Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meghan: Gloating

NonSociety has been selected as an Official Honoree for the Blog - Culture/Personal category in The 13th Annual Webby Awards!

I’m glad to see we’re finally on the Webby Awards radar. Not too shabby for a company less than a year old. I can’t wait till we really get NS to a point where people actually understand our mission upon first visit. Our current design just doesn’t translate our long-term goals. I keep having to take deep breaths and be patient with our build outs. Change takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. I wish I could just snap my fingers and do a complete site overhaul.

These are things I think about hyped up on way too much coffee in the morning. HA!


  1. The Webby Awards require you to pay to enter, so I am sure julia & co entered themselves and paid that fee. they just didn't happen to be on their radar.

    secondly they usually give "thanks for trying" Honoree awards for those who don't win the real awards, but who are halfway legit.

    nice try megs.

  2. Aren't these an annual thing? So why would she be saying "finally on the Webby Awards radar" when their shit "company" wasn't in existence a year ago?

    Correct me if I'm wrong ... I ask genuinely.

  3. "I wish I could just snap my fingers and do a complete blog overhaul"

    As an owner (part-owner?) in nonsociety, I'm wondering why you can't just do this? Or why you went forward with a site that didn't properly convey your "vision"?

    Sometimes I want to punch her in the face.

  4. Isn't the Webby "Honorees" category basically like getting one of those green "Participant" ribbons for 3rd grade track meets?

    I mean, I have no idea, as I have not studied this phenomenon intensely.

  5. I've said it before. If Meghanaise had any personality at all, she'd be as loathsome as Julia.

  6. GOOGLE TRANSLATE IS FUNNY: (and also a tool JA can't seem to use)

    Blogging The three women on the site has made a virtue out to catch the young readers on their premises - and has been both rich and famous. This is not least a provocative ad campaign strategy, where companies buy into positive publicity.

    Read also the new Nordic blonde-blogger? (07.12.08)
    17-year-old millionaire blog ready for comeback (24.10.08)
    17-year-old blonde closes one million blog (14.10.08)
    Bloggers can become millionaires (06.10.08)
    17-year-old blogger to SHOP (17.06.08)
    17-year-old blog blonde shoot again (02.06.08)
    17-year-old millionaire on blogging (17.03.08)
    The scene is as follows: Three girls running around and taking pictures of each other, frivolous, discussing shoes, puppies and lipstick - and put it all out on the site as blog posts, videos and small pictures.

    It may sound very straightforward, but the site is in the U.S. was such a thundering success, the three ladies more than ample to live on earnings - and even has become so famous that they daily give interviews to TV and appear in colored gossip magazines. Front figure, journalist Julia Allison, has even decorated the front of the U.S. computer magazine Wired, which covers new technology and media trends.

    The phenomenon Julia Allison is available exclusively online - and many have interpreted her child, the site as an attempt to become known, without having anything to offer. But this is no way, explained Julia Allison as Berlingske Business last week met her in Tokyo, where she and her two medsøstre behind, Mary Rambin and Meghan Asha Parikh, attended the Future exhibition Next. Indeed the idea as a very commercial idea.

    "We thought about how we are as consumers. And we found out that we often buy things that our friends have recommended - but not because of ads in the media. We rely on your friends - but the media are not our friends. Therefore, we saw that there was an untapped business potential that we could get, "says Julia Allison.

    So the potential

    Both she and her two friends had in a while the blog just for fun - in addition to their other jobs.

    But reader Karen grew and the audience is usually asked the same questions again and again; example where Allison had bought his shoes or lipstick. The experience led to the three women over a year ago founded the company that today stands behind their blog site. A company which, according to Julia Allison, even exploiting the total change that is currently happening in the American youth media.

    "I know none of my own age, who keeps a newspaper. The youngsters have even begun to cancel their cable TV. Everything has moved online - and the old media still believe that they can sit on the distribution channel in the form of paper or TV signals. But young people today consume media in a piecemeal fashion, and are accustomed to having the network's autonomy rather than a packaged product like a newspaper. Our strength is that we have the authenticity, and that people regard us as their friends, "says Julia Allison, who has studied the phenomenon intensely.

