Monday, March 2, 2009

Mary: STFU

I’m not claiming to be up to speed on the recession or drastic decline in the market, but I feel like our President should be. The other night he and Michelle were head bopping to a private Stevie Wonder concert at the White House. Now 3 hour basketball games.

You guys get on my ass for taking vacations, but I assure you I’m working most of the time (otherwise they would be less frequent). Working from anywhere in the world is one of the perks of having your own business. Great perk, but there is a lot of risk that comes with it.

And the future of a nation isn’t resting on my blog.

Looks like Obama has a good start on competing with Bush’s vacation day record.

Rambo? Seriously? Zip your piehole on this shit. You don't have a clue what you're talking about. Stick to passive-aggressively taking cunning jabs at that vile beast you're in business with ... that's what you're best at.


  1. Mary = POTUS. LMFAO, ROTFL, LOL, HAHAH, FTW (fuck the world)

    Rambling Rambo is a true moron and should just stick to being a bitch, swiping at Bitch-face Jackles.

  2. What a whore. Rahm Emanuel's missing finger has accomplished more than this windbag will in her entire life.

    You think she'd know that part of politics is networking and he's not "vacationing" so much as he is getting out with his constituency (and those who might not be yet). Given that she spends her whole fucking life sucking up to people who secretly or not so secretly detest her, you'd think she'd recognize someone trying to do the same. Except he's, you know, trying to save the world from a meltdown. Not testing hair dryers.

  3. Part of being President of the United States is also honoring extraordinary Americans like Stevie Wonder.

    Stick to hairdryers and pube shears, you vapid skeleton.

  4. LOL you're so funny, did you read the drudge report this morning? you listen to sean hannity too, mary??? daddy tell you to complain about obama?

    you really dont have a clue.

  5. This is beyond stupid. Oh Mary, taking pot shots at President Obama because (1) you're a loyal ole Republican apologist for Bush and/or (2) you're feeling defensive about swanning off how many times already this year? Jeez. That's quite a leap little filly. Comparing your blogger girl on serial vacations life to the Commander in Chief's? You've just jumped yerself into a pond that's way over your pretty little Texas blonde head.
    Work/life balance. Look it up sometime. Healthy marriage and active parent. Maybe someday you'll get an inkling of what that's about too. In the meantime, honey, I think you might be best advised to stick to pretty shoes and vodka shots.

  6. Mary just jumped the shark. Err.... jumped the hairdryer.

  7. What's wrong with her having an opinion? It's called discourse. This isn't vapid- it's her opinion. Ugh, this is so dumb. Wasting. Brain. Cells.

  8. Miss Mary - please define this thing you call "working"...

  9. @9:24: Opinions are fine, but the point she's feebly trying to make is fucking laughable. The President has a high-stress job that requires him to make appearances and hobnob with the people who voted for him; she's a blogger (and a pretty shitty one at that, who doesn't even produce meaningful content) whose idea of "hard work" is ridiculous. Her to-do list? Is like 1/3 of what most working people do in a day. She's a spoiled idiot who admits she has no clue what she's talking about, and yet continues to spew forth uninformed fucking opinions.

    Also, the implication that President Obama isn't "up to speed" on the economy and other matters of national importance is fucking insulting. I mean, come on, he's the fucking President.

  10. But y'all she's so busy! "Lifecasting" is exhausting!

  11. Can. we. please. only. do. this. as. a. joke. now. people.?.

    Otherwise. one. can. only. assume. you. are. a. part. of. the. trio. of. banality.

    It. just. hurts. my. eyes. and. sense. of. timing.

    Ok.?. Ok.?. T.h.a.n.k.s.

  12. LMAO sorry some, it's become habitual, typically when talking about JA. But will coooool it downnnnn.

  13. where's President Bartlett when you need him.

  14. Oh anony 9:34! I just think we need to draw a line between making fun of this habit of Jackles' and perpetuating it ourselves.

