Monday, March 2, 2009

Julia: Solid Gold Twitting

This sequence of Tweets is such classic Jackles. And .... ewwwww. Ewww on every front.

I guess I'm going on a last minute first date tonight. Can I wear sweats? It's another one sent to me via matchmaker!about 9 hours ago from web

[ED: Did your bible "The Rules" teach you nothing, Jackles? Agreeing to a date at 11 p.m. on a snowy Sunday night spells D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E. If you're going to abide by the no-sex rule from "The Rules," you should abide by all of them.]

I don't feel like flirting right now - or even being particularly pleasant. This guy isn't going to know what hit him. Why did I say yes?!?about 8 hours ago from web

[ED: You're not kidding. Did you get the wonk straightened out? How about the bobby pins? Still in place?]

He better be cute, damnit.about 8 hours ago from txt

[ED: Cute on the outside but something seriously not right on the inside if he's getting a dating service to find him at date at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night.]

Oh noooooooo @MaryRambin!!! It's that guy you went out with two weeks ago!!!!about 8 hours ago from txt

[ED: Ewww.]

Jesus. He's hot, a doctor with an MBA. But ... I want to go home.about 8 hours ago from txt

[ED: Upon the realization that this is someone your "sister" dated recently, this is the point in which a normal person says: "Hi, sorry, I feel a bit weird about this so I'm going to call it a night. Thanks anyway." And then you go home and you give the dating service hell. Also ... nice glimpse into your soul there, Jackles. That MBA ... so integral.]

Well, isn't it always the case that the dates you care least about end up going the best? This guy is a CATCH. But @MaryRambin has 1st dibs.about 4 hours ago from web

[ED: Do I sense a frenemy bidding war looming? Ewwww.]

For those who were asking: I twittered while he was at the bar getting drinks. Also, no, he does not follow me-or even know what twitter is!about 4 hours ago from web

[ED: You see, everyone, as long as your date DOESN'T KNOW you're broadcasting every minute of your date to an audience of thousands of strangers, that's all that matters. It's simple, really -- just conceal from your men your true nature. That way you're guaranteed to find your only dates coming via a matchmaking service at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. OMFG!! I. Am. So. Freaking! Happy!!!]

And for those wondering, here was the most to-point Tweet from one of her followers:

treydalton: @juliaallison Well I'm sure he's thrilled to be there with an unenthused girl who's twittering the whole time....lucky guy ... about 8 hours ago


  1. The best part is this: "Also, no, he does not follow me-or even know what twitter is!"

    Judging by her certainty here, you KNOW Jackles asked him if he was Twitter. So, no, before last night Mr. Sunday Night didn't know what Twitter is, but because of your big mouth, he does now!


  2. she has thousands of twitter followers. tactless doesn't even begin to describe twittering about this dude all night. i would be horrified if i were him.

  3. Did her date order her a Shirley Temple? Because we all know How. Buzzed. She. Gets! after a sip of anything with a drop of alcohol.

    I'm beginning to think she's a teetotaler the same way she's a really nice person, you guys.

    And Jacy -- is BRILLIANT!

  4. Also, we all know why she's posting all this crap. She probably hasn't heard back from the other doctor dude she loosened her chastity belt for by a few notches, and it's killing her.

  5. Hey, if she can't get her own MBA, she'll get one by injection.

  6. Merit by association never seems to go out of style.

  7. This dame just oozes class and decorum. Sweet Jesus.

  8. Wow. Just, wow!

  9. Regardless of his knowledge of twitter, doesn't she think the date is going to google/facebook her like everyone else does when they go on dates these days? And let's say he doesn't; Julia is frequently re-twittered via Owen Thomas' Twitterati column on Gawker. Unlike Nonsociety, gawker gets actual pageviews. She's both sabotaging her dates and using them for short term fulfillment and celebrity. What an ass!

  10. I know of other organizations that set girls up on "dates" at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night but they're not called "matchmakers."

  11. Wow. I don't usually read over here on the weekends but I think I should! I missed so much! If no one has pointed it out before - NS intern Kate is like 1000X hotter than the three of them combined. I am surprised Julia hasn't fired her out of jealousy. She must really need a headband picker upper.

  12. In the meantime, faux-tographer has been roaming the streets of New York city, increasingly delusional due to alleged hunger and sleep deprivation, but nonetheless chasing the dream and in search of the picture that might be his big break:

    # Apple Store NYC at Night during the biggest Snow Storm of the 2009 season
    7 hours ago from Twitfire

    When did these people start to think that only superlatives are worth mentioning?

  13. Wow! Meghanaise is SO RIGHT! Only Mary takes things too far, playing vile deceitful games. Loveyousometech, Mayoneg!

    This is what happened, obvi she was shunned by M&Ms last night -- that, "Come on over after 6pm" was either just for show for her critics or just ignored or both.

    She then decides to get back at Mary for all her positive publicity lately by going on a booty call with someone Mary has dated. She then proceeds to broadcast this to the entire world because she is a) soulless and b) really needs to make sure that she inflicts the maximum amount of pain on Mary for her transgressions of being hotter and more well liked.

    And, scene. Thank you Mommie Dearest!

  14. if this is not fake on Julabutts part - there are no words but mental...she is mental.

  15. I am so loving the Dickensian tale of fawning fauxtographer Wm Marc, adrift on the cruel streets of a blizzard-wracked city.

    It just gets better and better.

  16. Also: the milky-skinned sex pic on milky-skinned Jake Lodwick's tumblr has got to be killing Foolia. What else could propel her into the storm so precipitously at 11 pm? Other than a promise of a cash bonus from the matchmaker?

  17. Jing--

    You forgot one thing: she's also sabotaging Mary's chance with said date! So many birds and only one stone. It's a miracle.

  18. Julia's BrainMarch 2, 2009 at 9:52 AM

    GOOD NIGHT/MORNING READERS!!! Before I hit the hay after a terribly exhausting late night date, I just thought I would stop by to say HELLOOOO! Y'all. What. A. Weekend. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday extravaganza. I feel so blessed and so happy to have so many TRUE FRIENDS. Pictures to come soon, I promise. Something is wrong with my email and I lost my phone, but as soon as that is fixed, I promise I will post pictures with my two best friends/sisters in the whole world.

    Anywhoo... where should I start with my weekend? First, I flew to San Fran and had the most amazing birthday with all of my closest SF friends. I have so many close and true friends there, I am thinking of moving there. My bestie Miss Randi joined me and even brought her own amazing cake. I met this awesome photographer and convinced him to fly to NY for the second leg of my birthday bash. For some reason he keeps calling me, but I will answer his voicemails later. Not sure what it's about.

