Friday, April 17, 2009

Yulia: Of course she drop the names

Randi just picked us up in her cute little convertible for the ride to Foo Camp!!
about 1 hour ago from txt

Yes, Poofy, we know you know the sister of awkward Facebook guy.

Oh, also? SHUT. IT.


  1. What?! No @RANDIZUCKERBERG (or whatever her twitter is)?! Thanks for reading, Hoolio!

  2. That's not really name-dropping. If she said, "Randi Zuckerberg..." then that would be name-dropping, but this - not so much.

  3. I'm willing to bet, hugely, that that's due to the hubbub made over her recent obsessive name-dropping of Sarah Lacy. That and it's been mentioned here before that she always says Randi's first and last name. THAT and the fact that Randi's name is on the posted list of attendees with hers and Meghan's, therefore no need to specify which Randi is being discussed. It wouldn't be the first time she's switched up behavioral patterns due to posts on this site.

  4. Sorry to thread jack, but somebody asked mary how she pays for all her stuff and a little commenter war [abeit a lame one] started up. Then mary started twittering 'why does everyone want to know about $, you wouldn't ask your friends that. Then I think she had a few drinks and started getting twitter snarky with, you want to know how I pay for stuff, with CREDIT CARDS...

    hmmmm, I am definatly going back to Boozy--

    oh and the comment under a picture of her sleeping was written by Owen's Scrotum-- that was pretty funny!

    carry on.


  6. Jacy--Please remove the former post. It's spam!

  7. it's mary's garage sale

  8. Get the kitchemn ware while it's hot.

  9. I want to punch her in the face more everyday.

  10. Now JA is posting pictures of dinner at Applebees -- What? Why would anyone go to Applebees in SF. If it were just her I might suggest that it was because she can't afford anything else (that is my theory on why she was only shopping at Forever 21) but Randi could afford something nice.

  11. Meghan on Oprah's twitter debut:

    Me: Oprah is as good at Twitter as I am. YIKES!

    Julia: No, I think you’re demonstratively better.

    Two things.
    1. Yikes? Really?
    2. Twitter is not a science. It is texting. Shut it, will you?

    And a third thing: Is Julia beginning to defect from Oprah?

  12. Allison -- It's true; "Randi" is not name-dropping, but, perhaps, it's the beginning of a weekend of such things, choo no?


  13. OPRAH didn't respond to super important Julia Allison's tweet. And Julia Allison was in CHICAGO when Oprah was TAPING the show - or at least she'd planned to be. Interesting how this tweet magically disappeared, like sooo many in JAland.

    "OMG: Any Chicago Twitter users who want to attend a Live Oprah Friday morning??? Must be avail 7-11 am. Email me!"

    While I'm sure there were crickets aplenty at that invite, looks like those plans got changed to swoop in to SF for yet another social media event that will barely be covered. Woo-hoooo!