    In this one just likes to keep certain aspects of their sanity cordoned off from Our Lady of Introspection. Heheh.


    So hilarious, the acronym wasn't enough.

    What a complete moron. I can't believe that these idiots think that posting like 7 pics a day of themselves on a blog (and every once in a while reviewing something everyone already knows about or doesn't care about) constitutes work. How slow and dimwitted are they? Don't they realize that most people read and sort and deal with hundred's of emails a day AS WELL AS do other actual, real work that involves more than talking about their texting preferences and declaring their love for cupcakes?

    Know what else I heard, Mary? I heard sometimes Obama SLEEPS! What a fucken slacker.

    Oh and btw, I am so so so so so so sure that people "get on your ass for taking vacations" because they think you are not a hard worker. No one every thought any of you worked hard. It's more like people get on your ass (and Julia's) for being utterly CLUELESS about what's actually going on in the world. Most of us aren't skiing in Aspen. Most of us are hoping to not get laid-off. And most people who do still have frivolous lifestyles have the class and good sense to STFU abou it, because this country is struggling right now and bragging about bicoastal birthday party and other silly shit is no longer amusing, cute or acceptable.

  16. The best bet for Non Society would be to build a time machine and travel back to the year 1999 when anyone might still believe them about being ~on the forefront of blogging~ and possibly care about their silly, trite content.

    The second best thing they could do is pack it up. And take all 19 vertical scroll bars and the 1 stupid horizontal scroll bar that it takes to read their site with them.

  17. This post is seriously so embarassing. I am embarassed by proxy.

    Also, has anyone let Julia know that the future of the nation isn't resting on Non-Society? I mean she like...INVENTED blogging.

  18. Obama's presidency will be a massive failure. Look at the stock market. Boy, they sure believe, don't they?

  19. 9:24

    Opinion? Discourse?

    Ha, you stand alone, the spoiled brat that is Boozy Ramblo shot her wad. Her stupid, vapid wad.

    She stays unbelievably quiet during the election, little actual evidence that she has any idea of what goes on in the real world [not the tv show, mare]

    Wow, just wow. she is a tool.

    Loved the "stick to hairdryers and pube shears"

  20. 10:51

    "Obama's presidency will be a massive failure."

    Pretty sure this post represents two things:

    1. Boozy is commenting here.

    2. Boozy found spellcheck.

  21. Wait for the post where she explains that she was not comparing herself to the president...she was just thinking that with the world being in such terrible shape he shouldn't be beering it up and b-ball games and concerts, that's all.

  22. I don't understand why everyone is so upset with Mary. I think she makes a good point. Should he really be hanging out? Should he really be drinking? I mean, she's right, the country is in bad shape, and he is just partying. Also, she is not holding a political office, so complaining about her vacations are different and pretty mean.

    Jeez, I think she actually made a valid point.

  23. Yes, she's doing a fine job pointing out his purported shirking of responsibilities (I'm sure she was CAPTIVATED by the State of The Nation address too, she certainly had a lot of insight to provide about it! Oh, wait.) when she herself appears completely oblivious to the economic situation. Except of course to state the obvious, that there is one. No, really? I'll be interested in hearing from her how the POTUS shouldn't be permitted downtime when he's already clearly been making changes, works around the clock when she sells her $700+ YSL Mary Janes and not a day sooner. Please.

  24. So she has $700 YSL Mary Janes. Last time I checked that is not aganst the law. If you don;t like her then why do you spend so much time taking about her. Can you say jealous mush?

    You are all so obviosly jealous of her! Get a life, she has one, a great one, and all you do is watch her and criticize.

  25. George Bush spent a stunning 499 DAYS on vacation -- the longest time away from WDC of any president in United States history. Most of that time was spent holed up, away from the press and the American people in Crawford, TX. In fact, he spent over ONE THIRD of his entire presidency on vacation. One third.