    SO, after my ineffable birthday in San Francisco (minus one VERY special person. Call me!) I flew to NY for MY birthday bash on Virgin Airlines. I am working on a sponsorship deal with them and I hope to finalize it as soon as their PR person calls me back. I left like, 20 messages with her, but no luck yet. (Call me!)

    I was about to drop dead because I had not slept for 36 hours, but I rallied and managed to show up, just a few hours late!! I had MAY-JAH cramps so I headed over after taking a Midol and laying down for a spell. Thanks to my great friend Krystal (like the hamburger place) for holding it all together with hosting duties. She even brought cupcakes with MY name on them. Best. Friend. EVAR!!!!!

    And what a surprise, the San Fran photographer (can't recall his name right now) showed up at my NY birthday. He took tons of great pictures, which I will post when I touch them up just a touch. Here's a secret ladies- if you want to make your arms look skinny in pictures, just put your hands on your hip and hunch your shoulders over as much as possible. It works every time! Just look all at my photos! I use that super secret maneuver every time!!! If you want to make your legs look skinnier, just stand with your legs approximately 8 - 10 inches apart, toes slightly turned in. (but don't stand next to your anorexic friends). If you want to make your face look thinner, just open your mouth as wide as possible and make a HUGE smile. That works every time, too!

    After the party, we went to a karaoke bar. I was really tired by this point so I left early. I forgot my phone and I also forgot to pay the bill. Whoopsie! Thank goodness someone found my phone because the next day, I had a VIP photo shoot. The photos will appear next month in [redacted] magazine. I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! Loved the photographer, but he was complaining the whole time about being hungry so I gave him some cupcakes leftover from my party.

    I was about to start on my nightly internet addiction (shhhh) when I got a phone call from The Doctor. (another doctor. I know, right?!?! I will just call him Doctor B and the first doctor Doctor A, like Carrie calls her lover Mr. Big) He wanted to go on a late night date with MEEEE!!!! He was super good looking and super accomplished, just like me. He also went on a date with Mary and I let it slip on twitter by accident. Hope he or Mary doesn't read over there!!!!

    Anyway, readers, I hope you all get to experience a birthday as great as mine one day. It's only a once in a year experience that I will treasure always. I am going to bed once I call my intern to pick up my BETSEY JOHNSON dresses to return to the showroom. For some reason, I think they sent over dresses two sizes too small so I hope they do not mind the broken zipper!!! I am sure my intern can smooth that over.


  19. Dyspeptic: Your "Dickensian" line was the best moment of my moring =)

    I really think this whole date thing is fake - or a booty call. A date that starts at 11pm...on a Sunday a snowstorm just doesn't scream "First Date" to me.

    I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now, and we probably sleep at each other's place four/five times a week. Last night he calls me, "Please don't drive over here tonight. It's BAD!" This was around 10.

    We had iChat sexytime instead haha...but you get my point!

  20. Does anyone know who this bedroom-eyed Audrina lookalike is? (Yes, the fact that I know who or what Audrina is troubles me.)

    It probably killed JAB to have people at the party who out-sexied her. Of course, that wouldn't be difficult.

  21. I think, without a doubt, the best part of all of this is the photo Jackles posted of the birthday cake, cropped so you couldn't tell it left her name off of it.

  22. She was a friend of Krystal (the girl who "hosted" that "NYE Party.")Krystal brought a ton of her girlfriends, most of which didn't even really knew Julia. they all got gussied up in hoochie dresses, no doubt in anticipation of meeting hot rich guys. Boy, were they disappointed.

    Like I said, this was a party where it was a bunch of friends of friends. Not actual friends of Julia. The interns brought friends, the hosts brought friends, the friends brought friends. But few of the guests where actually there for Julia.

  23. I noticed her in the photo with Meghan... she is HOT. I also noticed that in both Julia's San Francisco party and New York party, most of the women there were way, way hotter than her - and so much more natural, laid back looking. That must have made Julia Baugher insane. In all of the photos, she looked like a freakish caricature in comparison.

  24. "Mary gets first dibs" is Julia-code for "This guy is never ever going to call me again."

    Also, do you guys realize if we said "Julia Allison" every time instead of JA or any of her nicknames, this site would be on the first page of her google search by now?

  25. 10:06 Her name is Trish R. and that is her bf Rob F. She is a friend of Krystal Kahler. JA thinks her fake boobs are atrocious and will not speak to her.

  26. Kind of weird that the matchmaker didn't tell Julia that the guy had been out with Mary just a couple of weeks ago. Unless, of course, she did and that's why Julia agreed to go in the first place. Because I can't imagine any woman hiking out at 11pm on a snowy Sunday night for any other reason.

    Seriously, these matchmakers are playing fast and loose with their ethics. Like this guy isn't using the matchmakers as an escort service.

  27. 10:16 - I knew Julia probably hated her! What was up with that whole group of women that showed up with Krystal? It looked like nobody even acknowledged them.

  28. "JA thinks her fake boobs are atrocious and will not speak to her."

    That cannot be true. We all know Julia Allison is a ridiculously nice person. She would never judge someone for a stupid reason like that.

  29. Those girls are regular folk, jobs in finance, graphic designing, real estate, fashion, nothing that provides a photo op for Princess JA.

  30. For the record, my man and I tried having sex last night like the photo on Lodwick's blog, and it's physically impossible. The legs are twisted in a way where it cannot happen.

    I suggest you try it because we ended up in a really fun position anyway. ;)

  31. I know this is sick but I cannot stop checking in woth wmmarc's (creepy photographer) twitter. Guy is pathetico. He's only eating chew nerds in the past 24 hours and apparently roamed the streets of NYC last night, spending time at the apple store. He's a deliciously good disaster.

  32. I know, I feel so bad for wmmarc!

  33. Total Jing: Glad to hear I am not the only one hooked on this one-man pageant of the bizarre and the best thing is: We have been promised at least two more days of creepy madness.
    In a sense he is almost outstaging JA with his "drama", which she would hate had she bothered for even one minute with someone other than herself.

  34. Anon10:16: Jackles has a problem with fake boobs but not with fake teeth, new nose, hair extensions, lip injections and Botox wonk-eye? That's rich!

  35. Speaking of the faux-tographer, if he's totally broke and wandering the mean streets of NYC during a blizzard, why the hell was he twittering last night about the sales tax on buying a MacBook Pro?

    Was that supposed to be a slap at Jakob over the AirBook fiasco?

    "Can I get some NYC help please. What taxes will I pay if I purchase a MacbookPro while I'm here vs in SoCal?
    about 14 hours ago from twitterrific"

    So, the man is thinking about buying an expensive laptop while he's supposedly broke ass and stranded during a blizzard?

