Friday, April 10, 2009

Poofy: And then THIS happen

I just randomly saw photos of two college exes of mine, neither of whom I think of very often. Both looked … errr … how shall I put this? Gross. They looked gross.
And then I realized: out of all the men I’ve dated in my life, I can say that I only find myself still attracted to about … four. FOUR!!! Out of, probably, 15-25, in varying degrees of seriousness (DATED, not slept with. Calm down). That’s quite pathetic, isn’t it???
Perhaps it says more about the fact that I don’t date men for their appearances, and so when I fall out of love with them, they return to looking … well … just sort of viscerally unattractive.
Am I the only woman who feels this way?

Oh, you mean, like THIS photo? Which from TODAY? (Yes, Jacy post before, but I love it so much I drink the vodka and POST IT AGAIN because it take on EXTRA RELEVANCE NOW!!!!)

Poofy, one word: MIRROR.


I just say.


  1. I love how she has to reiterate she DATED 15-25, not SLEPT with that many, and for us to "calm down." As if sleeping with that man is necessarily a bad thing.

    Go back to Junior high school, Nancy Drew. To have slept with 15 people and your almost fucking 30 is not a huge deal. Fucking prude. I'm so sick of her "I don't slleep around" bullshit. I WISH she were getting laid regularly. She'd probably be more enjoyable. She needs to get her head out of her tight asshole.

  2. And this is not groundbreaking scientific revelation here. We tend to be attracted to people we have feelings for (especially when "we" are fucking prudes who only fuck men after 3 months or whatever). When the feelings fade away, exes often become unattractive. a) It took her 28 years to come up with this gem and b) she doesn't realize it's really not profound or relevant in any way?

    Can she say SOMETHING, anything, that is at all illuminating?

  3. She doesn't date men for their appearances. She dates men for their bank accounts and the attention they lavish on her. I bet a few million more and some giving a shit thrown her way, and those ex's would become sex gods to her once again.

  4. I am tittering with delight and I don't even have any vodka. Although I desperately need some. RG, you have inspired me. Tomorrow, I am taking the day off and getting hammered, alone!

    Anon: No shit. She so needs to be getting laid on a regular basis. I'd have a lot more respect for her if she actually WAS a whore instead of just behaving like one in ways that are far more offensive than if she was actually getting some schlong on a regular basis.

  5. 15-25 seems like a wide range. which one is it julia? 15 or 25? 4/15 vs 4/25 == big difference if you're trying to get technical on Big Deals about meaningless percentages of who is and isn't attractive.

  6. Randomly - No chance in hell.

  7. I hate it when some of you call people names like "prude" for not sleeping with alot of men. I am 21 and I've been married for almost 2 years and have only been sexual with 2 men. allthough i dont even think you can count one because i was raped by my boss.

    the difference is she is saying it for some image, so that the next guy thinks he's getting someone who is more of a "prize" then she is.

  8. Anon 3:00 - LOL.

  9. - CLASSIC!

  10. What a rude little toad, saying such mean things about her exes on such a public forum. She wonders why people don't like her?

    And that photo should come with a warning -
    two normal twenty something girls plus one aging soap opera actress who hasn't broken character since 1978...

    What the hell is wrong with Julia's face?
    The trout pout, the chipmunk cheeks packed with nuts, the wonky eye, the troweled on makeup, the backcombed hair. It's unbelievably dated.

  11. Moderation does not exist in Julia's life. It's either WANT WANT WANT or EWWW, GROSS!!! Same with friendships: bestie, girlfriend, sister, or bitch. Nothing in between. Emotional and cognitive faculty and maturity of a five year old? Maybe. Rude and inconsiderate? Absolutely, but she doesn't even notice that. This is like binging and purging just with people.

  12. I also liked this tweet:

    '# "You should always know how long to stay and when to go." And if you find out? Tell me. about 6 hours ago from web'

    You, Julia, probably won't give a shit and stay as long as you pretty damn well please.

    In a bigger context, as soon as you find out, you get the hell off the internet, leave this sham of a life behind and start over. If you're not sure what to do, just follow one simple rule: Think about what you would have done during your New York fameball days and then do exactly the opposite.

  13. Julia gets served in Gawker article posted today:

  14. And THIS is why many French don't like Americans. Julia on perfume commercial:

    '...when I watched it, I just really wanted to be her, speaking French, living in Paris with perfect French bangs, riding French bicycles and skipping around in small pink French dresses without shoes along the Champs Elysees while gorgeous French men kiss me and pastel balloons float about in the French air.'

