged them to find out what their problem was with him, they corresponded and now the former hater is a Gary V fan?

    I don't think Julia just came up with this idea on her own.

    It must be exhausting constantly needing to know what people don't like about you. I'd have more respect for Julia if she just got on with her life, enjoyed it and didn't apologize for it. It's the fact that she craves love so much that's obviously causing half the problems because it's necessitated the creation of a kind of faux-persona that people can't and don't want to identify with.

  3. Notes to Jules did this work on Loren?/

    How did that go ??

  4. Nope. I have no interest in spending any time in the vicinity of Julia Allison Baugher.

    It's bad enough that she's camped out in my city for the past few years and pretends that she's one of us.

  5. Julia:

    I do not like your hands. They are sausage-y and seem to lack knuckles.

    I have the balls.

    I just do not have the inclination. Also, I am in Seattle.

  6. Jules will you meet us in Chicago?

    Say South Side..

  7. So did RBNS actually get this email?

  8. It doesn't take balls to meet with Jankles. It takes a lobotomy.

    Why is it you hate me so much?

    You're obviously aware of this site, Jankles. If you gave the ability to read, you'll be able to figure it out without having to beg somebody to spoon feed it to you in condensed email form.

  9. The Jules 2009 tour where she goes ot City to City seeking out people who hate her..

    Now there is a comedy!

  10. Yulia, I and my cousin RG we be willing to make meeting with you but we no have the rubles to get to New York City. Can you make nice and get us ride on Virgin Airlines? We be sure to talk about Virgin Airlines to all our family in Omsk. That is virulent marketing you speak of, yes?

  11. Even if I thought this would be funny- I don't - I would't want to give this child the satisfaction of being able to say, "And that's the thing about anonymity on the internet. I met with some of my dissenters in person, and within an hour's time, they realized that I'm just like them. This is why I'm qualified to be the next Oprah, I'm the Everywoman - except when I'm not... at all"

  12. Jules,

    are you related to Jules Vern the man-in-moon guy?

  13. Bicurious Party HatMarch 17, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    Give me a chance...give me a fucking break, you vain, self-obsessed, piece of shit famewhore.

    (Subtlety is not my strong suit.)

  14. Anon1:55: Yes, we did. We did not reply but instead posted it here.

  15. Bitch Slapping 101 for Jules:

    1. You bigger than fly you do not seek to hunt fly unless very hungry

    2. See rule number one.

    3. Have Britt read rule number one to you, out loud.

    4. have Lilly read rule number one to you in puppy speak.

  16. You posted exactly what was on her blog, not the email you got though. Just to clarify.

  17. Yes. I saw it there first.

    Everyone's a critic!

  18. Julia,
    We, or at least I, don't hate you. I hate what you stand for and what you say, what you write and what you represent. This is not a misocnception. I do not misinterpret your website, your writing or you exploits.

    I also do not have a misconception about the difference between you and your web persona. You think there is a vast difference that I should learn more about. I do not.

    I don't want to talk to you not because I am afraid or I lack integrity. I don't have the time or inclination to help you. I post here to express observations I have about the web, about a certain type of NY consumerism I loathe and about "journlaism" as I see it on the web. I stay anonymous on the web because it's 2009. Stupid picture son your facebook page can cost you a job or a friend. Stupid comment son websites that you use as a form of recreation can come back to haunt you.

    You can stamp your feet and talk about the rudeness of the web and how everyone should behave and treat each other well. But you're shouting into the wind. That's not, at its core, what the web is....

    An hour or two of reading this site's previous posts would give you all the constructive (and nono-constructive) criticism you'd get form trying to charm us at a bar.

    Good luck with that book.

    I make a little over " what, like $50,000/year". Fuck you and your midwest rich-for-nothing sense of entitlement

  19. If Mary wants to follow suit, I'm so in Miss. Rambin!! Bring Adrien :)

  20. Isn't this whole website kind of a "conversation with julia"? I mean, since day one there have been many who have tried to point out to her what she's doing wrong, how to fix her online image, how to fix her website, how to make herself more likeable, etc. Maybe if she would actually read and absorb some of the advice people have given her here (& other places) she wouldn't be so hated. Meeting you in person wouldn't change anything julia, why don't you just read through the archives, there's plenty of good advice throughout. Baugher has made this point a million times. She even said a few times that she just wants julia to own up .

    From Baugher's blog (From The Mailbag/April 14)
    Q: What is the point of all of this? Do you think you can change her?
    A:I had no real objective in starting baugher. It was a joke among friends that someone should start a blog that parsed JA for reality, and we agreed that anyone that did that would be stupid, petty and immature. And then I started baugher, and how it got the attention it did, I will never know. I never set out to change her - if her family and friends can’t permeate her self-absorption, I certainly can’t - but there was a part of me that believed she might gain some introspection on why her persona is so negatively received. I knew little about narcissistic personality disorder at that point.

    So, it seems to me people have been trying to help her all along, she just refuses to listen.
    sorry so long, and punctuation prob. sucks, but, whatever.

  21. New Baugher post.

  22. You know what I'd go if I lived in NY. Sadly I'm in London so it's really a no go. For me it isn't how she looks it's the lack of back up. However, this is nothing new to her. I've asked on QoD, via email, here and various other places that I know she's read. She isn't interested.

    1) Is Mary leaving?
    2) What happened at DLD, Davos and CES?
    3) What HONESTLY happened to the coverage at these events?
    4) How on earth do you mange to live on what the site brings in?
    5) Who backs you?

    I'm not interested in the botox, the weight issues (I'm far from skinny myself). I'd like answers to the many questions that have already been posed in varying ways. I don't need to meet you face to face to have answers to those surely?

  23. Exactly what anon 2:08 said. I haven't the time, energy or inclination to rehash what anon expressed above - it is exactly what I feel as well. Julia - get off your lazy fat ass and read every post and comment on here. That should give you an idea of why people don't like you ... and never will, despite your offers to meet them in person.

  24. From Mayoclinic.com


    Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

    * Believing that you're better than others
    * Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
    * Exaggerating your achievements or talents
    * Expecting constant praise and admiration
    * Believing that you're special
    * Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings
    * Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
    * Taking advantage of others
    * Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
    * Being jealous of others
    * Believing that others are jealous of you
    * Trouble keeping healthy relationships
    * Setting unrealistic goals
    * Being easily hurt and rejected
    * Having a fragile self-esteem
    * Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

    Although some features of narcissistic personality disorder may seem like having confidence or strong self-esteem, it's not the same. Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal. In contrast, people who have healthy confidence and self-esteem don't value themselves more than they value others.