  36. So this is the guy who's lap JA was bouncing around on in SF? Who she alos posed for huggy pictures with? But they had just met that night right? (She must have liked the look of his big lens!)
    And he hops on a plane to "par-tay" ... only to be stiffed on a bill and left wandering around with no "follow-up" friendship from Jackles and crew?
    People that work free-lance and ad hoc are often broke; doesn't make him a loser, it's a chosen lifestyle of not being tied down but also living from hand to mouth, experience to experience.
    Don't be too hard on him. He might be a bit "off" (hello ATM? credit card?) but aren't we all in one form or another?
    What gets me is Jackles' "kleenex" approach to people; use and dispose of.

  37. Tangent (but JABa-esque). My favorite twitter-related cartoon:

  38. @ To Do: Take midol, remember extra sanitary napkin: Agreed, but then he should have internalised one of the first rules of freelancing101: Always be prepared to look after yourself as in all likelihood nobody else will. Right now he strikes me as the kind of person who would show up in flip flops at the Mount Everest base camp. And as pointed out by [redacted] No Entity his MacBookPro reflections make his story just more inconsistent.
    Anyhoo, he is more of the comic relief in this play whereas JA's disposable people approach makes me feel nauseous.

  39. OMG the new TMI is SO. FUNNY.

    To take up the allotted space, they LOOP the same clips together twice. WOW. JUST, WOW.

  40. Off thread topic but when did Julia call Owen Thomas a cunt? Everyone references it but was it published on Gawker or just a rumour?

  41. It was on Gawker in the last month, in one of his "Twitterati" posts. He referred to her as an egoblogger, and then shared the email she sent him because she was pissed off, and called him "you little cunt."

    She also asked if his parents didn't love him enough. Talk about projection of issues!

  42. Here you go

  43. Oh, it happened. Right after he called her an "egoblogger." And he printed the email in the comments after the item. You can google it, probably.

  44. To all of those who keep saying JA stiffed the photographer--

    SHE DIDN'T!!! He twittered me. There was no payment. He goes to tech related parties ALL THE TIME. He is a well known tech photographer. He does most of this for free. He volunteered to come to NYC while at the SF party. JA jumped at the chance. He offered to do her Love "Statue" photoshoot. He was drunk when he agreed, did not have enough $$$, and hopped on a plane anyway. Wierdo.

  45. The latest TMI episode is a hoot.

    First of all, Juli is all proud of herself because she's not invested or emotional over the "ten guys" she has in her life. I'm sorry, but counting out abunch of guys some skeevy matchmaker set you up with THAT YOU'RE NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN ANYWAY doesn't count as being all "I am woman, here me roar."

    2nd, Mary's group of guy friends who she says rag on her exes? Yeah, um, most of those guy friends are queens. Bitchiness comes with the territory. The straight ones who tell her she's better off without the ex are doing so because they just don't want to continue the conversation or listen to her.

    3rd...Meghan's face at the beginning of the clip is priceless. She's so annoyed by Julia.

    Finally....listen to how Julia snaps at Mary when Mary jokes about Julia/Meg's singing and saying it's like being in a kareoke bar. "No, it;s like a supermarket" Julia hisses.

    Oh my god...fold it up already before you three kill each other.

  46. @Total Jing--I could be wrong, but didn't he get stuck with the karaoke bill, thus leaving him cashless in NYC?

  47. The TMI that's up now is different from the one up a few hours ago!

  48. Jesus Hubert Christ, stop making TMI a GODDAMN STORY TIME.

    And Julia, you're just not that into them, that's why it's so easy. How you're feeling about these men is how THEY HAVE FELT ABOUT YOU. Sometimes people just don't click! None of your games will help! THIS WOMAN HAS NO CLUE!

  49. Also, bleeping out "Ben" as in EaterBen doesn't make it any less obvious, ladies.

  50. at anon 12:25

    Yes, he was stuck with the bulk of the bill. Not sure if JA was still there or not. To be fair, I think 3 people were stuck with the bill, he being one of them.

  51. What kills me about this some of you know what time you're wasting? Sure, I flip through my usual blogs everyday to see what has been updated and do a few little scrolls...but this sites commenters always shock me.

    Your hatred for these girls causes you to look at their twitters, other peoples twitters, their pictures, other people's picture's, their vimeos etc etc trying to figure out whats going on/are they really friends/did anyone have a good time at their party and so on and so forth.

    I cannot imagine all the time and energy that takes (unless someone here actually has a job that pays them for all this cyber sleuthing). But I know writing this comment has already taken too much time out of my day so I'm going to stop now- but come on. You are as OBSESSED with her as she is with being famous. And that is kinda...well...sad (and what she wants)

  52. HeadbandsAreMyLifeMarch 2, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    @Anon 12:36 - In order for this site's commenters to *always* shock you, you have to *always* check the comments, no?

  53. Anon 12:36 I agree. Scrolling once or twice a day during a blog check is a lot different than pulling an internet nancy drew and writing essays.

    But carry on haha, I really enjoy it!

  54. @Anon 12:36
    There are more commentors here then there are on NS, I believe. So, different people adds bits and pieces of info they find interesting. Isn't necessarily time consuming for any one person at all. Albeit, for a rogue site, this one is a lot more active and interesting than the one (NS) that has three women claiming it's their full-time job!

  55. @anon 12:36
    I agree actually. I'm a regular reader/commenter here and it kind of annoys me how obsessed I am. I wish I wasn't, it's just so entertaining!! To be fair, I am a law student and I spend nearly all my waking hours studying. I take a break every few hours or so to catch up on email and read a blog or two - this is quickly become my fav!
    But yes, my bf thinks I'm insane for caring so much about this crazy woman, and maybe I am. But christ, this is way better than reality tv - and I don't even have to leave the library to watch it!

  56. Also, bleeping out "Ben" as in EaterBen doesn't make it any less obvious, ladies.

    Oh no she didn't! Is she really trying to convince people that she's not over the moon at the fact that EaterBen requested a light night booty call? How come everything she says and does in regards to men is always a transparent attempt to make a guy jealous? She doesn't care if they respond or call her? Then why is she contacting Leventhal with phony excuses about needing restaurant suggestions for her other dates?

    Stop it, Julia. You're embarrassing yourself. Guys know those tricks. That's why he knows the next time he text messages you and 1am, you'll put out.

  57. I'm like anon@12:54. My bf thinks I'm crazy, but it's really my favorite blog to catch up on. And I read a lot of them when I do my web surfing in my spare time! But I do have a life, a great one at that, so I don't feel guilty. OH WELL.

