Thursday, April 23, 2009

Julia: Accusations of Facebook Scheming

Sorry we're late on this, people; it was one of those days. Moving right along, suddenly Jackles has eight billion Facebook fans after hee-hawing about scheming with Facebook sister RANDI OMG OMG OMG ZUCKERBERG in Palo Alto just the other day.

Needless to say, the conspiracy theories are rampant.

Here is Jackles's passive-aggressive explanation on her Facebook page. (The "have a great day!" thing always kills me.)

Hi All, We switched everyone who had done a friend request for me who I didn't know and approved them for my public page instead. If you didn't do a friend request, you couldn't have been added. So everyone who was a "fan" first requested me as a friend. Pretty straightforward ... You can always un-fan me. Have a great day! x julia

As an RBNS commenter noted, the replies to this are pure hilarity.

why do i have to be a "fan?" why can't i be a "friend?" this hurts, a lot, julia.

Mini P.R. disaster. Looks like your 'fans' are a little emotional over it. And it's not even 'real!'

at 23:20 23 April via Facebook Mobile
Who are you?

at 23:36 on 23 April
So basically, you want to take people who want to be your friend, and turn them into your fans instead. That's very telling.

at 23:42 on 23 April
Wtf? I'm not a fan. This post is so embarassing for you.

at 23:24 on 23 April
I'm marginally offended that you don't remember me... you were even in my address book!

at 23:27 on 23 April
Duly un-fanned.

at 23:53 on 23 April
This is what happens when you are friends with Marc Zuckerberg's sister.

at 23:59 on 23 April
Like the royal/editorial "we"

at 00:02 on 24 April
Who the HELL are you?? Some 2-bit PIRATE HOOKER? What the plank!!

at 00:05 on 24 April

at 00:32 on 24 April
she's not a pirate hooker , i could almost guarantee that

at 00:39 on 24 April
i'm still not really sure what she is...


  1. that's freakin hilarious! Wonder how she's gonna try to wiggle out of this one. what an IDIOT!

  2. 17,005 was the number earlier.
    now: 16,962.

  3. Julia Allison is truly the killer of brands. She negatively impacts every individual or company she goes near.

  4. Yeah, every time she signs off "Have a great day" I picture those chiclet teeth gritting madly and her botoxed forehead trying to furrow. No, wait! She would never inject anything into her forehead.

    "Have a great day" Julia-Allison-defensive-memo style translates as "die a painful death, sooner rather than later."

    There's another one for the lexicon.

  5. I'm really surprised Julia hasn't deleted those comments yet.

  6. Hate to have to say this, but Randi Zuckerberg is increasingly striking me as sort of a tool.

    I had a sort of a soft spot for her until now.

  7. "We", as in me and RANDI ZUCKERBERG and her brother who I'm so familiar with I just call ZUCK

  8. Where did you drag up this pic from? Ha, it's great.

    Also, I was browsing RVV's flickr the other day and I came across JL with the girl he's seeing now, circa 2006. So he goes out with Dancer Girl, then Jackles, then hightails it back to the dancer. Sounds about right!

    Back to the topic at hand: I'm surprised Owen hasn't jumped on this facebook shit yet!

  9. Laugh all u want- but JA is genius. One of my friends just IM'd me- saying who are these Nonsociety girls you popped up as a fan of- they are so skinny and fun.

  10. @Anonymous, right because usually when people see other people they think are cool they note that they're skinny.

  11. Facebook has just phucked themselves again. Just like tumblr karping people off who made fun of julia allison, these phucking children at facebook decided, hey, we have 200 million users, we'll start promoting our own friends...

  12. She really is a huge fucking idiot. Good god. I am embarrassed for her. Oof, the poof.

  13. Flatface, this is what I've been trying to tell you. This isn't a new thing and they don't just do it for Julia. What makes you think they do? Just cause YOU'VE never seen it before? Did you even try to test your theory out before you decided it was true?

  14. How can you be on facebook now? They have said they willkeep your info - "trust us" - forever. They wont let you kill your account, only "deactivate it. they've decided to change the layout despite great outcry. and now, their reccomendations are clearly the whims of a pencil-necked geek and his grim-toothed girlfriend. and they are law.

  15. Anon 11:54- HI JANKLES!!

  16. Crazy train,

    I think it's special treatment because the reccomendatins thing on facebook is new. And because I never got any un-requested friends or fans. And I've never heard of that from other friends.

    Is that "testing"? I'm not sure. On a social network experience is testing, i guess.

    Are there any examples of this, even small, that you can cite?

