Friday, April 24, 2009

Julia: Living Differently During a Slanket All-Nighter!

SLANKET!!!! from Julia Allison on Vimeo.


  1. Funny she's still Tweeting like a fool. When does the blackout begin? Soon??? Please???

  2. Her "friend" Rachel Osborne? The same Rachel that made that video about her and allowed it to be posted here back when RBNS started???

    Wow. Julia calls everyone a friend, huh? Even people she's never met?

  3. Isn't that crazy, 9:49?!

    I just don't get it. It must SUCK to fall asleep and wake up to a life that shallow and pretend.

  4. Nightgown, fresh lipstick and flash earrings at 3:34AM. In that slanket she looks like a hooker rescued by the fire department.

  5. FormerGawkerEmployeeApril 24, 2009 at 10:00 PM

    She and Rachael O. are besties now, didn't you hear? Rachael got sucked in during some IM chat and then came on here and started defending her. Even smart people fall for her shit.

  6. I love how she can't just say "a friend." She has to say "my friend Rachael Osborne!!" TAKE THAT, HATERS!!! I won one of you fuckers over!

  7. Thanks for calling me smart. I'll admit, I did send her the WTF Blanket video when she was all proud of her Slanket. "This video has over three and a half million views," I said. "This is what people think of when you talk about your Slanket."

    She asked if she could call me her friend, and I said yes.

    I've already been called a two-faced cunt here once before so if we could keep that nickname going, it'd be great for future employers to see that when they google me.

  8. Rachael Osborne, two-faced cunt.
    Rachael Osborne, two-faced cunt.
    You're welcome.

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  10. well, it's kind of lame that you called her out in the first place because of her total lack of content and - as that fact hasn't changed - that you're now publicly allowing her to associate you as her friend.

  11. The name drop is to prove "Look, I turned one of the few public videoblogging haters into a fan/friend (pesky discreprencies btw those two words, you see)!" Funny.

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  13. Well, what was Rachael supposed to say?

    Julia: This is great. Thanks so much for sending this. Can I use your name in my video about this incredible discovery known as a slanket and say that we're friends?

    Rachael: Uh..umm..

    Julia: Thanks!

    Who the fuck asks if they can call someone a friend? If you have to ask, that probably means you aren't really friends. She was just fucking desperate to post a video and stick her tongue out at RBNS . Total Jing frequently e-mails Julia with similar types of inquiries. No doubt that if Jing did or said anything that appeared remotely "friend-ish" she'd ask Jing if she could use her name in a video and call her a friend.

    This girl is fucking freak.

  14. Yulia's Slanket Has Dog Poo On ItApril 24, 2009 at 10:41 PM

    Huge circles and bags under the eyes. Facial poof. Seems drunk.


  15. She has also been in an exchange all day with another RBNS commenter demanding to know why she doesn't like her. (Even though she NEVER reads this blog!)

    Jesus, woman, get some help. Quickly.

  16. the RBNS intervention:

    Why not do it? Her parents do not care enough and she has no close friends to care enough to do it..

    what say you to RBNS Intervention 2009 for JUlia?

  17. An intervention would take her from Baby Jane to Blanche Dubois.

  18. Christ, she's never had anything remotely approaching a sense of humor, not even at 4 a.m. in the morning drunk or punchy or punch drunk. But I did get a big laugh out of "My friend Rachel Osborne." Always get in that surname, Foolia. And Rachel, how did it feel to sell your self out for a call out from a dishonest nutcase who'd punch her own mother in the face if she thought it would give her the cover of Newsweek?

  19. Fan tally dropped over 1,000 bunnies just today. Woops! Awkward! Have a great day! XO

  20. original crazytrain ALL ABOARDApril 24, 2009 at 11:43 PM

    Jules knows how to wear a slanket; she is simply creating her own take on it. She told me that she got it for free at her campling event in san francisco recently. She also wishes to be a spokesperson for the company...hence, the photos of her in it in all sorts of beautiful postures.

  21. FormerGawkerEmployeeApril 24, 2009 at 11:50 PM

    She's also got the fake hair on again. That must be attractive up close.

    Almost 4 a.m., full makeup, fake hair, crazy on full display. Fun life.

    Original crazytrain ALL ABOARD ... you really need to get to a therapist.

  22. lol 9:53 PM

    But seriously, maybe RBNS should stage an intervention.

  23. original crazytrain ALL ABOARDApril 24, 2009 at 11:52 PM

    fine. TOOT TOOT

  24. It looks like Randi spent the whole day with legal, I wonder why...

    Spending my friday night doing legal/business contract negoriations. Woohoo, party time!
    about 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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  26. Loren,

    Intervention would take her to Punch and Judy I think..

  27. Look at Linus and her blankie

  28. The slanket is the only thing she has that currently fits!!

  29. "she looks like a hooker rescued by the fire department"

    HA HA HA HA!!!

    anon 9:53, you kill me.

  30. I love how Randi is suddenly under the microscope with this one. Just goes to show you... DON'T DANCE WITH THE DEVIL IN THE DARK OF THE MOON!!!!!!! fools.