    The friendly factor

    When users many times a day is way over to keep up with himself rather banal messages or snap photos tagede, happens fairly quickly that they feel they know Julia Allison private.

    Therefore, considering her words on consumption also heavier than even the wildest advertising campaign on TV. And it has done to his primary income.

    The money comes from sponsorship agreements, the three women are included with the producers to mention their products are positive on the website. That is possible because the 1.2 million users monthly dropping by - and because the credit card sits looser when Allison has tested and recommended a product. Even if the recommendation was bought and paid for. She do not think she is beyond any limits.

    "It is us who directed us to the companies, because we've tried and would like to recommend their product. And have the money for it. You can not buy the coverage with us of something we can not vouch for - and we reject a part, "says the commentary.

    When you as a Dane throws a quick glance at the three women's site, it may wonder what it is that makes it something special that not everyone can do.

    But the business model is that it is also incredibly cheap to produce, and that fame has given three men the opportunity to teach other companies in ways with very simple means to exploit the network's ability to get attention.

    One of the messages is that one should have to believe that you have to do high-profile communication. Pictures by the company itself take of everyday life, production and people may be at least as good - and much cheaper.

    Away with the distribution channel

    "People want authenticity, and we see a huge commitment, because people can always follow us through the days. We are sure that the future of media is all on demand. But everyone seems to be so caught up in the old model that they can not see how easy it is to get money out of the new. We can no longer own the distribution channel, as the media are trying, "says Julia Allison and mention that you really do not need to do anything other than to provide employees with a camera and get them to take pictures of themselves online.

    It creates a closeness that people today are demanding - but as the old media with their desired objective approach to mediation does not dare, because journalists and other media are used to let himself slip into the background when they are telling historier.Dét precisely what the three men trying to do with the where the three founders in a very effective way has been addressed in the attractive target group, young women are.

    It is odd is that Julia Allison does not expect that success will disappear just because the founders are old and gray and slipping out of sladderblad the colored columns.

    "Because our users are getting an almost friendly relationship with us, they will of course be, though we get older. This makes the course itself. We just make sure to move with them, "was her assessment.

  7. TMI Weekly

    Tainted Meghanaise Included every Weekly episode

  8. "I can’t wait till we really get NS to a point where people actually understand our mission upon first visit. Our current design just doesn’t translate our long-term goals."

    First visit? I have watched it since it launched and it still makes no sense. "I can't wait" until there is any coherence to their idiotic site. Meghan is, plain and simple, an idiot.

  9. Um, don't they have "a windown into our crazy lives" as the meaning of the site?

  10. @1:43PM

    No, having a "windown" was Mary's vision.

  11. Excellent flounce, partypants! You lasted what? Like 12 hours? And got at least two tweets asking about where you'd gone! Score!

  12. Hate how Meghanaise always ends her posts with some interjection like "Har!" "HA!" or "VERY NICE!" - although it does drive me to imagine her writing under the influence of BORAT:

    "I love that we’re now redefining a typical town hall meeting using a plethora of digital tools out there. VERY NICE!"

  13. New blog post up at Mary's about the split which is really not terribly enlightening at all. Except the major freudian slip about being able to make it without Julia, I'm sure that isn't what she meant to write. Or is it?

    "Well, I’m happy to report that’s not what happened at all. Julia has worked very hard for the last 3 years building up a brand for herself. That’s no easy feat. NonSociety was her vision that she graciously invited Meghan and I to join. Yes, we all started it together, but let’s not kid ourselves, we would have accomplished what we have today without Julia’s big tutu (aka coat tails). Forever I will be in her debt for introducing me to a world/career/passion I had no idea was living inside of me."

  14. It's not a business. A personal blog that has ads is not a business. It's a personal blog with ads. Theirs is a boring personal blog with ads.

