Sunday, March 1, 2009

Julia: OMG! In 364 Days I'll Be 29!! I. AM. SO. HAPPY!

Is it just us, or does it look like Rambo's smiling through gritted teeth here and is really wanting to snap Jackles's limb off like a twig? You can almost see the thought balloon: "How much more of this BULLSHIT am I expected to endure?" Also, Rambo so outshone the birthday girls in terms of hotness at this so-called party. She looked phenomenal. Rambs: Never plaster your hair back again. THIS is your look!

Oh dear. This is simply unpleasant. And poor Michael McDonald got stuck with the bill. Don't worry about it, though, Jackles. Just hoover back a few more cupcakes and let the hired photographer pay for them.!

Wonk in full display here. Perhaps fatigue makes it worse? Shouldn't the Botox be leeching out by now?


  1. cupcakes and botox for allMarch 1, 2009 at 3:22 AM

    Can't believe I'm coming around to Rambin, but the more successful/liked she is, the more steamed Jackles will get. And that will lead to more beautifully public imploding.

    schadenfreude. excellent.

  2. Holy crap, when I suggested these two switch dresses for the second party, I was only JOKING. Did you at least freshen them up with Dryel?

    In keeping with the overall theme of incredible letdown, these dresses make me yawn. Mary, you looked amazing tonight. I may not like your personality, but I DO like your hair courage and your fashion sense of adventure.

  3. I cannot recall who originated the repressed-lesbian meme, but my hat is off to you sir/madam! Watch in ineffable horror as Julia molests Rachel Sklar:
    (hands off the ribbon - please! That holds the whole dress together)

  4. NYC Media Capital of the world none comes to the party..FAIL

  5. Mary looks ten thousand times better than Julia. Julia looks like she's turning 38. Her looks are completely ruined. Megs, as usual, looks bored out of her brain.

  6. Ok, so now we know why poofy's dress was so tight.

    But ha, (make that har) to all those who guessed that Randi was tricked into wearing "the dress"

    Russian Girl was right, Randini is a willing participant.

    Ok, Team Rambo, get your admiration intact, cuz this is where you plead Boozy's case cuz "she's better than poofy"

    You know what gets filed under fact?

    Boozy wouldn't get all the free vodka with out foolia's ridiculousness!

    Nice arms, no heart.

  7. Anon 3:43

    where did you see pics of meghan

  8. Nonexistent RosesMarch 1, 2009 at 3:50 AM

    Every photo of Jankles looks completely staged and phony. In all the other photos, people look relaxed, natural, and happy. Can't she put her sexuality away for three seconds? She is always pushing her boobs into the chest of whomever she poses with, woman as well as men. She rarely looks at a camera (or food, for that matter) without displaying naked lust. It's so unseemly.

    Randi is as bad as Jankles. and we got another dozen shots of them mugging like a couple of mental patients with their stupid matchy Barbie clothes, while everyone around them seems relatively cool and sophisticated.

    I DID notice that the EACH of those little freakshows got cupcakes with their names on top. Well played, Mary.

  9. The guestofaguest gallery has some photos of Meghan. The link is in the comments to the last post.

  10. See the thought bubble above Meghan's head? Priceless!

    You know, it's funny when the universe sends you the same message 24 hours and 3,000 miles later:

  11. Foolia posted some nearly identical pink and blue BJ dresses last week. The overskirts were striped instead of sparkly, but the bodices are the same. I thought they were unsophisticated, hideous, and completely age-inappropriate. And I secretly hoped that's what she would wear. heh.

  12. Nonexistent RosesMarch 1, 2009 at 3:55 AM

    Brilliant find, 3:51!

  13. I TOLD you guys Poofy was late because of a headband emergency. Notice that she isn't wearing one. Mary probably had bouncers at the door confiscating them. She's probably wearing bobby pins, though. For someone who lives in Manhattan and is surrounded by hair and clothing expertise, how can she be such a complete dud, style wise?