    This from someone who used to know and hang out with Julia. I warned so many people. Some listened. Some didn't. And the ones who didn't are burying their own graves and are miserable (Shout out to Megan Alana especially!! Get out of there soon!!!!!!)

    G (NOT Georgina)

  31. As one of the producers of TMI I hate to tell you the Julia Allison you all know and hate is not the real person. She is super sweet and fan-worthy. Please don't get your panties in a wad. Facebook was 100% legally protected when they made this move. And so was Julia. Viva La Julia.

    (Sorry - too many martinis. Wait, my name is Mary and I used to be part of TMI. I think... It's all blury. Hey, when is the next AA meeting??? PROBLEM WITH THE DRINKING!!!!)

  32. Jacy, is that really Mary?!

    Mary, you instructed me as to how to make broccoli taste like something other than broccoli, and I liked you. But now? I'm thinking you don't look as gorgeous in orange.

  33. It IS Rambo!

    Look Rambo, seriously, you won a lot of us over, but open your eyes. She called you a "cranky bitch" in public. She has trash-talked you to many. She has tipped hate blogs about you.

    Shake her off, Mary. SHAKE HER OFF.

  34. Mary, no one believes you that Julia is fan-worthy. I don't even think you actually believe that, but it is noble of you to stand behind her in public. Well . . . either noble of disingenuous - I'm not sure. Either way, it's nice that you continue to try.

    I do believe you, on the other hand, that the facebook thing isn't an issue. You must understand everyone's skepticism, though. After the deleted tumblrs debacle, why would anyone trust Julia to play by the rules?

  35. @Mary Rambin

    "she is super sweet and fan-worthy."

    I don't think AA can fix this for you.

  36. Dyspeptic: I know! What the hell?


    Okay, here it is.

    Julia IS totally fan-worthy, and I support her in her efforts. I will ALWAYS support her. She helped make me who I am and I will ALWAYS be grateful for that.

    All that said, I got to be honest with you, I was never a fan of Randi, and Julia's never-ending fawning over her. It was constant and got in the way of a lot of things we were trying to accomplish. Love the firl, but to be completely honest, knew that she would be "the beginning of the end."

    And that is why I GOT OUT!

    I still do want Julia to succeed, but I find it hard at times to just say "go with her vision". I ONLY GO WITH MY OWN VISION. I have control issues.

    I know a lot of you probably don't think this is "really" me, Mary. Why don't I post it on my blog? To be honest? I don't need your support and/or need to send my readers to you. I admire the questions you bring up from time to time and am glad that you support me a little bit. But I will NOT throw myself under the train for you.

    I am moving on.

    And, btw, tell David Karp, the spell check on blogspot is WAY better than on tumblr. I'm just sayin.

    KISSES to you all!!!


  38. Its not Mary as there are complete coherent paragraphs..

  39. Jesus H! Just last week I thought this was the end of it and now the world explodes. This is fuckin' crazy. Viva RBNS!

  40. MR,

    "Facebook was 100% legally protected when they made this move."

    Explain that one to me!

  41. Shut up Anonymous. It is really me. I am coherent now. Didn't you know!!??

    God, laughing at myself feels so good. Such a nice change of pace.

    Houston, you did this.



  42. "can i throw up alcohol and have it be effective (scientifically)? I drank a bottle of wine tonight (500 calories... DON'T JUDGE!!) and threw it up. How many calories do I still have in my stomach??

  43. "Houston, you did this."

    Spray tuna stank on your vagaga?


  44. And Dear Jacy (dear, dear clueless Jacy):

    "Look Rambo, seriously, you won a lot of us over, but open your eyes. She called you a "cranky bitch" in public. She has trash-talked you to many. She has tipped hate blogs about you."

    Ummm... I have called Julia much worse, yes in private. WHERE I LIKE TO KEEP THINGS.

    She did not trash talk me.

    She did not tipped hate blogs about me.

    Stop posting that garbage. It's crazy talk.

    The girl has many issues, but me-not-being-her-friend guess what!? isn't one of them!

    We will remain buddies forever.

  45. Mary,

    Umm... it's like 2:11... what number Martini or glass of wine are you on? I agree with the others. Time to take that AA test sweetie. What is this, 4 nights in a row that you are not only drunk but publicly blogging drunk. Watch out Owen! Wherever you are.

    Seriously, Mary, we know that you LOVE wine, but maybe you love it a little too much?



  46. Agreed! Mary, I am an alcoholic. Which is probably why I am awake right now. I can't sleep through the nights. I focus on my crafts and watch bad TV. Whatev. If you need any help at all though with this addiction please feel free to contact the below websites.

    Also, I would suggest going to meetings that focus on women with addictions. They are so much more friendly and believe it or not, you will find people there JUST LIKE YOU. I did. And I feel that we have a lot in common and are very similar.

    Let me know if you want to go to a meeting together or if you need a sponsor.

    Warm hugs from millions,


  47. Is all of this real? I am soo confused! (But amused too!!!!)

  48. Mary:

    Well, at least Julia hasn't said you're bipolar and off your meds.

    Maybe that comes later.