  58. Let's take into effect that JA's behavior in this ep should certainly be scrutinized becaused zomg.. IT'S THE DRESS. lmao. I'm obsessed with human behavior and how certain patterns in childhood manifest in adulthood, and I'm also into the evolution of the internet and social lives as a result, so I have to say I find this trio fascinating and saddening at the same time. I waste time all day. Perusing/commenting on this site takes all of (literally) 2 minutes. But that's me, I can't comment on others. Once again, people don't have to hate the three to be here. I don't know them, I can't really hate them.

    Onnnn to TMI... is this story time? Whatev.

    - JA starts singing/calling attention to self, shoves MA to join in, MR has such an interesting look on her face as this starts

    - MA looks to the side, reluctantly starts humming, looks to MR, shrugs her shoulders and gives a WTF/laugh.

    - Nice tone of voice when JA says "no, it's like a grocery store" (we know honey, you're the sour grapes); where'd that super nice, peppy JA go? I think this was payback for MA&MR's "birthday song" from the bday ep (that she jumped in on), and she didn't like that this was ridiculed so quickly.

    - JA re: topic: "I think we're pretty good at it". Really? Are you? With the rehashing/exposure/continuous abusing (YEARS after it's been over in some cases) of all your exes you do? Oh, honey.

    - MR&MA conversing about the topic amongst themselves, MR gives the "welcome" they've all forgotten, MA apologizes in her own way, JA tries to jump into the conversation with dated "Low" lyrics to describe what SHE'S wearing, MR&MA continue talking amongst themselves in a friendly way

    - MA & MR smile in recognition (and unabashedness) of their singledom, pursed lips when JA says she's "never been happier in her life" being single, MA/MR swap from watching/reacting to her to looking at the camera, JA's eyes tend to be focusing anywhere BUT directly at the camera during her proclamations

    - MR calls BS on JA's "10", asks her to name then. We may feel we're experiencing deja vu with the "julia's mom's special recipe" as she calls out random letters and one "name" we suppose gets video [redacted].

    - JA "I'm not sleeping with any of these men" ("I'm not a slut y'all, I just have 10 men on the back-burner. YES 10 men are interested in me without getting any. YES, it's TRUE"); MA goes wide-eyed, looks at Mary, who does a little eyebrow raise and slow blinking throughout the rest of this statement. MA at a point during this also gives the camera "a look" (during that, no texting, no phone calls blahblah part). INTERESTING. P.S., JA your high-pitched, squeaking "I don't care" is indicative that you very. much. do.

    - I like how MA is refusing to let JA cut her off in this ep, and it's clearly making JA uncomfortable each time she gets shut down. Go Megs!

    - At least MR is real here "or he breaks up with me", and "that's really good advice, do EITHER of you follow it?" re: colossal breakups and no contact with the guy... can you name at least one of the two who doesn't? *jeopardy music*

    - continuing on this, Julia claiming to only need "3 days of silence"... k, kids, all we have to do here is WATCH MR & MA'S FACES for the next few seconds. My goodness it's amazing.

    - funny how the tech and style girls beat out the dating expert on the relationship topic, also? nooot shocking

  59. It would be great to hear first hand from this guy who went on dates with both Mary and Julia.

  60. I adore MR for calling JA out about the restalyne when she tried to deny it, and the 10 guys being bull!! So sweet. Intervention, Rambo style.
    PS I am willing to bet JA's parents paid the matchmakers to continue trying to find a husband for their wreck of a daughter.

  61. Anon 12:36 (Paul-ia, Loyal Intern, Whoever)

    It's JAB's reverse charisma - a black hole that sucks everything into oblivion.
    We innocent little space rocks were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are on the periphery of this event horizon's gravitational pull, goody for you. Just back away.

  62. To the Anon who said we are all deranged ... on many levels I agree with you. Here's my thing, though. I don't have TV. My career pretty much requires me to be online from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. I stumbled upon this train wreck, something so accurately described by commenters as an online The Hills, and I am hooked. I admit it. I am hooked the way some people are hooked on reality shows. Also, I know some people on the peripheral of this crew, who have had first-hand dealings with JA and she is every bit as dreadful as she appears to be. So that just makes it more interesting to me.

    That latest TMI shitshow is something I cannot embed here and I don't want to give them any page views but oooooohhh boy. There's that JA dishonesty I was talking about lately. So many lies in that brief segment. Ten guys, easily gets over a breakup, ends all contact ... there are three right off the top of my head. And kudos for Mary for calling her out on her bullshit. How tiresome that must be.

    And Toots? Of course you're always the fluffer. Men go out with you and are so traumatized by it that when they meet someone normal, honest, sane, non-narcissistic and not completely obsessed with themselves and their image, those women look even more wonderful by comparison. Can you not figure that out? It's so obvious. You make your successors look perfect by comparison.

  63. What is most depressing about this clip is that all three agree that they need to find another guy to rebound with in order to get over being dumped. The three can not exist unless they have the attention and focus of a man. When they don't have someone to obsess about, they feel out of control.

    Side a recent wine tasting my company held, a man attended who was a client of one of the matchmakers JA research for her TONY article. Great looking, wealthy, lawyer, etc. Also a total woman hating douchetool who complained about everything from his taxi driver to how women only want him for his money. He said Matchmaker hooked him up with woman after woman who never even came close to the criteria he requested when discussing his ideal match. The matchmakers don't give a hoot about finding an ideal mate for these guys. They find a bunch of pretty, struggling artist type women and get them to be "inventory" and set them up with these guys knowing they probably won't be a fit. Then when they're threatened with lawsuits (and I know for a fact that one of the JA connected matchmakers have been) they claim that the guy is too picky.

  64. I've always kind of been rooting for Julia, ever since the whole Lodwick fiasco where she was clearly being treated like crap and putting up with it, so the idea focusing obsessively on her "fame" is playing into her devious hands doesn't bother me. My fiance also has no idea why I'm so fascinated with this site, although he does think JA is hot. I also used to be obsessed with in its heyday. Yeah, pretty much deranged.

  65. Julia's BrainMarch 2, 2009 at 1:32 PM

    Anonytroll 12:36: It took me two minutes to scan the posts here and write that essay. Which is longer than anything Julia has posted in the last six months. She could take some notes about producing actual multi-paragraphed content.

  66. Yeah, it's completely oxymoronic that they (or Julia as far as she's said) have never been happier being single, but won't stop looking for men, which we have to guess is another part of life that would "make them happy". Like fame, money, or both. Also re: 1:16, I think some matchmakers are legitimate (and usually don't even try to charge thousands upon thousands for their service until they've earned the right, typically through a highly successful track record and popularity that eventually comes with a preference for working less and focusing on dedicated clients), while others simply see it as this: "Well, he's a rich guy, wants a pretty girl. She's a pretty girl, wants a rich guy. The rest doesn't really matter so long as they "check out", ie., no criminal record and maybe share a few common interests, if anything. Other people are charging this much, so can I." The latter are parasites. Someone said it was interesting that one of them hadn't attended any weddings. As a successful matchmaker don't you think that person would score a few invites for getting people together? Odd.