  14. How sad to discover that Randi is also an obnoxious dingbat.

  15. Bicurious Party HatMarch 1, 2009 at 4:09 AM


  16. Bicurious Party HatMarch 1, 2009 at 4:11 AM

    ^homoeroticism, yay! for you non-TWP fans.

  17. They are giggling over a book titled "How to be a Social Diva" and one of them evidently stole Foolia's headband:

  18. And, now, the ultimate snub:

    Happy birthday randi zuckerberg
    about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

  19. What did you do Friday, Jackles?

    What did you do Saturday, Jackles?

    What are you doing tomorrow, Jackles?

    And so on.

  20. Just noticed that in the third photo up there, Poofy is pressing her crotch against Randini. What a refreshing change. She must be giving the boobies a rest.

  21. Gracious Boozy leaves us with this:

    “I’m just not into cupcakes anymore.” — G fake posing at my request

    But she looked so much better than foolia, she really has turned into this wonderful person. She outshines foolia in every way, she really cares about the charity, that's why she did all this tonight.

    Just because she only mentioned the charity with her cute little picture in the bathtub, does not mean she hasn't been thinking about it this whole time. While, I bet, she thought all about people not having water when she was skiing in aspen and admiring the "property' and I am sure when she was on the yacht, she was really affected by how much water there was to support her boat and yet not enough to sustain the African continent.

    Foolia is nuts. But she actually understands the charity she is supposedly supporting.

    Boozy's involvement is all about her, what she can get out of it, who she can get back at, totally negative, totally fake. Yet, in the sad tradgedy that is Foolia's trainwreck, sure, I acquiesce, Boozy is the winner! YaY, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

    Oh, shit, it's like fuckin bush won all over again.

    great, Mary, prbs voted for the prick. Wait, that was before she knew Foolia, she wouldn't do anything if it didn't involve a free boatride or hairdryer.

    Good fuckin night team boozy,

    I go sleep with the goats to make myself feel clean again.

  22. That creepoid photog has decided to twit-stalk aplusk, just like JABbers:

    I'm not sure how many parties you attend but I wondered what differences you see between LA, SF & NYC parties (in general) #Question

    Celeb fawning is so 2008.

  23. I hear ya, 4:42. It's like the vile leading the foul in a race to the top of Shit Mountain. Why would you root for either one?

  24. JA has changed her Facebook profile pic to the one of her licking Randi's birthday cake.
    I am starting to think Julia is like a cockroach - no amount of public humiliation will kill off her lust for fame.

  25. Does JA think guys find it sexy when she appears to be preparing to chow down on an entire cake? (We don't, actually.) All that sexy licking you do, JA, is really more of a turn-on for the ladies who roll that way. Guys are into simulated sucking. Think popsicles and lollipops, things that are elongated, not things that look like frosted titties.

    For the record, the folks who ran out on the bill were the ones at Japas 55 singing karaoke. (That's where beard dude was at before he was tweeting about it.)

  26. P.S. I know some guys might not agree with me on this, but me and 99.9% of my friends think that the whole simulated girl-on-girl teasing thing is a boner killer. I don't want to start dating you and have to worry every time you have a girls' night out that you're going to take it a step too far.

    I've got enough competition from guys, now I gotta worry you're gonna develop a taste for the poon? No thanks, skanks.

  27. Those dresses look like bathing suits that are specially engineered for poofy chicks. Jarring colors to distract the eye, power spandex panel across the stomach with strategic ruching, fully skirted to hide shelf butt and thunder thighs. Not elegant. Not pretty. Not stylish.

  28. I have wondered if the whole hyper-feminine 1950's housewife jag JA is on is an extreme overreaction to her forbidden lesbionic impulses.

  29. At least the shoes got better this time around.

    They're still not GOOD by any means, but definitely better.

  30. Please note:


    They are done.

    Second point:

    There are no friends here for Foolia. The crowd that is there is strictly the second banana poor Web Media schmucks. There would have been more attendees but my sources have told me the Tumblr tards that were invited had a better party to go to downtown.


