Friday, April 3, 2009

Julia: Deep Thoughts

It’s a big pain in the ass to get something through WIRED. It’s a gauntlet.

- Jeff Howe, whose book, Crowdsourcing, was originally an article at WIRED. HA!

Ha! 'Cause Jackles was on the cover of Wired, see? Remember that, people? SHE WAS ON THE COVER OF WIRED!!

And that Internet quote. That's never been said before! I'm sure this Howe chap had a bigger, more compelling point, but Jackles thinks in soundbites, especially soundbites that she assumes are relative to her. She is SO creative, people!


  1. She's a completely vapid ass-hat. I hope the fall is long and painful. Sorry, I know, harsh but she truly deserves the rudest awakening known to man.

  2. It's also very exciting that she has his book on her bookshelf. That makes her a savvy techie.

    I'd like to let you all know that I have War & Peace on my bookshelf, as well as Anna Karenina and Crime and Punishment...all in Russian of course. I am so smart, huh!! Those are all on my bookshelf.

  3. want to laugh go to something like and search for Julia Allison..

    Why ? just do it LOL :)

  4. HA HA HA. That gave me a chuckle, anon 5:01. I think the search result for Nature Series: Puppy Pals on VHS tape is very fitting.

  5. three is also a sex author by that name as well :)

  6. So, Julia, where's the creativity on NonSociety, huh? We're all waiting for it. But not with bated breath.

  7. Anonymous Commenter LibelApril 3, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    The Internet is Mean to Me Volume 473 presents Julia's latest post, bagging on this site:

    And WHY exactly does she feel so passionately about this website, saying, "HONESTLY? I THINK THIS SITE IS A HUGE, HUGE MISTAKE. What’s the POINT? Why?? Anyone who knows anything about anonymous web commenters will see that this is - at best - pointless, and at worst? Downright libelous."

    Because its users rate her a 1.96.

    Her use of "libelous" is particularly hilarious. Oh Julia, what a journalist you are, so well versed in all aspects of com law.

  8. Yah, because the rest of humanity (as opposed to the users of this here site) would give Julia Allison SO much better ratings.

  9. oh oh JA found her low rating on

    hahahahahah LOL

    her lame ass naive about law comments are LOL

  10. I'm lost. Where does she say this site is libelous?

  11. It's because he doesn't have boobies. Come on J.A., everybody in the industry knows how you sucked up pathetic to get that Wired cover... and how many people sent Wired notes about how much they should have been embarrassed.

  12. Anonymous Commenter LibelApril 3, 2009 at 6:00 PM

    Anon 5:52, Julia Allison is saying is is libelous. Which is just about the stupidest, most uninformed comment to ever come from her. For claiming to be such an media and internet savvy person she is comically uninformed about so many things.

  13. *** UPDATE: Meghan Asha Breaking More Technology ***

    "My tech karma is laughable at this point. Julia’s computer gets WiFi at the conference, but not at the hotel. My computer gets WiFi at the hotel, but not the conference center. I’m now forced to blog from Tumblrette on my phone- bleh!"


    "Just filmed a boatload of videos at the Next 6 Exhibition. and I were kids in a candy store, going from demo to demo test and breaking the projects.
    (Video to follow, once I get a chance to edit)"

    NonSociety should just transform into a technology testing company. You ship them the goods, they use 'em and inevitably break 'em, then you set the terms of your warranty accordingly. Now, that's FU $$$.

  14. NS Girls as IT Crash Dummies!

    Boobie power

  15. Meghan is SO super GEEKY

  16. It cracks me up when Julia throws around "libel." Little Miss Journalist, Writer and Media Personality needs to take a communications law 101 class. I hear they have a good one at Indiana University. Or perhaps she could consult Dadsers on these weighty legal matters?

  17. Meghanaise is about as Geeky as a monkey electrifying JA's panties..

  18. God this woman is just boring and pathetic. Her total failure to see beyond herself or how any given person might reflect upon her or her perceived achievements -- then making sure everyone else knows -- is the exact reason everybody dislikes her so much.

    I mean, doi.

  19. Here is the story about - Julia Allison was interviewed:

    Her quotes are a gold mine of comedy:

    "Julia Allison, 28, a New York columnist and media personality, had even stronger words for the site. About a month ago, she, too, learned that a PersonRatings profile had been created without her knowledge.

    "How is it useful? Who knows who's rating? How does it have value?" she asked. "It is asking for trouble."

    She said she's sure the founder had good intentions but emphasized that the Internet already supports a culture that allows an "excess of opinion" and a dearth of fact-checking.

    Allison said because she is an "Internet celebrity," sites like PersonRatings can't harm her too much. There's already so much information online about her -- good and bad -- that a few more comments and ratings don't make much of a dent.

    But, for the average person, she said, a few nasty comments can make a great deal of difference.

    "No one is universally liked," she continued. "And the fact is, the Internet is a place for ad hominem attacks. That's bad, but that's the truth."

  20. Still trying to figure out how the tech guru and these women intent on broadcasting every moment of their lives have yet to have:

    obtained a wireless company broadband card


    signed up with a service that does the same without allegiance to any particular cell service provider


    set up tethering so no wifi would be necessary and they could use their cell phones as a "modem" to work off the cell network...

    thereby having internet access just about everywhere - particularly given that they could easily afford it. Someone, anyone, PLEASE explain.

  21. @Anon 6:44 - Given that the Roomba is the latest "tech" innovation of which geekette Meghan Asha Parikh is aware, that may be a few years in their future.

  22. actually they could have gotten a temporary aircard for the country they travelled to and pugged that right into the usb port on their laptops..

    Smokey Cupcakes
    You made me laugh out loud with comment at 8:33
    This is what I come here to read.