    Reagan is in second place with 436 days on vacation, and he was -- what? a 70-something year old man? Possibly suffering from the onset of Alzheimers?

    Barack Obama's taking a few hours off (NOT a vacation) to go out and be among the American people, who seemed very happy and honored to see him is not the same thing. Also, I think Bush had about four State Dinners and rarely hosted events at the White House (that WE the taxpayers underwrite)... so I think President and Mrs. Obama's "opening up" of the WH is a great thing... having schoolchildren in, business leaders and Stevie Wonder... is what the President is expected and supposed to do.

    Besides, Obama was elected by a stunning percentage of the American people and is working like hell to get us out of the horrific financial mess the former Administration left us with.

    So if he wants to go to a basketball game for a few hours and have a beer and talk to a 6 year old, god bless him.

  26. Wait, he's drinking a beer in front of a 6 year old. Mary must be furious.

  27. If you're jealous of the lives these women live you are either young and naive (in which case, watch and learn), older and naive (sigh) or woefully out of touch. I feel for you. Either you'll wise up and move away from it or you'll turn into them. It makes little difference. You don't know what kind of lives any of us live on here, but I can promise you they are a million times more fulfilling than this trainwreck. I can say "jealous mush" though... see? Jealous mush. We are entitled to say whatever we like about whatever's out there, particularly when it's shoved in our faces. That's the beauty of freedom of speech. Mary has it too, for sure, and she can be expected to be called out for her idiocy just like anyone else who voices theirs in such a way, publicly. Fact of life.

  28. 11:44

    Right on! love--jealous mush--

    yes, mary is an idiot.

  29. Not really interested in hearing material-obsessed, privileged mental midgets wax poetic about what the President should and shouldn't be doing, tbqh. From the way she's worded her drivel, the implication is that his taking some time out for leisure MEANS he's not "up to speed" on what's going on in the world. Hilarious, that one! I'm sure a correction is coming shortly. Count me in too, as wanting to hear what Mary has to say about the recent State of the Nation address. Indeeeeeed.

  30. So Mary goes to New Canaan to 'work' [no more couches left in NY] the home of her republican father and levin's mother and calls posting somebody else's pic of POTUS [she really does not believe in crediting other people's actual work]
    and writing a comment her father probably spewed about Obama and she calls that work.

  31. I'm thinking the new NS interns duties include posting sycophantic/defensive responses here.

  32. Mary is a complete dingbat. She's a political sage about as much as she is a restaurant reviewer.

    But "jealous mush" is my new favorite delicious dingbat phrase.

  33. where are all the "team rambo" comments now??

  34. Wait I thought Rambo only made love to Rush fans? And no no the music group/band..

  35. AIG fails = depression
    Stimulus package based on old economy ideas = an over/under on if if will work - look at the market.
    Mexico is on the brink of failing = depression
    5% savings rate in the US = world depression
    Iran gets the bomb = who the hell knows but it wouldn't be easy
    parties at the white house every Wednesday = cultural exchanges = some good, some bad, some tax payer dollars that are lost on me paying other people's mortgages = fine, but not fine for the part of this country that will never recover - talk to them.

    It is all about innovation, technology and the ideas. Sorry but I am already paying for this. Is it Ok for me to think that I don't want a President that takes time to relax. I want him/her working to a greater goal all of the time. It is an image that needs to satisfy the country...a guy in control. The DOW theory indicates that the DOW will go down to at least 6000 or maybe 4000.

    Those that have been given the talent and the leadership abilities have a higher calling and it can not be wasted. But more importantly, if they do = depression.