    In France your shit don't smell, either. Cliché emitting airhead.

  15. Best NS moment of yesterday: Meghan posts a photo of Mason, then says, "I missed Mary's mutt." But you didn't miss your BFF Mary, Megs??

  16. "randomly" and "don't think of very often" = code word for Googling and stalking obsessively. Probably trying to track down old flames because NO ONE - especially ugly dorks with huge bank accounts - will date her anymore. Damaged, bloated goods.

  17. "I don’t date men for their appearances"

    No Julia, you certainly don't. You date them for their money, fame and success.

  18. I'd like to point out that this is a photobooth picture from her GOOD SIDE. I shudder to think what her bad side that she always hides in pictures looks like......

  19. BunnyBingo: Good point. Her college exes would include the guy she was engaged to. Anyone who knows her would know who she's talking about, and this was a guy who once pledged his lifelong devotion to her. What an ugly/rude little toad she is indeed.

  20. New Trier CringesApril 10, 2009 at 9:18 AM

    I don't mind bringing the dumb dog to church as much as I mind using her damn camera/iPhone for flash photos! What an idiota!
    I think we are all waiting for the's all gonna fall apart really quickly..(when it does)
    I have to say that poor Rambo comes out of this mess a little better than I would have thought.
    She'd be a good Vanna White-type.

  21. One of the guys she is talking about is one of the only men, through accounts and tips offered here on RBNS, and in Gawker, that treated with respect and adoration. Of course she rejects him and finds him hideous now. It fits in perfectly with that off kilter personality constellation of hers.

  22. Julia:
    This is why people HATE you. You are a little brat. You have no class. Have DARE you say someone looks gross. I don't care if you use their names or not. Guess what cupcake you don't look as hot as you did a year ago either. You know it as well. I bet your "gross" exes look at you and think you look bloated. Cause you do!

  23. Way to imply that everyone who might have slept with more people than you a whore.

    I slept with more people, but I never did anything in exchange for money, or vacations, or status, or flights on private jets. It ain't the number, sweetheart. You're still a whore.

  24. Jacy--Yep, those of us who went to college with the Pink Lady know the two men to whom she's referring--posting such garbage is really fucking rude, mean spirited. And for the love of Christ, why is she always going on and on about her exes?! Move on, woman!

  25. For someone who finds her ex boyfriends so GROSS, she sure spends a lot of time talking about them. And digging up old pictures of them. And posting pleas for them to take her back. (Julia - Mike Pryor doesn't care about you. It's over. Move on. He doesn't like bloated girls)

  26. Alex Drosin does not want her back either, so she can stop stalking him too.

  27. I'm going to publicly call my exes gross. BECAUSE I AM SO SO SO SO NICE.

    Julia Baugher - you're gross. And ugly. Inside and out.

  28. Although Julia Allison Baugher attempts to keep her talons sunk deep in the hide(s) of boyfriends past through her use of the proprietary "my" when offering the world continued insights on what this or that "ex" liked in terms of design, what this one said, wrote, looked like, what a douche he was, etc., you can be damn sure that said gentlemen, upon news of yet another indiscretion and invasion of their privacy via Miss Baugher, are -- if nothing else -- at least relieved to be reminded that the appelation is in fact "ex".
    In day-to-day life do you actually believe they think of themselves in terms of those long-over relationships with Jowlia? No matter how much she attempts to cling to her former (and always temporary) allure with reflections of heydays past (especially now, I suppose, as reflections found in the mirror lately aren't quite so flattering and there's no-one else around at night but an oversized child's plush toy), she is not relevant in THEIR lives. At. All.
    She was especially loathesome with the "my ex Alex" crap about the shitatious carpet and her supposed insights into his discerning taste ... well, never mind.
    Point is, he's not "your" "ex", Jowlia. He's Alex.
    Yes, he's a man who once dated you, and whom you repeatedly claim proposed to you. Or was that the other Alex? (Btw, whatever have you done with your collection of no doubt impressive engagement rings? Are they stunningly displayed in your little pink lifebox like those Valentine's Day flowers were?)
    Back to the point. One or both of the Alex's are either happily married now or about to be. But not to you, right? And you aren't the only woman they ever dated in their lives either, right?
    In brief, their lives are in no way defined by YOU, Miss Baugher. And these men have nothing to do with YOU anymore.
    So put away the old pictures, the letters, and especially the continual transplanting of them into your current life. They aren't IN your life any more. AND, they don't want to be. So drop it. It's called respect. Google it.