    When you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may have a sense of entitlement. And when you don't receive the special treatment to which you feel entitled, you may become very impatient or angry. You may also seek out others you think have the same special talents, power and qualities — people you see as equals. You may insist on having "the best" of everything — the best car, athletic club, medical care or social circles, for instance.

    But underneath all this grandiosity often lies a very fragile self-esteem. You have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as criticism. You may have a sense of secret shame and humiliation. And in order to make yourself feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and efforts to belittle the other person to make yourself appear better.

  25. Waz up peeps?

    Julia..stop the drunk email writing..its not healthy..

    A spell-checked this for me..Thanks

  26. Actions speak louder than words, Jabber-jaws. We won't be swayed by your cobra charms, no matter how adorable you think you are in person.

    You'd have to spend at least a year away from the camera, selflessly devoting yourself to untouted charitable works, in order to erase the karmic debt you've incurred from your selfish, fame-seeking antics. Until then, you have nothing to add to this conversation.

    You've never had an unexpressed thought, so why would anybody bother to sit down with you for more of the same bullshit?

  27. Oh and in addition what happened with Charlise? Any chance of her intern blog being put back up anytime soon?

  28. Julia,
    I don't like a blogger who goes to the inauguaration of Barack Obama and blogs one or two things - about their own outfits or a party.

    There's no misoonception there. You did that. You are that. I don't care if in your spare time you're a combination of mother teresa/ sarah silverman/michelle obama.

    You get judged on your work.
    Your work is not just bad - it's offensive, tone deaf to the world around you, and exhibit a in what's wrong with the web.

    I have plenty of "balls" by the way.

  29. In liu of flowers, please send cupcakesMarch 17, 2009 at 2:26 PM

    Kudos to the commenters here who said Poofy's TONY gig would be dunzo by April (Was it you, Christan? I apologize for my crap memory).

    Pretty funny that now she's braying that she quit because Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 is so lame and played-out. Didn't she brag about her Carrie-ness to German media just a few short months ago?

  30. Fuck, she wants more of our time? Jesus this woman is a pig.

    3 words Jackles (and i will punctuate it so you can understand): Get. Over. Yourself.

    It is not a question of 'say it to my face' here, it is a case of 'just go away.'

  31. Was this daffy broad seriously trying to claim she made $50,000/year working for TONY? That's what she seemed to imply in the Huffpo interview.

  32. I just sent Gawker a tip..lets see how fast Owen blows this up..:)

  33. Julia's Old NoseMarch 17, 2009 at 2:32 PM

    Jackles -

    First off, I don't hate you. I don't hate anyone.

    I am right around your age and like you, moved to New York from a midwestern town and have worked hard to make it in the media business in New York.

    Here are my main beefs with you.

    I DESPISE people who live in Manhattan/Brooklyn and have what I'll call "hobby jobs" or "vanity jobs" that don't produce income that aligns with their lifestyle. You're like some people I know that teach yoga twice a week, spend summers in India at some retreat, and come back to the cushy $500k co-op apartment that mom and dad got them.

    I dislike how you misrepresent your lifestyle and what you've built up yourself vs. what you've been given, or what you've mooched off others.


    1. How the fuck can you pay for a $2500 a month studio, when you have no job and NS is not pulling in any source of income?
    2. How do you pay for Dr. Bobby treatments?
    3. Why are you flying internationally every month or so for conferences -- who is laying out the cash for that? Or is it paid for somehow through NS?
    4. Do you keep Meghan around just to hop on her private plane when it's convenient? How does that make her feel? How do you ever return the favor?
    5.. Same with Randi Zuckerberg -- if she wasn't the sister of Mark Zuckerberg and a HUGE connection for you to have, would you still be friends with her? By everything I've seen, it appears to EVERYONE that you associate with her to gain access to people and events you otherwise wouldn't be invited to.

    Just some of my thoughts.


  34. The only thing I like about Julia Allison is not liking her.
    Not liking Julia Allison is fun.
    Do not let Julia Allison take away not liking Julia Allison.

  35. From http://www.halcyon.com/jmashmun/npd/traits.html

    Narcissists have strange work habits. Normal people work for a goal or a product, even if the goal is only a paycheck. Normal people measure things by how much they have to spend (in time, work, energy) to get the desired results. Normal people desire idleness from time to time, usually wanting as much free time as they can get to pursue their own thoughts and pleasures and interests. Narcissists work for a goal, too, but it's a different goal: they want power, authority, adulation. Lacking empathy, and lacking also context and affect, narcissists don't understand how people achieve glory and high standing; they think it's all arbitrary, it's all appearances, it's all who you know. So they try to attach themselves to people who already have what they want, meanwhile making a great show of working hard. Narcissists can put in a shocking amount of time to very little effect. This is partly because they have so little empathy that they don't know why some work is valued more highly than other work, why some people's opinions carry more weight than others'. They do know that you're supposed to work and not be lazy, so they keep themselves occupied. But they are not invested in the work they do -- whatever they may produce is just something they have to do to get the admiration and power they crave. Since this is so, they really don't pay attention to what they're doing, preferring the easiest thing at every turn, even though they may be constantly occupied, so that narcissists manage to be workaholics and extremely lazy at the same time. Narcissists measure the worth of their work only by how much time they spend on it, not by what they produce. They want to get an A for Effort. Narcissists lack empathy, so they don't know what others value or why. Narcissists tend to value things in quantitative ways and in odd quantities at that -- they'll tell you how many inches of letters they received, but not how many letters or from how many correspondents; they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  36. I want to know why she backed up so quick from the royal "we" in that interview, claiming that she meant herself and her dog. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

  37. Ha ha, 2:33, that's perfect. Trust Jackles to ruin EVERYTHING.

  38. Jules New Sponsor, Cuckoo for Coca Puffs!

  39. Did someone post this yet?


    His face just makes me happy.

  40. "It’s clear that there are more than a few misconceptions about me - a divide between who I am and what I project - and, frankly, I’d like your advice. Why is it you hate me so much?"

    It's statements Just.Like.This. that Julia makes that make ME want to send her a virtual bitch slap.

    Julia. How many many times have you said to how many many people that what's online is not YOU, it's a persona you have created to generate controversy, attention, and ultimately fuck-you money, etc. It's not YOU, it's a BRAND you've created. Right? Am I right? Have you not said/written this about a bazillion times?

    So stop okay? You can't have it both ways!

