Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Julia: The New Year's Resolutions Post, Revisited

I think it's important for us to periodically look back at Jackles' looney-tunes list of New Year's Resolutions, the very list that caused the beginnings of the rift between her and Rambo. Remember those sweet halcyon days, when Jackles called Mary a "cranky bitch" for refusing to participate in the lunacy? Feast away!

p.s. It's good to see that, as promised, she's been really bringing that A-game content lately. Slanket, anyone?

RESOLVED: "Let it unfold" in 2009

Okay, ummm, errrr … I’ve thought about these for weeks - some for months - and so, as a result, this is pretty much the longest list of resolutions, ever (the Bible notwithstanding). I guess I just like resolutions! Anyway, the whole process inspired me - and that’s never a bad thing. I hope it inspires you, too.


The most important resolution I have for 2009 is existential, and I’m having touble summing it up in a few words: Let It Unfold. It has to do with what I wrote here: shucking the OBO principle - and also what I wrote here: Why I’m Happy. It has to do with being mindful, being considerate, with the golden rule and with karma. It’s about being a better person, but also about really being PRESENT, “in the moment,” fully aware. It’s about being honest, both with other people, and with myself. It’s about forgiving people, and forgiving myself - not the way we traditionally think of forgiveness, as something one must do when another has committed an egregious wrong - but as an everyday act of love. It’s about treating people well.

It’s also about something I’ve been musing over for the past few weeks. I feel that I’m at a turning point. 2008 was a frantic, frenetic year. It was a year of trying to prove myself, a year of hustling, a year of unbelievable highs and lows. It was a year of posturing, to a certain extent, and also a year of mad, raw ambition. It was a tiring year.

I don’t regret it - I needed 2008. I needed the experience and I needed the life lessons. Absolutely no one could have just explained to me in words what I learned last year - I had to go through it, step by sometimes-cringeworthy step. I’ll tell you, I’m not the same person I was January 2, 2007, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

This year, I need a little more quiet. More introspection. It will be a gradual shift, a natural shift, one that’s been coming for a while. I’ve achieved the goals I set out to achieve when I first came to New York four years ago. It’s time for new goals. I need time to figure out what sort of life I want to lead, and I think right now, I need to slow down. I’ve always been so frightened I’m going to MISS OUT on something somewhere that I have, in fact, missed out on many things - by simply not being fully engaged at that particular moment. In 2009, I resolve to take deep breaths and let it unfold.

You might not notice the difference at first, but by the end of 2009, I promise, what you see here will reflect, once again, a huge transformation.

So … in bullet form:

  1. Let It Unfold.
  2. Stop OBO’ing.
  3. Practice Excessive Gratitude.
  4. Be Present.
  5. Slow down, breathe, stop trying so hard to prove myself.
  6. Spend introspective time determining goals for next portion of my life.
  7. Explore spirituality.


  2. BE ON TIME. (85%, at least. I’m at 15% now, so that leaves plenty of room for improvement.)
  3. Sharply increase reliability dependability by not just saying yes to everything (Current JA Modus Operandi) and then hoping illogically that extra hours appear in the day, but instead carefully and accurately assessing my obligations BEFORE I commit, and then - after saying yes - FOLLOW THROUGH.
  4. Try one new thing every week (yes, it’s the “let’s go to an Art Museum or a Serious Play” resolution! Nothing wrong with that. Although I’ll go beyond just those, hopefully.)*
  5. Do one adventurous thing that scares the shit out of me every month (cliched examples: bungee jumping, skydiving, giving a keynote, wrestling with tigers**)
  6. Travel somewhere outside the US on a significant cultural trip. Widen my perspective.
  7. Spend some serious time outside of New York City this year.


  1. Create new, really adventurous relationships with people who challenge me to become a better, more intelligent, more interesting person and who are a positive influence on my soul and well-being.
  2. Make a concerted effort to connect to old friends, and spend more quality time having long low key conversations with people who love me, instead of going to stupid events or dinners out.
  3. Date responsibly - no drama. Don’t waste anyone’s time, and don’t let anyone waste mine. I don’t mean that any dating which doesn’t lead to a relationship is a waste (it’s not), I just mean: be considerate and only date those who are also considerate.
  4. Have a caring, respectful relationship with a good man. Love would be nice, too.
  5. Perhaps attempt to have a rousing sex life. Please note: I am in the process of figuring out exactly what I mean by this. Stand by.


  1. Do something healthy every. single. day.*
  3. SLEEP MORE! Shoot for being in bed by 1 am, lights out by 2 am. NO LATER THAN 3 am at least 6 nights a week! ABSOLUTELY NO MORE ALL NIGHTERS.
  4. Start drinking antioxidant tea. Also, buy teapot. (I don’t drink much alcohol or coffee and I never touch soft drinks so I can’t cut down on that.)
  5. Exercise - at that “gym” place down the street (or in the basement of my building) - at least three times a week, every single week.*
  6. Take Lilly dog on walks in Central Park.
  7. Buy a bicycle to ride.