  17. Yes. It's happened to me before several times. Back before Obama officially declared his candidacy (2006ish I think), he had a personal page (I believe it was also before the "public figure" pages were available, I believe) and I friend requested him. Like a year later I became his "fan".

    I've also friend requested a few college football players that play for my alma mater, only to become their "fans".

  18. crazy train,

    It sounds like you know that this sort of promotion happens all the time.

    like when?

  19. crazy train
    that's testing?

  20. We have entered new depths of desperation bunnies. Happy Endings had no people of prominence to suit JA's fame-whoring needs so she atually posted a photo of Oprah from a projection screen. Fame by association 7x's removed.

  21. I'm not saying I "tested" per se. I'm just saying it is a little silly for you guys to go around claiming that JA is getting special treatment when you have no real basis for that claim - that is to say, you don't know that the treatment is special. In fact, I know from my experience that the treatment isn't special.

  22. "Hate to have to say this, but Randi Zuckerberg is increasingly striking me as sort of a tool.

    I had a sort of a soft spot for her until now."

    I have to say, I agree. Randi is either too kind and wants to help save this trainwreck from herself. Or, she's completely blinded by the attention Julia lavishes on her.

    Randi, if you and Mark had a massive falling out and never spoke to each other again, would Julia still be your friend? If you no longer worked for a tech company, would Julia still be your friend?

    Have a think about your conversations with Julia, what percentage of them focus on you? And what percentage focus on Julia, her "business", her life and how you can help her?

  23. I should add - I commiserate, to some extent, with your concerns. I was legitimately angry when I suddenly became a "fan" of Obama because I don't like to endorse politics ob my page. (I know, it's hard to say that being his friend wouldn't have had the same effect, but whatever, I thought it would be cool to be his friend.) I remember being angry, even though it was so long ago, in part because it took me forever to figure out how to un-fan someone.

    That said, it is neither illegal nor unethical for facebook to allow this, and they are not giving JA special treatment. It's annoying, yes - probably especially annoying because it involves JA, and most things that involve JA are annoying. But let's not make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  24. crazy train,

    Fair enough. I've never heard of such a thing. And neither has anyone else here. Or anyone else I know. Or anyoone else who knows people i know.... but it could happen.

    I just think its shady as hell. especially since she admitted "scheming" with fb people a couple weeks ago about how to do NS FB.

    But i salute you crazy train, you are an honorable, polite man... that's enough to make you a star here, where the she's-fat-no-she's-not crowd usually holds sway...

  25. fb-did-a-bad-bad-thingApril 24, 2009 at 12:41 AM


    This might happen all the time, but it does not make it right. If you read through FB's TOS, you really would not expect this kind of behavior to occur. That is, one would not think that a friend request would be equivalent to an opt-in marketing request. I don't really care how they spin it, it is shady and they need to modify their TOS to make it clear that a friend request has commercial ramifications.

  26. Crazytrain has a similar writing style to JA.

  27. 12:41 I bet you are a great lawyer.

  28. Anon 12:48 - That's really insulting.

    Flatface - I respect your incredulity. But here, I'll show you. Go try to request "Tim Tebow", the person (he's a college football star). Give it a week or so and see whether you end up his friend or his fan.

  29. *go try to FRIEND request, in case that wasn't clear.

  30. Hey! Motherphuckers!

    Crazytrain hasn't been rude or crude or even wrong! Knock off that nastiness.

    And I won't try that experiment, crazy traine, because i quit that faceboon shit a long time ago.

    ... but i'll make my girlfriend become a tebow'er...

  31. You know, as shady and messed up that I agree this is, I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with some of you who actually thought that Facebook, of all sites, is a shining beacon of credibility an business/media ethics.

    I mean, someone actually said that Facebook has lost their respect. My question is, why on earth did you ever respect facebook?

    I haven't taken them seriously ever since that crap 2 or 3 years ago when it was uncovered that they keep your info FOR. EV. ER. FOR. EV. ER. (For. Ev. Er....)

    It's messed up, but not at all surprising, for JA, or Facebook.

  32. fb-did-a-bad-bad-thingApril 24, 2009 at 12:59 AM

    If you collect or have access to any personal information from users (including without limitation personal information contained in any User profile), you agree to have users expressly authorize such collection or access, and any subsequent use, through an express opt-in process. You agree to use any such personal information only for the express purpose for which such personal information was provided by the user. You further agree not to share such personal information with any third party, except for service providers who are assisting you in carrying out the business you conduct on your Facebook Page and who are obligated to protect the privacy of such information and not to use such information for any purpose other than that for which it was provided. You agree to use reasonable measures to protect the security of any personal information you collect from users.

