Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mary: Showing Up Here Drunk?

Someone claiming to be Rambo -- and from a Houston IP address -- showed up in our comments last night and among other things, posted this:

Mary Rambin said...


Okay, here it is.

Julia IS totally fan-worthy, and I support her in her efforts. I will ALWAYS support her. She helped make me who I am and I will ALWAYS be grateful for that.

All that said, I got to be honest with you, I was never a fan of Randi, and Julia's never-ending fawning over her. It was constant and got in the way of a lot of things we were trying to accomplish. Love the firl, but to be completely honest, knew that she would be "the beginning of the end."

And that is why I GOT OUT!

I still do want Julia to succeed, but I find it hard at times to just say "go with her vision". I ONLY GO WITH MY OWN VISION. I have control issues.

I know a lot of you probably don't think this is "really" me, Mary. Why don't I post it on my blog? To be honest? I don't need your support and/or need to send my readers to you. I admire the questions you bring up from time to time and am glad that you support me a little bit. But I will NOT throw myself under the train for you.

I am moving on.

And, btw, tell David Karp, the spell check on blogspot is WAY better than on tumblr. I'm just sayin.

KISSES to you all!!!


We have no idea whether it's really her or someone else who came on here several times last night from the same Houston IP address. We are going to e-mail her now and ask her to confirm whether it was, in fact, her.

But I admire the way she called me clueless. The thing is, though, Rambo, how would you know that she doesn't trash-talk you behind your back or tip blogs about you? What evidence do you have that she doesn't? Because we know that she does; one of us has been in the room when she did so. As we said, Mary: disengage from the loon for your own sanity. And Rambo? You're smart not to post any defence of Jackles on your own blog. You will lose readers that way, most of whom are reading you because they are so impressed that you broke free of a notorious lunatic.


  1. I couldn't help thinking of charlsie when i was reading the other posts. the ones with all the anti-rbns comments. i believe, when JA inevitibly fucks them over, the current interns at tMI/NS will announce that one of their tasks was to come here and blast back.

    and why not? the critics of ns flooded NS with bad comments and forced JA to close down the comments (it took two weeks for them to figure out HOW to monitor comments, btw, and then give up).

    JA has had people's tmblr accounts booted. she's copied other dating columnists' stuff an then lied that she even read them. she usd randi z to violate fb's own tos. trying to clog up rbns and make it look like a dysfucctional shit show is in keeping with her style.

    funny, though, despite the trashing, the conversation about fb's move here is better than anywhere else - and relevant. with 200 million users, how they treat our information matters.

  2. Well, if it was Rambo, and judging by the lack of comments to her posts, I'm thinking she knows she has to stay on the Julia-way-of-doing-things Train to get those page views.

  3. Mary's proudly anti-intellectual. like the rest of the NS team she seems to have actual contempt for good writing and clear speaking. She thinks personality can make up for skill and has no sense of history, even the short history of video blogs and blogs themselves. she and they have learned nothing from the amanda congdon's that came before them. just a few years before. they think they can make rules up about econimics and writing and production as they go along.
    i would not be surprised at all if the comments above were actually from her. she does probably think controversy is a virtue. there are a lot of broke and humiliated reality stars that could tell her differently. but she'd have to have a little interest in the world beyond herself to learn that

  4. I went back and read said comments, and they don't sound like MR. Different tone, different flow, different vocab, different logic. Thinking you guys may have been too easy to dupe.

    Sidebar: Has anyone else noticed that Meghanaise has been putting out more "tech" posts that usual in the last few days? Trying to step her game up? VERY NICE!

  5. Fl00fy: I sort of agree. And yet it was the same Houston IP address for a couple of hours last night.

  6. I thought it sounded like somebody trying to sound like Mary, but she said she used spellcheck and it didn't catch the word 'firl' for 'girl'?

    Or was the spellcheck comment just trying to look more like mary?

    Or was she sitting around with peeps drinking and they thought it would be funny to comment here and someone suggested spelling an easy one wrong?

    I am so overthinking this.

  7. i haven't read the other mary-comments yet, but this one sounds like mary (OR a person who has studied the ways of mary carefully). my strongest reason is that mary emailed me not too long ago and used the same phrase, "to be completely honest..." and while obviously she didn't coin that phrase, it's nevertheless a phrase she uses constantly.

  8. So I just got an e-mail back from Julia via Facebook. I love that she had to get in a rather passive-agressive dig at me being "worked up" about this. Julia darling, there's a difference between being disappointed and being "worked up" over something. But like I care to carry on a pointless arguement with someone equally as pointless:

    Hi again Sheryl ...

    It's definitely an education for me on perception, that's for sure! It's actually really common for Facebook to do this - they've done it for the last three years, for all sorts of people, including, but not limited to, Kevin Rose, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc etc - anyone who has a public page. So it's not "gaming the system" - or was it a "stunt." It's just a public facebook page. It's not really that big of a deal, you know?

    There were only about twenty or thirty people who felt very strongly about the difference between "fan" and "friend," and while I can see why that semantics might be annoying, I'm not sure it's worth your time to get worked up about.