    Also, I'm a developer. Yeah, it takes work, but site overhauls aren't that complex and expensive if you know what you want to do, outline it properly, and figure out a timetable. I've redone entire sites, with far more many components, in about a month. After like a year, this excuse is about as weak as Julia's mental state.

  15. Anon 1:48, I am going to say this, and then I am done responding to your ignorant ass.

    I have email, or twitter, and it's easy for you to create your very own free blog. Since this is not Reblogging Partypants, please take your attempted snarks of me to those forums, and restrict your comments on this site to what THIS site is about.

  16. flOOfy,

    You know what annoying Meghanism bothers me? It is the act of checking an imaginary wristwatch. She has done this at least twice during TMI episodes when a time-bound topic has come up for discussion. I guess I find it annoying since Meghan is supposed to be the tech person and yet the idea of associating time keeping with a wristwatch (as opposed to cellphone) just seems so antiquated.

  17. Wowza, your're right--major Freudian slip with the "we would have accomplished what we have today without Julia's big tutu."

    And if Julia's Big Tutu is not a ready-made RBNS handle, I don't know what is.


    I hadn't thought of that when I posted the extract!

  19. Julia's Big Tutu:

    Your handle and welcome to it! I am so used to Dyspeptic by now I could not bring myself to switch.

  20. Thank-you Dys, so nice to not be an anon anymore!

  21. More of Meghanaise's legendary tech problems:

    This time, she seems to have picked up a Mac with a rotary phone embedded inside of it.

  22. Speaking of reblogging, I paid a little visit to Reblogging Reblogging NonSociety just now to see if the A-game was in force yet.


  23. Dyspeptic, we need to get a Troll Force activated on that place. Nothing intelligent, just repeated posts of "deez nuts" or "in ur reblog". Corp codemonkeys have that kind of time, you know.

  24. Partypants, that is the weakest defense I've ever heard. I think I'm going to stick to posting what I want. Ok!

  25. I mean, let's be real: you flounced without thinking through what you would do all day every day without being here. I've never in my life seen a flounce last, so don't feel bad that yours was so short.

  26. You guys still care about the RBRBNS site? There's obviously nothing there, why keep harping on it or giving it even ten seconds of consideration? Does it make you feel a little special, is that why?

  27. "OMG: Any Chicago Twitter users who want to attend a Live Oprah Friday morning??? Must be avail 7-11 am. Email me! "

    Someone better warn Oprah.

  28. Can we stop turning this into a thanksgiving dysfunctional family reunion?! It's getting old.

    Let's raser talk about what might have happened here:

    # OMG: Any Chicago Twitter users who want to attend a Live Oprah Friday morning??? Must be avail 7-11 am. Email me! Julia@NonSociety.comabout 2 hours ago from web

  29. a) too slow, i see
    b) rather

  30. I'm sure Oprah personally invited her to attend a taping!

  31. @2:20PM:

    Would you shut-up already? You inadvertently kill the humor in every thread. You are not funny and not insightful. Yes, partypants can be stupid, but you are far, far more irritating and vapid. Who gives a flying fuck if partypants left and returned all within the span of 24 hours. Nobody fucking cares! Please, stop posting, or at the very least, post something humorous. Everyone else, continue the reblogging. VERY NICE!

  32. Blame us -- if you must, which would be weird -- for Partypants' return. We like Partypants and we like many of her comments and we asked her to return. It was bullshit to run her off here. Just ignore her comments if you don't like her, but please, enough with this stuff. It's tiresome and distracting.

    Welcome back, Partypants.

  33. @2:34PM

    I am being generous and giving them the benefit of the doubt. It's fine to make fun of TJ, PP, and all, but FUN MUST BE MADE! I drink your milkshake!

  34. Why HAR! Jacy.

    Now what I'd like to know is, if Meggo is such a tech guru with such a smart daddy, why can't she figure out Dreamweaver or notepad and fix her own damn site? It does NOT take an effing year, Meg.