  36. I'd like to know exactly how you're paying for it. Nobody is superhuman, nobody can work every single hour of every single day. Those with great talent also need time to RECHARGE otherwise everyone suffers from their resulting inefficiency due to physical and mental stress. Then you imagine the enormity of the situation, and you really just want someone pounding away at that without a moments rest at all? Not exactly wise. We were lead by "images" for years, and the current President is attempting to sort out the mess he essentially INHERITED (for lack of a better word). Would anyone know if he spent a quiet evening at home just daydreaming? No, and it would accomplish the same thing without the relentless fanfare. Never mind that again, few things the President would do right now would be just about sitting around and relaxing -- there are always reasons for these things beyond entertainment. The issues that have piled on for years aren't going to be fixed in one year, or even three. Nobody was expecting a miracle, and if they were, they weren't aware at all of what has been happening for a very long time.

  37. Oh Mary. How revealing. How completely devastating.

    Dump on Julia all you want - but she would never say anything this stupid. This is the stupidest thing ever written on NS - and as I think we all can concede that is really saying something.

    This site needs to take stock of its pro-Rambo biases.

    Too much botox in the forehead seeps into the brain.

    That blank, haunting expression on Meghan's face just grew another layer.

  38. This implicates all of them. All the people she took the cruise with over the holidays. That tool she went to Aspen with. The people in her spin class. Her little gay friend. All of them. Ouch.

    Really tough to shake this one off.

    Really, really embarrassing. Like ... crazy, loopy aunt in the attic embarrassing. Like ... I am not going to make any sudden moves but shuffle quietly out of the room and then call the cops embarrassing.

    I feel tainted just writing this.

    yikes. ... c-r-a-z-y ...

  39. Given that the man will hold the office for FOUR YEARS and has been our President less than TWO MONTHS, to say he is a failure is a bit premature, to say the least.

    Eight years of Bush, who started office with a budget surplus courtesy of the Democrats, and somehow everything is Obama's fault.

    Rush Limbaugh, this is why I HATE YOU. And most Republicans, for that matter. And Mary Rambin.

  40. Mary: I'm not claiming to be up to speed on the recession.

    Translation: My family's wealth has not been impacted, peasants. I wish everybody would stop talking about such boring trivia.

  41. Ooh, I wanna try!

    Mary: ..but I feel like our President should be

    Translation: Because if taxes for the wealthy go up even a fraction, that means he hasn't been and I'm going to be LIVID.

  42. I don't know, but maybe they should have installed something similar to the google drunk email protector - btw, does that work? - that requires them to solve math problems before posting or guess how many peas are in the jar and none of this would have happened.

  43. Did she remove the post? I don't see it.


  45. Mary, how is Nin?

  46. Mary is a vile cunt. What is hilarious is her ugly photo face where she sticks her chin up in the air, like the picture on her testicle sac hand bad website. Rigidly clenched teeth as if she's thinking to herself "my photo face is so much prettier than Julia's".

    What a turd.

  47. I meant to say "testicle sac handbag".

  48. So let me get this straight....if any one of the girls ever criticizes Obama/The Messiah...we are going to bash her political opionions, too? Because she is not allowed to have them? Or because we don't agree with them? Not everyone thinks Obama is the chosen one. I think having 50 some odd comments about this really minimizes a lot of good of this site.

  49. Anon 10:17. No, it's not necessarily because she's criticizing this or president or defending the other; it's just such a dumb-ass comment in general. Seeing the president, any president, at a football game or basketball game, hosting a function at the White House etc. and complaining that they are slacking on the job ... retarted to the Mth degree (M=Mary). Presence at public events is not remotely comparable to hiding out in a remote cabin, inaccesible, nor ... to extend the stupidity further, is being president, any president, comparable to being a girl blogger who feels defensive because she spends so much time travelling on other people's largesse.

  50. Don Juan:

    I had a similar thought reading Mary's "Obama should not take down time" post last night. Namely that in the helter-skelter universe of Nonsociety stupidity--and that is a big, big universe indeed--that's the stupidest thing that has ever appeared on their "lifecast."

    The fact that it was written at her rich daddy's house in New Canaan makes it stupid squared.

    Mary has just taken the cupcake. Or wait--Mary Rambin has finally jumped the cupcake.