    I've chosen to keep my private facebook page for just people whom I actually know well in person ...

    In any case, I hope you're well, and I wish you all the best.


  9. that being said, if it's true i'm totally bored by her reason for leaving. boo.

  10. Sheryl: I'm only surprised that Julia Allison did not try one of her favorite prescriptions on you:
    "Oh, calm down."

  11. Sheryl: What? There's no "have a great day!!!"

  12. Oh well, I just e-mailed her back my final thoughts on the subject. If she's smart, she'll gladly back off:

    One more point, and then I'm done here, Julia-

    Please don't assume that my initial disappointment over your facebook fiasco is me getting "worked up" about anything. My middle school students get "worked up"---I'm a grown woman who chose to simply vent about what I felt was wrong with recent sneaky Facebook actions.

    Assuming how your blog readers/haters actually live/feel/act is definitely not a very good way to enhance your public perception, that's for sure.

    And when you've acheived what the likes of Kevin Rose, Gary Vaynerchuk, Oboma etc have acheived in their lives thus far, I'll gladly be forced into being your Facebook "fan"---unfortunately, it's clear that *you* only got such a privilege thanks to hanging with Randi.

    Nevertheless, I'd prefer to make my own decision about who to fan-worship here at Facebook, thank you very much.


  13. Wow, Sheryl. Bravo!

    However, brace yourself ... she constantly e-mailed another commenter for an entire day recently. She just wouldn't let it go. She always needs to have the last word.

  14. Still yearning to be on par with either Kevin Rose or the wine guy, huh?

  15. It wasn't Mary. The tell tale giveaway was the very first post (April 25, 2009 12:38 AM)

    (Sorry - too many martinis. Wait, my name is Mary and I used to be part of TMI. I think... It's all blury. Hey, when is the next AA meeting??? PROBLEM WITH THE DRINKING!!!!)She didn't 'used' to be with TMI - she has made it quite clear she is still there.

    Decent enough imitation, and weird that it was coming from Houston.

  16. Sheryl

    you have e-mailed with mary, do think she made the above comment?

  17. I'm in Houston and came to the site several times last night... was the IP linked to her post or could it have been me that you were tracking?

  18. Anon: It might have been you, then. I am not convinced it was her -- I only know that at the time someone was commenting on here claiming to be her, there were two or three Houston IP addresses logged in. One several times over the course of an hour or two.

    I await her reply.

  19. I don't think it was her, but then she has not posted anything since yesterday afternoon, and someone asked her if she commented here.

  20. Well, I'm in Houston, too, and I checked in a couple times. It's a big city. Not like...Iceland!

    For one nutty moment I actually thought about jumping in and posting as a faux-Mary, since the disease seemed to be going around last night. Didn't do it. Slippery slope.

  21. OK, so we have two Houstons accounted for. I am now thinking it wasn't her.

  22. How many Chicagos and NYCs?

  23. Too many to count. It's quite an endless stream.

    Most interesting one was from some remote area in Russia -- RussianGirl's relatives are clearly checking in.

  24. Russian girl's long lost cousinApril 25, 2009 at 1:56 PM

    That was me! Istvanovich put old pc laptop in chicken coop so I can watch TMI videos when collecting the eggs.

    BTW, Istvanovich likes the boxers, and so do the sheep.

  25. Third person from Houston who was on here frequently last night!

  26. Keith Gessen? Writer. He moved back to Russia and he used to call himself the 'male julia allison' on his blog?

    Why do I know that?

  27. Maybe it's Emily Gould. Her BF is in Russia isn't he?

  28. Moscow isn't remote.

  29. They didn't only spend time in Moscow.

  30. I love how she thinks that b/c only 20-30 people voiced their annoyance over the fb debacle, that's ALL the people who were annoyed. I'm one of the many other thousands who think it was a shady move, quickly de-fanned myself, and didn't waste my time typing out a 'slimy move' note about it. Newsflash Shmoolya - just because many of us despise you privately doesn't mean we don't exist.

  31. Jacy,
    Not fair.. this whole IP tracking business. That kind of shit can get addictive and is a slippery slope if ever there was one.

    Imagine now, that the comment didn't come from Rambo. Is this post even relevant then? It isn't, right? It would have been if you'd checked with Rambles first.

    And yeah.. I am in a remote part of Russia. All my cousins are Americans though.

  32. so how the hell are you guys always claiming somebody is julia checking here obsessively when you can't even nail down mary in houston?

  33. Dear RBNS and Commenters,

    I did not write that.
    I am a huge fan of Randi Z.
    And I do have control issues.


  34. Anon10:32: No one here has ever claimed Jackles is checking. It would be impossible to know since there are hundreds if not thousands of New Yorkers reading this blog. We just find it odd that usually minutes after a commenter posts a link to an unflattering photo in the comments, that photo disappears from Flickr. If she's not reading pretty regularly, someone in constant touch with her is reading pretty regularly.

    And honestly, if there was a blog dissecting me and my narcissistic "lifecast," I'd be reading it all the time too.

  35. People:

    They're called Interns.


  36. Slaves, you mean?