    22576. An operator of a commercial Web site or online service that collects personally identifiable information through the Web site or online service from individual consumers who use or visit the commercial Web site or online service and who reside in California shall be in violation of this section if the operator fails to comply with the provisions of Section 22575 or with the provisions of its posted privacy policy in either of the following ways:
    (a) Knowingly and willfully.
    (b) Negligently and materially.

  33. ya know whhyyyy people feel she's getting special treatment?
    But right, let's pretend the mass-followers BS (which, if it were happening foreeever really should have happened earlier, no?) has nothing to do with her connections to Randi and a meeting at FB. What does a scheming meeting have to take place for? Even "things" and causes have more relevance than Julia Allison, thereby rightfully deserving fan pages. But I'm going to go make a fan page for myself riiiight now.


  35. thanks for the humor, anger and brain power, guys. i have to go to bed.

    long live rbns!!! Home of the Idea!! and home of the anti-Julia Allison!

  36. I think the bottom line is -
    Julia will do anything to be famous.
    She is not operating from the same mandate as most normal people.
    When she gets caught in a lie etc she seems to have two responses
    - the "poor widdle girl" shtick or
    - the "Just get over it" aggression

  37. fb-did-a-bad-bad-thingApril 24, 2009 at 1:06 AM

    So, can JA see or access her fans' profiles, and did all of her fans give her such authorization through an express opt-in process? If not, then California State law was broken.

  38. fb-did-a..:
    You're grasping so hard but you're missing it. You did expressly opt-in to FB to use and collect your info - it's that box you check when you sign up for an account. Facebook's own, internal classifications of different types of pages are not relevant to this law. That is, once you opt in for them to use and gather your info, it doesn't matter, legally, whether they use it on a fan page or a a friend page or wherever.

    Remember the Beacon debacle when FB would advertise your use of outside websites on your profile without your consent? Yeah, they knocked that off pretty quickly because it was hugely unpopular for obvious reasons. It was not, however, illegal - not by any stretch of the imagination.

  39. Ok, I can just see Foolia Smellison posting here as crazytrain. V similar writing style indeed.

  40. Cupcakes are being sent to RZ in hopes of neutralizing the fallout over this brewing scandal. XO Bunnies

  41. fb-did-a-bad-bad-thingApril 24, 2009 at 1:22 AM


    The terms above apply to Facebook Pages, not the Facebook site. Like I said, show me the express opt-in process that users like PartyPants used to become affiliated with JA's Facebook Page. Such process doesn't exist despite the fact that its existence is mandated by the TOS. If you show it to me, you've won, if not, you've lost. Plain and simple.

  42. Julia's response reminds me of how she's not a PR genius.

    Crazytrain knows a lot about FB that most people wouldn't know or care to know, like you might work there.

  43. Seriously, it's really, really offensive that you think my writing style is similar to JA's. I'm currently pursuing a graduate degree in a field that depends very much on writing, and I have spent (and continue to spend) quite a bit of time and effort working to improve my writing. If you really think I write like a gimmick-y, washed up dating columnist then I'm in a lot of trouble.

    Also, please try to resist the urge to accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being JA. (If you really think I write like her, that's one thing. But your suspicion must be at least partially caused by the content of my comments.) I think JA is deplorable and I'm all for JA-bashing, generally. I just think that inventing and pursuing groundless allegations detracts from all the legitimate reasons to hate her.

    And with that, I'm off to bed.

  44. Whoops, that last comment (anon 1:28) was me, Crazytrain. I forgot to sign.

  45. look at me!! look at me!! look at my condom dress!! my boobs!! DONT YOU DARE TALK ABOUT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!April 24, 2009 at 1:30 AM

    desperate times call for desperate measures

  46. Who's a Bunty McBunt?

    Julia Allison at 1:24am April 24
    I can't help but laugh at the people who've commented "Who are you?" Every one of you friended me! It's so strange! If you didn't know who I was, why did you friend me?

  47. Ugh she's so vile.

  48. Backpedaling on the FB page:

    Julia Allison: Hi again ... to everyone who feels they were unfairly branded as a "fan," I'm sorry for the terminology. I didn't choose it! I would hope that if you were fine being my "friend," you'd be fine being my friend on a public page. Unfortunately the word Facebook uses is "fan." I wish it were "friend," and again, I'm sorry that it isn't. x j
    36 minutes ago ·

  49. people have trouble with the different TERMS OF SERVICE, julia, NOT with the TERMINOLOGY.

    i.e., i have the option to hide who i'm friends with, but i don't have the option to hide the fact that i'm a "fan" of you (which i most certain would want to hide), nor do i have an opt-out switch to keep my name out of advertisements on my friends' pages to "Add Julia Allison because Sally C. is a Fan of Julia Allison!"


