Friday, April 24, 2009

Julia: Lunacy On Full Display

Reblogging summary: Yada yada yada aren't I smart and funny for posing in the slanket blah blah blah blah I rock. Zzzz.

But this is worth a read. Analysis after the Jackles spew:

Friend: How was foo camp, btw?
Me: It was pretty awesome, actually. They treated me like a person, not like a girl.
Me: and we talked about ... The Future.
Me: and I ate a lot
Me: I have gotten very fat.
Me: But damn, I've been enjoying the food.
Friend: The food in nor Cal rocks and I bet they had some good chefs out there.
Me: See, here's the thing: I'll probably need to address this when a guy comes within three or four week's shot of seeing me naked. But since THAT doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon ... well. Bon-bons away.
Friend: hahaha interesting mentality, i wonder if my wife thought of things that way when were dating
Me: Um, she did. Every woman thinks that way, until they get married. and then they just don't give a shit, naked or not.

Hmmmmm. They treated you like a person, not a girl, you say? Could that be because for once, you put down the pancake makeup and the 1950s dresses and stopped thrusting the tits out and talking about cupcakes and headbands and the color pink?

And news flash, Jackles. Not EVERY WOMAN only stays in shape until after she's married, and then lets it go because they "just don't give a shit." No, only a certain kind of woman -- manipulative, game-playing frauds. Which is why I'm pretty sure you're not going to have to worry about anyone seeing you naked for awhile -- you are constantly advertising what a calculating headcase you are regarding the opposite sex, and you're pretty much any decent dude's worst fucking nightmare.


  1. Cute how she frames the 'guys won't be seeing her naked soon' as if it's her personal choice. She's unhappy with her body, so it's not even about the guys, she won't be showing too much skin (aside from the parts she's OK with) period. Most certainly not like back in the day. Even the "three to four weeks" is silly - it sounds like she meets a guy and, if she decides he's worth sleeping with (after all, we do know the 11th date thing applies to what.. kissing?) then she'll hold out for the 3 or 4 weeks it'll take to get her body into the shape she'll think he likes, because she's that self-conscious. Now what's funny is that Julia talks about married life this way, as if a guy would marry her for something other than her appearance (though that opportunity is going quickly down the drain)! Part of the tradeoff for the money she's marrying him for is to maintain her appearance. There is a REASON trophy wives spend most of their time on upkeep, that's their purpose! As for their treating her like a girl, I don't think that was it. I think they treated her as they'd treat anyone else who was randomly at a camp where they had no insight or anything else to provide - ignore them.

  2. This is basically why she'll continue to gain weight. Aside from being lazy, she connects healthy weight with landing a husband and in the meantime looking good for a guy in bed. Never mind the health benefits and increased longevity. Amazing how she purports to speak for every woman when she's a little girl and only a fraction of equally screwed up and/or misguided young girls think like her. So she's trying to stay thin for the sake of the ring, but plans on cutting it all out once she's trapped the guy? Well known fact that when you're exercising (or doing anything for that matter) for the wrong reasons your chances of success are that much smaller. Add in her unhealthy eating habits, injected skin losing its elasticity by the day, sedentary lifestyle, secret alcohol binges and increasingly slowing metabolism and she's in trouble.

  3. She's also saying: Crah-diet once you decided to put out. How much weight can you lose in a healthy way in three to four weeks so that it makes a visible and palpable difference?
    The rest I'm not even going to comment on. Oh wait. Does she imply that "friend" is in for a blob of a wife soon because every woman just doesn't "give a shit" once married?
    She's the human equivalent to a wonderbra: false pretense.

  4. alas, another conversation with herself.

    nobody says it like this: "the food in nor Cal rocks."


  5. So wedding ring = license to let yourself go?
    Julia actually believes that every married woman on earth thinks "I've got a husband now I can totally stop giving a shit about how I look?"
    Really wonder where Foolia got her whacked out ideas about marriage from. Shame she didn't just get her MRS degree in college and get it over with

  6. Oh Julia. I'm a woman, and I stopped giving a shit about how I look years ago. You don't need a ring for an excuse. Sheeeesh.

  7. narcissist headbandApril 24, 2009 at 8:35 AM

    yikes, julia. you obviously have no idea how relationships work. married people don't just let themselves go, give up on life, health, feeling good about themselves, sex. she has some really weird ideas about sex and marriage. remember her freak-out about the pregnant neighbor having audible sex with her husband? any woman who believes she can let herself go after getting a ring has no respect for her marriage, nor for herself.

  8. via her twitter page: - Dear Slanket: I am interested in position as official Spokesblanket of Love. xoxo, Julia's Slanket

    foul foul foul foul

  9. 8:54 again,

    I forgot to mention she's wearing the fucking slanket like a robe. IDIOT.

  10. She looks like the Monk of Cupcakes.

  11. i think we need to start investigating the odds that Julia will ever get married. Although I stopped reading her blog about a month ago, I keep up with this site. She's getting close to 30. Isn't it time for a real relationship? At what age did Carrie Bradshaw get married?

  12. I'm so tired of hearing her b.s about being a girl in business. Nobody respects Julia because of Julia, not because she is a woman.

    It's as if she has no idea she flies around to conferences that have nothing to do with her work wearing slutty dresses and acting like a ho.

  13. At least this time she tried a different look. Trailer park is very becoming for her.

  14. The idea that women diet and exercise only for men is so antiquated and silly. What about umm, you know, HEALTH BENEFITS?! Or just wanting to look good for yourself??

    Julia, keeping it 50's since "1981" ;)

  15. yo she is so trying to hook onto the Slanket company -- that's who the photos are for!

    She's always scheming eh!???!

  16. And as usual she is slightly late to jump on the slanket train. Her former PR-people made fun of the snuggie/slanket thing at least since February.

  17. This is just like when Jules said "there are no young female entrepreneurs" when her good friend Mary is a young female entrepreneur... Mary is also a person who cares what she looks her, cares about her health, etc., despite being single!

    Julia is truly a self-centered idiot. It doesn't surprise me she thinks everyone would behave as she does.

  18. You're just jealous because she has such beautiful fans:

  19. narcissist headbandApril 24, 2009 at 2:26 PM

    Anon 10:41--she really does not have a clue. There was a conversation posted awhile ago between her and Rachel Sklar or Emily Gould or someone...where Rachel/Emily was totally calling her out on dressing like a ho but somehow being offended by the Obama girl as a "feminist"...does anyone remember that? Anyway, Rachel or Emily came down on her REALLY HARD and Jacks didn't even blink. Never stopped defending her point. She refused to see reason. The modus operandi of a true narcissist.

  20. This reminds me of Sarah Haskin's Target Women on dieting. Goes something like "This new year, every woman on earth has resolved to lose weight. Where can I find an array of diet tips? Oh, that's right, EVERYWHERE"

    There are a lot of women who genuinely struggle with their weight, and then there's the rest of us; who don't really care. I eat well (mostly), exercise a lot, whether or not there's a guy in my life. The goal isn't to look good either, its about being healthy.