  67. 1:27 - SR was an AWESOME site. Loved it!

  68. Someone has to get the twitter feeds of the NS interns and interview them by email..;)

    Hmm and yes I believe Mags is still no NYC party pics posted on her blog

  69. OK, I know Kay is an intern and all (gorgeous one at that), but I didn't see here ANYWHERE in photos of the party, not even in the background. So wtf, she was dressed for the event but was relegated to guarding the entry door all evening?! I don't even care if Kate (also gorgeous) was the "main intern" for having been with them awhile - that being the reason she's IN the party and in a few photos, that's just weak.

  70. Gotta lurve how in a nearly completely natural stance - can tell by how, albeit in a slight pose, her arms are relaxed and there's only light pressure on the right leg - Kay the intern stiiiill beats out hyperpose-y Jules. Ouchies.

  71. @anon 1:54 it's very possible the new intern is underage, and thus wasn't allowed into the actual bar area.

    re: the backdated post of her "7th grade science partner and 10th grade debate partner"....why continuously refer to current friends by their old affiliations. Why not just say "Judy is a very old friend," or "Judy and I go back a long time" like a normal person would?

  72. Because Julia is NOT NORMAL. What normal person lives completely in the past? Contorts into crazy unnatural poses for pictures? Calls taking free pictures of herself a "photoshoot?" Has massive delusions of grandeur? I stopped asking "why" Julia does completely koo koo for cocoa puffs crazy shit a looong time ago. Now I just stop by here once a day or so to see what new way this complete bore has detached from reality. The only thing interesting about her life is how totally and completely crazy she is.

  73. But it's an open bar in a tiny room. Same thing as having an open bar at a sweet 16. Many underaged there, they just attempt to police it at the bar (sometimes). I wouldn't know though.

    As for the affiliations.. it's for the haters and the doubters, of course! It can't just be vague because people would assume she was lying (er, wonder why!) so she has to get very detailed about it.

  74. I like how Julia twitters that Mary has first dibs on guy from matchmaker....

    Uh, Julia, if this guy had any intention of ever going out with Mary again, why did he call the matchmaker and arrange for yet another date?

    Yeah, like it's up to the 'inventory'

    and I am shocked, shocked that he did fall head over mba for Boozy.

  75. These majority of guys using matchmakers here in NYC are not looking for wives. They know the score. They wouldn't be successful businessmen if they didn't. They're looking for companionship and arm candy. It's their way of using an escort service without actually having to go to an escort service.

  76. "Absence makes the heart grow stronger"????? Not the saying.

  77. What's also really striking about these TMI eps is how natural Mary and Meghan are (I didn't really watch the early ones, not sure if they've always been) and how unnatural Julia is. Mary especially is very poised but natural, and Meghan is also good at acting like a human being who happens to be on camera. Julia is ridiculous. She bobs her head furiously or looks down and furrows her brow exaggeratedly or talks way too much with her hands. I've noticed this in everything, including lip dubs: she is not comfortable in front of a camera. She's way too insecure.

  78. narcissist headbandMarch 2, 2009 at 3:23 PM

    What is with these girls and their dating life?!?!?! I have not checked out TMI yet, but why are these young, pretty girls using a matchmaking service, worse yet, being "inventory" (disgusting terminology by the way) for this service, in order to meet men? I lived in NYC for 6 years during my twenties. Trust me, I was NOWHERE NEAR as physically beautiful as these three are (as much as we might be disgusted by their personalities, we have to admit they are all pretty, even JAB), but I always found ways to meet nice, dateable men. Usually through friends. In fact, I met my husband through a friend. Why do these girls have to resort to desperation!??!? Are their personalities that bad?

  79. Mary posts a picture of obama as a basketball game and posts this:

    "I’m not claiming to be up to speed on the recession or drastic decline in the market, but I feel like our President should be. The other night he and Michelle were head bopping to a private Stevie Wonder concert at the White House. Now 3 hour basketball games.

    You guys get on my ass for taking vacations, but I assure you I’m working most of the time (otherwise they would be less frequent). Working from anywhere in the world is one of the perks of having your own business. Great perk, but there is a lot of risk that comes with it.

    And the future of a nation isn’t resting on my blog.

    Looks like Obama has a good start on competing with Bush’s vacation day record."

    Yes, mary, you are working most the time, the tools on the yacht said that, the rented ski bums said that, and YOU SAY IT ALL THE FUCKING TIME, shut the fuck up, you hag.

  80. The only common theme that ties these NS Girls together is their Daddy issues..

    Which at the rate they are going they will not wake up to solve until they hit 40.

  81. Hey Mary,

    The 'business' trip to Europe for DLD, how was that?

    Oh wait, your own business didn't let you go! Yes, great perk. You work for NS. You bitch at the interns as to how to work the party you are taking credit for [by the way, nice way to mention your co-host you passive agressive narcissist.

    How far did the interns have to carry the left-over vodka you insisted on taking with you?

  82. There goes Mary spewing her ignorant bullshit again. She's stirring up the pot for page views.

  83. Mary I have a feeling if you did some EFFing research you would find that all events Obama attend are often directly tied to his giving money to charities..unlikesome NS twits we know.

    Now either do the EFfing research or STFUp

  84. That cannot be Rambo's post, she does not discuss/blog political views. She said that it is tacky to do so.

  85. ZZZZZZZZZZ. Once again, Mary is posting her crazy rants to get page views. Are we getting that desperate again, ladies? What's next... more admissions of bulimia, colonics or Botox? Gawd, they are painfully boring, even when they pull "stunts" or bring up "controversial" topics.

  86. Mary posts "Julia fills up her plate with men she withholds sex from."
    HAHAHA. Awesome.

  87. There are plenty of other things to make fun of Mary for, including this item on her to do list:

    "Flush out topics for tomorrow’s TMI taping and find supplemental pictures."

    Um, Mary dear, did you mean to say FLESH out? Once again, her subliminal attachment to pooping is "flushed out."

    Although I do have to give her credit for this very unsubtle dig at Julia when describing their TMI episode:

    "On today’s TMI we give tips on how to get over your ex. I’m a firm believer in the booty call/rebound, Meghan wishes she could cut off all contact, and Julia fills up her plate with men she withholds sex from."