    "It's not really me."
    "You don't know me."
    "Why don't you like me?"
    "I'm much nicer in person."

    One, you created this BRAND; if you have better material behind the scenes to work with, as you claim (1) I don't know why you haven't used it and (2) I guess we just haven't seen it.

    Mary seems to be natural and likeable online, she has managed to create a sense of real interaction with her readers, she responds genuinely. It can't be THAT hard to do.

    You? Your "persona" seems fake and pushy and conceited and dishonest and braggy and indiscreet and rude. You created "her", Julia, we didn't.

  41. Her fantasy is that she can make people like her. Which would be sad, except that she's a little shit who tried to have tumblr shut down her detractors. She's the media equivalent of a beer fart.

  42. she's a writer!!!March 17, 2009 at 2:42 PM

    This crazy invitiation to beat up on her in person is the longest thing she's written since non-society started

  43. Am i alone in thinking that how she pays her bills is nobody's business?

  44. Lazy fucking pig. YOU come tell ME what's wrong with me. YOU meet with ME. YOU do my work for ME because I don't have the ounce of self awareness it take to figure it out on my own.

  45. I'd like to know why when I interviewed for an intern position at Nonsociety, Julia nor Mary nor Meghan showed up. They sent their 18 year old former intern, who basically informed me that the gist of the job would be returning JA's clothing to Bloomingdales and maybe calling about borrowing more clothes for JA and there would be no set schedule, but rather "Julia would email or text when she needed something done". Credit was not promised to me, but "connections" to various media outlets were mentioned as compensation. The intern also made it pretty clear that Julia did not really have very many connections when I pressed for information about what the trio had done for her at the end of her internship.
    If Julia is a girl's girl (FUCKING CRINGE) it sure didn't impress upon me that she was helping this young lady out in any way. She used her as an unpaid personal assistant, which is so so low.
    That was what changed everything for me. I realized that Julia was running a joke of an enterprise and I've been waiting for the walls to cave in. Glad to see Mary is taking off and will shortly be doing her own thing.

  46. I just emailed Jackles. Either we can discuss online OR meet next time she's in Chicago. No email back yet.

  47. The world's tiniest violin is playing just for JacklesMarch 17, 2009 at 2:48 PM

    Why does she care if people hate her "Julia Allison" persona? After all, as she so often claims, it's not the real her. It's just a character she puts out there to provoke a reaction.

    Well, honey, you got your reaction. If the real you is so fan-fucking-tastic, maybe you shouldn't have tried so hard to pretend you're something that you're not. Playing with people and manipulating their perceptions can have some ugly consequences.

    If it helps you to sleep at night, just keep telling yourself that we hate a fictional character.

  48. Total Jing, you will never get an email back or a Chicago meet..Jules does not have the balls..

  49. That's a terrible idea. Who here wants Total Jing speaking for them? I'm sure some people do, but I'm sure there are also some people who don't. And that is what Julia will believe -- that TJ speaks for all of us. No one should meet her; why would anyone here dignify this crap with even acknowledgment? It's obviously a ploy for attention and sympathy and nothing else -- or else why would she post the email on her blog instead of just EMAILING it to the relevant parties? It's bullshit, for all the many reasons people here have pointed it out, so having any single one of us dignify it makes us all look like patsies.

  50. Bicurious Party HatMarch 17, 2009 at 2:51 PM

    Total Jing, we'll have to take up a collection and buy you some spy gear. Would you be comfortable wearing a wire and a button-cam? You'd better start building up an immunity to iocaine powder.

  51. Every now and then someone really really unworthy captures a weirdly disproportionate amojunt of attention. Think Paris Hilton.

    You're like that Julia. Except you'r emainly on the web - where people can loudly give you a thumbs-up or thumbs down. There was very little i could to when tv news stations cut down on reporting world affairs to update me on Paris Hilton. I wasn't about to fly to Hollywood to calle her stupid from the sidewalk as she walked by.

    But you? I can shout "you're stupid" from this sidewalk, and you hear me.

    It's not just that your not my cup of tea. Your whole model, the whole IDEA of Julia Allison and Non Society grates on me. It's the pretty girl in high school getting an extension on her term paper when I had mine in on time. You don't just go aorund calling yourself a journlaist when you have no skills and do not do any reporting, you go a step further. You purport to be an web 2.0 branding expert and then tell people that yours is the new model of how it should be done. All those people who interview and chase down facts and read and develop their writing style are dinosaurs, you seem to say. Slap on some make-up and wiggle.

    I don't want you to succeed not just because you haven't earned it, but because it'll set a bad precedent.

    I want the next moron who thinks they're the next oprah to think twice before they go cheerlead outside the gawker offices rather than buckle down and write something. I want your "business to be an example".

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. They sent their 18 year old former intern, who basically informed me that the gist of the job would be returning JA's clothing to Bloomingdales

    Please, please, please don't let this imply that she buys clothes, wears them once, then returns them. Because that? Makes me want to vomit.

    Am i alone in thinking that how she pays her bills is nobody's business?

    No, you're not. If her father supports her, that's his business. I don't care for the way she tries to imply SHE supports herself when it's doubtful she does, nor do I care for how little actual work she appears to do yet claims to be SO. BUSY! but I don't think she doesn't owe anyone an explanation as to how she pays her rent. Would I prefer she be upfront and say how lucky she is to have parents who work hard and support her? Sure. But I don't think she's obligated to offer full disclosure to her finances.

  54. Anon 2:50pm: I have no desire to speak for all of RBNS or the commenters. I'd only speak for myself! Why would I ever dream of doing otherwise?

  55. It's not just that your not my cup of tea. Your whole model, the whole IDEA of Julia Allison and Non Society grates on me. It's the pretty girl in high school getting an extension on her term paper when I had mine in on time. You don't just go aorund calling yourself a journlaist when you have no skills and do not do any reporting, you go a step further. You purport to be an web 2.0 branding expert and then tell people that yours is the new model of how it should be done. All those people who interview and chase down facts and read and develop their writing style are dinosaurs, you seem to say. Slap on some make-up and wiggle.

    This brings up such an interesting topic. Who is really to blame for Julia Allison The Brand? Julia? Or the people (mostly nerdy men and women) who grant her the "wiggle" room and opportunities?

  56. She's offering free booze, I'm in NY. Might be fun to get a group of haters together and tell her in person why she is so grating as a human. But she'd be on her best behavior and I fear she might come across as likable. She is very manipulative.

    I can't decide.