    Julia, this venture is OVER. Next time I see you I'll smile sweetly, but will be laughing at you inside.

    Oh and TONY? So done just are in denial.

  31. Take a look at pics of Mary look at BattleStar pics of Six..

    OMG Mary is Six?

  32. Ok. I'm really sorry to admit this- but the second leg looked so much better planned that the first one.

    It was supposed to be both their parties right?
    This time I think they got it right. Not sure what happened in SF- that was a disaster.

    The pink dress is fitting her better- the shoes are a vast improvement, no dummy headband... I guess you do better on your home court.

    I'm a little glad she bounced back a little, because after that cake incident I couldn't laugh at her anymore- it was just beyond sad.

  33. oh Paul-Megs are we done with NS yet?

    or do we need some more PR disasters to make it clear?

  34. 8:13 are you speaking to me? Hi! I'm 7:50.

    What bugs me is that every time someone throws this girl a bone, they automatically get called an NS rep. Seriously?

    After she posted that cake, I couldn't laugh at her anymore. I honestly think she is bipolar and not on any meds.

    I'm just saying what I saw through the images... the second party looked much better organized, more people, and better shoes. Those blue shoes were just a mess. And the pink dress fit her better, she was popping out of the blue one. Did they only have two dresses and switch???


    Mary looks so unhappy with Julia on her lap.

    I am going to dare to think that Randi will be the next contributor or replace one of the other two...

  35. ^^^^oh, you weren't speaking to me...sorry, totally read that wrong. Too early!

  36. What about all that braying about her birthday hairstyle, based on a pic from one of the shows @ fashion week? (Updo, kinda messy)

  37. No big birfday cake with Julia's name on it? No big gesture from Meghan? No photos of the 3 "live differently!" gals together?

    No bigshot media pals? Where was that blonde dingbat from Fox News? You know, Jules, the one you constantly defend as "sweet and beautiful," because she's your last contact at the network who doesn't thoroughly and overtly hate your psycho guts?

  38. So many hair pins, so little time.

    Jeepers this woman has NO fashion sense. Megan Alanaga was all kinds of hot.

    This is one possible way to wear a party dress and long hair and look contemporary.

    Mary did a better job organizing this party then what went down in SF, and Jackles shits on her for something. This was obvious.

    For me this photo says it all:

    And i think we can put cake-gate to rest of the two names on cupcakes last night. Foolia was dissed in SF. And yeah, the Handmaiden of Passive Aggression made sure we knew about it.

    I am not clear on calling Mary "Boozy" all the time b/c she seems to enjoy the occasional cocktail. I am not team anyone in this debacle, but i think it is pretty clear that Jackles is just a horrible, rotten person and the others are victims by association and also victims of her machinations. Sure, they should have known better and Famewhoreitis probably got them into this situation. But, when one can see them both visibly in pain and their kindness abused on an ongoing basis, i find it hard not to feel somewhat forgiving towards M+M's many faults.

    Anyhoo! No one came out to support Foolia at all last night. That was hilarious. She got Sklar and Charles Foreman and that was it.

    What a joke. Anyway -- run, run away Mary and Meghan. You don't deserve this shit. Let the sinking ship of Foolia go down with only one passenger.

  39. I'm so surprised that people showed up. I guess some of them feel the have it out of pity? guilt?

    What does JA really offer people? I'm thinking all she can give is the chance to be photographed (and I do think a lot of people like that).


  40. I, too, do not agree with calling Mary 'Boozy'. God, I drink way more than her -- I enjoy my wine, ales and cocktails as much as anyone!

    She works her body out hard...I think she knows what she enjoys and wants to make sure she can enjoy it. I can judge her on that. I, too, like exercise on a daily basis. It's not just for the body; it's also for the mind. Go her. Who cares!

    In any case, Mary did a great job from the photos (the only 'evidence' we have). JA is lucky to know her, that's all.


  41. ^I CAN'T judge her on that!