  1. NonSociety Related: Perfect NonSociety 1.5, and launch NonSociety 2.0. Integrate contributors by Quarter 2 or 3 at latest. Raise angel investment money. Get views up to 3 million by April. Really bring A game content. Start NonSociety Book of Whenever the Hell We Want Club.
  2. Write a screenplay.
  3. Raise TMI viewers to 250,000 per episode by March, 500,000 by June, 750,000 by Sept, and a million by December 2009.
  4. Plan a NonSociety Media-Tech conference in Quarter 4.
  5. Meet Tina Brown and become involved in The Daily Beast somehow.
  6. Give some great speeches.

* - this shall be recorded right there in this here blahhg.
** - no tiger wrestling shall occur, unless it’s with Princeton boys wearing tiger tails, and that’s not so much scary as kinky.

And finally, one more resolution, which doesn’t fit under any category:

  1. I want to experience a little bit of magic every day.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? :)


  1. Fall asleep no later than 3am.... how pathetic. Why don't you try working a real job so you sleep normal hours?

  2. Mary delivers while Julia's head is in the clouds.

  3. JULIA'S BRAINApril 21, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    DEAR PINK NOTEBOOK - I will now reflect upon my new year's resolutions and check off the things I have accomplished so far. I will also focus on what there is still left to check off my list. What an amazing first quarter of 2009! I can't wait to let the rest of 2009 unfold!!!

    1. Let It Unfold. - accomplished in tattoo form
    2. Stop OBO’ing. - accomplished. Easy to avoid "or better offer" when there are NO offers
    3. Spend introspective time determining goals for next portion of my life. - accomplished. Focused on MARRIAGE!!! ASAP!! PREFERABLY RICH ATHLETE OR TECH EXEC.
    4. Explore spirituality. - two days count, right??
    5. Try one new thing every week - accomplished. Set goal to take pictures of coffee every week for important art project.
    6. Do one adventurous thing that scares the shit out of me every month - accomplished. Spent weekend CAMPING without makeup or slutty schoolgirl outfits. Very liberating. Must wear Juicy sweats more often.
    7. Travel somewhere outside the US on a significant cultural trip. Went to Denmark. Took picture next to Little Mermaid statue. Check!
    8. Date responsibly - no drama. Do 3,000 word essays after a date count as drama? I think not!
    9. Do something healthy every. single. day. - will focus on this later.
    10. ABSOLUTELY NO MORE ALL NIGHTERS. - will focus on this later. Have to check THAT website. One. More. Time.
    11. Start drinking antioxidant tea. - will focus on this after wrap up of coffee project.
    12. Take Lilly dog on walks in Central Park. - will focus on this when I am in town more. Will ask dog sitter to take Lilly on walks in Central Park.
    13. Get views up to 3 million by April. Really bring A game content. - Did I say 3 million? I meant to type 30,000. A game content to come as soon as I recover from my exhausting travel schedule.
    14. Write a screenplay. - collecting HILARIOUS bits of dialogue now. Will condense later. WATCH OUT DIABLO CODY!!!!!
    15. Raise TMI viewers to 250,000 per episode by March, 500,000 by June, 750,000 by Sept, and a million by December 2009. - Did I say 250,000? OOPS! I meant to type 2,500.
    16. Meet Tina Brown and become involved in The Daily Beast somehow. - Met and interviewed her at Fashion Week. I think it was a success, don't you? I just think she was REALLY IN A HURRY.
    17. I want to experience a little bit of magic every day. - I DID THIS. Have you experienced the magic of a Slanket? It's a blanket. With sleeves. I can now sit on my ass and blog all day and not even have to get out of bed! SCORE!!!

  4. The description for a new reality show Bravo picked up. Sorry Julia!

    For generations, various social cliques have tried to rise to the forefront of New York City's high society. While the parties, styles, drinks and venues may change, the goals of these groups always remain the same - to get to the top and stay there. Bravo's newest docu-series, "Social Heights," follows a close group of Manhattan friends as they try to stake their claim to social prominence. It will capture all the tension, drama and politics inherent to life among New York's social elite, and viewers will get to know all the prominent players, young and old, as our characters navigate the social landscape to try and find a place among Manhattan's upper crust. Some will climb, some will fall and others will be pushed off - but in the end, they all will learn what it's like to try and make it to the heights of New York society. "Social Heights" is produced by ABC Media Productions and Stick Figure Productions for Bravo. Steven Cantor, Daniel Laikind and Terry Clark serve as executive producers.

  5. Not really sure why Julia attended that social networking camp. Julia's blog is the exact opposite of social networking. It's antisocial. Nonsocial. Nonsociety. NOW I GET IT!

