Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Julia: Another Twit

Tell me, what is the point of Twittering this?

Wonderful dinner & conversation with [redacted]. He's going to change the world.about 14 hours ago from txt

Why bother Tweeting that you had dinner with someone who's "going to change the world" and redact his name? Just another attempt to let people know you're out with someone sooooooo important that his name must be redacted?

What a tiresome Foolia.

Also -- this is possibly the worst photo ever taken of Rambo. This was a year or so ago. Look at that stripper hair and that ridiculous outfit. She has come a loooonnnnngg way.


  1. Mary has come a long way if you define "a long way" as no longer wearing 80s Chanel scarves from her mom's designer thrift store as shirts, then yeah, she has come a long way. Which is saying a lot in Mary-Land. Hopefully her new pal Adrien also convinced her to lose the Missoni tops and garish Chanel logo sandals as well. But nothing comes between a girl a her $700 YSLs. (not even homelessness)

  2. That's standard Julia Baugher MO. She wants you to think she hangs out with REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE (that don't want to publicly associate their name with her) and therefore she is also REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT. Reflected glory again. She also uses [readacted] to protect her fragile ego when things don't pan out - like when she was going to be on [redacted] TV show and in [redacted] magazine, or dating [redacted] or going to [redacted] or doing [redacted]. It's her own twisted and desperate way of making her life seem more exciting and mysterious than it really is. Really? Just a girl sitting in a tiny pink shoebox writing fantasy fiction about herself.

  3. It kills me that she snarked on a woman at a house party for carrying around a purse with an ostentatious label on it but she went out in Vegas dressed like this, the big Chanel C front and centre.

    Oh Rambo.

    But I will give her this: she looks 10 years younger and 20 times hotter with the new hairdo than she does here.

  4. This is our 'style' blogger -- heheh -- as in she never had style, ever. Not now, not then.

    Sure she doesn't look like a stripper anymore. But really??

    This whole 'business' is such a sham!

    You have a 'dating columnist' who doesn't know the first thing about how to date w/ a shred of pride or dignity. Not ever. It is always a trainwreck and moral failure of epic proportions every time out of the gate. And she makes sure WE ALL KNOW ABOUT IT PEOPLE!

    We have a 'geekette' who thinks posting a few photos of the new Mac product line w/ NO insight about this line at all constitutes being 'techy'! This particularly bugs b/c i hang w/ real tech experts (i won't call them 'nerds' b/c they aren't -- only an idiot believes people who work this technology are 'nerds' -- truly) who know about this shit professionally and by osmosis i have more to say about it than our so-called expert. Seriously. What an idiot.

    And lastly! We have the hideousness of Mary Rambin's 'style snob' who but one year ago was dressed up like a piece of trash from "Dallas" circa 1980 as our style maven -- not knowingly or ironically i will add.

    Give me a fucking break!

    Give it up girls! Through in the towel now.

  5. Mary is such a fool. She bashes strangers for carrying Tori Burch, Coach or Gucci logo bags but somehow thinks wearing a Chanel logo scarf or sandals is any different and makes her better than them. Mary poo poohs celebrities and celebrity worship but ran out and got her "Katie Holmes" rip off cut about a year after it was popular. She also always manages to mention when readers/strangers come up to her in public like she's some kind of star. What a hypocrite.

  6. This [redacted] shit is hilarious.

    Oooh. My life is sooooo important.

    I am going to [redacted] where i will [redacted] and after that i will go to my [redacted] where i will [redacted] for about 4 hours. Then i will return [redacted] where i will [redacted] and then [redacted] with my [redacted].

    All that happened in the above was that i went to the store to buy dinner ingredient, went to work, returned home, cooked dinner and fucked my boyfriend. Ooops. Jackles doesn't get to do that last part.

  7. Mary's legs look dangerously skinny.

  8. That is it!

    New Term!

    [Jackles-acted] is such a fooolish fucking moron.

  9. Or [re-Jack-ted]?

    Works on so many levels...

  10. [Rejackted]! OMG OMG OMG.

    Jacy came up with another good one awhile back, but different context perhaps: JACKLED.

    These both slay me.

  11. [crackBabyWithDaddyRevenueIssues]

  12. [JacklesHuntingWithJackals]

  13. [HusbandOlympicsNoWaiting]

  14. Reda[ddy issues]cted

  15. [FromOutOfTownwithTwoBoobs]

  16. I'll never dye my hair red[acted] people! I said that only to generate attention and pageviews! I loved having my fan boys/girls tell me I'd look super hot, or beg me not to do it because I'm such a super-babe already.

  17. Mary's blog has improved since day one because she takes criticism and works with it. Say what you will about the content (boring) but - if I was forced to read one of the NS ladies blogs - it would be Mary's blog.

  18. Replacement BlondeMarch 4, 2009 at 12:46 PM

    Mary tries to control it, but she still lets her huge preening, entitled ego shine through pretty regularly. She still can't spell or use basic vocabulary correctly and I am not interested in reading, learning about or taking advice from someone so uneducated. Maybe Krystal Burger will be a better fit.

  19. 12:40

    well approx 8% of the ns readers agree with you.

    I love the fact that they are bringing Ty in to fix men's hair..

    Uh, Ty, while you are there maybe you can show Mary how not to wear it back and to wear it like how you cut it...

    and didn't she ask people's advice as to how to use product for her new haircut...why would she not ask the man that cut it?

    these birds are weirdos!

  20. 12:46

    I totes agree with you! her sense of entitlement really offends me, her pretense that she is a stylist offends me as well. In my world, you actually have be paid to do what it is you consider yourself as. [clumsly sentence]

    Where has Mary ever collected a paycheck from for actually being a stylist? She even admits that the click bag had been done before hers, she states she 'reconstructed' it, this makes her a stylist, a fashionista? Now it's my turn to vomit.

    When she critiques fashion, she again, leans heavily on credentials she just does not have.

    I do not care that she is typically seen as better than J or the other one, she is the worst offender to me because of her pretense that she is better than all of us.

  21. Mary? 2005 called. They want their Ugg boots back.

    (You call yourself a style expert and you're wearing freakin Ugg boots for (at least) two TMI episodes? Out of all the winter boots in existence, with all the money you (pretend to) have, you wear UGGS?! What the hell is wrong with you???)

  22. Oooo, get ready for Ramblo's post on Obama having the audacity to put a swing set on the pristene white house lawn for his daughters.

    Next thing you know those first daughters will be sticking their tongues out at reporters and getting caught drinking with fake id's [ya know texas style]

  23. [redacted_back_to_Illinois]


  24. She has the worst legs.