  42. Julia's iphone is missing! oops.

  43. My guess, and this is only a guess, is that Mary felt like a shmuck for setting up such a nice affair for Julia after recent events. My hunch, and only a hunch, is that the heart to heart she had with Adrien was about her relationship with JA.

  44. Sushi, cakes, drinks and a bunch of nice looking women? Looks like a pretty good party to me. Just sayin'.

  45. You are correct Paul, MARY did a nice job setting up the spread.

  46. The crowd at the SF party all seemed genuinely happy and excited to be there. There was this sense that many of them knew each other or at leats knew of each other. And they all seemed to be there because of Randi.

    The crowd at Julia's party all looks stiff. And I'd say 75% of the women there rented their dresses as none of them fit properly.

    I don't know...there's something off about these photos. It's like people showed up with certain people and stayed with them all night and didn't really mix with others.

    And Forman showed, but clearly didn't stay long:

    He never took his jacket off. In fact, he left it zipped almost all the way up.

    And Mary hated doing this:
    Look at how stiff her hand is that is on Julia's back and foot. It's not relaxed. I'd comment about how there's no emotion in her face and the smile is fake but....that could be chemically induced.

    Lots of pursed lips. Lots of photos of people looking around to see who was there. The few men there were Ambassadors for bigger groups like Tumblr and College Humor. That comic guy from Best Week Ever was there.

    Few photos of her with any actual friends - Hello, where's the photo of her with her old roommmate that she spent NYE with? with Forman?

    That party blew. People went because they felt they had to, not because they wanted to. This little enclave is full of people who don't really like each other, but stay friendly for the connections and photo ops. Totally parasitic.

  47. Those cheap aldo shoes strike again!
    I bet baugher would never date a guy that wore aldo shoes.......

  48. sorry 'who wore aldo shoes'
    not 'that wore aldo shoes'

  49. 8:23

    What does bipolar have to do with posting the cake picture? I don't get it.

  50. 2:37

    -She exhibits sharp highs and lows.

    -Delusional/Self aggrandizement (cropping the cake)

    -She seems to be up all night (manic?)

    -skimpy outfits/ Risky behaviour (flirting with married men?)

    Just conjecture of course.

  51. this is my fav photo:

  52. Hey


    This whole non-society venture was about three friends who 'wanted' you to take a look at their crazy lives.

    Oh, they did crazy things, lip dubs, lots and lots of pictures, exposing what they believed they wanted people to see.

    After a year (right?) they can not pose with each other anymore.

    Easy for the onloookers to criticize, ridicule, & laugh at Julia, she makes it easy. Arrested development. Narcissism. Manic, childish behavior.

    I looked through the pictures, and I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong, but I did not see one picture of Mary and Meghan together. I question this because of all the assumptions on this site that Mary and Meghan are so better than Julia, they should jump the NS ship and then the inferences that they are so close, as if to imply they are real friends.

    Julia is a trainwreck, no doubt about it. I however, could never consider Mary a deep and genuine person by default. Mary gets alot of props on this site because in comparison to julia she is the better person. She is fit, funny [???] and gorgeous [if you like her type] but I think she wears her sense of entitlement in a fairly ugly manner.

    I think I am kind of done with all this, it has become too negative to follow these girls anymore. Julia is just too sad and I don't want this in my life.

    I will say, that I have enjoyed reading many of the comments on this site. Many of you have great insights and it has been fun connecting with you.

    have fun with this, unlike julia though, know when you have had enough. bye.

  53. What kind of distasteful wreck gives thanks for finding a lost item by blogging "thank the fucking lord"?


    you really thnnk they're not friends??

  55. 4:17...I agree.

  56. Haha Anon 5:17 I have been thinking the same thing.

  57. Anon: 4:17 & 5:17

    EXACTLY--when I saw this yesterday, it started me thinking, meghan is not pissed at Julia--

    I think she is pissed at us.

    Meghanaise, the other one, and so on and so forth!

    Interesting. The Plot thins.

  58. The forum is strangely silent...

  59. way to beat randi to the punch on blowing out HER candles

  60. donkey-licious in this one