Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tweets of Greatness

In the aftermath of Jackles's semi-successful attempts to drum up some publicity for herself by leaking her dalliance with some young pie-faced NFL person whose name escapes us, Twitter has been on fire with JA-related Tweets. Many of them seem to be football fans who had never heard of Jackles before, and are justifiably perplexed by her lunacy.

One sports radio station's Twitterer even expressed dismay that there was a direct message from Jackles herself, strange considering she knew nothing about any New York Post item and who cares anyway? Jay is a nice guy, but they didn't spend the night together, people! It's SO not a story!! Except I leaked it!!

gac1033: Did we seriously get a direct message from Julia Allison? How is that even possible?

There was also this gem:

joeyt2k: @sugui Should we be concerned Cutler can't do better than Julia Allison? At least he doesn't have a neckbeard.

But perhaps the sweetest was this:

I tell ya! Sometimes when I think about Julia Allison, it's like when I think about trannies!


  1. She looks terrible there. I love that her wiki photo is in that terrible dress. And that was pre-ratty hair extensions!

    Nice sandals jackass.

  2. Ugh, that picture is just weird in so many ways:

    1.) Strange rockstar-looking dude incapable of putting his lips on a straw.

    2.) Microphone cable extending off into the audience.

    3.) Crazy-ass bow-leg syndrome in full effect.

    In summation, a total blow to the Mercedes-D class brand.

  3. UGH I just have to say that i'm so GROSSED OUT that she & Meghan are staying at the Clift Hotel in SF, which is like a $400/night hotel. After all of their b.s. about being on budgets...BARF!!!

  4. 10:48PM

    Listen, there are no budgets and there never will be any. All you can hope for is that the Baugher estate will generate enough income to support Julia into old age; otherwise, we, the people, will be supporting this problem child.

  5. Every now and then I am lulled into a false sense of security and I think to myself, "Aww, Julia Allison isn't that bad." Or sometimes, "Perhaps she's getting better". Then she Direct Messages a sports radio station. After a dalliance with some jock. Followed by a Page Six leak she supposedly knew nothing about.

    Ahhhh, there it is. The loathing for her superficial, false, lying, manipulative ways returns.

    What a hateful creature she is.

  6. Women w. legs and cankles like Jackles has should a) not wear clunky shoes to highlight these issues and b) not be shot from that angle.

    She is truly justified in hating this photo.

    Anon 10:44pm -- hilarious.

  7. Well done, Jacy. I think the digging up and posting of unflattering old photos is the best part of this site, especially since Julia is such a control freak about her image. More please!

  8. If she wants to be such a control freak, instead of trying to suppress those unflattering early pics, why doesn't she OWN them? Post them in a "Retrospective" section, and make her own "OMG you guys, look at my old nose. HONK HONK! See why I had it done!" etc.