Monday, April 13, 2009

Interesting New York Times Piece on Sugar Daddies

A passage from the piece in the Sunday magazine:

"One sugar daddy whose screen name is Sam has tried long-term girlfriends, mistresses, prostitutes and a brief marriage. Now single, the 39-year-old entrepreneur has found the arrangement that suits him best: a monogamous business-associate-with-
benefits deal in which he pursues an entrepreneurial project with a young, beautiful, intelligent woman. He provides financial backing, mentoring and networking; she provides sex, fun and, inevitably, a bit of worshiping, all of which make him feel virile and influential. In between vacations using his private jet, both work hard on the project. They don’t tend to see each other much, as he travels frequently for his work.

He was involved in three relationships this way, helping the women establish a school overseas, start a tech company and help run a nonprofit, he told me. He declined to put me in touch with the women but said each had been successful. He is like Pygmalion, smitten with his own creations.

He found those three women through word of mouth, long before he discovered Seeking Arrangement and its rush of possibilities."


  1. Wouldn't work for ole (emphasis on OLE.. I think with this we're talking about earlier and more laid-back 20s)

    -- she wouldn't accept the little $ amts, it'd make her feel too much like a whore (surprise!)

    -- she doesn't have the looks, body nor put out enough to command the big dollars she'd like otherwise or the intelligence

    Otherwise I'm sure she'd have gone this route LONG ago. She wants the rich, attractive guy who worships her, has status (to look good to family and public) AND will give her free reign over money and allow her the freedom to behave as she pleases. NOT. HAPPENING.

  2. Yeah...."but said each had been successful."

    Clearly not Jowly.

  3. maybe Meghan really can back up her claims that she receives absolutely noooo financial assistance whatsoever from her family. Yet she mysteriously lives in a plush Manhattan loft and has no real job?
    Maybe Jowly couldn't score a sugar daddy, but you know Meghan could; this is a young lady who once was involved with that rich toad Michael Arrington, after all.

  4. "a young, beautiful, intelligent woman." - those words do not describe Julia in any capacity.

    "she provides sex" - Can't be Julia

    "start a tech company" - Nonsociety is not a tech company. It's a sucky group blog.

    "He declined to put me in touch with the women but said each had been successful." - Julia's company has not been successful by any definition.

    Julia does not possess the ounce of discretion it takes for a relationship like this to work. If it's anyone related to Nonsociety, Meghan would be the closest to fit the bill.

  5. Am I the only person who thought - holy shit. I would believe it. I would be shocked. But I wouldn't put it past her to do something like that.

  6. "both work hard on the project" - clearly NOT JABa the Nut. Bitch wouldn't know hard work if it kicked her in the ass.

  7. @4:09 I disagree. Plenty of men have tried to take Yulia under their wing. She's been engaged, and proposed to more than once. And, yes, successful attractive men with money would absolutely deign to date her. She certainly doesn't look like the natural albeit average beauty she was only a year ago...However, she's very appealing to the successful guy from the midwest, or the older/sing tech type. I know plenty of men who find her very, very attractive. Sad but true.

    It's Julia who ruins any relationship which could be lucrative and/or real. It's Julia who left the guy on her way to the alter because she need to experience New York like Carrie Bradshaw. And before she became web 2.0 crazy there were plenty of guys in finance who went after her with intentions to be a sugar daddy, husband, or simply a date. She dated these men with abandon and would "dump" them after 3-4 dates. Julia is terrified of intimacy and anything that keeps her ATTACHED to another human being. This is why she takes from people ($$$, love, material objects, IBooks...whatever) and then runs. It's not just because she wants something for free. It's also because she can't stand to be in a "real" relationship with anyone. When she's forced to have a "real" relationship it's completely drama filled and poisonous, whether it's Mary R., her parents, or someone she's using to get ahead.

    Trust me. Without all the mental insanity, Julia could have found herself a lucrative little sugar daddy. Now, I never said she'd "keep" that sugar daddy. Anyone with her issues, and they are intense, will make a partner crazy. A sucker might stay for a year or two but I wouldn't put money on Julia finding a long term successful relationship anytime soon.

  8. Have you seen Julia's content today? It's really beyond pathetic. Even that lame ass coffee project, what the eff, will probably not come to fruition. I think "work" is just too taxing for that bird.

  9. 4:33

    I still wonder who took Mary to Aspen earlier this year. I'm not saying it has ANYTHING to do with this article. She was just so darn secretive and although we knew she was with someone, they were never photographed.

  10. I think if Mary had a sugar daddy funding this new venture, Julia would have leaked SOMETHING about it before now, as she's not known for keeping a secret.

  11. I doubt that Mary would have passed his literacy requirements:

    "He wants no tattoos, no cosmetic implants, no vegetarians and no Gen Yers who begin their e-mail-message sentences with lowercase letters."

  12. I believe it, re: Julia. Ben Leventhal said what he said ( search "sugar daddy restaurants") publicly (Twitter) and he got it from somewhere. He was, ahem, on the inside. He might have known. Clues. Confessions. Some "bro" told him on the sly: the article says "He found those three women through word of mouth". That means *some* people knew.

    But who knows.

    As far as her constant insistence that she doesn't put out: the guilty dog will bark. She sure as hell would, in my opinion, for access to a private plane whenever so she can go to events she feels no pressure to cover because of the "financial funding" for her fancy Tumblr crud. She has admitted to forming "strategic" dating relationships. What more proof do we need? I personally, don't need much more than this. Circumstantial or not.

    But I'm also like, MAD jealous.

    /me snorts.