  49. Gwyneth's Inner AspectApril 25, 2009 at 2:31 AM

    Oh please, that's not even a good Mary imitation.

    Meanwhile, I could SWEAR this is an old picture of Julia. She looks nothing like this now. Come on, someone help out and figure out how old this is. She is passing it off as right now..

  50. Okay, gotta be honest. For all of you RBNS people out there, please check out my new blog. I know you all know about it, but just in case:

    Yep, that's me. More than Mary. No ego there! Let me know if you have what it takes to blog alog with me. I am looking for fresh talent!

    And remember to fan, er...ah... friend me (SORRY! Could not help it. Im drunkish :)) on facebook:

    P.S. - I'm a fan of Julia's too :)

  51. Someone has stolen my identity! The first three posts where by me, but not this last one. I would NEVER advertise my site that blatantly. And I am NOT drunkish.

    Please do not put words in my mouth. I do not appreciate it. What the fuck did I ever do to you? Huh?

    Yeah... thought so.

  52. Gwyneth's Inner AspectApril 25, 2009 at 2:52 AM

    Ok, then "Mary," play along with me. You know I'm your fan. When was this photo that photo of Julia and collegeroommateCD taken, really?

  53. Gwyneth's Inner Aspect, you can view a photo's EXIF data with online EXIF viewers like this one:

    For example, of the photo in question:

  54. Julia is in Boston with CD. The photo on her site right now (is that what you are referring to?) was--according to the date on the post-- taken today.But don't they both look great!?

    I love Boston so much. Have you all checked out STELLA restaurant? The white truffle oil thin-crust pizza is fantastic. Check out:

    Tell them Mary Rambin sent you. (Know the owner.)


  55. Umm... this is because Julia is HELLO NOT!!! FAT!!!

  56. Gwyneth's Inner AspectApril 25, 2009 at 3:08 AM


    Hey if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But Julia looks like the Julia Of Yore in that photo (arms, face, etc.), where as in the Slanket photos and video she looks... um... like the Julia Of Now.

    Sooooooo not buying it, "Mary." But thanks for the input!

  57. Blerghhhhhh....

  58. for the record: just posted on Vimeo :

    Honey, you are ALL kinds of crazy.

    Let's see if she deletes.... we know she will.

  59. I don't know where Scary Mary got this photo, but it is great:

  60. Mary, what exactly is your issue with Randi?? If Julia's "fawning" over Randi "got in the way of things you were trying to accomplish," isn't that *Julia's* doing? Why are you blaming Randi for Julia's behavior? That's like saying the stalKEE is responsible for the actions of the stalKER.

    At the same time, (no sarcasm here) it's cool of you to publicly back up a friend. Would be nice to have seen that friend ever do the same for you. Like you say, maybe we don't know the "real" Julia, but...

  61. Ha yeah right I DOUBT that is Jankles of now... no poof.

  62. "She helped make me who I am..." Rambo would never say something so ridiculous but if she did I will no longer be visiting her site.

  63. we should ask Mary about that future drinking of drinks with Reblogging Baugher..

  64. I couldn't help thinking of charlsie when i was reading the other posts. the ones with all the anti-rbns comments. i believe, when JA inevitibly fucks them over, the current interns at tMI/NS will announce that one of their tasks was to come here and blast back.

    and why not? the critics of ns flooded NS with bad comments and forced JA to close down the comments (it took two weeks for them to figure out HOW to monitor comments, btw, and then give up).

    JA has had people's tmblr accounts booted. she's copied other dating columnists' stuff an then lied that she even read them. she usd randi z to violate fb's own tos. trying to clog up rbns and make it look like a dysfucctional shit show is in keeping with her style.

    funny, though, despite the trashing, the conversation about fb's move here is better than anywhere else - and relevant. with 200 million users, how they treat our information matters.

  65. Ya take one friday night off and BAM!

    Ya miss dueling crazytrains; icelandic princesses; and the visit from miss mary...uhm, boozy?

    There was a full moon somewhere!

  66. Wouldn't it be funny if the messages by "Mary Rambin" were actually from Julia? Something's so weird here that I smell a big fat rat.

  67. Ok, I am pretty much a novice, but is it relatively easy to set up a commenter name that links to mary's site?

  68. Nope, nothing at all ridiculous about shilling a slanket in the early morning hours with a full face of makeup and a perfect coif.

    She looks like shit. Whether it's the weight gain, lack of sleep, I have no fucking idea, but holy hell, she looks terrible.

  69. eh, blaming randi for leaving is pretty lame. mary's gone from kind of interesting back to boring. but at least she got out of that trainwreck, so good for her.

    anyway, the real issue here is that JULIA IS WEARING THE GODDAM SLANKET BACKWARDS. THE WHOLE POINT OF WEARING THE SLANKET IS SO THAT YOU'RE COVERED IN THE FRONT. shouldn't a "potential spokesperson" figure this out?

    signed, a proud slanket owner and evangelist, who would does NOT want to see julia as a spokeswoman for anything.

  70. "Ok, I am pretty much a novice, but is it relatively easy to set up a commenter name that links to mary's site?"

    This might be the best comment ever. Is that you Meghan??