Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Has there been a coop?

Poofy Twit:

Tickets just booked to Denmark March 31-April 5 with @MeghanAsha, @MeganAlagna & (hopefully) @KrystalK. BRING IT Copenhagen!
about 18 hours ago from web

But what about Rambo? She no go? Every other Non Social peoples is going, including bestie friends! WHAT THIS MEAN?!


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  2. I don't think Mary can afford to travel unless it's a gift or comped by a friend. She has quite serious money issues these days, it seems. But I'd be happy if it turned out to be a coop!

  3. It's "coup" not "coop" unless you are dealing with chickens all day. That excuses Russian Girl, but Total Jing, we expect so much more from you!

  4. You know what's funny? I spelled it "Coup" at first and, then, deleted my comment when I saw RG spelled it "coop." It didn't look right but I went with it. My bad...

  5. http://mary.nonsociety.com/post/83261890-0-0

    It sounds like TMI isn't dead yet either.

    WTF!? We are not on target for an April demise people!

  6. But Julia, you wrote:
    April 1 - 4 - Denmark! Meghan, Mary & I are going to speak at a conference.

    Did the conference organizers change their minds and request Krystal instead of Mary? Is it a conference for awesome party organizers?


    Besties? Bottle blondes?
    But isn't Mary all those things too?
    Sad face.

  7. I think it's obvious what's going on. Krystal will be replacing Mary. Krystal is the one from the faux NYE party, right? Why would she be going at all? Who is she?

    It sounds like TMI isn't dead yet either.
    From the looks of that photo, it doesn't seem like the "exciting stuff" in line with what Julia wants.

  8. All I have to say is thank God there have been some new updates on this site- thank you Russian Girl. I was getting close to reading nonsociety to find out what the heck they were up to. Phew!

  9. Listen y'all, Mary cannot travel outside the country because of an outstanding Interpol warrant - something to do with young Moroccan boys.

  10. Why keep Pointy face!? All she's done is post pictures of snow covered bushes the past few days. Unremarkable!!!

  11. Not living differently!!!

  12. Pointy is the worst. Her blog is a joke.

  13. Why is their mediocrity continually rewarded with international travel? When will we peasants have our Bastille Day?

    God is dead.

  14. Well Mayonegative *did* post some groundbreaking commentary on the new line of Apple computers today. She wrote about 2 sentences total. It was insanely riveting stuff.

    And i totally agree with Christan, that chick from NYE is the Mary replacement. This shit just gets weirder and weirder.

    Obvi Mary doesn't have as much $$ right now, but if she was a part of NonSociety, shouldn't NonSociety be paying for her travel. Krystal is the pointy chick and she clearly has $$.

    This whole thing is such a sham.

  15. Maybe Mary will stay on... In the future if they add additional contributors, all of them won't be able to travel will they?

    Imagine that- 5 or 6 nonsociety folks traveling around the world, living differently.


  16. No, no. Meghan is "Pointy" - not Krystal. We need a good nickname for Krystal though. I like "Bottle Blonde" or BB from Anon 8:28.

    Welcome to the game, Krystal. We look forward to trashing you (har har har)

  17. It's funny that Mary has emerged as the one with the most potential in PR and advertising. She's sort of known all along that Julia is incompetent, beginning with the launch of Mary's handbag line two and a half years ago:


    Julia sent out a press release and no one showed up.

    Bonus OLDSCHOOL Julia & Mary pic.

  18. WOW - Anon 9:16. Julia before all that face work and the headbands. She actually looks somewhat classy in that photo.

    What happened to her!!?? Why the need to act 12!?

  19. Anon 9:14

    Krystal Lite?

    Uh, ok. Hey, at least I'm pitching!

  20. Krusty!!!!!!!!!!!



    We're good people.

  21. and we get stuck with boozyMarch 3, 2009 at 9:43 PM

    Anon 9:16

    Mary? PR? Advertising?

    Uhm, well I suppose Mary could sell all her hair dryers and buy a ticket.

    Really, Degree, seems to out of the picture. Axe is not going to pay for Mary to fly to Denmark. And, while Ilus might give her free clothes to wear there, they are not going to pick up the tab either.

    Can't understand why ballbusting boozy can't get plane fare from daddy ceo. Wouldn't matter though, seems she is disinvited.

    Crap, I was looking forward to boozy's keen thoughts and sharp commentary. As Baugher so eloquently reminded us of her fashionista expertise with...

    "Ooo I like this one"

  22. Wow anon 9:16 that link is incredible!! It seems to be from a time when Jackles had some self awareness, actually stating that she has no clout in the media industry! And that was only a few short years ago. How quickly her self delusion has spun out of control.

  23. Pointy is the one with the least content, yet she is the one who blabbed about how lifecasting is a 24/7 look into their lives where we'll see everything they do and we'll trust their opinions. I shit you not, she literally said that in an interview at CES. It's painfully obvious that the only part of NS she enjoys is when she's giggling on-camera during her flirty, lighter-than-air, fangirly interviews of male tech founders.

    If you don't like the Meghanaise comments, Pointy, then stop being such a blob of nondescript goo.

  24. I prefer Meghanaise as a nickname over Pointy.

  25. How about: Krystal Like the Hamburger? Or what about Sack Full?

  26. Different Liver -- me too! I don't think Pointy is appropriate actually, since it seems to only capitalize on the shape of her nose. Not very much going on w/ that nick name IMO.

    Meghanaise has much more -- it's a play on her name and a play on the content of her work.

    Pointy for Meghan is the equivalent of 'Julia is fat' in my opinion. Now Krystal seems much more Pointy (to me) b/c she is obvi a total nerd and sticks out like a sore thumb in that group of wannabe GlamHams.

    B/c she seems soooooooo boring it is a total non-starter! At least Meghanaise is goofy and cute w/charisma and interests (even if she is only blandly able to communicate these)...


  27. Pointy might have the least content but she has the most generous father.

    Boozy's head to toes ARE NOT CONTENT--why would anyone give a shit about her plastic bracelet, those earings with a name that she WEARS ALL THE TIME.

    All the adrian's in the world cannot make her site worth visiting. But I'll give her this, she sure has gotten her $700 dollars out of her YSL.

    Foolia, well that horse is so dead even a bitch like me can't beat it.

  28. *probably wasn't 'her' $700.

  29. I never thought of Pointy as a jab at her nose. With her angular face and long limbs, she's just kind of pointy all over, like a cartoon character would be drawn. And her movements are nervous jerky, pointy in their own way.

    I think she's pointy in a cute way!

    Plus you get:
    Boozy, Floozy, Krusty and Pointy.

    Like 4 of the 7 dwarves.

  30. 'Pointy' came from a commenter that saw her the day she walked out of the theatre at the oscar marathon.

    I am pretty sure it was in reference to her obvious anger, not so much about her nose.

    If I remember the post correctly, it was that everything about her screamed 'upset'

  31. Anon 10:30

    Yeah, I am with you, she is always getting props on this site for most evolved.

    Today, she posted 7 pictures, 17 sentences. If you count, 'yep' and 'nope' as two of the sentences.

    Pointy got heat for posting a picture of NY snow, and I know she has really slowed down lately, but at least her father is contributing.

  32. Pointy, to me, is the most infuriating. She literally does nothing... every day. Wtf? Screw NonSociety, where is her contribution to SOCIETY?

    At least Boozy and Foolia give us something to laugh at - them.

  33. please look at the fantastic ad on mary's blog


    this had me cracking up

  34. where is the link to meghan's ces interview?

  35. chescaleigh: very funny (hey, maybe Mary is moonlighting as a model?)