  50. From Julia's "fan" FB:
    Ariana Farina at 5:56pm April 24
    ??? haha its Ariana from HS. remember. we knew each other once :). i was at your house for prom and I think in your english class and umm umm I dunno, other sutff. ok ok, my hair is a bit blonder, maybe confusing

  51. crazytrain, you're a much better writer than Julia. Calm down.

  52. So, let me get this straight, I'm still not a friend, just a fan??

  53. Julia Allison Baugher's deinfiton of FAN:

    -Former Friends
    -Former Lovers
    -Former Employers

    anybody see a trend?

  54. More from the Julia fan FB page:

    Caitlin Wolff: Seeing as I'm related to you and have known you since we were born two weeks apart, could you please add me to your actual private page as your friend?
    21 minutes ago ·

  55. from JA's blog: "they treated me like a person not a girl"

    translation - they didn't find my girly antics and pleas for attention totes adorable! they expected me to actually contribute! wtf! [angry emoticon face] they didn't even notice my super cute juicy couture track suit!@)$(

  56. Who needs friends with fans like these?


  57. RBNS needs to get off blogspot. we need a better place and a better-designed website so people take us a bit more seriously.

  58. 1. If it is such standard procedure, why did it not happen months ago? That means there must have been a conversation between the parties involved to make this change.

    2. Why is her private profile still accessible for me who is not even a member of the NY or any of her networks? Is that a bait to trick me into thinking, 'ZOMG, I MUST friend this crazy lady in the Easter hooker dress'? Or does she have a third page?

    I don't like wild speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a facebook testdrive to offer this feature to anyone willing to pay for it (not fully thought through, just brainstorming here). After all, is there a better guinea pig than a fameballing nobody with a blog who thinks "fame = power"?

    Bish, please...

  59. Feldman:
    Id like to know how we are supposed to trust facebook with anything if they would game something as stupid as Julia Allison's follower countabout 6 hours ago from TweetDeck

    You simply don't trust facebook at all.

  60. amazing that among those comments are actual family and close friends who knew her BEFORE she was "Julia Allison". I wonder if potential skeletons in the closet have anything to do with her purposefully ignoring them. Surely those people would have discovered her on facebook well before any publicity blitz would lead to her out of control numbers. She made a mistake of addressing the problem as turning into fans people she "didn't know". Now people she does know are coming out to explain their association and request a private ad. It will make her look even worse if she does nothing about those few people.

  61. Anon: I noticed she deleted some of those comments.

  62. dudes: i removed her fan page from my account, BUT SHE STILL SHOWS UP IN THE AUTO-COMPLETE SEARCH BAR when i start typing "julia."

    what the fuck? GET IT AWAY, ICK ICK

  63. Anon @ 7.44: You've been Julia'd. Let it unfold and rock the bloat. I raise my bluebinge to you :)

  64. Ok, Julia is claiming that if you ever put in a friend request in the past, she just moved it to her fan page. She even told me that she has a "screenshot" of me sending a friend request.

  65. Just to add my $0.02, I added two Canadian politicians as friends to my facebook, and then I became fans of them as well, without realizing it (and I don't fan anything). And this happened probably about a year and a half or two years ago, so this isn't something new.

    Let me say upfront that I don't think it's right that this happens, but I think it's kind of funny that Julia was able to "out" some of her haters who sent her friend requests by turning them into fans.

  66. Honestly, guys, I actually enjoy coming here, but if just because I disagree with you once, you call me Julia, that's kind of sad. Remember, that's one of the reasons why we don't like Julia - she doesn't accept a difference in opinion, or any sort of criticism. And if you really want to do some of your fancy IP-checking, go ahead and unless Julia has moved to Canada, I'm not her.

  67. It was a joke. Calm down. Here, have a slanket!

  68. Hey Partypants

    sometimes you're funny, sometimes you're an ass.

    but I have seen the pic and now I can add, sometimes you're poofy too!

    Chill yourself honey, you go too far...

    and yet I care enough to let you know.


    why don't we skip the retort?

  69. Who the heck is Julia Allison? Why is she so reviled - I've never even heard of her!