  6. It's like she's some dumb little kid pretending to have an exciting business.

  7. @9:26: That is probably something like the show they had in mind for the NS girls before Julia's crazy took over and ruined it for all three of them.

    If you're reading, honey, look at what Mary is doing and look at how you've messed up. You don't even mind blaming yourself, but you should really stop trying to put on the act.

  8. "Wheels down at JFK. I'm exhausted. Ugh, redeyes.
    about 1 hour ago from txt"

    I AM EXHAUSTED! SO SO EXHAUSTED!! I enjoy making myself exhausted by flying to places that I have no business being and going to events where I have nothing to contribute. FUCK global warming! I love to burn up jet fuel by flying to places to be pointless filler. Yay for wasted time! Yay for wasted money! Yay for not having a career and plenty of free time to go to places where I am not wanted, needed or invited. Yay.com!!!

  9. Can't fault her for making too many New Year's Resolutions but you'd think she would have the good sense to keep a few of them private. "Stop using my friends and abandoning them for a better offer -- OH HI GUYS!!! This totes doesn't apply to Randi Zuckerberg from Facebook or my ex Alex or Kevin Rose From Digg! Yay.com!"

  10. BWAHHH!!! Julia's Brain cracks me up. Mainly because this is likely how she really does think.

    It's perfect that JA thought her biggest claim to fame would be having her own reality show. It only makes sense that like most reality stars, she wanted to get her 15 minutes simply from being famous for nothing but acting the fool on national television. It REALLY says something though that the likes of tramps from "Flavor of Love" and "Rock of Love" can get their own reality shows, but JA can't.
    As evidenced by her awkward attempts to be entertaining on TMI Weekly(only to end up being hugely grating/annoying), the woman is only good television to herself. The rest of us are totally turned OFF by her onscreen presence!

    And whoever mentioned her desperation to keep up appearances of being far better off/more connected in "the biz" as being so painfully obvious is spot-on:
    I suppose to her that admission of failure is failure unto itself. If you pretend to be successful and entertaining and smart and amazing, you really will be in Julia's brain!!!

  11. The " explore spirituality" resolution KILLS me. It says so much about her that she assumes something as deep and complex as your personal spirituality can be added to a checklist and accomplished like some task. Oh look! I read a book and an article online! I am spiritual! Next!

    I think we are really only beginning to realize how STUPID Julia Allison truly is.

  12. narcissist headbandApril 21, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    the sleeping goals piss me off for some reason...3am is your goal? this is childish behavior. it reminds me of being in grad school, when all my classes started at 4pm. i got into this awful schedule of staying up all night and then sleeping til 1pm. i ended up getting migraines, gaining weight and generally looking and feeling like shit (sound familiar?). so i GREW UP and took a job as a TA teaching classes that started at 8am. That got my ass into bed at a normal hour very effectively and quickly. I was younger than Miss Jabs when I figured this out. She has no excuse...as someone commented above, please get a real job and sleep normal hours like the rest of us.

  13. Pink Temper TantrumApril 21, 2009 at 10:43 AM

    Julia Baugher is too self entitled, lazy, spoiled and stupid to hold down even the most menial of day jobs. They require you to show up at a certain time, be reliable and take orders from others. Julia wants to LIVE DIFFERENTLY by living her life like a petulant 12 year old. "I am going to stay up late, do whatever I want to, go wherever I want to, not listen to anyone and you can't tell me what to do!! Nanny nanny boo boo!"

  14. Next thing she'll show up here and post: YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOMS!!!



    just cant get enuf of those 2 great innovative minds.

  16. Julia's Brain:

    My MIT baseball cap is off to you. You are on such a roll this morning. Carry on.

  17. @Anon 10:55 - Sigh. I guess it's too much to hope that she wrote the Wikipedia blurb as well.

  18. Tech Geekete = Owns an iPhoneApril 21, 2009 at 11:02 AM

    Meghan doesn't know what Wikipedia is.

  19. Remember when Jules made Wiki change her photo? She made a huge stink tantrum. It was ridiculous.
    Not only are none of her goals even things she is remotely working on (especially OBO and Sleep) but shouldn't we also revist her travel schedule??? So many "talks" have never happened.

  20. @ Myself 11:06

    Her rescheduled MIT "talk" was supposedly happening last week. I guess the FOO CAMP was her OBO.

  21. Per Alexa dot. com

    Nonsociety's Reach (pageviews)
    Yesterday 58,005
    7 day avg 66,778
    1 month avg 53,374
    3 month avg 53,568
    3 month change 1,624

    Pageviews per user
    Daily pageviews per user for nonsociety.com:

    Yesterday 3.4
    7 day avg 2.3
    1 month avg 2.32
    3 month avg 2.8
    3 month change -13% (DOWN 13%)

  22. I Am A Personal BrandApril 21, 2009 at 11:11 AM

    OH NOES! The leeching on to Meghan McCain officially begins. Julia just @'d her on Twitter.