  57. Ok, so I think that his site has some legitimate things to say, but if you are not willing to take her up on her offer to meet in person, you are just another freaky computer nerd that is too intimidated to meet with her in person. I dont have a ton of respect for Julia, but I do respect this move on her part. Dont be one of those self-loathing high school losers that makes insults and hides behind their computer. Meet with her and see what she has to say.

  58. NO ONE here should dignify this pathetic plea for forgiveness with a face to face meeting! You'd just be giving her exactly what she wants... attention and another chance to make a good impression. Her desperation stinks... do any of you really want to get a whiff of it up close? Gross. No thanks. I'll keep throwing tomatoes at her from over here, thanks.

  59. Bicurious Party Hat:

    I spent 6 years as a therapist working with gang members, incarcerated psychopaths, and other assorted "tough" guys and gals. I know how to work with these types and if she starts her B.S. I'll have no problem calling her out. If she has nothing more to offer than BS, the convo will be over.

  60. Oh TJ, you're so naive. Did I say you'd be speaking for us? No, I said you WOULDN'T be speaking for us. But that JAB will think you are, and she will represent to anyone else that you are. Moreover, any single one of us acting like this is a valid offer is making us all look like idiots just looking for our chance in the sun (ahem, like SM, for instance, how did she come off?).

  61. That's such bullshit, anon 2:58. You either meet with her in person or you're a pathetic internet troll who's intimidated by her? HAH. That sounds just like people saying you either like Julia or you're jealous of her. What about the fact that a lot of us don't live in New York nor have the inclination to take time out of our day to indulge her wishes?

    Julia doesn't intimidate me. She bores the shit out of me with endless self centered, self serving stunts just like this one.

  62. No response from Julia, yet. I was nice and polite, BTW.

  63. Frosting for BreakfastMarch 17, 2009 at 3:06 PM

    If this bimbo allowed comments on her Unsociety shit site, she would know damn well why everybody hates her.

    (Actually, I'm pretty certain she DOES know why she is so universally loathed. That's why they turned the comments OFF.)

  64. folks this has been done before..

    Remember before RBNS, Jules demanded that someone appear on video that disses her..and thus RBNS was born..remember?

    Juels no longer has the power to command any of us ot meet her anywhere!

    TONY gave her the heave ho
    NNN gave her the heave ho
    Bravo gave her the heave ho

    and etc and etc..

    Jules, its tiem for you to show some balls come on RBNS as your own name and dish with us..

    or are you scared Jules?

  65. The difference is, 3:02, I will not be looking for any moment in the sun. I'm not going to send the convo to gawker, i'm not going to put it on my blog that I hardly ever update anyway , and I'm not going to post it here.

    JA's offer may not be valid. Taking her up on it doesn't validate it. That's what you're confusing. I respect those who are strong enough to ignore. Maybe I'm just weak?

  66. Julia? You ask why do we hate you? Then you ask "for a chance"?
    My dear, your phoniness is right there in front of you in your own letter!!!
    Read this blog or many others, cripes, instead of having your interns delete all the comments on your OWN blog, maybe read one or two them first!!
    Give you a chance? You have a chance everytime you power up your iPhone or logon to your laptop.

    You have had more CHANCES and ADVANTAGES placed in your lap than many many people of far more talent and accomplishment than you ever will.

    Don't ask for a chance, stupid. Just DO something. Just take all the chances you have now and will be continued to be given and DO SOMETHING WITH THEM besides post pictures of yourself!!!!

    Damn, now I'm all worked up and mad again.

  67. Acutally, maybe someone can come up w/ a list of ten questions for her to answer, honestly. If we can criticize her, surely we can give her the chance to "honeslty" talk. It's on her whether she's truthful or not. Someone already had some interesting questions about Davos, etc.

  68. Anonymous 2:43 PM

    It isn't really anybodies business that is true, however, when they are shilling product left right and centre I'd like to know if they are being paid to do so or if it really is a personal endorsement. Mary has been upfront of late stating what is and what isn't a give away and what she has purchased herself.

    During the bicostal bash there was lots of virgin this and virgin that it was never made clear whether they just liked the company or if there was a kick back. That information ended up coming from Randy.

    Also if it is "life casting" then surely a part of life is paying the bills? Why not cover how they cope on their budget? I don't want exact figures I'd just like to know where the income comes from. So that there is transparency so I know what to trust as a recommendation and what to discard as a freebie plug.

  69. Anon @ 2:43, it becomes public business when she constantly flaunts it and brags about it, pretending that she has somehow earned it.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. 2:50/3:02, you really need to stop worrying about what Jackles (and the world at large) thinks of this site's commenters.

    Will your commenting reputation be ruined if that braying donkey is able to convince her superfans that we're lame and she's cool? Not bloody likely.

  72. Anon @ 2:50, where did TJ say that she'd be speaking for anyone but herself?

  73. Questions:

    1 Any financial support from Daddy revenues?
    2 How many Sponsors lost?
    3 How many Sponsors won due to Team Rambo?
    4 How many jet flights donated?
    5 Davos coverage is where?
    6 CES coverage is where?
    7 Original NS investors were who?

  74. Julia has a public and highly publicized (by her) website. She has had every chance to put as much of herself out into the world as she wants. She has fucked that up. Why does anyone owe her MORE on top of that? Why do you think she'll understand things better offline? She knows exactly what people don't like, she reads here, she has chosen not to respond to ANY of it (including business-based rumors). So why do you think it's going to be better or different offline? So she can charm you or explain everything away? Great, and will that take away all the shitty stuff she's done online?

  75. Anon @2:58, I have better things to do with my time than listen to a braying narcissist whose only query to other people is "So, enough about me. What do YOU think about ME?"

    Also, I'd live in fear that someone who knows me would see me in her presence and never let me live it down.

  76. Bicurious Party HatMarch 17, 2009 at 3:21 PM

    I have no problems with Total Jing calling Jackles' bluff. Given TJ's field of expertise, he/she is most likely fascinated with what makes the Jackle-bird so cuckoo. Intellectual curiosity, and all that.

    Heck, I once wrote a letter to Jeffrey Dahmer.

  77. Can I just say ... after working as a NonSociety intern, I obviously held Julia in high regards, until she was unprofessional, rude, and out of line with the way she handled my intern blog.

    I liked Julia Allison, and then I met her...

