Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Julia: More Class

juliaallison: @LevenRambin - hi bunny, just got your text ... I'm so, so so sooo exhausted. I wish you were staying longer so we could hang!!! Miss you.

So upon returning from an overseas "business" trip in which she replaced one blonde she doesn't trust with another blonde she doesn't trust on the Nonsociety masthead with no explanation, she's now sucking up to the little sister of Blonde Number One, the very blonde she's been publicly throwing under the bus for months. How odd that she chose to do it on Twitter instead of, you know, actually replying to the text?

I realize she hung out with Leven before Rambo, because Leven was famous, after all. But then Leven banged [REDACTED] either before or after [REDACTED] dumped Jackles, so you'd think she might have some issues with Leven. It's telling how she returns to NYC and publicly sucks up, again, to her frenemy's little sister. Always a score to be settled.


  1. Less about a score to settle and more about proving that she is popular, relevant, and moves effortlessly among celebrities because SHE IS ONE.

  2. Um, this was in the post below. Do you not even read on another's posts?

  3. id say this deserves its own post. certainly thats the way julia planned it!

  4. Of course Jacy read the post right below! She's making her own smart commentary on Foolia's transparency.

  5. i do not understand broadcasting what should be a personal reply. it's like those annoying people who talk really loud so people will hear them.

  6. Welcome back Jacy! You've missed so much creepy ass tweetstalking while you were gone - first Ed Westwick, then Matt White (whoever that is) and now our very own lovely Beth Cooper.

    Poor Julia Bauger. If only trying to desperately scratch and claw your way back into "relevancy" (if you call mentions on Gawker "relevancy") burned calories, earned you freebies or paid the rent...

  7. But isn't each post a universe in its own right before which nothing ever existed and after which nothing ever will?
    I thought, I learned this from the girls over at NS.

    So this is aimed at Mary then?

  8. yes, this was already posted below hours ago. and there's been commentary about it. what's up with this post then?

  9. Perhaps the double post because 99% of Julia's "A game content" is so horrifically boring that it does not merit it's own post. Jacy is a saint... trolling through the pages of crap to bring us the least boring crap. I mean really - what's there to say about a picture of a fence?

    Plus - this tweet is so shitty on so many levels, I think it deserved it's own post:
    - tweeting a girl who's the sister of your much shat upon "business partner"
    - tweeting a girl who slept with your ex - so Julia obviously has ulterior motives or a score to settle
    - tweeting a celebrity (and letting the world know that SHE texted YOU) just to try to prove that you are pseudo famous (or maybe just a pathetic hanger on)

  10. Julia Allison - when you attempt to publicly insinuate relationships with people more important, talented or famous than yourself, you also set yourself up for public rejection and humiliation when they completely ignore you. Were you not paying attention in Famewhoring 101 at Georgetown that day? Too busy cutting pictures of celebrities out of tabloids and pasting them into your scrapbook?

  11. Can we PLEASE have a separate entry about this?

    Absolutely awful. "With the magic of the internet, we can WRITE EMAILS BACK TO OUR FANS AND TWITTER THEM! It's really cutting edge!" It's sooooooooooooooo laughable.

  12. Re: the above link


    Dude. Youtube has been around for years.

  13. I apologize. I tried to catch up on my berry last night while stranded in an airport for hours and didn't see the second part of RG's post.

  14. That digital cribs video is old. It was covered here months ago:

  15. Hadn't seen it until today. I just don't get how they can keep claiming they invented the internet or video blogging. It hurts my inner internet geek.

  16. James - I totally agree, she spends way too much time failing at trying to convince the world of her closeness with celebrities.

    PS: James stop texting my Not an iPhone all the time dude!

  17. Jacy, you of all people have nothing for which to apologize. Actually it's all so very meta: considering our subject is the Pink Princess of Redundancy, whose own "A-game content" is an Escher maze of inanity eating its own (short) tail.

    Welcome back.

  18. Trainwrecks links to JA's old post about reading Buyology -- you know, the first time she read it.

    Gotta love those very telling notes in the margin:


    "Products (/) sell; Personalities sell"
    (maybe someone with better vision can make out what it says next to that, "Can we _____ on this?")

    "People are aspirational."
    Combine this with the "consumers make majority of purchase decisions based on recs of friends (word of mouth)" note and you have her ridiculous belief that people will buy anything she says because they think of her as a "friend" and trust her opinion based on that.

    Whatever, Jackles. The majority of the people I know do product research on the Internet if they're looking to make a major purchase. People don't typically solicit friends for product recs unless that person has particular expertise or product knowledge.

  19. I tried to decipher her silly notes yesterday - here is what I left in an old post -
    Yes - Julia's "takeaways" from Buyology are hilarious. They are basic common sense! And they don't apply to her at all.

    My favorite of her notes:

    "A. Consumers make majority of purchasing decisions based on recs. of friends." DUH. Too bad no one considers your online presence that of a "friend."

    "B. People are aspirational to people somewhat like them." Until you realize no one really wants to be like you - a panty stealing bum.

    "C. Products don't sell. Personalities sell." Not in this economy... or any economy. And utterly unlikeable personalities don't sell anything.

  20. 11:09, I think Julia is only just starting to realize that you can't monetize negative attention. Maybe that's why she's re-reading Buyology?

  21. Julia needs a job. A REAL job. Not the "being Julia Allison" business.

    Seriously, this is the only way to save this woman. Someone give her ass a real job, please. Where she has to do work, and get up at 5am, and take the subway, and listen to a boss, and pay bills.

  22. Julia has been so coddled, spoiled and sheltered her entire life she would never survive even the most mundane of day jobs. They require you to show up somewhere every day and be on time - a basic skill that Julia cannot even master.

  23. And yet she manages to be at airports on time and to catch the trains getting her there. So maybe it is less a matter of not being able to master this skill than not giving a f*** when she knows there will be no consequences.

  24. Jack the BulldogApril 8, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    A real job for Foolia? Please! This woman showed up 20 minutes late for classes, interrupting everyone, when she managed to show up at all. And things appear to have only gotten worse.