  51. @10:17: It's not about her not liking Obama; their political opinions could matter less to me, and if she doesn't like him, oh well. It's the fact that she admits to being totally ignorant of the economic situation and what is being done to solve it; and then turning around and criticizing Obama for not doing enough about it. If she's uninformed, how does she even know? How can she make that statement?

    I'm all for differing opinions; if she could present an informed, well-thought-out critique, then good for her. But this was just off-the-cuff drivel, and insulting drivel at that. I know plenty of people who work ten times harder than these women and don't bitch about it nearly as much. She doesn't need to make stupid statements like this to prove that she's actually doing work; she needs to fucking show it on their site.

  52. THANK YOU, 11:40.

    There are PLENTY of people who don't like Obama and can present their reasoning in coherent, INFORMED ways. In that case, you say, "that's their opinion and it's their right to expound as they see fit". But yeah, I'm REALLY sure Mary's done her research - much with her admittance of not even knowing what the situation is - and isn't just parroting something daddy or her/her family's Repub friends said that she overheard. I'm sure.

    Gosh, it's just so HARD to write snippets (isn't that all they ever are?) about nothing of relevance/requiring hardcore research, especially when it's related to something that purportedly interests you when you don't have a job taking away the time you could dedicate to it. SO HARD.

  53. 12:11; Amy; Dyspeptic; 10:24; hell, most of you!

    I am an Obama fan. However, I do not favor his support for charter schools [and I am a teacher] that is a critique.

    Let us not forget, that during the election, NS was fairly quiet, [Jules threw out a comment or two and called Biden's son a douchebag] and when Baugher blogged how they avoided the topic that everyone in the world seemed to be talking about, Mary did one of her best passive agressive posts about how discussing politics, was tacky and classless, [looked, can't find it right now] at another point she posted this:

    "You will notice that I left all political opinions and Obama’s commentary on McCain out of my post. These are his exact words and the facts. This is in no way saying I support Obama, or McCain. Politics is one issue I will not discuss.)"

    So, I agree with those of you that maintain, this is sheer vapid oxygen wasting non-sense. This comment is like the majority of her posts and the reason I am so not 'team rambo' But to me it also speaks of just how much she actually has in common with Julia. Everything is about HER! The post in question is trying to justify her vacations, she clearly reads this site and wants to set the facts straight, just because we see her on vacation, she assures us, she is still working!!! Very Julia like, add the way she adopted kissy poses and hand on hip and we have an interesting iteration of julia in the making. Like Julia, she thinks very much of herself.

    I am quite sure she visited here fairly recently and read the comments about Randi 'learning how to pose' because her latest post says she is tired of smiley poses. Really? how many 1000's of pictures did you take before you became so tired? Meghan got tired of posing and you know what she did Mary, SHE STOPPED POSING, she didn't just change the expression.

    Besides, I am sure there are many more kissy poses in her upcoming craptastic poseathons.

    Now she is going to show us how the sausage is made, har, can't wait to see this one.

    She needs to find a husband--fast.

  54. Dear Mary:

    A small request, when you decide to show us what it is like [to be a lifecast blogger] can you please send it to Baugher first?

    Rather than experience the automatic nausea I am certain to experience from reading your snippets, [yes, they are not really posts] I would rather achieve the belly laughter this 'actual' blogger is able to elicit. A bit selfish on my part, I understand, but you snip all the time about how you're doing this for us, so yeah, run it through baugher, DO IT FOR THE READERS!

    thanx so much for reading!

  55. P.S. Something tells me you have the e-mail address.

  56. Ok, when I first heard about JA [curse the day] and her handmaidens, I was certain that I had some familar sense about Mary. I couldn't figure it out though.

    Browsing through Baugher's archives, I came across this link to a gawker--mary--article.

    It wasn't until I saw the name 'Usman' that I realized I had watched one of the two episodes of this show.