  35. The Webby "honoree" thing is just the Webbys way of getting channels to creat videos promoting the Webbys. It is indeed, as partypants noted upthread, like getting a Participation ribbon. And yeah, they weren't on the Webbys' radar last year because NS didn't exist then. But whatever, they're running on fumes.

  36. ugh, "create," not "creat." - Anon 2:42


  38. Wait, I thought Our Jules was jetting off to SF tomorrow with bestie Sarah Lacy!! How can she go stunt it up at the Oprah show? I much prefer the comic possibilities of the latter.

    Fingers crossed for some Oprah-manque madness.

  39. 2:38 - How is that giving them the benefit of the doubt? I think saying they're purposely killing the flow of the threads is more generous than saying they're failing at being funny. I doubt they're trying to be funny, just dicks.

  40. Dyspeptic, I thought I remembered her saying something about leaving the 16th? Either way, is it just me or is it sort of odd to think that hundreds of intarweb tweeters are clamoring to attend Oprah with Julia Allison?


  42. Anony 2:07, that is ridiculously true. To keep the ball rolling, Irritating Meghan Quirk #3 would be the mouth wide open, finger pointing gangsta sideways pose she sports in every picture.

  43. So far my favorite quote from Mary's new blog is "Gawker was relentless." Uh. What?

  44. Um yeah, Mary wishes Gawker was "relentless." I love how these gals act so phony-offended that Gawker dare even mentions them now and then. Giving them instant pagehits in the meantime. You know they shit their pants with excitement at the mere mention of their names at Gawker. Ohhhh, but that darned pesky Gawker, how dare that site attempt to legitimize that joke of a "business"!

  45. Save Julia's BrainApril 15, 2009 at 3:40 PM


    Since you are in Chicago, call Dr. Ronald Krasner at Northwestern Memorial (downtown).


    He is a fantastic psychiatrist who can help untangle the mess in your head. Also, he can prescribe geodon and ambien. Take them, you need them.

  46. Yes, I agree, I cringe at the way mary mentions gawker the same as I do when she talks about being 'caught' by one of her readers.

  47. I said this in the last post but yeah ... Mary loooooves Gawker. Mary is obsessed with her coverage on Gawker - it gives her validation, even though she faux complains about it. She ALWAYS blogs or tweets whenever she gets a story and calls Nick Denton "Denton" like they're best pals. It's really kind of pathetic.

  48. Save Julia's Brain: I have always thought Julia Allison could profit from a low prescribed dose of Desyrel, which not only relieves anxiety but knocks even the most determined insomniac (which would be yrs truly) out for a blissful night's sleep. God's gift to the sleepless.

  49. "Me: "Do I have stuff all over my face?" Sarah: "Just prettiness."
    40 minutes ago from txt"


  50. Her validation obsession is creepier.

  51. Save Julia's Brain: hehe. "Untangle the mess in your head" indeed. Julia doesn't like the head shrinkers though, they tell her she is not "unique" just "un medicated"...

    Can't get over fact that Julia's parents stumped up $10,000 for her graduation present.

    And as for Meghan-
    *Long term goals?
    *Build outs?
    This is the Non Society blerg, get a grip.

  52. according to the webby awards website it's $275
    to enter your website and $195 to enter online film and video.

    so...when meghan say's "finally on the webby awards radar" what she really means is....they finally had the site and money to enter?

    MEGS! how in the hell am i supposed to stick up for you when you keep posting ridiculous stuff like this!? ugh.

  53. I just scored in Baugher Bingo! Julia quoted a speaker saying some drivel and helpfully reminded everyone she owns a MACBOOK AIR!!! with a very "Elle Woods Crashes a Tech Conference" photo of it in pink case, next to her her pink Lisa Frank notebook where she writes down all of her most super important quotes from Very Important People. Or was that the pink diet notebook? I can't remember. She also posted yet another picture of HER FRIEND SARAH LACY!!!! FRIENDS!!! I PROMISE I HAVE FRIENDS!!!