  78. Jealous Mush, I am in total agreement with you! This is such a phony ploy.
    All Julia has to do is actually read this blog or any of the many others that aren't mesmermized by her and our points of contention are quite clear. Cripes, read your own blog Jackles. Oh can't. Censored. By you.
    Julia is trying to play anyone who falls for this. Either you're anonymous coward if you don't or you are duped into her dog and pony show if you do.
    No thanks.
    Everything you need to know is right here on this blog and others Julia and you don't need yet ANOTHER chance, you have a choice everyday of what to post on your blog. We've seen/heard plenty.

  79. Fluffy, while I appreciate your sentiment behind coming up with a list of questions to ask her I think that really won't get us anywhere. Julia KNOWS what the questions/issues are with her blog and her "brand." She KNOWS why people don't like her. If she'd get off her lazy ass and read through these threads it's abundantly clear.

    Once again, she just wants others to do the work for her. Why should we indulge her and reward her laziness with a face to face meeting? Just like with everything else in her life, she wants to say "jump" and expects everyone else to say "how high?" Her self entitlement is sick.

  80. Honestly, do we even care about her answers to any one of the many hypothetical questions we communicate? I, for one, do not.

    Julia Allison isn't that important to me. This website is fun because it's a no-holds barred, moderator-free circus, not because I need to, laughably, vent some Julia-induced steam.

    Our collective scrambling as to how to react, coupled with the probably sizable number of emails she will receive, only furthers the problem. All we're doing is proving that, yes, Julia matters... and I just don't think she does.

  81. James, you are correct. Several months ago I would have listed a # of questions or points of contention but I believe JA has them memorized by now. She's reading her every day. She could easily clear them up on her blog if she wanted to.

  82. Frosting for BreakfastMarch 17, 2009 at 3:27 PM

    3:22, come sit by me! I want to hear all the stories of your sparkly pink enslavement!!

  83. Totally agree Benchwarmer. Meeting face to face - or even emailing her to air a complaint - only feeds Julia Baugher's ego and proves that she does indeed matter. You know what? She doesn't. I come here to laugh at her because she can't laugh at herself.

  84. She's an injured kitten with arrested development. And I never had any intention of listening to her yabber. Stop analyzing my offer. You have no clue as to how I'd converse. Seriously.

  85. I'm still unclear if Julia actually emailed this to RBNS, or if it was merely posted on her blog. I read through the comments and didn't see an answer.

    As for meeting with Julia, I really don't think she'd ever follow through. Remember, the internet is "scary" and she doesn't feel "safe." We might be out to "stalk" her. This is a total bluff.

    Julia needs to accept that if she wants to be a celeb like Oprah, she has to take the crap along with the good. And there is plenty of good in her life (private jet rides, for example). It's totally fucking bizarre that she thinks she can reap the benefits of notoriety without any accompanying flack.

  86. Dahling,

    Jacy said it was emailed AND it is posted on her blog (last I checked).

  87. If you want to know how Jackles will answer the questions posed by her detractors, just read the transcript Scary Mary posted a month or so ago. Jackles pulled this exact same "let's talk" stunt, and with her venomous voodoo charms, was apparently able to convince SM to momentarily consider working for her.

    THAT'S how hypnotic the JA-beast can be. Even her most rabid haters can be hyp-mo-tized, however briefly.

  88. Total Jing -- thanks! I'm all for you meeting her.

  89. This is ridiculous. If she ever bothered to engage in any kind of self-examination, there's plenty of meaningful criticism here, even amid the jabs at her looks.

    Julia: People don't like you because you never, ever deliver what you say you will (weren't "we" supposed to discuss the Paul Carr article when you returned from Davos?). You call yourself a journalist but you never write or report. You founded a business based on "lifecasting" and then publicly say that you're shying away from giving details about your life. By all means, retreat to a private haven AS LONG AS YOUR BUSINESS DOESN'T DEPEND ON YOU "PUTTING IT ALL OUT THERE." At every single event you attend, you take dumb kissy photos instead of writing anything of substance about what you did/saw/heard. You provide NO substantial content.

    How exactly is an in-person meeting going to change the above? How do you actually see this as a misperception of your personality? The above is simply a FACTUAL account. You post things, say "we'll discuss" and then never follow up. Absolute fact. You post pictures with minimal text and believe that is content and that makes you a "journalist." Also a fact. What does you being snuggly and sweet in person have to do with any of this?

  90. I'd do it on a few conditions:

    1. She has to serve me Budwesier Beer, America's King of Beers, with a 15% back-end cut of all endorsement revenue, with a 20% preferred return - or "catch-up" - on any revenue exceeding 20% of the initial profit!

    2. She has to bring [redacted].

    3. I want a Fashion Head-to-Toe of meeee! But I want Charlsie flown in (on Bristish Airways, All for This One Moment!!) to shoot it and do the caption-writing.

    4. For snacks I want Hanover Pretzels, because they are America's favorite snack pretzel since like, oh my god, 1834. And those fucking faggots at Aunt Annie's Pretzels couldn't make a real pretzel if it crawled up their leg and sucked a wet hickey on their ass and they're just jealous of Hanover anyway.

  91. And it should be [redacted website THAT isn't that into me], journalist!

  92. Hey Julia, if I meet with you in person can you clear one thing up for me?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you friends with RANDI ZUCKERBERG? It looks like you know RANDI ZUCKERBERG. Your blog and your twitter mentions RANDI ZUCKERBERG a lot. Who is this RANDI ZUCKERBERG person and why are you so enamored with her? Is she your girlfriend?

  93. And she has to figure out who [redacted] is...

  94. Okay, I'm off to run errands....

    And, yes, I read the SM chat. My style is different.

    Whatevs people! Different opinions are okay. No need to trash people because they do or do not want to have a conversation with her.

  95. Sadly, my job is just a few blocks from JA's apt so I'd love to take her up on the coffee thing where she expects to win me over and walks away most likely irritated, sad, and confused over why I want her to have less "FUN!!" (see her convo w/ Nick Douglas last yr).

  96. HaHa. So funny you are actully too afraid to take Julia up on her offer! Says more about you than it does her!!

  97. Afraid?? It's a waste of time! Nick Douglas gave her the precise advice I would! And he knows her personally. He told her to take some time way and hone her craft. She didn't want to do that. She specifically said she was worried she wouldn't be able to have "FUN!!" (I shit you not) anymore. If I thought she would actually absorb and implement anything I said (see: Mary), I'd do it. Why would I be afraid of her? I work for one of the few publications where her name is totally unknown.

  98. Discount: Heavy fucking sigh. Who's afraid?

    I am not afraid.