    I think my heart physically hurts over this.

  23. Remember Julia Allison's inflated graph that she posted when her goal for Nonsociety was to hit one million views? Yeah... never heard about that again.

  24. Soon, Julia Allison will get her moment in the sun. Her 15 minutes of fame she so desperately seeks. She will be arrested for being one of those creepy stalkers that camp out in front of their stalkee's house. I can see the headline now:


  25. Dude. That @tting celebrities or public figures stuff is sooo effing creepy. Julia is almost 30. She's not a 15 year old tweeting the Jonas Brothers' PR twitter. She is an adult who finds her worth by publicly associating herself with people more connected, famous and successful than her. SO SO SAD AND PATHETIC.

  26. This is still my favorite favorite favorite. She is deranged.

    "Raise TMI viewers to 250,000 per episode by March, 500,000 by June, 750,000 by Sept, and a million by December 2009."

    I love how she just states this. No word on an actual PLAN or some way to accomplish this. There is no way in Hell they are getting 1 million viewers for that shitshow, and if they count the cab tv's, no New Yorker's actually watch that cursed thing.

  27. Reaching out to Megan Mccain is to attain professional goal #5 due to her involvement with Daily Beast:
    Meet Tina Brown and become involved in The Daily Beast somehow.

    Wonder if this post had anything to do with that...

  28. http://www.1938media.com/jake-and-julia-the-reunion/

  29. She did TOO work on exploring her spirituality. She took a picture of her dog in a church.

  30. Anonny 12:37 :

    Yeah, and to further explore her spirituality, she spared no effort in concocting just the right slutty Lolita Minnie Mouse outfit to wear to Easter services, where she was photographed up on the altar. Spiritual, bunnies!

  31. Notice how after a bunch of bloggers outted her lying about pageviews she stopped those moronic posts?

    I love this site for calling out Julia Allison Baugher's lying!

  32. Sarah, you only need to read the articles that Julia Baugher links to to realize how STUPID she is. She gloms onto this social media/new media/public figure craze like it applies to her when it so obviously doesn't. She's an unemployed vanity blogger with a shitty blog filled with nothing but blurry photos and one sentence posts. That's like doing dinner theatre and linking to articles about the Academy Awards and saying "look what people are saying about me." Off base, deluded and just more indication that Julia is a mentally unstable woman-child living in a fantasy.

  33. Mary's blog is already achieving what Nonsociety couldn't with that little thing called Kodak as a sponsor. Also, Mary is transparent and has at least won over the crowd at Tumblr. Julia may have thousands of followers but her posts never get more than a note or two. at the most. David Karp has to see that Mary's at least has the potential to go somewhere if she keeps at it passionately. You can tell that Julia's just over it -- blogging, her "business" and perhaps even the city. She needs to forget about her love life completely right now, go take a long walk without her iphone and ponder life choices and what her next career option will be. Not blogging.

  34. I bet now she wishes just a little that she would have addressed her audience back in the QOD-pre-RBNS days. This site wouldn't be here and she would probably still have her third business partner, if not a better and more interactive NS site.

  35. Julia has an insane phobia of telling the truth. Talking back with her readers will never happen.

  36. If Nonsociety had open commenting from the beginning - and embraced the haters a la Perez Hilton - they would be in a much different position than they are in right now. Now it's too little too late. They've lost their audience and no one cares anymore, outside of a few curious onlookers over here. Time to pack in the "tech maven" schtick and move on to being a housewife.

  37. Perhaps my favorite statistic from Alexa . Com

    "The percentage of visits to nonsociety.com that consist of a single page turn:

    Yesterday 50%
    7 day avg 43%
    1 month avg 45.9%
    3 month avg 38.2%
    3 month change 9% "

    Not only is she getting 50,000 TOTAL (not unique) page visits per day but she's also getting a HUGE bounce rate. People who come to the page and can't stand to be there for too long and leave without clicking on a single link.

  38. So, Mary just did a complete "buildout" of her site, added comments, integrated with twitter, posted full disclosure policies, and continued to make some mildly amusing content all while being essentially homeless and penniless; meanwhile, hieress Meghan Asha is frustrated that she can't just "snap [her] fingers and do a complete site overhaul." WTF?

  39. I'm doing this for Google search results:

    Meghan Asha Parikh is a fraud!
    Meghan Asha Parikh is a fraud!
    Meghan Asha Parikh is a fraud!
    Meghan Asha Parikh is a fraud!
    Meghan Asha Parikh is a fraud!