    Julia Allison is a choad.

  54. This one is for you PP.


  55. A pharma company, that's who JA should pitch as a sponsor for NS.

    She could make two cases: drug me and put a webcam on me to show me in my lethargy...people would love that, especially if I was completely knocked out. [but I have final review of JA The Sleep Tapes]

    or sponsor me like a mutha--I mean pay me fuck you money, cause I blog about that shit and you better bet People.Will.Increase.Their.Meds.

  56. No one gives a shit about partypants. STFU and pimp your blog somewhere else.

  57. Well, panty thief, I am lobbying to have these Chicago events counted as further scores for me-me-me, even though they were (ever so) slightly off:

    *photo of guilt-inducing dessert buffet, although it was at church after Easter services rather than at the sainted University Club; and

    *pancake meal with Grams, although it was at dinnertime rather than breakfast.

    I'm on a roll, with my nightclub prediction & Melman heir; now if only Moms Baugher will make brownies instead of 7-layer roughage heaps, I will be SO GOLDEN.

    (Not as in pink door showers, though, cupcakes.)

  58. RBRBNS author = The ultra famous Alana Joy aka Scary Mary.

    Yeah I know, I know. It's crickets over here. What can I say? I have a life outside of monitoring what is happening over at RBNS. Seriously, this was a bit of a whim and I don't plan on posting every day, every week....maybe never again. But as I have some free time at lunch, how about I do a quick post?It's 4:30 eastern time. But it's 1:30 LA time.

    Were you busy recording that nails on a chalkboard, overly produced "music" that you've been pimping?

    I'm surprised you have any time on your hands at all what with all the splash pages you've created and projects you've started and never finished.

  59. Hmmm, RBRBNS is naming names,

    Something I've always thought was confirmed, for all the bravado from those who post with names v. those who post anon...

    former gawk emp comes to mind....

    anyway, RBRBNS shows tweet between pp and chescaleigh

    @chescaleigh I'll probably come back tomorrow...but I might post anon so as not to be a distraction!
    about 20 hours ago from TinyTwitter

  60. I love the Granny Pancake posts. They really show Jules in a human, sympathetic light.


  61. Christan, you are pantythief...


  62. ^ Where else could she possibly pimp it? To say that RBRBNS has a narrow audience is a gross overstatement.

  63. God, can some of you please give up the commenting about other commenters here shit? NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!
    Usually I ignore the petty infighting, but seriously,
    And now I'm back to regularly scheduled non-feeding of the trolls.

  64. Where is Total Jing?

  65. 4:30, i don't know who's responsible for RBRBNS but i don't think it's SM.

  66. Dyspeptic, those totally count as bingo squares. I can't believe I didn't predict a photo "in da club" with her cheesy greaseball friend JR Melman or whatever his name is. He looks like Jason and Brandon Davis' uglier, fatter cousin.

    I will also give myself a score for the DOWNTOWN CHICAGO CONDO square since Julia obnoxiously includes the condo and its skyline views in her creepy SARAH LACY photos. I mean really... can you imagine the creep factor of you going to visit a friend and she posts DOZENS of tweets and pictures of you in a 24 hour period? It's just a little to SWF. Perhaps Julia's inner repressed lesbian has a girlcrush!

  67. Hey anon 4:34

    Fix your prob with pronouns-- are you saying only some of us have to give up comment on commenter crime?

    And when you say No one gives a shit, you're speaking for ?everyone?

    stfu yourself--and stop trying to police people here.

  68. Jacy

    You should do a mary tribute post, her new site is fabulous!!!! and lord knows we need a new post here!

  69. Well, I'm not anon 4:34 and usually very even-tempered, but even I have to ask all those involved in this pathetic 'you suck, no YOU suck, I know, pp (insert any commenter) sucks' hate porn to kindly STFU indeed!!!