  88. Why do these girls have to resort to desperation!??!? Are their personalities that bad?

    As a blogger, one with a modicum of a following but not near as large as Julia/Mary, I can tell you why they have trouble dating. It's simple. Men avoid women who blog like the plague. We are perceived as validation-seeking, attention whoring drama queens. To a man, dating someone like us is way too much work. They think we're all going to be needy and insecure and possibly psycho. Guys fear we'll discuss the moves the use in bed, the size of their penis, their friends, and anything else under the sun that they consider off limits. Thing is, we usually do. It's a vicious cycle.

    Mary, I have no doubt, is an emasculating ball buster. Something else men hate. Her drinking is also a turn off. Guarantee she's a nasty drunk. Oh, and she's pretty much jobless. Only men looking for arm candy date women like her. The minute the guy here's "fashion blogger" they think "unemployed gold digger." The guys in this city are way, way over dating the fashionista SATC wannabees who bring nothing to the table. They're dating the worker bees, not the queen bees.

    As for Julia...well, she's loud. That's something that totally works against her. She requires to much attention and work. She's also completely self-obsessed and makes everything the guy does about her. She plays the victim. You didn't call, you didn't reply, you didn't do this/that. She's not accountable for her own insecurities and ends up driving men away. Oh, and the Charlotte act freaks them out. Holding out on sex and using it as a way to get respect gets old. Men don't hang around for a woman who waits too long to put out no matter how much they like them. They assume they're either frigid or gold-diggers.

    Meghan, I think, is just really socially awkward. But that could work in her favor if she uses it the right way. She shouldn't go out with Mary or Julia if she wants to meet guys. Those two will repel a lot of men because of the reasons I stated above and she'll pay the price for her association with them.

  89. Meghan can get guys remember the Santa athon? Guys were falling over each other to ask for her number

  90. Oh For Fuck's SakeMarch 2, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    Anon 3:24PM - did Mary REALLY just compare herself to PRESIDENT OBAMA????

  91. Wow Christan for a couple of people you've never met, you sure know it all.

  92. Well she just has SO MUCH in common with them.

  93. 3rd party observations are sometimes the most honest ones.... especially since we're seeing Julia how blind dates will see Julia.

  94. Mary was just stating an opinion...leave it alone. She was not comparing herself to Obama. She was probably anticipating the commentary that she is on 'vacation' a lot, how can she criticize Monsieur Obama...etc etc.

    Let her comment about Julia's non-sexing of men stand for the day! hahaa

    Christan does not know it's just know, educated guesses.


  95. Astute observation 3:14, had noticed that too. Julia can't even control her acting in front of the camera, and it's as bad as it is in reality. Meghan is natural to a fault, sometimes her true feelings are given away (though it's humorous for us, so really can't complain) and Mary knows how to handle it for the most part. If she's giving away her feelings, it's very much intentional, or so strong that she isn't trying to hard too hide them or just can't at times.

    4:35, you don't really need to meet them to see through them. I noticed some of the same things, and they broadcast enough about themselves to make it somewhat obvious.

    Mary was silly to make a comparison between her an Obama. Sorry sweets, but the POTUS has a trillion times more of a reason to take a break (which tends to happen rarely if at all, and will never purely be leisure if you're intelligent enough to realize) than you, with your "SOOOO exhausting" homeless, unemployed, posturing, living-off-daddy lifestyle could ever justify taking. F A I!

  96. A four paragraph comment about the lives of people she has never met is weird. Snarky comments I understand but a dissertation, not so much.

  97. I get it, so I suppose we're different. She was responding to a question posed and the response was long, it happens. I've seen longer elsewhere on here.

  98. Christian's observations have been consistently astute. I've met two of the three and can confirm she's spot on about M & M. Mary is very overbearing, especially when she drinks.

  99. i think it's funny how MR had to share her birthday with JA, but JA did not share hers with MR (rather, MR had to "host"). instead, JA traded up to Randi Z and made a full production out of it like a little girl. nice. there is something seriously wrong with her.

  100. why ia JA able to deliver "content" from a bar about some poor random man in real time yet is unable to deliver more than the most random snippet from all of the truely interesting events she goes to until days later.
    Even if the guy she went on the date with last night was the biggest douche in the world there is something very off and "nasty teenage girl" about letting the world know that you can't be bothered. She would be mortified(as anyone would be ) if some guy did that to her . Because she is a really really nice person. Living differently!
    i agree with the person who said dating wasn't really that hard -its all in your perspective. I think she really believes men aren't somehow human. She takes a very cosmo view of men which is nutty. Most people are over that by 15 or 16 aren't they?

  101. You forgot the Daddy Issues. It's obvious to spot the blogger who's father paid too little or too much attention to her.

    1. Food/alcohol/drug/body issues
    2. Frequent drama in their lives
    3. Can't take criticism
    4. Seek other's approval

  102. Like I said JA=DADDY ISSUES

  103. As someone who's HAD issues based on a paternal relationship, I can say that -yes- it plays out in all three. I'm of the "two much" variety, and though they manifest in slightly different ways, it's almost impossible to tell which is which. But it's there.

  104. For many people, it doesn't take more than a minute or two to type out a well thought out comment that is many paragraphs long. It's pointless to criticize others for the length of their comments or how much time they "waste" here because they have no life. I'd guess that most people just cruise by here, read and spend a few minutes at a time here. They're effective and efficient communicators - very much unlike the NS twits. Not everyone is a horribly inefficient person who can't bang out more than a sentence at a time... that's just Our Lady of Maxipad Headbands.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. James, I never understood that. I've been using computers and the net since an early age, so it doesn't take me much time to finish even the most complex operations with them. In fact, I get impatient when people use computers too slowly since I'm always miles ahead. LOL. Funny, I think the most verbose among us are those that have seen the internet evolve from what it was to what it is now. I'm not new to people broadcasting their lives on the internet, I was on and watching it when it began. It's actually quite interesting how it's changed, and trust me, what's happening to the NS girls isn't very much different than to those of the "camgirls" of years and years ago and what they faced. More people are just more tuned into it these days.

  107. Wow Christan for a couple of people you've never met, you sure know it all.

    It doesn't require a degree in psychology to see what the challenges and issues are with M/M/J. They "put it all out there" as they say. Some of us are better at assessing and spotting their issues because, yes, we share the same flaws. That's kind of common sense. Those who still perpetuate that behavior, don't change and blame others for it will naturally take issue with what I said and will see it differently. And there were three people discussed in my comment, not two. I'll let you figure out why you only referenced "a couple." Let's see if you can play arm chair psychologist, too.

    You forgot the Daddy Issues. It's obvious to spot the blogger who's father paid too little or too much attention to her.