  40. Julia just commented on Mary's blog post about Owen's Gawker story:

    'Actually, I *was* absolutely intoxicated one night at SXSW, but I didn't "tell Owen" about Mary's impending departure. A) because he wasn't there and B) because I think Owen's a total doucheface.

    That said, a lot of our mutual friends - who sometimes speak to Owen - knew. It wasn't exactly a well-kept secret.

    PS. Miss you Mary! You're doing a fantastic job over here :)"

  41. whatever happened to krystal? was that just a fraud for the conference thingie in copenhagen?

  42. Julia Allison is a passive aggressive, unprofessional beyotch. If Nonsociety is really a professional business as they so LOVE to claim, they should have made a statement about Mary's departure instead of tangling it up in Gawker drama and staying mum/half assed leaking the truth. Same with Krystal. Mary addressed it in one of the comments sections on her blog - she said Krystal "consulted" them behind the scenes (whatever that means), that she will not be joining as a contributor and Julia didn't handle that very well.

    No wonder no one takes them seriously. They're like the wannabes of high school yearbook staff of the media world. Cheerleaders who think they can do real "work" and play "let's have a business." Stick to cheering and bake sales Julia - we hear you like cupcakes.

  43. In total agreement with Kes here:

    If JA had any sort of sense of humor and one iota of intelligence, she would've realized that embracing the haters and/or simply allowing open commenting wouldve significantly improved her site by offering the "community" she originally promised at NS.
    Her page views were at their absolute highest when people started airing out their opinions via QotD. I even started going there regularly just to check out what people were saying! Any business person with half a brain knows this, so why didn't the princess of "any publicity is good publicity" take this to heart at her own website?! Too much ego for her own good.

    What an idiot. But then again, this is the moron who thinks it's totally kosher to eliminate all the comments of "haters" and therefore free speech from the web, despite claiming to be a "journalist."

    She deserves every massive FAIL she gets in life.

  44. Ambitions, goals and self-discovery.

    From the Julia archives, a funny anecdaote:


    I think it's telling that she loved the Babysitters Club book series as a child, and maybe aspired to run a business with her girlfriends. why not? i loved the books too.

    specifically, she identified with stacey, and if anyone else read those books as kids they will see the parallel to who she became as an adult. The book she mentions is about a boy-crazy girl who neglects her baby-sitting duties to go flirt with a boy, leaving the mature and sensitive mary anne upset and forced to cover her responsibilities. so funny that julia admits that stacey was the one she liked the most.

    I guess i saw myself as a claudia. anyone else? i just thought this was sort of funny based on the talk here of friends and career. i don't know if anyone else will.

  45. Would love to see julia commenton the AdAge story she said she was reading yesterday. About the twitter revolution and how the whole ashton K thing was just a return of the old paradigm - where there are celebrity voices, and on the other end the great unwashed listeners. The tone was critical, sort of a good summation about what is stupid and empty about the twitter "broadcasting" model.
    I'll bet JA missed the whole point.

    She probably didn't read it anyway. A recent tweet revels she was "scheming" with facebook execs about nonsociety's facebook page. Hmmm. I wonder what preferential treatment she'll get now. Like people on facebook will HAVE to follow NS - or get Karped, er, um, "kicked" off the site.

  46. It was all about Claudia and Dawn for me, since you're asking. Stacy was the most conventionally pretty (but no the most beautiful by a long shot) and her ambitions were most aligned with regular YM Readers.

  47. Also loved the SVH book series! Guess Julia first fashioned herself a Jessica Wakefield.

  48. Julia wanted to be Stacy - the pretty one with the best clothes. She ended up as Claudia - the kooky one who can't live up to her genius sibling and parent's expectations and hides candy and junk food in her room. Meghan is Mary Anne - the boring, quiet one.

  49. Really. Her stupidity just floors me. See this post:


    WTF? because we are from the East Coast, we couldn't bring tents. Errr...why not?? My tent has flown with me to CO, CA, OR, UT, NM, AZ, Mexico, Canada and the UK. Sometimes we departed NYC and now we depart Seattle.

    Does she not know how a tent folds down?
    Has she never seen a duffle bag?

    Good lord, these women are dipshits!

  50. @anon 2:32 - I can see how you would be confused. That was supposed to read: "Because we are idiots who expect other people to take care of the 'details,' we couldn't bring tents."

    Fixed that for you, Julia.

  51. @2:32PM

    Ya, it's not like they could've bought a tent during their well-documented preconference shopping expedition in San Fran. Totally impossible since they're from the East Coast.