    No one's policing you and your little hater friends. Your behaviour annoys the hell out of many here and you act like brats repeatedly peeing into the pool at a party. Go find some puppies to kick and, I paraphrase, no, please don't hit send. EVER AGAIN.

  70. Don't you mean, go find a pink door to pee on?

    and yeah, cuz we only like to kick one puppy here, there are rules people, this is the internet!

  71. It's so easy to just ignore the stuff you don't like here. Skip over it. Life will be good.

  72. dance monkeys, dance

  73. Jacy, for a new post, may I suggest a compilation of all Sarah Lacy tweets, posts and pictures from Julia in the past two or three days? It's creepy and disturbing. Julia is even following her to San Fran after this. Single White Female indeed. Next she's going to tweet about how she wants to chop her hair into a bob just like HER FRIEND Sarah Lacy.

  74. OH GOD. Gawker posted a very embarrassing (drunken?) voice mail rant from Mary. And to think she was finally gaining some sympathy from the naysayers. This knocked her down about ten notches.

    Very reminiscent of Julia Baugher's "you don't have my permission to publish this" loserrant on Loren Feldman.

    Mary... stop talking. Stop trying to fight Gawker. You just look like a dumb ass. You should be kissing their feet for giving you publicity.

  75. Ah, well mary has learned well from her master!

    Gawker just posted a phone call from mary [though it was pointed out that she called the ad staff as opposed to the editor] ranting how Owen Thomas should be punched in the scrotum and how he does not understand or know the NS girls!

    This should send some people over to her craptastic new site where she is posting letters to herself about what a breath of fresh air she is.

  76. And THAT is why you never drink next to your phone, kids.

    Sounds like she was way into her second bottle of wine.

    Can't decide whether to cringe or laugh.

  77. Yeah, mean girls

    same sentiment, love the part where she tells gawker owen thomas is the reason they are going down.

    and I agree, she sounds especially drunk at the end, I think I'll have to use her old nickname--


  78. It's kind of funny how the NS girls have something against Owen Thomas' genitals.

    Wouldn't it be great if meghan posted something with a reference to his anus?

  79. Dear MAry Rambin,

    The Gawker inaccuracies, you can thank your friend Julia as she is the one that turned in the tips on you :)

    Hint Mary who do you think pinted Owen to that drunken rant to write about it?

  80. Jacy,

    If you could super impose a picture of owen's cunt, scrotum, and dick over a picture of the cast of TMI, and caption it,

    Don't bite the hand that feeds, just blow, you know how to blow don't you?

  81. Anon 5:42

    Gabriel Snyder wrote about the rant after boozy left it on the ad staff voice mail.

  82. and good old jackles is having a field day right now.

  83. Peter:

    Mary wants to shoot (not punch) owen in the scrotum; she a texas boozer!

  84. All of this drama - the Gawker fights, the Mary/Julia feud, everything - FAKE FAKE FAKE.

    This entire thing is like an ongoing episode of The Hills, except with uglier characters and less interesting story lines (if that is even possible). We are the all too willing to be duped audience.

  85. Mary Rambin,

    How To Tell One off:

    1. First cal the person directly, in this case Owen..wan this number? Its listed even on the Gawker site :)

    2. Have an intelligent set of points, ie do not call drunk like JA does.

    3. all letters, email and calls to any media gets made public ..repeat it a few times to get it clear in your head

  86. panty thief: that's what i've been saying forever, but when will they finally tell us that we've been punk'd?

  87. 5;50

    she deserves to, she taught boozy well,

    1. Launch web-site that is not ready

    2. Do something ridic to get attention for not-ready

    3. Swear at men, it's really feminist.

    4. Write letters to yourself to make other's think
    you have a following.

    5. Don't ever forget to remind your readers how hard
    this is.

    6. Take lots of pics of yourself.

  88. The ultimate punk would be if the resulting renewed interest/activity got more revenue..sadly EPIC FAIL!!!

  89. Mary Rambin,

    Everyone wants to see you in mud wrestling match..will you challenge Owen to one?