    What I don't get is this: She CLAIMS this is all just an Internet persona, and not the real her, and we would LIKE her, really really like her, if we knew the real her!

    If it's just a fake persona, then why does she care?

    I have no time for liars and game-players. My biggest issue with Jackles has always been what a liar she is. So what -- I want to sit down and be lied to some more? No fucking thanks.

    She creates her content. She creates her persona. She WANTS PEOPLE TO PAY ATTENTION TO HER. But it must never be negative attention. THAT is her problem; she wants only positive coverage. Sorry, honey, it doesn't work that way.

  99. No Discount. I'm not afraid to meet with her. But when someone sends me a note in class asking me "why are you made at me are you mad at me?", i like to work it out in a more mature way: like totally ignoring them at lunch and then leaving a note in their locker folded three times and all it says is "you know why!".

    And I always use note paper from the Paper Mill Stationary, Because Ink Clings to It!!

  100. "away" not "way," yikes!

  101. we already have met. and that's why i hate you. i also hear that i am not alone...

  102. if you really think SM or anyone else who says to JA's face what they say behind her back on the internet is doing it for some kind of moment in the sun, you think more of JA than you let on. what moment in the sun can JA provide? she even tried to bribe SM with offers of "ill owe you a favor". please, she cant do a favor for herself let alone anyone else she can barely keep her own life afloat let alone offer someone else a favor or a moment in the sun. its all a manipulation. i didnt see anything at all wrong with how SM approached JA. TJ will go about it in her own way as each individual would and its interesting to see how JA reacts to each "hater" but in general i have more respect for someone who can say it to their face than someone who can just remain anon blowing smoke out of their asses.

  103. Duh, the moment in the sun with US. They all think they're going to be the one who cracks her, who gets the real juice. Please.

  104. Ya, whatever happened to whomever it was on EBay that PAID to meet her?

  105. Anon 2:08 pretty much said it all.

    Julia - your only talent is your ability to inspire total animosity to outright hatred in other people. I have never seen anything like it. The only person I can think of off the top of my head who inspires something similar is Dick Cheney. And like him your strongest quality is your total shamelessness. I don't believe you are so thick as to not understand this. I think you do. You might think that you sway people from this when you meet them personally, but you can't. They might be polite to you in person but it will just be for show. People follow you from a position of incredulity - they just can't believe your utter gall, your absolutely stunning lack of self-awareness and the depths of your blatant narcissistic personality disorder. "Trainwreck" - I believe is the word that this site uses as it is completely appropriate. As people can't turn away from witnessing a horrific accident. This is the key to your profile. And again, I believe you know this.

    From videos on this site (including the comment section) in the last couple of days I have seen you say that both the kind of microcelebrity life that you lead is "totally not worth it" and that your job (former?) of reporting on celebrities for Star magazine was - "bullshit". And yet you persist. This suggests large chasms of self-loathing within your very soul which you are attempting to out-run by 'Iife-casting'. It won't work. You think that "fuck-you" money is some how going to make it all right and everything better and cause people if they won't love, then at least to respect you. It's not.

    Julia. The only thing that is going to cause people to respect you is for you to do the one thing that would be so difficult for you that is probably impossible. And that is to get off the internet entirely.

    I don't think you can do it. But maybe I'm wrong. After all you've already beaten your cupcake-bulimia thing.

    Without privacy there is no dignity.

    You will find no unconditional love on the web. You will find no redemption on the web. You must get by yourself and search within and leave all of this - forever.

    As Anon 2:08 said - you have come to represent a kind of NY (and I would include London) consumerism that just about sank the entire global economy and real people of self-respect have come to loathe. Mr. Big was an emotionally retarded asshole who probably worked for A.I.G Financial - so fuck him.

    You will never be Oprah. But if you persist in this way you might become Jerry Springer. So good luck with that.

    Without privacy there is no dignity. Julia you are constantly surrendering your dignity. What are you getting in return? And why?

    You can no longer say that you don't know or that you don't understand. From here on out it is all denial.

    Now I never have to comment here ever again. And if you ever find yourself in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - no, I don't ever want to meet up with you.

  106. do you not make fun of The Hills because you can't say it to the actors' faces? Do you not gripe about the left-wing slant of the NYT because you can't say it to the editors?

    The confusion is, she is her product. So criticism of her website and her "performances" in public become de facto criticism of her.

    I hated Public Enemy's last album. They totally lost their mojo and Chuck D hasn't written anything relevant in 15 years. There I said it. Not to his face.

  107. I want her to be crazy. That is the fun of this website. I hope she amps it up more.

  108. Julia: Stop being a narcissistic asshole. Simple. I saved you two bucks.

  109. I'd LOVE to meet this fuck up. Where do I sign up? Seriously.

  110. julia@nonsociety.com

    And e-mail us if you go!

  111. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 17, 2009 at 4:57 PM

    Why does it matter whether we like you in person?
    Why does it matter if we have "misconceptions." You are selling the product of your persona. As potential or former consumers, in whatever form, of what you are trying to sell, our opinions of the product stand.

    I'm a writer. If I get a bad review, responding with "but you'd like me in person" is not valid, because it is the work or product that is being critiqued.

    Maybe a better example would not involve writing at all... If I design a dress and people say the dress it so ugly it hurts their eyes, AND so poorly designed that there is no evidence of design talent, then AGAIN, my responding, "but you'd like me in person," is not valid.

    If you think the things said here are more personal than my examples, well that is because your "product" is your persona. And we don't like it.

  112. Let's get one thing straight. She will not meet with anyone. All of this is just another pile of her bullshit.

  113. Hahaha, I'll be in NYC for the next few days-- since, having no dad revenue, I'm broke, I kind of want the two free drinks she's promising. Tempting.

  114. Typical passive-aggressive behavior. The aggressive is just pathetic "Have you got the balls to meet me???" It hardly takes balls, just a strong stomach for all the sucking up that would occur. The passive is typical manipulation:

    "I'll be very honest , I think it's time to meet"
    [do you expect applause for being "very honest"?]
    "Frankly, I'd like your advice, why do you hate me so much"
    [boo-hoo, poor victim of her own internet fame-whoring wants to know why people don't like her, hint - they watched your material]
    "I ask only one thing, that you give me a chance"
    [why should I? what goodwill have you built up with me, your audience?]

    Two questions Julia:
    1. Can you imagine Oprah behaving how you do?
    2. Who is your target audience and what do they want?

