Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Girls: Coming Together to Combat "That Cunt" Owen Thomas

So Rambo got drunk and left a nasty phone message for Gawker's Owen Thomas, which was dutifully posted here. She said she'd like to shoot him in the scrotum.

Then Jackles got all excited and Tweet-praised that cranky bitch, the very one she frequently trash-talks and leaks shit about to various websites and blogs, for taking on that cunt:

THANK YOU @MaryRambin for
calling out Owen Thomas' inaccurate, impotent drivel!! He's pathetic. from web

This came just hours after Rambo feted Jackles for how hard she's worked the past three years "creating a brand." She was too classy to mention the brand, Desperate Bloating Backstabbing Fraudulent Famewhore Headband-Wearer.

And so it seems the girls have had a rapprochement, uniting in their hatred of that cunt Owen Thomas. I'd still like someone to tell me what that cunt has ever had wrong. Ego-blogger? Check. Rambo leaving Nonsociety? Check. Jackles is a tiresome tool? Check.


  1. If what he writes is so "impotent," why do they care so much?

    I don't know why they even bother to pretend they don't like Gawker coverage when it's so painfully obvious they revel in it.

  2. Uhm, the sequence seems to be a little off,

    jackles and boozy discussed this attention-getting-ploy, then boozy drank the marg's, then boozy made the call, jackles forwarded the picture to use, jackles tweets!

    And they said they couldn't work together long distance...

    They not only revel in gawker coverage, they need it. as mary pointed out, it's all about building the brand.

  3. I misread "Fraudlulent" as "Flatulent." Between the veggie juice and junk food, both are probably accurate.

  4. Records CustodianApril 15, 2009 at 7:40 PM

    Mary is commenting in that thread. Shit, she is right on schedule to fully challenge JA as a fameball - fake stunts to Gawker, etc.

    What could she possibly have been pissed about? She actually linked to an Owen post a few days ago (the grapefruit one).

    Shit, talk about quickly wasting your limited goodwill.

  5. The denouement:

    Mary comments on gawker--just like julia taught her to. and she used spell check!

    Mary Rambin
    7:32 PM I have to say that Richard and Sheila are my favorite Gawker writers. They're articulate, mostly accurate, and hysterical. I'm ok with snark as long as I can laugh at it for being legitimate. But mostly just laugh.

    small prob with the fact she writes as if sheila still writes for gawker.

  6. Somehow I think the plan was for Mary to be a little, articulate when she made that stunt call. But then she had to go and turbocharge on the vodka, so now it's just another sad stupidity joke.

  7. Mary's twitter is kind of funny in all of this.

    1 day ago: she's going to tequila mockingbird solo

    2 min ago: she just commented on gawker for the first
    time, and she feels liberated.

    Does she remember the rant that took place in between?

  8. Uh oh, didn't realize margaritas were to blame. A Texan's downfall, and I should know.

  9. Seems Mary mistook the vodka for the Blueprint Cleanse. Same result, though.

  10. Owen mistakenly called her a vapid handbag designer. He meant to say former vapid handbag designer.

  11. Mary reblogged a picture of sunglasses that her [girlfriend] georgiegirl blogged about buying for only $10.

    Rambo captions the pic with


    and then writes,

    You know I’m a fan of a trendy find at a bargain price (example: G’s new H&M sunnies above). However, I don’t think you should always sacrifice quality. In this case, I hope that Georgina made sure the lenses are approved as UV protective.

    what a passive aggessive bitch!

  12. The bright yellow "Beer Goggles" novelty sunglasses I got at a bar on St Pat's had UV protection.

  13. I don't love being a "conspiracy theorist" but this is pretty well "played" girls. It's almost not obvious. Unfortunately, Mary commenting on Gawker gives it away.

  14. Mary is all over the comments--

    and again, in true NS peeling the onion fashion, now, she is referencing when she lived in argentina.
    oh, she is fluent in spanish too, I wonder if she can spell in spanish?

    how do you lifecast for a year and never mention living in argentina?

  15. If you're going to stage a fakey stunt, at least stage a good one. This one sucks.

  16. How can they call Owen unfunny? Mary and Julia would not recognize humor if it was put in liquid form and shot up their assholes.

  17. Gawker Comment:

    the cajun boy
    8:47 PM This is what you get for boning Mary Rambin, James Del! You should just change your number right now before she starts calling you over to administer her enemas now that the NonSociety checks won't be rolling in to subsidize her colonic fetish.

    who is james del?

  18. @8:53PM

    I think that she meant Arizona, a truly exotic locale for the Rambin-bird, but she spelled it "Argentina".


  20. @8:58 Owen actually isn't funny. He's the weakest of the Gawker writers. He's just a huge bitch and it kind of grows on me every once in a while, especially when his vitriol is directed toward these girls.

  21. Both Julia and Mary have called Owen "inaccurate" now. But they have not pointed to any inaccuracies. This oculd be just another vocabulary problem for our girls (no , meghan, the last Saturday's showery weather does not make it a "Rain Induced Saturday". But your lack of writing skills has given me a frustration-induced headache)
    Maybe they mean they didn't like his tone. But to call a writer "inaccurate" is the second-worst charge. Liar being the first.

  22. I smell a publicity prank.