  90. 1. She's hammered. She said "schlap" instead of "slap" and slurred through the rest of this.

    2. Weird that she does this the same week her new blog launched. Only not.

    3. Meghan needs to drop all of the fancy schmancy buzz words. Nonsociety is not a business. Never was. It's what was left in embers after IT Girls went up in flames.

    4. A blog with ads THAT YOU DIDN'T EVEN GET YOURSELVES is not a business. No way, no how did Mary or anyone else from NS get them sponsors. NNN did. NNN may have thrown them a pittance for also posting the ads on NS, but NNN did the deals. Mary isn't capable of doing that kind of stuff.

  91. On the other news front my spies tell me Meghan the bland Meghanaise is ready to leave NonSociety..

  92. Breaking News: Harmful effects of the Sun Cause
    Re Suffering from Cancer

    Mary posts her thoughts on paying more for sun glasses, I think at the end she is trying to say don't overlook safety for savings.

    "Have you seen the baby boomers walking around with their 18 pairs of glasses they stash everywhere because they can’t see? Back in the day, they didn’t know the harmful effects of sun so now they can’t see and they’re suffering from cancer. That’s not gonna be me. We are informed, don’t overlook safety for fashion. That’s just silly. "

  93. It is so perfectly in character that Mary Rambin would call the ad staff to perform her slurry rant. That and the Freudian who needs Julia's Big Tutu? slip (hey, there's a pun there!) make it a vintage MR day.

  94. Wow, what a faux pas on Mary's part when her reputation was somewhat on the upswing and the taint of JA was starting to fade.

  95. I can't stop laughing about that MR voicemail rant. She cooks up a Julia-Allison style stunt in an attempt to drive traffic to her new blog. Then she loosens up with some vodka--but she drinks too much, calls on the wrong line and ends up sounding like an ass. F in Stuntology.

  96. Okay, the Score Card of RRBNS..

    -TMI Weekly pretty much cancelled
    -MR leaves NS
    -Still no new NS contributors
    -JA lost two writing jobs
    -Meghanaise still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  97. Yes, it is very staged.

    But I am thinking she started out e-mailing them the rant, hence, the photo, but then realized all the spelling errors would keep the 'idiot' term alive [cuz you know she can't spell scrotum] and with each margherita the idea for the phone call was born.

    ooohhh boozy, we at team ramblo had high hopes.

    call foolia, she'll coach you on how to do a late-night heart to heart with the camera so you can explain your real feelings on your blog.

  98. This rant makes me want to build Mary a shrine.

  99. Nest in the JUles playbook..

    Plead with Owen to go on Gawker forums to answer all questions about NS and also out some former ex boyfriends..

  100. Mary is like the aftershock of a Julia-quake.

  101. 6:57

    You're in the company of our lady of introspection then.

    She tweet-congrats her business partner, you just know she is smiling that mary learned so much from her.

  102. What I find funny is that julia links to the rant, this is classic julia drumming up business

  103. @3:55PM

    Yes, Julia is clearly planning to steal Sarahcuda from her husband. The late nights, the long talks over Merlot as the balmy Chicago breeze wafts over placcid Lake Michigan and its starry beaches. Love is in the air. Watch closely bunnies, soon a shockingly inappropriate photo will emerge.

  104. Owen Thomas:

    A dick with a injured scrotum that writes impotent drivel like a cunt.

  105. @ chescaleigh - you're right. Just read this article on Slate that pretty much sums it up: "If there is a less exclusive award on the planet, I've yet to hear of it."

    "The [Webby Awards] charges a fee of $275 for Web sites and up to $475 for each advertising-campaign entry."

  106. Why the eff would Meghan wish she could snap her fingers for a site overhaul? Right, because she's lazy and not used to having to work too hard for anything. She acts like any of them are perfectionists, when really, it's pretty damn clear they're A-OK with putting mediocre or just plain shit excuses for "content" out there and calling it a revenue-earning business. Whaaaatever.