  52. Hey now, no more bagging on Claudia (otherwise known as my childhood aspiration).

    In other news, in her latest post, Foolia gives a verbal handjob to NYMag, referring to "New York Magazine’s thought provoking, brilliantly titled, zeitgeist capturing cover story: The Wail of the 1%" - one of those "woe is me, I am a sad banker" stories which is taken down at great length and to a wonderful degree here:

  53. Sorry, but what an ugly c*nt this Julia Allison Baugher person is. And I'm not talking about her bloated/artificial face. In her words,
    "That said, a lot of our mutual friends - who sometimes speak to Owen - knew. It wasn't exactly a well-kept secret."
    No kidding you stupid waste of space. Of course it wasn't a "well-kept secret" because it wasn't in YOUR self-serving interest to keep it that way. Mary and Meghan didn't blab about it. The only person who did was YOU. Effing hag. Srsly.

  54. Anon 2:46: She really is the limit. How many "oh woe is me, I'm a super exhausted crazy busy blogger" posts/twits/vimeos etc. have been produced by non other than stupid pants up there.

  55. If Julia is the Stacey, does that make Krystalburger the Jessi/Mallory here?

    Sorry, I loved the Baby-Sitters Club too much. When I was in elementary school.

  56. Julia is the whiny, spoiled, petulant BRAT that the Babysitter's Club girls hated to babysit.

  57. Re the tents:

    Of COURSE Julia Allison could not pack a tent with her from the East Coast, because it would have meant she had to leave her carry-container of BLUEPRINT CLEANSE behind.

    Priorities, bunnies. Priorities.

  58. Hee!! Claudia was my favorite too - although I loved the fact that Stacy had naturally curly blonde hair and juvenile diabetes, like yours truly.

    I suppose JA identifying heavily with a fictional character to the point of imitation began at a very young age. She began as Stacy from the BSB Books, then morphed into Elle Woods during her Hill/Georgetown Days, and then transformed into a "tech" Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 when she moved into New York City. The Indiana year? The time out in California? The former engagement? She doesn't mention about them because they don't fit in with those fictional characters.

    Apparently Julia missed the memo during her ever-so-brief period of spiritual exploration that life is messy, and rarely plays out like some sort of cinematic romantic comedy. Real human beings aren't as one note as those fictional characters of whom she models her own existence.

    And perhaps, at the core of bringing "A Game content" to NS, that's where Julia fails. She obsesses about her image, and desires to control every aspect of how she appears to the public. Take a look at Julia's Wikipedia page - more specifically, the talk section. She freaks out about a picture being posted, and throws a hissy fit about the Georgetown plagarism scandal. Her pictures are filled with odd poses designed to disguise flaws. Julia Allison so desperately wants to be seen for something she's not, that, in the process, has become a totally uninteresting and one-dimensional person. She can't bring the content if her entire life is predicated on playing a pretend role. It will never be real, true, or genuine - much like its author.

  59. I love Claudia, too! She was my favorite. (shh... don't tell Mary Anne!) but fictional Claudia suffers from some of the real life flaws that Julia likes to hide in her never ending quest to be a perfect storybook princess. Namely, that Claudia has overbearing parents and a genius sibling to compete with, and buries her problems in junk food, just like Julia.

    I can't believe I am talking about this.

  60. There's no shame in loving the Babysitters' Club a little bit too much... I think most of use can relate

  61. Claudia was me to a T (I still do the junk food, still have and live with the parents.. but I was a bit of a Janine as a child so they're goin crazy now :D) but very funny that she relates to Stacey. Around when I stopped reading I started seeing Stacey as terribly insecure due to her parents' relationship (hmm parallels?) and had a lot of obnoxious moments, I ended up basically only liking her cute handwriting. LOL. Only problem is for Julia to ever change, she'd have to reject everything she's ever known. Does she even know who she really is anymore? I think it's that disconnect that causes her breakdowns, which are always way more dramatic than they need to be given her tendency to be SO. HAPPY. a day later.

  62. Camping wasn't important enough to Julia for her to make an effort in buying supplies. But her body and appearance are, hence why she went to all the trouble necessary to get her precious Blueprint Cleanse on her free trip around the country.

  63. I loved that Claudia couldn't spell but truly was a genius. It's funny that today, a talented quirky person (take Zooey Deschanel that Julia loves to mention) would grab the spotlight and interest that Julia/Stacy's would spend tons of money crafting an image in hopes of achieving. Gaining notoriety, but never true admiration.

  64. Hey Nonsociety Julia Allison: Blueprint Cleanse isn't really effective when you supplement your "diet" with stops for cheese dip, mozzarella sticks and Fiesta Fajitas at your friendly local Applebees. Just a tip -- if you're wondering why the only clothes you fit into are your stretchy Juicy sweats.

  65. Her sleep habits get on my last nerve. I had major knee surgery in February and was back at work, full time, two weeks later. Why? Because I am a grown woman with responsibilities.

  66. She brought blueprint because she gets it for free. She would have brought a pink tent or back pack or other supplies if REI agreed to give her a free won.