  13. The one very critical reason that this could not be JAB is because this type of relationship requires some kind of discretion.

  14. Julia has found the only photo ever of Mary Rambin looking fat and posted it as her farewell. Seriously, Mary looks rarely like butt in the photo. Impressive find, J.

  15. What's funny about this piece is the line "he found these three women by word of mouth."

    Can't you just imagine someone like him asking around and getting the reply: "I bet that Julia Allison chick would be into that. Or one of her two friends."

    Also, Jackles is discreet when she needs to be. I was going to suggest it can't be her because she is such a sexual prude, but then again, she lies about everything and so her chastity is something else she probably lies about for some stupid PR reason. The Eater Guy did direct her to a Sugar Daddy website very publicly, after all.

  16. Despite what people say here, the relationship between Ben and Julia started off genuine. He was not dating her for publicity. He also wasn't into spending a lot of money on her. It started to go south BEFORE Gawker "outed" them and that had to do with Julia's neediness and famewhoring. I wish people would keep in mind that just because someone dated Julia or offered to design a dress for her that shouldn't automatically make them target for bashing here. You don't know anything about him.

    This article is not about Julia. Not even close. Anybody who dates her knows that all they have to do is give her an inch and she'll take a yard. If it was Julia the man was referring to, he'd know damn well that outing her as so gold digger would lead to her outing him on her blog. She's vindictive.

  17. Trainwrecks: VERY funny!

  18. Anon 6:06:

    No one was attacking Ben here. No one said HE was a sugar daddy or THE sugar daddy. It was simply said that since that was his particular retort of choice it isn't so far fetched to think he was referring to something he saw/heard/got the gist of. He also specifically did NOT out her since he "declined to put me in touch with the women". And Julia has admitted, I repeat: TO STRATEGIC DATING TO ADVANCE HER CAREER. ( and I know I can find the OG source of where he said that if I try hard enough but I have *work* to do). What does that MEAN if not eluding to something like this?

    I'm not sure I know this was about her.

    But. It. Really. Could. Be.

    I'd work on that reading comprehension. And the dress reference is obscure enough to be telling as to who you might be.

    To quote RG...

    "I just say."

  19. I'll think that Eater guy is an idiot all I want. Anyone who dated JA after we all knew she asked for a computer from her ex after they broke up is stupid. Or wants the pain. Neither of which are remotely attractive.

  20. Off topic but it turns out that the woman Mary has written about becoming close friends with and the same friend Mary thanks on her blog today is a JA hater, and open about it too.

    I wonder if any of her dislike of Julia comes from inside info she might have gotten about Julia from Mary. I can only imagine the dirt Mary could spill on that woman.

    I read on personsrating someone said they spied Julia yelling at Mary as some Oscar party or something. Why does Mary put up with it? I wonder if all the little digs she takes at Julia is because she is so frustrated from putting up with the absuse from Julia?

    This is all speculation but from what I've seen Julia does seem to publicly attack and humiliate Mary regularly and by staying friends with her or even acting like she's still friends with her Mary appears to allow that behavior. If someone treated me like Julia seems to do to Mary the friendship would be over both in reality and outward appearance.

  21. ANON 4:35 PM: I think you are so right. I know A LOT of guys who would find Julia attractive (because guys of that finance/tech/entrepreneural type are normally just that socially dumb)... but NONE of them could possibly continue dating her once they found, say, RBNS or any of the other overwhelmingly negative press that pops up when googling her name.

    I think she has absolutely screwed the pooch when it comes to marrying rich. Marrying well off? Maybe. Like TJ and I have been saying... nice Chicago dentist, house in Lakeview.

  22. And the prenup would clearly state: no blogging, or better, no internet at all.

  23. Dahling

    And there are so many boutique dental offices here in Lakeview. Lots of guys that do nothing than put Vaneers in all day. Perfect for Julia! There's even a boutique that sells Lilly Pulitzer and Benefits makeup shop!

  24. From

    Girl at Oscar Screening 04/10/2009 12:14 PM

    I think Julia's classless. I witnessed her go off on her friend Mary at an Oscar screening. If she things she is a classy woman, she should use some tact and not chew out a friend in public. Or, better yet, just don't do it. A simple conversation in private will do. Seeing her in public, and then comparing it to the online person she had created. Wow. What a shameless self promoter. Granted, I don't know her personally, but seeing her behave the way she did was trashy and immature. You never know when someone is watching or listening, JA.

  25. ^^^^No wonder JA doesn't like personsrating. Why she brought it to everyone's attention with that article about it, however, is beyond me.

  26. I actually think it is JA he is referring to. Who are these "investors" they are referring to? By no normal logic would anyone invest in this. So, there is only one conclusion...also, dressed like a hooker at Easter Sunday. She is sucked so far into whoring she has no idea how transparent she is.

  27. I think it's Meghan.

  28. CurrentGawkerEmployeeApril 14, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Hahaha! So great. When I read this article I instantly thought of Julia (I don't think it could be Meghan, the look of disgust on her face during the matchmaker video for TMI makes me think she at least has SOME morals, plus she is pretty enough to get tech millionaires interested in her, not just for "spoiling.") and decided if she hadn't done it she would definitely be considering it.

    Let's face it, Julia is undesirable to any man who is looking for a long term relationship, she might as well become a sugar baby or land some rich old man ASAP.

    Julia, if you are reading this (and I know you are!) go find a sugar daddy! Because YOU KNOW someone is going to start a fake profile on that site in a hot minute.

  29. Seriously I WISH some Daddy Warbucks would pay me to sit around and be a good looking paperweight.

    Don't judge me. Times are tough, bitches.