  115. GIA -- i totally agree. This is a very concise analogy. What she has placed in the public for consumption is a giant failure and it doesn't matter if she is nice in person. Her product is vile. But this is why she tries to lick and suck her haters into liking her 'in person' and the cycle starts again. Woo!

  116. I will be at BlogHer in Chicago this summer and in New York permanently this fall. I am more than willing to meet with Julia on these conditions:

    1. The whole thing is allowed to be videotaped and posted unedited on the internet.

    2. No crying. No saying, "You're going to make me cry." No using crying as an excuse.

    3. We will have a swear jar in the interview. For every time Julia swears, she has to give me a dollar. I just watched the Heather Gold thing from SXSW '08 and am fairly convinced that by the end our the meeting, she will have covered the cost of roundtrip airfare.

    4. Everybody Julia talks about must be referred to on a first name basis. No "Randi Zuckerberg, sister of the founder of facebook." No "Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick." First names only, as name-dropping is tacky and distracting.

    5. Julia has to link the video in her blog after the meeting.

  117. Like so many have said above, I think she will only spin this "meeting" to her favor.

    First, she knows why people hate her. The reasons are the same for why she cannot sleep at night: she hates herself too. Second, she can read this site, which she does all the time, and learn for herself the reasons underpinning our disgust. Therefore, a meeting is not necessary. Third, she just wants to meet to show other people how ballsy she is; ultimately, she wants to turn this into a story...a story she can sell.

    It's foolish to meet with her...to even listen to her when she "speaks to us". It's all lies.

    Frango Mints

  118. Rachael: Awesome. Issue the challenge; I guarantee she will not go for it.

  119. LOVE your stipulations, Rachael! LOVED your original video, too. I will be curious to see if she takes you up on your offer. Keep us posted.

    And if anyone meets with her... taping it or having some other record of it should be a pre condition.

  120. Two words: Tracy Flick.

    Anyone else?

  121. Total Jing,

    I think it would be even more worthwhile if we pick an Internet Celeb as referee.. I Pick Owen Thomas

  122. The problem is that people who have met julia in person, her own friends, talk shit about her behind her back all the time. I don't think there are two Julias. The whole persona thing is a good excuse. But from what I've heard, read, and seen there's only 1 persona and it's just as crazy, ridiculous, and ill as we all think.

  123. Agreed, Frango Mints. This stinks of another desperate stunt. Nothing Julia Baugher ever does is done with honest intentions behind it. NOTHING. She's fishing around for an impetus for a book deal: "How the Most Hated Person on the Internet Confronted Her Haters" or some crap like that. Keep fishing, Desperate Stinky One. I don't think you'll reel in any fans over here. We already know how much your bullshit stinks. It smells kind of like your dog's shit. You know what that smells like, don't you?

  124. Rachel,

    I think you should have a dollar jar for every time Julia mentions the entire name and place of employment/company of one of her associates! Great stipulations.

  125. James,

    I was thinking along the same lines too re: "How the Most Hated Person on the Internet Confronted Her Haters". I had a scene in my head where she's being interviewed on TV about where she got the idea for her book/screenplay and she says, "Well, I actually did this!"

    Interviewer: You did? You met the haters writing nasty things about you?

    JA: Yes, I did. I thought I had nothing to lose and I also thought that if they could only get to know me better, in person, then they couldn't possibly hate me with such a passion...

    Interviewer: Wow. What balls!

    Well, maybe this is the fantasy she plays in her head, which ends with being Oprah, of course.

    Frango Mints

  126. As an update, no response from Jackles in over 3 hours. I've emailed her before and she's always returned my emails despite her "impossible full" in box. In fact, she usually responds in 15 minutes.

    So, as predicted, she was bluffing or to use her ridiculous statement, she doesn't have "balls."

  127. Haha James, I was thinking the exact same thing. She wants to turn this all into some fluffy memoir that portrays her as a *crazy* but really *nice* famewhore who reached out to her haterz

  128. Julia's Old NoseMarch 17, 2009 at 5:37 PM

    Rachel - If this is going to go down in New York, count me in. I think we should tape it at the NNN studios. And yes, I want hair/makeup. (What?)

  129. The sad fact is, no one gives a shit about the clown behind the mirror.

    She wants someone to meet her "IRL" to tell the internet - her demographic - that she is nice human being?

    Fucking tell your own story, Julia. Life isn't all smoke, mirrors and Google alerts. You are as deep as a paper cut and astoundingly unlikeable in your medium.

  130. Total Jing,
    She is prob flying back from Texas. That's like a 3-4 hour flight to NYC I think, which might explain her radio silence...

  131. OMG http://www.1938media.com/the-sxsw-prom-king-and-queen/


  132. Yup. She's flying. I should have checked my twitter prior to commenting.

  133. Total Jing,

    If it happens tape it..

  134. I need to call Dr. Bobby to schedule my botox injection first! Also, I'd like to get my eyebrows tattooed on darker before she views me *cringe* and maybe some wangs. I'm tots going to wear an LIU cap and sweatshirt. I want her to know that I root for her alma mater!

  135. Aren’t there contributors on this blog who know her? It seems like some of the Gawker folks are on here. And Loren is on here too, sometimes, right? I’m sure some others know/knew her at one point. Hell, I used to WORK with her.

    The point is, Julia, WE KNOW YOU.

    We’ve met you. We’ve broken bread with you. We’ve asked you questions. (I know I asked you a ton because I couldn’t figure out how you were living in NYC and hiring your own interns when we were doing the same job and I could barely afford to take the subway.)

    ((Reposted from an earlier thread))

  136. Good point, Melissa. There are plenty of commenters that claim to know her and report that she's exactly the same in person. She's lost numerous friends because she's a horrible person who will sell out anyone for someone BETTER, BIGGER, MORE VISIBLE.

    As I said before, this whole idea that there are "two julias" is a joke. There is one Julia and we know her quite well.

  137. Oh, Jackles! Paranoid much?March 17, 2009 at 6:37 PM

    An old friend is coming to town soon. Said we should we meet + catch up. This is someone who knows Jackles VERY well.

    Don't want to reveal too much (e.g. gender, relationship to Jackles) until after we meet.

    But...I promise to get as much dirt as possible and give a full report to RBNS.

    Am now taking wagers from all RBNS readers/commenters:

    1. Will Jackles email/call/IM everyone she knows to figure out who this person is?

    2. How long will it take Jackles to email/call/IM everyone she knows? As soon as she reads this? Today? Tomorrow? This week?