    Quite obvious. I agree. All three have odd or distant relationships with their Dads. That almost always plays in to why a woman has problems with men. Usually, they go for men who are distant, frequently threaten to leave, are passive aggressive or are co-dependent. The women repeat the pattern of behavior they had with their Dads with the men the have relationships with. Anyone ever seen that old picture of JA's dad? He looks exactly like Lodwick.

  108. Alex's Current GFMarch 2, 2009 at 6:11 PM

    "why continuously refer to current friends by their old affiliations. Why not just say "Judy is a very old friend,"
    Princess JA does not want you to think she is lowering her photo-op standards. Unless you are famous and instantly recognizable, your purpose and great fortune for being photographed with Foolia needs to be clarified so nobody ever thinks she mingles with the regular little people. She is the master manipulator, fooling everyone, the ultimate impressario.

  109. Boozy is dimwittedMarch 2, 2009 at 6:12 PM

    Anon 4:47

    "Mary was just stating an opinion...leave it alone"

    Uhm, No.

    Look, as much as you feel that you are allowed to defend 'your' Mary, I, too, am allowed to state my opinion. Furthermore, I do not need your Mary aka Boozy translation help. Her comments are ridiculous.
    She is ridiculous.

    Do not like negative comments about Boozy, but you applaud her negativity towards others? as Boozy might say, I's confused.

    If reading other's comments on the drunk one are upsetting, pull yourself away from the computer and go get a colonic; visit Dr. Bobby; Have some shit pumped into your lips; go spin four times a day; go crash someone's yacht and maintain that you are working 18 hours a day; take your passive agressive self to aspen, stay with people who DO NOT want their picture taken with you; pretend to host a party by uploading your picture instead of the interns that did all the fucking work.

    If you need more suggestions--just let me know!


  110. Agreed. For being so "Web 2.0" and styling themselves as some sort of female web pioneers, the NS girls are embarrassingly and woefully behind the times. There website is broken and horribly designed, they CONSTANTLY complain about how much work everything is or how hard even producing a 3 minute video segment is and their "content" is limited to a couple of sentences or a quick photo. I know many, many bloggers who hold down very busy full time jobs and produce volumes more content in a day than they do in a week. These womens seem very much out of their league when it comes to hard work, efficiency, effectiveness and work ethic. Why, it's ALMOST like they've had everything handed to them on a silver platter by daddy.

  111. Also, though I appreciate the supporting comments, please make note that there is no "i" at the end of my name. It's not Christian. It's Christan, like Kristen. But thank you, 5:14.

  112. Loved all the wmmarc comments! Looks like he is headed home. Additionally, can "narcissist headband" and "Bicurious Party Hat" get together and produce a love child? Is that even physically possible?

  113. the constant banging on about being overwhelmed with work is hilarious. A surgeon is busy, a new parent is busy, people that work 2 or 3 jobs are busy. Where is the hard work in blogging about yourself and what you are already doing?
    surely if you are constantly late and stressed its a matter of re-assessing ones own schedule and having the guts to say no to some things and do a better job with what you do participate in. Wow. Blerg.

  114. Wow, watching that latest TMI was scary - JA is acting like a big braying crazy woman.
    Any potential investor who saw that would run the other way.
    It is patently obvious that MR and MA have little tolerance left for her. Every statement she made was effectively shot down by the obvious disbelief shown by Mary and Meghan.

    For a girl of 28, in the most stylish city on the planet, her style is just so dated. Heavy, heavy makeup, the overly groomed hair, constant lipstick and high heels. She looks like a character from some early 1980's TV show.

    Like I've said before - who is her target audience? I can't see who would want to emulate her...MR and MA seem completely relateable by comparison,and that's saying something!

  115. damn it guestofguest image gallery of Jules and rest has moderation on comments..

    Okay everyone you have to be oblique about it..

    My first is Mary: Jules they call me Team Rambo

    on one of the images..lets see if it gets through

  116. I just don't understand the dropping of f-bombs on TMI. And i swear all the time. Like a lot.

    But never in my life would i imagine myself swearing in a professional context like that.

    I get that some blogs use the choice language, which i like. Somehow this seems different.

    I guess i don't see their product as edgy and it doesn't make sense in the end. Jackles is dressed up like Donna Reed, but she is a forward, feminist woman b/c she swears? Ok.

  117. My final fauxtographer comment, but this story arch deserves a proper end.

    He is leaving for greener pastures "Fingers crossed hoping we leave b4 they shut the airport down" ( AND already setting eyes on the next target: MC Hammer who vows not to accept hunger in America (

    # @MCHammer do you have someone documenting your efforts (w/photographs)? It sounds like an amazing effort. I can't wait to hear more about it
    about 1 hour ago from twitterrific in reply to MCHammer

    Good riddance!

  118. Me neither Some. Mainly because they want to be Oprah/The View and you wouldn't dare hear profanity on either show.

  119. I hate to say this, but there is a non-zero chance that Rambo might pull this out of the fire:

    Several readers have written to me recently saying they would like to know what goes on before the parties, away from the gym, on a regular day while not on vacation.

    It ain’t pretty, I’ll tell you. But if that’s what you want to know about, wish granted

    This is exactly what made movies like (2001) so interesting:

    Showing us how the proverbial sausage is made might also dampen the snark since NonSociety will no longer be a strict parody of itself. Hell, perhaps this site (RBNS) has become the elusive 4th contributor to NonSociety. We are in some horrible symbiotic relationship!

  120. How did the fauxtographer come up with the money to pay for a crosscountry flight? Decided not to buy the Mac laptop, after all?

    This dude is as flaky and full of shit as JABA the Nut.

    As soon as he made that Twitter yesterday about how Julia is constantly stopped by fans in NYC, I knew there's something VERY wrong with him.

  121. Is MCHammer smart enough to drop kick him? Hopefully to a beat? :)

  122. a non-zero chance that Rambo might pull this out of the fire?

    what does that mean?

  123. Julia said the most recent episode of TMI was her favorite. Really?!?! From a viewer standpoint, it was the absolute worst... and that is saying something. Them talking about themselves and their guy problems - from a viewer standpoint that is terrible content. Personal stories, no viewer interaction and a completely boring subject for an outside person.

    But I guess Julia loved it because she got to yammer on about the 10 men in her life. (BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS 12 CRUSHES?!?!)

  124. OMG that Wm Marc is so exquisitely smarmy and suckuppy! What a weirdo. Bye, bye, billy.

  125. @Anon 7:23: I understood it to mean that this move towards more transparency might actually have a chance of elevating NS beyond travesty status.
    Of course that would require honest documentation of whatever unpretty is there to show and I doubt that all parties involve will consent to that as not pretty is not part of the concept, is it?

  126. Yes, Boozy received 'several' emails--

    if you call reading RBNS --several emails

    and yes, she will tell all, I am sure.