    Julia is the cheapest person that I know. Most narcissists are cheap. They think they don't have to buy a single fucking thing with their own 2 cents. I bet your bottom dollar that she stiffs people on group dinner bills all the fucking time.

  67. Julia's two penniesApril 21, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    Well, TJ, we are talking about the person that charged a "charity" cover charge for the privilege of attending her birthday and made a big fuss on the TMI money episode about how she HATES big birthday group dinners, so yeah, you are probably right. Julia Allison returns freebies (including UNDERWEAR) for gift cards. You can't get much cheaper than that. Poor bunny wunny. Her $10,000 graduation gift probably didn't last very long, hence the immediate post graduation shaking up with rich sugar daddies. She's incredibly cheap now because she doesn't have anyone or anything (besides a failing business and granny) to support her.

  68. Julia is a woman-child who has been so severely coddled, spoiled an taken care of HER ENTIRE LIFE that she has never, ever had to live independently. THAT among many other issues is probably what is at the root of her recent breakdowns. For the first time ever she is without a man or her parents to support her. She has never had to stand on her own and probably will never have to. Even abject failure = having to move home and sponge off her parents and their posh condo.

  69. Meghan Asha:
    Oh Dave, how we love thee!

    Thank you for giving the ladies of NonSociety advice and attention this weekend.

    Your energy is absolutely magnanimous!
    I've heard of a person being magnanimous but never a person's energy. Did she mean contagious?

  70. What a load of old cobblers those resolutions are.
    As Nelson Muntz would say, "Ha-Ha!"

  71. If there's ever a day when Facebook or another one of these kinds of companies implodes, I'll look back at the picture Julia's posted of the snack room Facebook has on each floor, and think "yep, that will have done it."

    Seriously, am I the only person who's only ever worked in offices where all there is in a breakroom is a kettle and a fridge that usually doesn't have anything in it?

  72. @Anon 5:15: Mr. Smokey Cupcakes works in a tech-ish office with a 24/7 supply of free snacks. He handles the temptation by remembering the he is not, in fact, a hippo on crack. I suspect Miss Julia Allison Baugher would take the opposite approach.

  73. Yeah Julia, most people have self-control.

  74. Meghannnnn has posted about her and her family being betrayed by someone, about getting them involved in a "scheme", litigation prevents her saying more. He was a guy she might have married if they both got to 30 and were single. She found out on Friday.

    Possibilities? Nick Grouf from tech start up Spotrunner. Charged with securities fraud on April 18th:

  75. I remember one of meghan's posts about going for a run and bumping into her mentor, I think maybe an old professor, and they ended up running together? it was around december, maybe in tahoe or when she was home. I think its that dude.

  76. @ Logan Bruno--I think Megan (the producer) is Mary Ann. Quiet, behind-the-scenes and responsible. At least I hope she's responsible. Otherwise who is steering this ship?!

    @ Anon2:49--I am glad someone else is as mad about this as me. I can't fucking stand that Julia is lying about spilling the beans. It's just another example of her acting completely pathologically for no reason. What does she gain (other than our ire)?!

    @ Anon5:15--My office "break room" doesn't have a place to sit, the fridge is so small that we have to take turns bringing tupperware and the microwave is so horrifying that no one uses it. But there is one of those bitchin Keurig coffee machines, so we're all happy.

  77. Ha! I just looked at that photo of the Facebook kitchen ... do you guys notice that all of the things that are "low" are healthy items? Bananas, granola, sun chips and what appear to be special k bars ...

    Apparently, the people at Facebook manage to not gain 8000 lbs because they're health conscious instead of disgusting piggies. who knew!

  78. There's a 50/50 chance Meghan's betrayal is made up or hyped up for page views. I think the girls are starting to realize that controversy and drama are the only things that ever get people to visit their site.

    Also, I duno why but this really bothered me:
    "If I can’t trust the man I’ve depended on emotionally for years, than whom will I ever be able to trust?:

    It should be THEN WHO not THAN WHOM, you idiot. These are the kind of grammatical mistakes that people who don't read much make. Even if you can't recite the rule, if you are well-read you would know that that sentence just sound wrong.

  79. My biggest pet peeve with Meghan is how she always says "cubical" instead of "cubicle." It seems like a small issue, but it is annoying and just points out that she is too lazy to small correct mistakes.

  80. Anon 6:09, like Meghan, I had the misfortune of working as an analyst for a hedge fund. And I know how anal retentive those idiots can be. If she also made those mistakes in her work, I can only imagine that her career would have been very short lived in that world. Those people grab on to any excuse to make your life miserable and spelling mistakes are one of the worst offenses.