  138. I find the timing of this email highly questionable. Just prior to this, Mary was being congratulated by commenters for breaking free of Jackles' shackles.
    To me it reads like she's just trying to divert the attention from that news back to her, as though she is so bitter and jealous of Mary that she'd rather be shit on even harder than see Mary praised.
    This really just cements her in my mind as attention whore/enemy #1 and I hate her now more than ever.

  139. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 17, 2009 at 6:40 PM

    Lest my earlier comments appear to endorse the idea that there are two Julia's, I'll say this. I believe there is one Julia and that it built itself out of duct tape, popsicle sticks and lies, much like a pageant contestant.

    So if we criticize product and hurt "person," it is only because "person" has created itself, consumed itself, burned itself to the ground already.

  140. Oh, I understood your comments that way, Gwyn. Sorry if it seemed otherwise.

  141. Gwyneth's Inner AspectMarch 17, 2009 at 6:53 PM

    @Anon 6:40

    And Mary's blog is (relatively speaking, of course) on fire since the rumors of her departure cranked up.

  142. Mary is working on her content. She's introducing new features. If Mare ends up successful, JA will take all the credit. Mark. My. Words.

  143. i support both rachel and TJ's proposals! but TJ, ill need some documentation to revel in later.

    julia, you're more than welcome to come down to NC (not New Canaan, sorry) and buy me some drinks. i can't make it to NY seeing as im a broke grad student trying to make something respectable of myself. no, not like you.

  144. I know her in real life- we worked on a project together a few years ago. She was HORRIBLE to work with- completely shirked responsibility, always late to meetings, and "la, la, la" the equivalent of holding hands over her ears and yelling "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" when the PM would give her negative feedback.

    It's been fascinating watching this same cycle repeat itself over and over- and how she never EVER wises up. Amusing, actually, as my career has taken off and she is... doing whatever the fuck NS would be called.

  145. Don't do it. Don't give her the satisfaction. Don't feed the EGO MONSTER!

  146. Wait, I thought Mary quit NS. True?

  147. Anon730: Read the post beneath this. Jesus.

  148. Julia doesn't need to take out her faux wealth (Visa) and put on one of her cheap wanna-be fashionista outfits to buy drinks for what I can sum up in two words here: Go Away.

  149. 7:34

    Jesus read the post. She still seems to be blogging. Yet, she does not seem to be addressing the rumor that she is gone. Hmmm

  150. An entire day this post has been up, and no one has said a word about how spectacularly and brilliantly awful the photo accompanying it is. Oh my God, more than anything else, photos like that must drive her nuts.

  151. That photo is an oldie but a goodie. It's a screen grab from what is possibly the most preening, obnoxious Julia Baugher video ever. I believe at the exact moment of the screen grab she's going on about how she's wearing REAL freshwater pearls from her mother. She's klassy high society, y'all!

  152. I'm in NYC....and always in the Hell's Kitchen area. Should I?

  153. Web, only meet with Julia if she agrees for the convo to be taped. Guaranteed she's too much of a coward to do that.

  154. i HAVE met julia and, surprise!, right after we were introduced she deemed me unattractive and/or unimportant enough to be completely ignore-worthy. but i guess that all goes out the window when the subject is her, her, her.

    anyway, if anyone does take her up on this ludicrous offer, perhaps you can ask her why she sees fit to use any person within a five-foot radius as a valet for her dog. i've seen this happen, her dumping the dog off in some stranger's arms while she goes off to use the loo.

  155. I'm with frango mints. This is an attention getting ploy and little more. Much like the "my ex and I had a joint blog" story she still gets leverage from a year later. Memoir or interview fodder sounds about right to me.

    If she really cared about the criticisms she'd have read them on her blog instead of deleting them. She'd have read them here and acted on them or started a conversation about them. If she realy wants to hear it, an email would do just as well. No in person meeting necessary.

    This is a publicity stunt and an attempt to undermine, not listen to or talk with, critics. She may not be good at following through on what she says she'll do but she is great at manipulating perception and the publicity machine.

    It might sound overly serious or ominous and it's not meant to, but I'd think twice about playing the game she's mastered with her and especially on her turf and on her terms. I think it's playing right into her hands.

    She wouldn't do this is she didn't expect it to work in her favor. If she just wanted communication, that could have been had long ago and still can through less extravagant (how many of us can afford to take off and fly to ny by the way most do have jobs, etc.). and less attention getting methods. But then if it's not attention getting it's not worith it to Julia Allison.

  156. Or as anon 7:03 said so concisely: Don't feed the monster.

  157. You completely misunderstand my intentions. It's a good thing she hasn't contacted me because I now it's not even an option.

  158. My intentions: CHARACTER STUDY. Completely and totally self serving!

  159. I'm reposting my own comment here, because Web20, she'd never agree to meet with you. You're too inside and know too much about her. She can't con you.

    She never planned on actually meeting anyone. The not wanting cameras thing was just an excuse she used to not go. She has opportunity to contact anybody from here that posts publicly. Has she contacted any of those people? I'm guessing no. Instead she makes a public declaration so she can appear to give a shit, knowing she'll come up with some excuse to back out like she'll be out of town or SO. BUSY!

    She'll probably get a few e-mails from the more dorky/dumpy readers of her blog who pretend to hate her but secretly want to be her and be her BFF. She'll meet them because she knows she can appeal to their need to be friends with the cheerleader. She'll never meet or speak with anyone that she knows has her number. One other thing...she'll only agree to talk to or meet someone she thinks can do something for her. Like post her iChat where she reveals stuff about how lazy/pointless/weak Megan and Mary are. Total set up from the get go. She went to someone who hates Mary (SM) knowing that that will give her an opportunity to get HER message out there. Because, from the start, NS was never a partnership. It was always about HER.

  160. Julia Allison is the Jim Cramer of lifestyle journalismMarch 17, 2009 at 11:06 PM

    I don't know Julia, and don't much care about her. I live far away. I find her mildly annoying/grating/funny. What I hate is the website and the faux Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 schtick; it really sucks.

    I hate it for the same reason I hate any low-brow, condescending, crap fake journalism. It assumes an audience of idiots that can be sold on some cheap imitation "glamour". It brings society down a notch.

    We are Jon Stewart yelling at Jim Cramer. We're basically saying; this brand you're trying to sell is bullshit; you're not interested in reporting to us, you're interested in financing your lifestyle.

  161. Very well said 1106.


  162. Trainwrecks has got a few pretty good responses on this too including this one from jgh "“Let’s have a coffee date about why you think I’m a narcissist where we’ll talk about… me!” Zero self-awareness. ZERO."