    I am with Christan on this one, she is an emasculating ball buster and overbearing as well.

  127. *current concept

  128. That fauxtographer was definitely nutso.

    It's funny to me that Jackles needed the nutso to make her freebie birthday "photoshoot" happen. And i can't wait to get a load of that tackiness.

    Jesus, this woman has no shame at all. It's vile.

    Was Pickett too busy for more charity work or did she already burn that bridge? Probably both.

    Anon7:15 -- that's it, isn't it? You know Joy and Whoopie (?) drop the f-bombs all the time -- without question. The point is they *are* professional and don't do it during the programme -- you know, when they might alienate some of their audience.

    Jackles is a dumb donkey.

  129. Confidential to Julia:

    Women need to feel loved to have sex; men need to have sex to feel loved.

  130. Mary is also a lot of talky not so much doey. I think if they got all vérité about NS, that would truly be giving the masses (ok, hundreds) what they want at this point.

    But no fucking way will Jackles and Mayonegative go along with it. One is too vain and the other is too weak.

    Mary Rambles Rambo on the other, does have balls (or does she bust them?).

  131. Is Mary our Paul troll?

    One of Mary's pet phrases is kisses..which Paul used

  132. Miss Cast, I loved the reverse charisma-black hole analogy!

    Poor Beardo is such a hapless wonder. He sent a tweet to Meghan, but misspelled her name. She'll never see it on Twitter, so I'll help out:

    @MeaganAsha It was great seeing you again & I hope you & I can do a 'full on' photo shoot some day soon I can't wait to see everyone @ #SXSW

  133. Also, the fauxtographer sucks:

    And i just want to say, the current meaning of FTW is completely LAME.

    When i was in HS, it meant FUCK THE WORLD. This is a much better meaning if you swap in to the fauxtographer's lexicon,

    Yes, i am a bitch.

  134. This is Mary's idea of transparency--

    Today's To Do ListFlush out topics for tomorrow’s TMI taping and find supplemental pictures.
    Correspond with Kodak regarding upcoming projects
    Finalize Axe sponsorship details
    Answer emails
    Figure out how the hell I’m going to do my taxes (my old accountant charges more than I can afford this year)
    Schedule travel for the upcoming month. I’ll be in Houston and LA.
    Today’s a very light day, thank goodness. I’ve come down with a cold so I’m not feeling 100%.

    >Correspond with Kodak regarding upcoming projects
    Yes, the last one went sooo well--by the way--did
    you ever explain why they said they were not your

    >Finalize Axe.
    Hmmm, this seems so promising.

    >Tax Prob,
    Well, Daddy is a CEO, Gramps was CEO and President
    of Texaco, while your are working from New Cannan,
    (daddy's) why don't you ask him to write you a check instead of the republican party.

    > Back to LA
    Ever read that interview with your sis, (you know
    Nin) on her thoughts on LA and the Hamptons?
    To cut to it, she avoids LA when she can cuz it "makes mincemeat of your soul"

    but hey, that sure adds up to 18 hours of work--and you know what's good for a cold: Pink Vodka--hey was the vodka free for the party?? Your transparency can start there.

  135. The New NS name:

    Physocitic Drugs, Booze, and Snooze

    Guess which is which..:)

  136. Anon 7:23 PM see Anon 7:27 PM, he/she correctly parsed my comment.

  137. The subtle brewings of public anger:

    MR: Julia fills up her plate with men she withholds sex from.

    JA: Miss Krystal Kahler, who plans a party LIKE NO ONE ELSE.

  138. you guys are KILLING meMarch 2, 2009 at 7:52 PM

    SomeProblems 7:33PM - 'Mayonegative'!

    God. Damn. IT. There are some funny motherf*ckers on here. Seriously? RBNS (and comments) is now required daily reading.

  139. Ramblo:

    why are you working from Conneticut?

    why did you make megan go there?

    are you not allowed to be at meghan's anymore?

    have you run out of sofas to live on?

    is this why you are so mad J & M, you're homeless
    and they don't give a shit?

    why did you make fun of your bestest friend--
    oh scratch that one, Christan answered it really well

    please, inquiring minds want to know.

  140. Meghan is with Mary today folks..


  141. Yeah, I wondered about Mary living out of a suitcase for months too...

    Then I remembered, she wears borrowed -free- clothes from ILUS-and as she reminded us, she doesn't even have to clean them.

    Lastly, she doesn't have money to do her taxes???

    But she has $$ to fly to Houston and LA???

    oh, yeah, she will give us the transparency we so desire.

  142. Jackles posted photographic evidence of last night's doc, playing with her puppy:

    But Mary still has "dibs", right? Bee-yotch move.

  143. 8:05

    that is megan-- the producer-- not meghan the boss

  144. 8:08

    doesn't seem like he wanted to go out with Mary again, HAR, but in all actuality, he probs liked lily more than mason.

  145. Q: Would a normal man say "Yes" when the matchmaker asks, "Would you like to go out with a dating columnist?"

    A: Hell to the no.

  146. I kind of find Megan the Producer a little hot. Maybe Rambo, Megan, and Adrien can form the vérité vanguard. Please dish on Meghanaise! Why is she so boring? Is it a congenital defect?

  147. Ya, OK, so this "date" is a doctor, has a MBA, is youngish, lives in NYC, and has no idea that twitter exists? Why do I find this hard to believe?

  148. My favourite is actually two twitter posts before the date doc pic:

    # A little listless today. But I have (yet another) date tonight. And one for Thursday. Eh. Not in the mood. Again.
    about 1 hour ago from web

    Let's hope this one's Amish too

  149. Um..she let this guy, who is far from "hot," into her apartment on a first date? It would be one thing if she had met him before. But this guy was a total stranger who requested an 11pm date. Which, by the by, is a sign of his ridiculous sense of entitlement.

  150. These comments are on fire lately. Mayonegative, indeed.

    And whenever I stop by the last few days I get that Michael McDonald song stuck in my head.

    RBNS, I wish I could quit you!

    PS It took be 20 seconds to write this, funny link and all.

  151. You know what is even funnier, we complained about the "dating columnist" not dating and now she is kicking 'em out like a factory. At least it is entertaining!

  152. @8:24 Total comb-over, hipster-fringe style.

  153. narcissist headbandMarch 2, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    i watched the TMI for this week and was really starting to warm toward Mary until I heard about her Obama post. What a frigging idiot.

  154. I just watched the current TMI, too, based on comments here.

    Of course he has a girlfriend now, Julia Allison. I am sure whoever came along next seemed like a keeper in comparison to you.

    And poor Mayonegative; she looks like someone wrapped her in a fitted sheet, moments before taping.