  81. i believe whom will i be able to trust is right. who would only be used if the person being referred to was doing an action not being the object of an action.

    also since you wouldn't say i will trust he, you also wouldn't say who. who/he go together just like whom/him go together.

    that's a very nonofficial definiton but you get the gist.
    here's an example: "whom can you trust with your money"

  82. rich dumbasses being taken for a ride. i wonder how much money the 'mentor' bilked out of meghan and her family?

    this is the post of meghan running into (another?) mentor in vegas. http://meghan.nonsociety.com/post/69597528-0-0

  83. Anon 6:06 - check out her commentary on her tech vlog:

    "I can’t really explain why that is, over the year, I just seemed to get more self concious as ‘lifecasting’ took over my life (go figure- huh!)."


  84. Meghan's mentors clearly taught her very little about business or success. Either she's too think to teach or they are not so bright themselves ...which would explain the securities fraud thing.

  85. Har! Ha! WOOT! Huh! VERY NICE! Haha, excuse me for "being a geek" and "geeking out"! Har!

  86. LMAO, the end of every meghan post!
    but you forgot "Oy!". Har!

  87. Oops. I meant to say "she is too lazy to correct small mistakes." Look, a mistake! I corrected it! Cubicle - it's easy. Now if we could only get them to stop saying "per usual."

  88. Actually 5:59, Meghan has stumbled onto the correct usage there. "I" is the subject, and "whom" is the object in that sentence.

  89. I feel like with Meghan's 'geekette' vlogs now, she's trying to get back on track and have some direction with her blog again. Maybe Mary's new blog, with what little direction it has, inspired her?

    It's sad, I feel like JA is the only one not getting 'back on track.'

  90. Is that really a photo of partypants on reblogging reblogging nonsociety? I'm your new biggest fan! You're cute!

  91. There is nothing "sad" about Julia's current situation, Allison. Her failures and missteps are entirely of her own doing. Julia is a woman who has every privilege and opportunity in the world and she totally blows it, over and over again.

  92. @ dirty kind of old man:

    I clearly have too much time on my hands:

  93. Shit, wmarc et al. are heavily crushing on PP.

  94. Guy: That's going on the blogroll!

  95. Just jumping back to the Babysitters Club post did anyone else catch her utter disgust at "Gossip Girls" at the end of the post? Little did she know that she would later model her life of of those 15 year olds with coke problems.

  96. I hope this doesn't affect Meghan's father's willingness to fund the girls. His company, Asyst Technologies, just filed for bankruptcy yesterday.


  97. um, mihir parikh is not involved in the management of asyst anymore. and he hasn't been since 2003.


    Menlo Ventures

    Walden International

    Global Catalyst Partners

    Pinnacle Ventures

    Mihir Parikh, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Brain, Vice President of Technology and Marketing

    Mark Mesler, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

    Brian Compian, Vice President of Business Development

    Jaideep Jain, Vice President of Software and Solutions

    Barry Kitazumi, Chief Engineer.

    Debbie Partridge, Director, Human Resources

    Josui Nashimoto, Japan Operations

    Bruce Liao, Vice President, General Manager, Aquest Taiwan

    Frank Liu, Sr. Director of Engineering and Manufacturing Operations, Aquest Taiwan

    Kris Swamy, Senior Director of Software Development

    Richard Chee, Vice-President of Supply Chain Management – Asia-Pacific,



    Mihir Parikh, Ph.D.
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Mihir Parikh founded Aquest and serves as the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO).

    Before Aquest, Dr. Parikh founded Asyst Technologies in 1984 where he served as president and CEO until 1992 when he was named chairman and CEO. Under his leadership, Asyst achieved record revenues of ~ $500M with Asyst’s products becoming essentially a standard for all IC manufacturing. He stepped down as CEO in August 2002 and as Chairman & Director in March 2003.

    Earlier, Dr. Parikh held various engineering management positions at Hewlett-Packard (HP) and International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation. Minienvironment and Standard Mechanical InterFace (SMIF) technology were first developed under his engineering leadership during his stint at Hewlett-Packard.

    Dr. Parikh has received several industry recognitions. He was inducted to the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame in 2002, and was the recipient of the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of California, Berkeley for his visionary leadership in the development of advanced semiconductor manufacturing environments. He also received the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) Award for his significant contributions to the semiconductor industry.

    He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics and a doctorate in engineering science from the University of California, Berkeley. He was a former chairman and organizer of the ECS Symposium on automated IC manufacturing.

    Back to Top

  99. Thanks for setting these jerks straight, Megha... I mean, Boris!

    p.s. your mother mailed out your monthly check today!

  100. Please, Mihir, don't be such a plebian. Girls like Meghan don't receive allowances -- they get dividends from trusts.

    As IF the Parikh family has to even discuss or handle themselves such lowly matters like money.

  101. the vital piece of information is contained in what you posted: "He stepped down as CEO in August 2002 and as Chairman & Director in March 2003." = he has nothing to do with asyst anymore. aquest, which is not asyst, is another matter.

    if you can't understand that, well...