Friday, April 17, 2009

Yulia: Okay, okay

California here I come!

Sorry, peoples. Maybe I cross line with last post. Those of you who remember me from early days in comments section on Nonwebsite know I could be oh so mean-like person. I try to be nice here. Sometimes I have moments of old self. Plus, I was drunk when I post.

Here is a recent photo from Poofy's site, along with something she write. As you can see, she is provide riveting content of her trip to San Francisco (home of the Bi-Curious Birthday Bash!!!!!!!).

Please discuss airport sign now. Thank you.


  1. She's resorted to posting airport signs because she's ashamed of how much her looks have gone downhill.

  2. As we all know, if Julia doesn't photograph it and post it, she didn't actually go to SF.

  3. The entire arrangement beautifully signifies Nonsociety. Three empty souls as signified by the three holes above the sign resort to escaping to California. She is an artist after all.

  4. Shall we start a Baugher Bingo: San Fran edition?

    Give yourself a square for:

    1. More posts related to dining with, visiting with or talking for hours with SARAH LACY!!!! (that goes without saying) Jealousy of her marriage.
    2. Kevin Rose mention (or any other rich dweeb du jour)
    3. Talk of wanting to move there
    4. Talk of the weather, the airports... you know, the exciting stuff
    5. Picture of hotel room, trash can or other exciting photo opportunities
    6. The coffee project!!!
    8. Dramatic complaints of exhaustion from so much travel (traveling for what exactly? We shall never know)
    10. Dramatic proclamations of upcoming travel schedule, more talk of how she is SO SO SO BUSY!!!!

    Add your own below.

  5. 11. Some fauxgay innuendo

  6. I think we are forgetting the main event: Today, Oprah is joining twitter. Prepare for run-on sentence about how she admires Oprah, this is another sign of why Oprah succeeds it, she can see a lot of herself in Oprah, OMG U GUYZ MY BOY BUNNY TWITTER FOUNDER IZ ON OPRAH etc.

  7. 12. Dramatic run-in with photographer William Marc, who hopes to photograph her again AND seek reimbursement for his Karoke-bar tab in NYC

  8. I just got word from a "good authority" that Sarah Lacy's husband cannot stand Julia.

  9. @1:15PM:

    Sure, all you have to do is look at the pic in which he is driving them home from the airport: Him, face forward, shades on, all business; Her (Sarah), trying to put an arm around him, looking at him all concerned and trying to make him smile. Meanwhile, Julia is oblivious to it all as she snaps the pic.

  10. I'm gonna cross a line here, but that airport sign is FAT and POOFY. LOSE THE WEIGHT, C10! Two words: Sheet Metal.

  11. .. and that california sunshine looks bloated. Hey, don't get all mad at me: the goddamn sunshine has made its own beauty the cnetral focus of its existence. Oh yeah, sunny days are pretty days? Oh yeah?
    This sunny day looks worn-out.

  12. You and "Reblogging Julia" are the reason I wake up in the morning. You give me hope. Thanks

  13. Twenty Extra Pounds of JuliaApril 17, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    I just got word from a "good authority" that Sarah Lacy's husband cannot stand Julia.That's the least surprising, and most delicious, news I've heard all week.

    P.S. Russian Girl, I worship the mean drunk streak in you. Don't let the Jackles CommentBots(tm) derail you from speaking the fugly truth about Poofy's poofiness. Evar!!!

  14. I hope Sarah Lacy is just planning on writing some kind of slam piece about her experience travelling with the circus called Julia.

  15. 13. Cheesy touristy activities, like seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.
    14. Twittering the name of every place she eats at. Starbucks in San Fran? Who would have thought???

  16. Anons 1:35 and 1:44, you cracked me up after a long ass day at work. Thank you.